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On 6th M.P.Deshmukh informed me that my name was in Central Intelligence Department regarding Netaji. Some officer Mr.Patwardhn cautioned him. I already knew that I was under surveillance and my mail was opened and censored regularly.

Read news in Free Press Journal, Bombay that H.V. Kamath was going to Taiwan in October for enquiry of Netaji’s death in air crash and that Taiwan Government instituted enquiry for the same.

Sent letter to Kalibabu and Ramenbabu, Calcutta.

Completed Indian Struggle.  Read favorable criticism on S.C.Bose in the book  ‘The last years of British India’ by Michel Edwards, Allied Publishers, 1963. He mentioned that Netaji’s ghost was haunting every conference.

Received letter from Ramani Ranjan Das dictated by Baba.  It suggested that I should write an article to weekly Organizer, a mouthpiece of RSS, regarding N.B.Khare and Dr.Hassan who wrote about rape by D.P.Mishra, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

A telegram in the name of Haribandhu dispatched from Haridwar informing that Mitranand from Guptakashi was reaching Amravati with an important letter.

Received Mitranandji at station and brought him home.  He gave Baba’s letter in the name of Ramanidada that I should collect loan of Rs.2500/- from fifty people.  I was already in debt and it was bolt from blue.  Disturbed.

Early morning left for Nagpur to get loan.  Out of five, one promised and one partly paid.  In Nagpur I met about ten persons and only Mukund Gupte paid Rs.200/-.  I had lunch at aunty Ghatate.  At 4 P.M. met Guruji Golwalkar, Chief of RSS, at Ghatates.   Babasaheb Ghatate, Guruji and I discussed.  I told them about survival of Subhash Bose and that I could arrange meeting secretly.  Guruji was stunned and could not believe.  He said it was impossible to avoid publicity if he went there.  Shri Guruji narrated that at the Nagpur Congress Session Subhashbabu came to meet him but he was in bathroom and Subhashbabu was in hurry.  So he left and the meeting never materialized thereafter.  Babasaheb told me to pursue the efforts and Guruji blessed the mission.

Guruji needs a little elaboration. There is great similarity in life of Guruji and Netaji. The following is a common denominator to both.

Both bravely struggled all through life.

‘Netaji’ was popular name of Subhash Chandra Bose, son of Janakinath Bose. Ancestor came from East Bengal and had title Khan.

‘Guruji’ was popular name of Madhav Padhye, son of Sadashiv Padhye. His ancestors came from a place named Golwal in Konkan and hence were known as Golwalkar.

Both were very intelligent from childhood and had fabulous memory. Both were highly educated and always stood in first division. Both had command over English, Hindi, and Sanskrit. After matriculation both were away from home. Both used to take regular exercise. Both renounced worldly life at early age. Both used to visit Ramkrishna Mission, Belur Math, Dakshineshwar, Kamarpukur, and Jairambadi. Both devoted their life for public work at early age. Both studied Bible, Vedas, and life of Ramkrishna and Vivekananda. Loved poetry. Both wanted sacrifice and training of cadre. Both were workaholic and ceaselessly toured and lectured all over India, even with high fever. Both were against partition of India. Both worked for relief work. Both renounced life and took Sanyas. They performed their own ‘Shradh’, a ritual performed after death by nearest kin. Netaji performed his Shradh in Gaya and Guruji in Brhmakapal. Netaji took Diksha from Vivekananda from his astral body. Guruji took Diksha from Swami Akhandanand who was disciple of Ramkrishna, and contemporary of Vivekananda and President of Ramkrishna Mission. Both had longing for the Himalayas. Both grew long hair, beard and mustaches. Both had their ideals as Shivaji and Ranapratap and adorned the walls at home with their portraits. Both served as lecturer in college. Both formed mighty organization. Both were interned under the black Act of 1818. Both were incarcerated in Seoni Jail of Madhya Pradesh. Last but not the least, both courted death with equanimity. Netaji was born on 23/1/1897 and perished on 2/1/1977. Guruji was born on 19/2/1906 and expired on 5/6/1973.

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