I am questioned by Intelligence Dept.

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In early morning Adv. Nanasaheb Bonde came and discussed about Shaulmari Baba.  I did not reveal anything.  When Baba crossed Amravati afoot in 1957 he narrated how he was impressed by Baba’s personality and knowledge.  Along with Anantlal Dammani, Narsingdas Agrawal, Ratanlal Verma, Krishna Nawathe and Nana Bhende, they served him for a week and then he refused further help and went afoot to Nasik for ‘Panchvati.’ (In Bengali pronounced as Panchabati)


Ramen Roy’s letter from Calcutta arrived.  Ramanidada, Gitamasi, Chinu and Haribandhu reached safely.  He received Baba’s message through telegram signed by Ramesh Saxena and hence as per instructions onward journey and reservations of Gitamasi and Dada were cancelled.  It was a shocking puzzle. I knew since Gita was pregnant Baba did not want her to reach Ashram to her mother.


A Letter from Ramani Ranjan Das received as below.


Calcutta 30.5.69 Evening

Dear Suresh,

Perhaps you received a letter from Salil that we are waiting here to receive a letter from Ramesh from Tanakpur. Shibnath informed Ramesh about our departure from Ghatang camp and movement towards Ashram and Ramesh informed Baba when he went to Tanakpur. However according to instruction from Baba through Ramesh we are starting for Deoghar to night and stay there living in a house. Shibnath, Ramen, his wife with their son and daughter are accompanying us. Mrs.Roy with children will stay with us till Gita’s mother reaches here. Gita cannot live without any female attendant now. Ramenbabu, Shibnath, Salil and Gobindo are making all arrangements for everything.

Don’t divulge our present address and whereabouts. If you desire to inform anything you may send the letter in Ramenbabu or Shibnath’s address.

How is Shefali now? We are O.K. With loving regards

Affectionately yours


To avoid delivery at Ashram in awkward and embarrassing situation, Gita was diverted to Deoghar. There was no dearth of enthusiastic backbiters and eavesdroppers amongst us and because of their nefarious activity poor Gita miserably missed her home second time. I felt deeply sorry for her. She got conceived in Melghat  in the month of January 1969. I am out of wits as to what to do. Note Dada refers Govind as Gobindo and Shivnath as Shibnath, a typical Bengali way of pronunciation.


I left by train for Bombay.  Reached in the morning and caught train for return journey in the evening.


Salil’s letter came.  He informed that Shibnath Bose wrote to Ramesh Saxena that Ramanidada and Gita were going back to Shaulmari Ashram.  Shibnath went to see Baba and was detained at Tanakpur.  As per instructions from Shri Baba, Ramanidada and Gita with Chinu were to stay at Deoghar.  Salil, Shibnath, Gobind and Ramen collected Rs. 700 for arrangement at Deoghar.    Ramanidada’s letter too arrived.  Awaiting further development. Deoghar is the place of Baidyanath temple. It was Bose family’s revered site. It is also famous for nurseries of roses. It is perched on a plateau in Zarkhand.


Haribandhu’s letter written in Bengali came. He described very pathetic condition.


Rajat Bhadra’s registered letter from Shaulmari Ashram reached.  He informed that Falakata police arrested Dinbandhu Dutt and Nitya Sen. Dinbandhu alias Dinudada is elder brother of Haribandhu.


Wrote letters to Haribandhu, Rajatdada and Masima at Ashram.


Ramesh Saxena’s letter and Ramen Roy’s letter arrived.


At night (10th) my wife delivered our first child, daughter Vaishali.


I received Baba’s letter dictated in the name of Ramesh Saxena from Tanakpur and Ramesh posted it from Lucknow to guard his destination. It is as below:


Lucknow. July 5th ‘69

My Dear Dr. Padhye

Your letter, dated 17.6.69, was received in time. I was called for a meeting at a certain place where all your letters to myself were read out. You may be  cent  percent sure that He has taken due note of some incomparable gems studded and strewn here and there in all your letters and the gems have not escaped even my humble and dull notice.

Trust this letter will find your squeezed self a bit relieved. With namaskar and regards

Sincerely yours

Ramesh Chandra Saxena

(Note here Baba is displeased with me. The certain indication is that he did not dictate his love and blessings)


I received Salildada’s letter.  He described very pathetic and bad picture of condition of Gitamasi, Dada and Baba.


I received Gitamasi’s letter after many months. It was written in Bengali.  So got it read through Prof. Dey of Engineering College.


In the morning a constable from Local Intelligence Bureau came and told to attend in the evening.  I did not care.  In the evening Inspector Kasture of the Intelligence Department personally came to see me.  He said he came as Mama (uncle) and not inspector.  We knew each other very well as he was first uncle of my childhood friend Prabhakar Wadodkar who visited Himalayas to see Baba and served when Baba was here.  I promised to help him.


I walked towards Inspector Kasture’s house but midway met his jeep, which was coming to pick me up to his house. He frankly told that Shaulmari Baba was not traceable since six months and he showed a D.O. that reached him by radiogram from Delhi via Bombay to tackle me. I told him that I had connection with the Shaulmari Ashram and that there was no political or immoral activity.  He discussed for a pretty long time.  I pitied.  Took his typewriter and wrote eight lines and told him not to question any more. He was very happy.  I just wrote that Shri Baba was with me in the Satpura forest and now left.  Did not disclose destination. Later I came to know that for this he was promoted and even offered money up to ten lakh rupees to purchase me as informer. Knowing me fully well he informed that the party was not purchasable commodity at any price.

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