I arrive at Shaulamari

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Tuesday.  Reached Air Carrying Corporation in the morning.  Gobind arrived directly.  Shibnath and Salil saw us off at the aerodrome.  The flight of the old Dakota took off at 8.15 A.M.  Reached Cooch Behar at 10.30 A.M. (two days journey by train).  Sukumar was sent to receive us. By bus we reached Falakata and got down at the check post avoiding the town.  Walked to the Shaulmari Ashram.  All met and were simply delighted to see me.  Gita was very happy and her mother was in the Ashram.  Gita inundated me with barrage of questions. She loved Chinu’s dress that I brought and in ecstasy showed it to mother and others.

After bath I went to see Baba in ‘Darshan Hall’.  As expected he first made an enquiry about welfare of my parents and brothers.  Then he said, “Suresh, today is not a day of rest for you. Day before yesterday, i.e., 24th Oct. two Ashramites Kali and Hira were beaten and battered by goons of Falakata.  Even Police joined hands with the miscreants and bruised them.  The police took them to Alipurduar and put them in lock up.  Only yesterday they were released. Ratan Maheswari, former Ashram member, Naresh, compounder of Secretary Ramanidada, and dada’s younger brother named Montubabu were the conspirators who instigated the Goondas.”

Later I came to know that on order from Baba, Gyanbabu beat Ratan with shoes and Ramani Ranjan Das did the same to his younger brother because he made a bitter and vile comment on Chinu’s birth. This tirade and charade did spread like wild fire in a small township and it became a topic of derision by the people.

Baba continued, “You avoid Falakata and go to Jalpaiguri and call upon Deputy Inspector General of Police.  Ask him to transfer the lot of police from Falakata.  Meet lawyer Pakhi Huddar and with his help make a draft to prosecute police and people of Falakata.  See Narendra Das.”

Immediately at 4 P.M. Gobind, Sukumar, Kalibabu and Bijoy Goswami- a grand personality with long hair priest by profession- and I left.  We paid obeisance to Baba.  I had a blanket.  Baba was a man of protocol.  He reprimanded others for their idiotic behaviour and told to carry my blanket.

This vilification campaign had disturbed Baba’s equilibrium and mental poise.

We took a long roundabout route bypassing Falakata and arrived at the railway station.  Time being limited walked very fast and as a result of strain headache cropped up.  We were just in time.  There was rush on third class window and hence I got first class tickets for all. Comfortably we reached Jalpaiguri at 8.30 P.M. By Rikshaw traversed two miles to city.  Met Narendra Das, manager of J.C.Bakery. (Later Naxals murdered him.) We had a discussion and accompanied us to advocate Pakhibabu.  He came late at 11 P.M.  He refused to accompany us to D.I.G. of Police.  Then all of us engaged rickshaws and crossed two miles to arrive at Narendrababu’s house.  His wife and children recognized me as in my first visit we stayed in the same guesthouse at the Ashram.  We had a gossip.  Our dinner was bread and ‘mudi’. (Pop rice) Narendrababu conceitedly boasted that Baba stayed in that very room and again when he returned from the Himalayas he stayed there only for a brief period.  We slept at 2 A.M.


Got up and finished ablutions.  Had breakfast of ‘mudi’. Rice was not available.  I stopped one jeep and requested a lift.  He obliged.  We got down where rickshaw was available. We visited D.I.G. and S.P.’s bungalow.  Both had gone to Calcutta for conference.  Then called upon Pakhibabu. As per his advice went to senior lawyer Jagadish Ghosh.  Discussed the case.  He opined that the case would not be favourable to us for lack of evidence and provocation on our part.  In spite of that he assured to prepare a draft in the court.  On my request he was prepared to call upon Baba for discussion and then to get Baba’s opinion on his proposal and draft. It was decided that Gobind and I should proceed ahead and rest would follow after securing the draft.  We boarded a bus at 11.30 A.M.  The bus went via Dhupguri, Mainaguri, and Birpara.  We had lunch of rice and fish curry and reached Falakata.  By rickshaw straight went to Ashram. Took bath.  Baba was waiting outside.  I related the day’s happening and then Baba told me to take rest.  Other people were working on garden even at night.  At about 8 P.M. called upon Haribandhu and Dinbandhu who reside adjoining the precinct of the Ashram.  Took Milk and ‘atab’ rice.  Did not cherish it.  Retired for the day.

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