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Not feeling well. I did not take bath but wash only.    Baba came out.  We sat together and general discussion began.  Salil’s letter was discussed.  He too would go home for some days, Baba observed.  Letters from his home came.  Baba then said that we should move on 16th.  Salil smilingly told that instead of wife herself, neighbours frightened her more.  Unnecessarily expenses of tea and biscuits increased.  His mother did not take food often.  His brother was to start for the camp to take him home, etc.

Chandrashekhar Dandge’s letter received.  He reached safely and all was well at my home.  Took lunch.  I got cramps in stomach.

A doctor from Agastimuni and a Homeguard sergeant of Chandrapuri camp arrived at 2.30 P.M. to see Baba. They waited till 5.30 P.M. Baba came out late in the evening and they were given audience 7.30 to 8.30 P.M.  The Commandant of Chandrapuri camp Mr. Tripathy was given an appointment on 16th at 5 to 5.30 P.M.  The guest left and Baba told me that when he was busy I should dispose of people at my end.  He went inside and then called Radhakant, Ramesh and me in Chinu’s hut.  He gave the following dictation in Hindi translated in English.

“ In mutual interaction you should always be aware of one thing that when you interact with some one you should understand the viewpoint of person’s talk. Though the two minds are not different like watertight compartments even then externally to some extend they appear so. Ordinarily words and sentences though similar, every person does not draw the same meaning from the same. The predisposition, right or wrong, of the person concerned mostly decides the understanding. Although the words have special connotation even then everybody does not accept them with the same meaning. Secondly, one should as far as possible try to understand the regulatory meaning behind an expression. Otherwise verbal criticism may not only be worthless, but it can also lead to opposite results. In the world, life seems to be paradoxical. If we cultivate mutual understanding then greater part of opposition will automatically vanish.”

By 5 P.M. bus Rajatbabu and Lala Mishra arrived.  They joined us in hut.  Baba asked them about Ashram.  They brought twenty five thousand rupees and left five thousand rupees for Ashram and their journey expenses. Probably some house or land of the Ashram must have been sold.

Dined together, chat. Ramesh Saxena and Lala Mishra regaled us with Urdu poetry. Slept.


Stomach not well. Purging. Consumed entro-vioform tablets.  Rajat brought hundred eggs from Bengal.  There was a big feast in the offing.  After breakfast went on sentry duty.  Salil took my snaps in Sadhu’s dress. I had Lunch and nap. Baba called us in Chinu’s hut in the evening.  Budhiballabh was permitted to leave tomorrow.  Radhakant’s going back home was cancelled.  He was told to go to Calcutta and be back to Banaras in hundred rupees with strict dictat not to borrow money from anyone.  Baba then sent me alone inside where Gita served me light Khichari and Rosgullas.  After that a little chat with Baba followed. Baba snubbed me for imitating Sadhu and taking snaps.


Budhiballabhji left for Rishikesh.  Radhakantji was growling and grumbling to go home.  Lunch. Nap. In the noon some teachers of Agastimuni, Mr.Tripati, I.P.S., Commandant Homeguards with wife and paraphernalia of ten arrived. I requested him to sit in hut but as there were other people also sitting and awaiting, he felt it below dignity to sit with them.  He wanted me to remove others, which I refused.  He preferred to sit outside. I found him dandy and snobbish. Clouds gathered and storm brewed up.  At 5.30 P.M. Baba came out and gave audience to all but as per decorum Tripathy couple was invited first. Baba told to serve ‘halva’ and tea to all.  Tripati couple was fruitarian.  They were on milk and fruits for the last ten years.

At night Baba called us and finally decreed that Salil, Radhakant, and I would leave. We were to catch the first gate.  Baba said that he would give a note to Chandrashekhar Dandge’s father for money.  I told him that it was hopeless. He said that although the chance was one percent he would test them.  I again assured him that it would be knocking against stonewall.  Baba then observed, “Suresh, work must be taken internally and not

externally.”  It was intended for me as I refused to ask for money. I decided not to increase already existing debt taken for Ashram.

Baba then told me, “Someone would come to Amravati.  He would bring money.  Wash off loan and give extra money to Bonde and Dammani in lieu of their services. I accepted. If you get telegram be sure that all arrangement is done here.  Whether to obtain money by castings or through all India tour that I shall decide within fifteen days. It is now impossible to wait further. In first week of March you will come to know the decision definitely.”  After a little more chat Gita served us puris and Rosgullas.  We paid our last obeisance in prostrate ‘Pronams’ and left.  I dined and packed up my things.  Slept.


I got up at 3.30 A.M. Shomu brought omelette and parathas for breakfast.  It was pitch dark and drizzling. Radhakant, Salil and myself with servants Indersingh and Bachansingh to lift our luggage left Gangtoli camp.  We reached Kund chatti.  Rain stopped. Two buses came from Okhimath. We unnecessarily walked two miles. At Agastimuni Shibnath Bose met.  He was on way to the camp from Calcutta. We reached Rishikesh at 6 P.M. Budhiballabhji received us and saw us off on train.  We came to Haridwar. Radhakant and Salil got berths through bribe and I saw them off on Calcutta mail.  I reached Delhi in sleepers coach.

I arrived at home via Bhusawal on 19th Feb. 67 at twelve in the noon.  Rumour spread about my arrival like wild fire and people poured to see me in long hair and beard and mustaches.  Sent telegram of safe arrival to Baba and wrote a letter on 1st March.  On 7th March received two letters from Ramanidada and one from Radhakant Pandey. On Saturday sent M.O. of seventy-five rupees to Radhakantji, letter to Gita with copies of Chinu’s and other photographs taken by me.  On 25th March I sent Dr.Ghiya’ and Dr. Wadodkar’s photographs to Baba for perusal.

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