I returned home

Posted By Author on August 31, 2011


I finished bath and lunch. After discussion, Gobind and left. Ramen and Salil gave a lift in taxi up to Howrah station.  Boarded train and started at 11.20 A.M. Gobind was generous to give twenty rupees to me and out of that I purchased a berth for four rupees from a lady passenger.


Early morning Bilaspur station came.  Baba was near from here at Amarkantak.  I decided not to go there and continued journey. One Mr. Bidhanchandra Ray of Sarani 167/3 Calcutta was next to me.  His lovely two daughters of almost same age kids, had equally lovely names as Lopamudra and Paramrita.  Showed them magic.  Reached home at 6 P.M.   All was well at home.  Mother was pressing hard for my marriage and there were dozens of offers.  I refused to see girls.


Gita’s letter of 16th written in Hindi reached.  She informed she was better.  I purchased five saris, three pieces for blouse and four frocks and parceled them to Ushadevi Das, Gita’s mother, at Shaulmari Ashram. I could not stand the condition of their torned clothes. I sent rupees hundred to her by Money Order.  Sent letter to Gita and Baudi, Ramesh Saxena at Etawah, and one to Shibnath Bose at Calcutta.


Letters from Gita, Dinbandhu and Rajat from Ashram came.  She showed improvement in her health.  Ramesh Saxena’s letter came with enclosures.  Baba had issued a revised handout in Saxena’s name to the Statesman and notices to Members of Parliament Mr.Dandekar and Patodia.  I sent reply to Rajat. The details of handout are already mentioned under 16/5/1968 above.


My mother insisted that I should say yes for marriage to either of the two girls she had chosen for me.   When I refused she got upset and her .  Father was off to see the receipt of hundred rupees that arrived and came to know that I had sent a parcel somewhere.  Brother Ramesh intervened and took my side that I was not spending money on any vice.  He resisted mother not to force me to marry against my will.  She fainted.   I was to go to play tennis in club.  In the same dress I packed a few things and left home telling that if mother forced me for marriage I would not return.

Luckily my friend Pandurang Pawar met at Badnera with his sister and brother in law who were going to Bilaspur, my destination.  We managed entry into mail that was damn packed like sardines. Reached Bilaspur at 10.30 P.M. and stayed with Mr. Bawase in railway quarter.

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