Idea of Patriotic Dictatorship

Posted By Author on May 14, 2010

Got up at 3.15 A.M. I was very thirsty but water was in ladies’ hut.  Problem.  Luckily got it in Rajat’s hut. After meditation, exercise and bath took heavy breakfast knowing not what was in store for the day. Wrote letter to Prabhakar Wadodkar.  Read Bhagvat Gita.  At 10 A.M. Baba came out and we started talking. He said, “The whole night my mind was revolving around the idea that if we capture the Parliament, what was the harm?” I was about to ask a question but he hit the same and said,  “ Suresh how many Members of Parliament we have?  I think about 450 to 500?” He corroborated, “ Yes.  Probably because there are about 212 districts and let us assume two M.P.s per district.”  He said,     “Yes.  Per seven lakhs constituency, I think there is one seat of M.P.”

I questioned, “ Baba, if Parliament is captured and bill is passed then need we wait for 1972 or with immediate effect State Assemblies can be dissolved?” Baba opined, “There is no need to wait. I am thinking of this course also. We shall need about one thousand good men all over the country.”

“ Sometimes it is in my mind that present type of Members of the Parliament can easily be won over and after that to take power in hand and to dissolve the Government and keep dictatorial rule for five years but I am thinking of starting social work and win the heart of masses and then power will be pure and perennial. There is a possibility that after two years’ social work, the Government may bow down or masses will overthrow or there will be a sort of no confidence motion against the Government and thus we need not wait for 1972.”  I expressed, “ What ruination and damage these people will cause to the defense of India in five years?” He said, “ Yes. I have also the same problem.  I am seriously thinking of it.  Let us watch the situation for some more time.”

Both Baba and Netaji were of the opinion that India needs ten years’ dictatorship. (Sivaram was working with Netaji in SE Asia. He was close to him. “Netaji had other plans”, Sivaram wrote, “including a ten years’ dictatorship.” His idea was for a patriotic benevolent dictatorship suited to Indian conditions, and acceptable to Indian masses.) I raised a doubt,  “ But in our social work the Government will bring hindrances and hassles.  For example, we start irrigation project and the Government do not allow, then?”  Baba replied, “Then it will be very good.  We can show the people this is to be done for your good and the Government is not allowing and they will throw the candidate in next election.  If the Government allows, masses will be impressed by the work. We shall have to take one great care.  We must have two best Newspapers in every Province, one in English and one in regional language.  There will be a separate Newspaper in each Province for youngsters and students and it will also be in English and regional language. (Netaji was editor of Forward and Basumati. Journalism was his favourite domain like teaching. He was also Managing Director of ‘Atma Shakti’.) I suggested, ”If we declare our manifesto, we can capture power in the coming election.”  Baba disagreed,” No. If we give our plan people will not believe it.  It is too rich for them even to think.  They will doubt ‘is it so easy?’  Look, initially we shall have to capture State Assemblies till the execution of the plan.  Therefore, one thousand for M.P.s and about five thousand from different States for M.L.A.S, say about seven to eight thousand social workers we shall have to choose.  The youngsters will willingly come forward and they will have to be trained.  Presently, it will not be good to rely on any political party or take its direct help unless they give up their narrow outlook. Do you follow what I say?”  I said yes.  It was probably in reference to R.S.S. or Jana Sangh.

He ended, “ Let us see.”
I changed the topic and asked whether William Pitt was best orator. He remarked,” He was youngest Prime Minister who became P.M. at twenty-five.  His speeches are good but the best orator is William Burk who made the Parliament to punish Warren Hastings from India.  His book ‘Impeachment of Warren Hastings’ is available.”

Baba left for meals and I was having a talk with Ramanidada.  He seemed lively and energetic.  He told that he had already discussed many points of the day’s talk.  He related his experience when he was a worker of Congress party.  By that time Baba arrived and we had brief general discussion.  Then he sent us for lunch and retired himself.

After my lunch Shomu came and gave two telegrams.  They were much distorted. Although they were express telegrams they reached after four days.  One was of Gobind Shah from Calcutta informing that he collected Rs. fifteen hundred and Gyanbabu had instituted a damage suit of Rs. five lakhs against Hitavada on 19th May.  Another telegram was of Nareshbabu informing same message.  Dhirenbabu’s registered letter came with sentimentality assuring that about arrangement of cars the truth would come in future.  In the noon I took a round towards Baba’s yard.  He was busy in reading a newspaper with spectacles on and no shirt. Dense white hair embellished his chest. I noticed he had a lofty build. I returned on tiptoe.

I was called at 2.30 P.M.  He informed me that the agent of newspaper from Rundraprayag had sent a chit that payment should be  made   upto first June else he would stop the paper.  I assured that I would make the necessary arrangement.  He surmised as to when Gobindbabu must have received our telegram and said, “This A.D. Mani must be taught a lesson.  He was posing like a big man. See his words ‘ I am to go to see the Prime Minister and I have come from Australia and hence only one day can be spared at the Ashram as if the whole Shaulmari Ashram was hungry to see him.  In the criminal case he will have personal liability but in the civil suit probably The Servant of India Society will be having liability.  It does not matter.  The society must be having assets like building etc.  Five other civil suits of five lakhs each are to be instituted against newspapers for publishing statement of Swaran Singh. We shall get now six months and within that period we shall manage for another ten thousand rupees easily.  Suresh, remember we have to throw another challenge to Captain Mohan Singh of I.N.A. for his alleged statement that Shaulmari Ashram is cheating people under the garb of Netaji. I proposed that we should insert Mohansingh in the challenge to be given to Shah Nawaz because we did not have newspaper of Mohansingh’s statement.”  He added, “ Niharendu felt very much to see that Shah Nawaz does not escape unhurt.”  I said that Shah Nawaz was the Chief culprit of Enquiry Commission on Netaji’s death.  Baba disclosed, “ Niharendu proposed names of retired Supreme Court and High Court Judges for appointment on official Inquiry Commission but Nehru was worried that they may not yield to him.  He did not accept the proposal.  Mere lovable brother of Subhash will not do. He (Suresh Bose) cannot have judicial mind and without going to Taihoku the truth can never be found out.”  I related about the mysterious death of a retired judge heading the Panshet Dam enquiry in Maharashtra.  Baba with sardonic countenance sighed, “Yes. These rogues are capable of committing any heinous crime to suppress their corruption and preserve their seats.” Baba went for his bath and I completed diary and came out.

It was 6.30 P.M. Shomu came with a Hindi speaking young couple.  He was horticultural inspector of Okhimath.  I politely denied ‘darshan’ of Baba and offered them tea and snacks.  All our ladies were curious to see the couple and they were surreptitiously peeping now and then.  He was disgruntled about his department and related problems: farmers use grants for other purpose, they were lazy, orchards were to be looked after for many years, expenses were needed every year without immediate yield hence response was discouraging, etc. They left and returned as they missed the path.  It was dark. Dinudada and I escorted them up to the main road at the top.  When I returned, Baba was sitting outside.  He reminded me about planning and survey of village Chunni.  Then he told that he would be undergoing another fast next day and would very rarely come out.  He left for his hut and after dinner I retired.


Like day before yesterday I had colored dream.  I saw a twenty-five feet tall yellow owl about to lift an American young girl whom I saved.  Very queer dream.  Got up at 4.15 A.M. Rajat came to ask time.  Haribandhu and I performed meditation. At 8 A.M. went for bath.  Changed my place, as a dead body was kept there covered with boulders.  I met a fisherman.  We had a chat.  He told that like a rat there was an animal as big as dog, which caught fishes.  It must be beaver.  He was 29 years old and proudly told that he had two wives.  I asked whether first wife was childless.  He said no.  I asked why did he marry second.  He said chance came.  I laughed.  He explained most people there had two wives.  They do agricultural work, domestic duty and look after cattle and hence two wives were profitable.
I returned and took breakfast, sent M.O. to newspaper agent.  Message came all were to assemble in Baba’s courtyard by 10 A.M. I told I just had bath.  I was informed that since I took food I must take bath again.  I did so and I had to put on wet clothes, as there was no other set of hand washed clothes.  At 10.30 all of us entered his courtyard.  He was sitting on the chair.  He made me sit near him.  Then he became absolutely silent.  I thought as usual either prayer or food would follow.  No. It was new experience.  He wanted to judge everyone and then minutely stared in eyes of each one of us. (Ramkrishna Paramhans used to follow this method.)  It was a bit awkward.  After that he asked the ladies to go.

Baba questioned me, “If the objective of self-righteous man was correct and if the objective of a man of self-conviction was wrong, which one was better?”  I replied, “Because of self analysis the objective of a man of self-conviction can never be wrong.”  Baba said that it could be wrong though the means are correct.  Even if man of self-righteousness is unsuccessful his defeat will be more valuable than victory and success of man of self-conviction because success is with ego and defeat is without ego.  In short one would say means justifies the end and the other would say end justifies the means.”  I pointed out that there was a third category who were neither self-righteous nor of self-conviction and yet they achieve the end.  They apply worst methods like the present politicians.  I questioned to which category they belonged.  Baba replied, “Their category is only one and that is of ‘Asses’.  Swamiji has termed it as ‘stones’.“  I asked when people of first two categories were available, how could Asses achieve the success in the world.  Baba said, “The reason is that the Asses have polluted the atmosphere and the Devil lifts devilish forces first.”  I queried that from the results of elections there were more self-righteous people in England and America compared to India.  Baba observed, “In a sense you are right but it cannot be a generalization.  The potential goodness or self-conviction in Indian man is highest because of culture.  How many of us make it kinetic is the question but those who do it are insurmountable.”  I asked, “The end and mind is clear of a man of self-conviction. Then if he captures power by any means and later on correct the method and means then what harm was there?”  Baba said, “Any means leave some residual effect.  A dealer of coal cannot say his hands would not be black.  It is next to impossible.  Only perfect man can come down in ignorance and we are not perfect.  If we are perfect we shall become God and that is why Bengali poet Ramprasad has said ‘Oh Lord Krishna, simile of your tormentation, craftiness and wickedness cannot be given to anybody else.’ It means Lord Krishna who told Gita had capacity to go to any extent because he was perfect.”  Then Baba asked me, “What is the difference between self praise and self exposition?” I told that the first had ego and the latter had feelings.  Baba said, “You are right. The latter is not having some ego but self-praise thrives out and out on ego.  Men with self-righteousness are better than ‘Ass’ category because although they have ego subjectively they are right.”

“Suresh, keep this burning in your heart always that there are three types of men who always surround you.  Firstly, those who follow you after understanding and realizing what you say.  Secondly, those who by heart follow you without bothering for understanding and thirdly who apparently follow you but in reality do nothing in practice.  This third category is worst and you should always be cautious about them.”  Baba asked Rajat whether he followed the discussion and then to translate it in Bengali and explain to others.  Baba then told that Mandan Mishra belonged to first category and Padmapad to second one and yet Padmapad received highest place in the heart of Acharya Shankar because of highest sincerity.”
I queried, “Baba do you agree that blind faith and hero worship is many a times cause of suffering of people and the country.  If the hero commits blunder, followers also jump in the abyss.  Baba said, “Yes.  In a sense you are right but if the hero commits a mistake he is then no more hero.  People suffer because they follow the devilish force in hero.” Baba immediately understood that I was indirectly referring Hitler and Mussolini.

Baba related some humorous anecdotes.  “There is one Sadhu near lake Kurukshetra which is near Panipat about twelve miles from Thaneshwar, the capital of Harshavardhan.  He tells people that his Ashram is constructed exactly at the place where Lord Krishna told Gita to Arjun and people give him money in thousands but if anybody says that he has to start a development plan of Rs. two lakhs then no Marwari or others would pay a single pie.  It is this blind and foolish faith which extracts money in our country.”  I asked Baba whether there were any relics or evidence near Kurukshetra or Panipat about Mahabharat.  He said, “No. If excavated they will definitely be found.  Even libraries of manuscripts of ancient sciences may be found out but it is all a costly job. (Recently in a field near Takshashila manuscripts of mathematics were discovered while ploughing field.)  About fifty years ago a skeleton, eleven feet long, was found near Kurukshetra and all scientist wondered at the height of man.  Even in Ayodhya there are no relics.  There British did not indulge in vandalism but the Mohammedans were and they have wiped out all archaeological remnants. Their (Muslim’s) palaces etc. are still well preserved in Delhi.  In jewellery, glass pieces are replaced and yet they are superb.  Even Jama Masjid is worth seeing. This Akabar had his good side as well as bad side.  Once his spies made young princess of Rajastan to see Meena Bazaar from where she was abducted to Akabar.  When she came on senses she saw Akabar approaching.  The slim girl of eighteen years within seconds jumped on him and sat on his chest with dagger pointed and compelled him to call her as mother.  He did so and safely returned her and abolished Mina Bazaar.  The girl was Kiran Devi, daughter of Satwa Sinha the brother of Rana Pratap.  This old fort of Delhi is said to be of Pandavas but I do not think so.  It was definitely of Prithviraj.”

I asked, “To feel small is a sign of greatness but in what sense to feel small?” Baba explained, ”You have to think always that your work is not complete and must strive to achieve perfection.  You see his action must be dynamic.  This inertia may be forward or backward (positive or negative).  I mean to say if dacoit is putting his heart in his profession then he is far better than a man who poses to be good but does nothing.  Here the dacoit is dynamic, he is striving in backward direction but so called good man is static.  The dacoit has a chance to take forward movement any day but this hypocrite has no chance.” I referred an Israeli Rabbi’s quote that a man who talks of perfect work seems to have never done weeding. Baba gave loud guffaw and exclaimed that he was perfectly right. I queried, “Some people become static by believing in astrology?”  He said,” Those who simply depend on ‘bhagya’ (fate/fortune) are worst creatures.  They say it is their lot made by God as if God is a fool and doing injustice.  There is no doubt that man suffers according to his action of previous birth but by ‘tapashcharaya’ (progression) he can definitely change his lot in this birth.  This astrology should be taken as caution and not as the fate accomplice but faber est quisque fortunae suae” Baba bent down and examined the spellings of this Latin phrase. After correction he explained meaning, ‘ every man is the fashioner of his own fate.’ I asked a doubt, “Baba, to remain constantly in forward dynamic motion, the ideal must then be Utopian otherwise man will reach approachable and attainable ideal and become static.”  He said, “In a sense you are right but the word ‘utopian’ is not correct.  The ideal must be exceptionally high near perfection.  The word Utopia is nothing but indication of insane fantasy, which is unattainable.  The word has come into use from Thomas Moore’s (1516) novel named ‘Utopia’ in which he has described fantastic characters and hence the ideal must not be utopian at all.”  Then Baba left for his meals. (See Netaji’s view of poor ideas and idealism of professors on P.179-E)
I finished my lunch, nap and diary writing.

At 4.30 P.M. a terrific cyclone engulfed us. High mountains surrounded our island on all sides and yet its ferocity was loud and devastating. It was my first experience in life. All of us were worried about our abodes.  After ten minutes calm of the eye of the storm came and then with reversal of wind we entered the back trough and rainfall.  Thank God, the scene was like a movie.
With Umbrella open Baba came out and called me.  We inspected the damage done.  It was minor.  Then Baba told me, “Suresh, you must know how to control natural forces.  It is a matter of seconds to stop such a storm or earthquake or any natural havoc.  By proper ‘sadhana’ you also can easily do it. (He smiled).  Once in Pondicherry Ashram a severe cyclone blew.  Mother alone was allowed to enter Arvind’s room any time.  At the time of gale she went to his room and was surprised to see that all doors of his room were open and not a single paper was disturbed while he was writing on loose sheets. Without faith simply to take name of God cannot win over natural forces.  Ramakrishna Deo told a story.  On the sea shore there was one Sadhu living in a hut.  One day, strong gale set in.  Sadhu prayed ‘Oh storm, this hut belongs to God Vishnu.’  Even then the storm continued.  Sadhu thought that the storm belonged to God Shiva and hence it was not yielding to Lord Vishnu. He invoked Shiva but the fury of the storm continued.  Then he yearned, ‘Oh storm! This hut belongs to your son Hanuman (God of strength who was son of wind).  The storm blew away roof of his hut.  Then sadhu abused, ‘you bloody rascal take your home’ and he left.  This means simply superficial saying will not do.  There was a ‘sadhak’ (devotee) who was High Court Judge of Calcutta.  His name was Justice Woodro (European).  In the introduction to his book ‘Shakta and Sadhak’ he mentions, “He is a poor psychologist who does not believe and realize strength and power of faith.”

I pointed monkeys climbing the most difficult vertical rock cliff in front of us.  Baba said they searched a place for sleeping where panther could not go.  By the way I reminded that Tanaji Malusare, lieutenant of Shivaji, climbed such a cliff and then fought and captured fort ‘Kondana’. After its capture Shivaji named it  ‘Sinhagad.’ It is near Pune. (Netaji insisted that unless he sees Sinhagad he would not leave Pune. He had been there.)  I said I saw swords of these fighters in museum and they were so heavy that one could not balance in both hands.

Baba then observed, “Bravery of Shivaji and Tanaji is incomparable.”  Baba recited a Bengali ballad on Shivaji and Tanaji written by poet Mujumdar and Kalidas respectively. Both ballads are in Bengali. I wondered how could he remember and recite such long ballads. He pronounced Tanaji Malusare as Tanaji Mallussar. Baba was engrossed in describing how Tanaji in the garb of ‘hakim’ (Muslim physician) met Shivaji in Agra jail of Aurangjeb and how he deceived guards etc. Baba told an anecdote of Shivaji. “The disciples of Ramdas once thought that their Guru showered love and affection more on Shivaji because he was a king.  Ramdas Swami once had an acute headache.  The disciples asked him what should they do to bring relief.  He told that if milk of a tigress were brought then he would be all right.  No disciple could do it but Shivaji brought it.”

I observed that Shivaji’s political tactics and maneuvers were useful but not for the present era.  Baba bounced back, “Definitely.  Shivaji finished Afzal Khan.  He did not show foolish generosity like these people (Congress politicians).  They have committed a blunder in giving back Haji Pir Point.  Why they did not cut off Lahore and Sialkot?” I referred to an Indian pilot Mr. Arun Deuskar of my town who bombed Sargodha base of Pakistan but he was denied bravery award for breach of order.  Baba opined, “It is absurd. Exceptions are always exceptions. They should not have disclosed that he disobeyed order and yet the proper honour must have been given to him.”  I remarked that we would be required to pay ten times the price in next war because of follies.  Baba agreed and said, “Definitely.  But now China has H-bomb.  She will blackmail India.  Why China came in power so quickly?  It is because of the folly of the Americans.  Had they not crossed thirty-eight parallel in Korea, Russia would not have poured arms and scientific knowledge in China.  It is sheerly absurd and I do not understand why the Americans think themselves as ‘Global Policemen.’  If any country is changing her political views, you are not supposed to fight with arms but by strong ideology.  The unfortunate part is that Generals mostly govern the American Foreign Policy and in general Generals are blockheads. Suresh, look a German school teacher has written a book on Nazi atrocities of Second World War and school children ask their parents as to how could they take food and tolerate this inhuman thing and parents hang their head in shame.  One General remarked that what Germany did in war was Satanic and if the same thing were to be perpetrated by Britain it would have been Godly.  The Devil must be given its due.  The fighting power of the Germans cannot be denied by anyone.”  Our talk turned to Russia when I referred vivisection of Berlin and surreptitious exodus of East Berliners to West.  Baba said, “Russia has progressed materially but there is no real freedom.  The other day I read a famous Russian writer who recently escaped to New York saying that in his life he has for the first time seen what is life, but in Russia he was existing only” Was he Solzstein? Baba then went in and I returned.
Teachers from Vidyapith came and related devastation caused by the cyclone.  Tin roofs were uprooted and blown away.  They came to enquire as to how much damage we suffered.  The Gharatawala (man of flour mill) confessed that he did not experience such a fury of storm in last fifty years.  Madan Mohan Semwal of Parkandi village came.  It was decided to survey his village near Okhimath next day and if possible visit Deoratal (a small lake) at the top.  After dinner I could talk with Baba for five minutes.  I told him my plan of visit next day. He then went in and I retired.

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