In search of Baba

Posted By Author on June 1, 2011


Got up early and along with Haribandhu we embarked our search of Baba towards Siliguri road.  Hardly we walked ten paces and we were surprised to see Baba about fifty feet away sitting in meditation.  There was a small mound of earth, which obstructed our view at night and hence could not locate him.  Without disturbing him we went to Matiguri railway station.  Had milk and returned.  We saw Baba coming and decided to wait at the market thinking that when he would pass us, we would follow him.  However he saw us, came near us and took us away with him. All three of us walked on the main road. Then Baba made us sit near him under an arboreal roadside tree.  He explained to us politely that it was of no use to follow him because he would be worried about us all the while.  He expressed that it would be useless to return to Ashram, as he was unable to do anything.  We called a rickshaw and informed him that as per his wish we were leaving by bus for Ashram.  He resumed his solitary journey along Bagdogra road towards Bihar.

After giving him a dodge we again launched on his trail.  We were astonished to see him crossing the bridge and then getting down along the riverside from below the bridge he was heading towards Darjeeling cross-country wise.  I told Haribandhu to resume our tracking but he opined that if both of us followed he would detect us and hence he would continue further alone.  I took a halt and he proceeded.  After a gap of time I collected our belongings and joined Haribandhu.  He said Baba crossed the river and went on the eastern bank.  When we reached there we enquired with workers of a stone quarry.  They told that they saw Sadhuji but did not know which way he went.  We were in a fix.  Both of us spun the vicinity and finally walked northward along the road about four miles.  The dilemma was whether to go towards famous Naxalbari of Kanu Sanyal, the pioneer of Naxalism or towards Darjeeling.  Both were near, the former to the west and the latter to the north within a few miles. The sketch of the area is drawn in the diary.  We reached the foothill of Kurseong on way to Darjeeling.  Subhash Bose and Sarat Bose had a respite here to recoup their health during the British Raj. They owned a house there. However our surveillance failed miserably and abandoning the search we were on return journey to Matiguri.  From there we treaded to railway station at 1.30 P.M. Again I had to walk for a mile in search of a catering center but exploration proved futile. Returned to station.  Spread bed sheet and took rest on the platform.  On enquiry we were lucky to get food in a refreshment room of the station.  It was 4 P.M. My boiling belly became calm and cool.  Back to platform took rest.  Haribandhu snatched a nap.  As already decided at 6.15 P.M. Nityababu arrived from Ashram.  Discussed the volatile situation. The three of us walked down to Siliguri market two miles away. Dey brothers had given lot of money to Ashram and their sister’s son had a big shop and roaring business of crockery. He was introduced to us. He offered coffee. Along with us he purchased fruits for Baba. All my energy was sucked up. We then walked down to the house of Dey brothers. Met them. Their father’s sister died and hence they were in mourning. So we did not dine there. After a little chat with them we slept there without food. The hectic day was over.


At 6 A.M. Haribandhu and I caught a local bus and reached Matiguri. Then along the road to Kurseong we searched five miles. No trace or clue of Baba we could get. At 10 A.M. managed to board a truck and returned to Matiguri. It was a day of weekly bazaar. Place was crowded. Haribandhu decided to reconnoiter the Bihar road and left. I spread my bed sheet near bus stand under a tree and took rest. I was enervated and bored to the neck. Haribandhu returned by bus from Bagdogra at 2 P.M. He scanned eight to ten miles afoot and looked into University campus also with no success. By local bus both of us reached Siliguri and via crockery shop reached home of Dey brothers. Nityababu was horizontal with a bout of dysentery. We then fetched our belongings from the crockery shop where we had left it. Dey brother’s cook served us food and then we called it a day.

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