Jan 23rd Netaji’s Birthday

Posted By Author on November 23, 2010


Today is birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He was born on this day in 1897. It is seventieth birthday. I expected Baba to remain shut today but in the morning he called Radhakant and Rajat and told them to leave the camp and go back home.  Again twice he called them and rebuked them.  I came after finishing bath and by that time his anger mellowed.

He called me, Budhiballabhji and Radhakantji and posed the problem of collecting five hundred rupees.  He insisted on definite solution.  Poor Budhiballabhji assured that he would try at Shrinagar.  He was immediately sent to Shrinagar to try that.  Then Baba proposed that Radhakant and I should ask for a loan of Rs. five thousand to guests of Meerut and that he would be waiting for the result.

I came out and Ramanidada insisted that I should read his palm.  I told him his future and he agreed to it in toto. He too was pessimistic and dejected person.  He expressed that he wanted to die as early as possible.  His condition was really very pitiable.  I felt it was the outcome of absolute submission without using logic, reason, brain, discretion or his responsibility as head of the family.

After sometime I put the proposal to the guests.  Madanlal promised that he would try for fifteen hundred rupees and probably seventy five percent he would succeed.  Garg raised both hands up. Nothing was possible for him. He told frankly.  I conveyed the conversation to Baba.  After his meals Baba called the guests.  I was compelled to be present.  He gave them directions and instead of Radhakant, Shibnath would accompany them was the final decision.  Then as usual he dictated the list of things to be brought, which went on swelling.  He then told to get rupees one thousand from two Malhotra sisters of Delhi.  After a while the guests were called back again and I saw them off to our hut.  We had sweets in lunch today.  Was it to celebrate his birthday?

It was 6.15 P.M.  Baba called us. Radhakant, Rajat and I were present. He gave a list of persons to whom debt of rupees twenty three hundred was to be refunded.  Baba said that he might remain closed upto 29th Feb.67 but I did not believe it from the past experience.  Before Madanlal left, Baba told him to procure and send phone number of advocate Setalwad. Was it imposition?  Baba’s mood was better but he often gets hiccup of past mistakes.  He gave the following dictation:

“Both for collective and individual supramentalisation Light and Force of the Divine Mother will have to be pulled down on every aspect of the thing to be supramentalised.  When the Divine Grace is once pulled down and starts working then if by the human folly, that is refusal of the human agency to receive the Grace and to allow it to work, the Grace is compelled to retire to its original height.  It would be increasingly more difficult to pull it down again from where it is.  Even initially it is a Himalayan task to pull down once.  Each human folly will make the work increasingly more and more difficult.  Remember one thing always, failure is a one thing and willful failure is quite a different thing.  Each of the former is a pillar of future success whereas that of the latter is formidable stumbling block.”

After sprinkling water and burning incense for purification we left his hut.  Owning to his continuous shouting of yesterday, his voice was subdued and hoarse.  However, it fetched about two thousand rupees.

We came back to our hut.  Rajat was writing letters.  Gobind told him to take account of expenses.  Radhakantji supported Gobind purposely to irritate Rajat.  He got off. All went to dinner including guests of Meerut. Dandge and I did not dine.  Enjoyed gossip instead.  Later on I pointed out that it was improper to quarrel before guests who were stunned to watch it. Our colleagues miserably lacked synergy.

Today Madanlal was inquisitive about Chinu’s birth.  He queried with Radhakant and later with me.  Radhakant explained to him that she was Super Power descended on the Earth.  How and when nobody knew.

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