2005 – JMCI submits its Findings

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Today is 28th death anniversary of Netaji. Busy in preparing index with the co-operation of Dr.Prabhakar Wadodkar.


On Marathi ETV channel at 9 P.M. saw news item in which Forward Block leaders blamed the Government for not releasing files to JMCI.


Read news in Hitwad that JMCI to hear arguments only on Shaulmari Ashram. Later JMCI is proceeding to SE Asia to record deposition of witness and make inquiry too.


JMCI is going to hold three seating per week to listen arguments of deponents from February.


Today is Netaji’s 108th birth anniversary. I am working day and night to prepare topical biography of Netaji. None has tried such method.


I happen to read Swami Vivekananda’s sentence,” Each work has to pass through these three stages: Ridicule, Opposition, Acceptance.” His thought was very apt and appealing to me. Presently I am going through first two stages. Last one is still a mirage.


I came across a good article on Netaji’s favourite topic viz. ‘Understanding Dreams’ by Diane Peter, Reader’s Digest Indian issue of Feb. Pp.134 to 144.


Letter from JMCI informing me that last date of listening arguments is Friday the 25th 2005. Justice Mukherjee will hear only on Fridays. It means I have only two Fridays at disposal and if my name is not in the list of deponent on Friday the 18th I shall have to get stuck up in Kolkata for a week more. I resented it and sent a strong letter to protest for not specifying time and date for me. I asked JMCI to arrange security for me till my stay and departure from Dumdum airport. The Commission maintained stoic silence. I had very short time at my disposal so completed the argument in ten days, attached additional evidence.


I prepared a parcel of papers of argument for dispatch. It weighed three and half kilo and to meet the deadline I had to send it by Blue Dart air courier service that made my wallet lighter by six hundred rupees.


Received acknowledgement from Blue Dart office of Kolkata on E-Mail that parcel was delivered on 24th Feb. at 11.30 A.M. My submission was within the deadline. I was already told by JMCI that I could submit additional evidence and written argument. I have dealt with argument, salient correspondence and total evidence submitted under the title ‘ARGUMET’ at the end of diary extracts already submitted till mid July.


T.V. news that Gumnami Baba of Faizabad proved to be not Netaji.


T.V. news that movie on Subhash Bose, ‘The Forgotten Hero’ is released before an audience of thirty thousand spectators in Kolkata. Shyam Benegal renowned director directed this move. Subroto Roy, a mogul of Sahara group, financed Rs.thirty-three crores for the production.


The Supreme Court denied extension to the JMCI.


I watched on Sahara channel at 7.P.M. an interview of Shyam Benegal regarding ‘The Forgotten Hero’, the movie on life of Netaji.

10/5/2005. At 7.30 P.M. Zee news channel projected review of ‘The Forgotten Hero’.


Mr.Bhattacharya, a scholar who was present during my deposition before JMCI filed a suit in Kolkata to stop release of the movie ‘The Forgotten Hero’ on the ground that Netaji’s marriage with Emilie Schenkl shown was wrong and derogatory. It is absurd.


I received a letter from JMCI.


The Discovery channel showed stunning news between 11 to 12 P.M. that Jesus Christ was married with Lady Mary Magdalene. When he was crucified she was pregnant and surreptitiously removed to south of France. Her progeny are Sinclair in Rosslyn chapel in Scotland. Da Brown has also depicted the same in Da Vinci Code. The Church suppressed the truth for thousand years. Susan Macclelland in Redear’s Digest issue of Oct. 2006 has given details of Christ’s mother and family. Mary was sixteen years old and Joseph, a widower with grown up children, was forty-two years old. She had four children. Titanic director Cameron and Jacobovici in their research suggested Jesus married Lady Magdalene and had a son, Judah. According to them a tomb was discovered at Talpiot, Jerusalem. Ten Ossuaries i.e. limestone boxes containing bones were found. The names of Jesus, Mary, Matthew, Joseph and Lady Magdalene were inscribed on the boxes. A sixth inscription, written in Aramaic, translates to ‘ Judah Son of Jesus’.- News of 28/2/2007. Is there not great similarity of sex, secrecy, sacrifice and suffering between Jesus and Subhash? Was not Jesus or Subhash human being? Is not this work parallel to Da Brown’s? Why people deny legitimacy to their children? Lord Buddha was also married and had a son Rahul from wife Yashodhara. Why people and relations disbelieve Netaji’s marriage in spite of his written confession to brother Sarat Chandra Bose that he should accept Emilie as wife and Anita as daughter? Take Anita’s DNA, and end controversy forever.


Saradanandaji, founder of Shaulmari Ashram adopted name Vijnanananda to dodge Intelligence Bureau. Original Swami Vijnanananda was contemporary of Vivekananda and devoted his life to Ramkrishna Mission, Kolkata. His photograph was shown on Astha channel at 6.45 P.M.


A very good article on INA Treasure appeared in ‘Insight’ of newspaper Hitwad.


The Government decided to give Rs.7000 per month pension to INA soldiers.


The Organiser published an article claiming that Netaji and Gen. Shidei were in Dairen, Manchuria, I have unfortunately misplaced one more evidence about Gen. Shidei’s survival after crash.


I watched programme on Z news on ‘mystery of Netaji’.


Statement of Subroto Bose, Member of Parliament and nephew of Netaji that CIA denied crash story.


Balasaheb Wadodkar gave me Organiser of 19th June 2005. Dilip Basu from Japan wrote an article on Netaji in it.


Star and Z news channels reported that Justice Mukherjee, Chairman of Inquiry Commission on disappearance of Subhash Bose formed in 1999 submitted report of the findings to Shivaraj Patil, Home Minister of Central Government.

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