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Got up at 5 A.M. Finished bath, exercise, meditation and breakfast.  A bearded person came for Baba’s ‘darshan’.  I told him it was not possible. He was satisfied to see Baba from long distance.  I gave him food.  He went a happy man.


I was called in at 9.30 A.M. I read out my final draft of complaint to the Home Minister of U.P. regarding Sidholi havoc.  I had to read it three or four times and he made correction every time.  Ultimately it was finalized and approved.  Then discussion naturally turned to how to improve the police department.  It was valuable dialogue. He said he would tell his plan afterwards.  He observed that not only the police department but also all the departments of the Government must be improved.  It was indispensable.  He told that once a judge in Calcutta remarked, ‘I fail to understand why police use batons instead of brain.’  On that remark, a columnist of Amrit Bazaar Patrika Mr. Royjee wrote that if police had brain then alone the question of using it would arise but first it must be investigated whether they do have the brains. He further told another story of quick repartee.  A High Court judge said to Bankim Chandra, ‘ Your argument enters in my one ear and passes through another.’  Bankim Chandra retorted, “ My Lord it seems there is nothing to retain it in between your ears.”

Baba observed that in our country police use third degree measures too much.  He said there was one witness who used to attend court every week for police.  The judge asked him as to how he appeared every week.  The witness replied as to why he was summoned every week.  Baba then made severe comment on judicial system, “The High Court judges work for four hours. Ashutosh Mukherjee used to go to the High Court at 10 A.M. He would leave the court at 4 P.M. and straightway used to go to the University.  There he would work as Vice Chancellor, took his tea and called dinner from home every day.  He would get up at 3 A.M. and would write judgments.  In childhood he used to study very much. So once his father locked him in a room for two hours.  When taken out, father was aghast to see the walls scratched.  Ashutosh was solving geometrical problems on the wall.  He was a great man indeed.” (Ashutosh Mukherjee absolved rustication of Subhash.)

“Suresh, I have told you time and again and bear it in mind.  No one can do good work by playing cleverness.  Always keep this sentence of Swamiji in mind.  The present, the Evidence Act is very defective.  It will have to be changed.  Rao’s sentence from his judgment always haunts me.  ‘I can see the murderer in the mirror but I cannot touch a single hair of his. The law has made me helpless.’ An opportunity to appeal in the High Court will have to be given, but district judges will have to be trained. (Netaji as President of Congress stressed on training the party cadre.) In addition we will have to provide summary trials and mobile courts.  This will result in fifty percent quick disposal.”

” Many times I feel the Kazi’s justice is better.  Once two women were quarreling, claiming a child as hers.  Each claimed the infant and insisted that she was speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The matter went before the Kazi for justice.  After giving patient hearing to both, Kazi ordered to bring a sword and cut the infant into two equal parts and distribute amongst both of them.  Out of the two one lady shouted, ‘Oh, no, no. It is not my child. Kaji ordered to give it to her.’  Kazi realized that she was the real mother.” (This wise judgement is attributed to King Solomon, son of King David, in the Holy Bible in 1 king 3: 16 to 28 Pp.158, 159, King James version. Barbour Publishing, USA)

On criminal detection Baba said police invent new devices for detection of criminals and next the criminals find out superior gizmos to elude the police.  Regarding corruption Baba narrated the Tukoji Holkar and Bawla murder case. (Indore State). Then we talked about corruption by ministers.  Baba pointed that one Mr. Iyyer, Secretary of Government of India, took a bribe of a few crores from a businessman of Bombay.  He was sentenced for two years.  Baba lamented that it was nothing and that why heavy fine was not recovered from him.  Then he told another story. “ In one of the election in U.P. one managed to misappropriate ballot papers.  Nehru came to know about it.  He called the concerned minister and pulled him up. The minister told Nehru that if he was unjustified in such maneuvering, he should thereafter see the state election himself. Nehru kept mum. Suresh, you must have heard the name of Kamalapati Tripati.  Tripati’s monthly income was hardly Rs. Two hundred. He had four buildings in Banaras.  Again Nehru consequently came in picture.”  Baba poignantly criticized, “Nehru has written Discovery of India.  In fact no one in the world can discover India.  She is beyond human mind.  Nehru says in this book that Swami Vivekananda could not get much applause abroad.  Yes, as if Nehru alone got it.  (Observed sarcastically). In his preamble to one of the book on Ramkrishna Deo, Nehru observed ‘Ramkrishnaji was a Godly man and I am an Earthly man’.  Nehru tried to compare himself with Ramkrishna Deo.  He is nothing to compare with Ramkrishna Deo. Great saints like Ramkrishna can produce hundreds and millions of Nehrus out of mere dust provided they wish to do so. Suresh, exhibition is too bad.  Once Nehru said in the Parliament that if he were not Prime Minister, he would definitely go to the Himalayas. At that time nobody dared to ask him whether the fitness, courage and strength that is required to go to the Himalayas was with him or not. Once there was a move in the Parliament that ministers and their relations should be accounted for their income and assets. Nehru himself opposed because he was fully aware that his colleagues were corrupt.” I asked whether the new Government could ask for such account.  Baba reacted, “Why not.  It will be done certainly.  The Government will even have a right to ask explanation of wealth amassed two decades earlier.”

While talking on dacoits, Baba narrated a vicious attempt of his murder as below:

“During my walk afoot in the country, I reached Barabanki, a district place near Lucknow.  I entered a bungalow on the outskirt.  One Assistant Engineer was residing there.  I told him that I never stay in city.  The engineer requested me to guide him on spiritualism. He was very insistent. I proposed to him that there was a Dak Bungalow about ten miles away and that we will go there and talk. I gave him some dictations and directions.  We were disturbed by the Chief Engineer’s phone and he was required to go immediately. Then he promised that he would return at night between 12 to 2 A.M. or in early morning next day positively.  After some time police guards with weapons arrived there.  They enquired about me.  I told them that I arrived just today and met the the engineer who brought me today. I went on lawn for rest. Then I do not know what happened to me but I called the Engineer’s servant who was left in my care.  I told him that I had an urge to leave the place and that I was going.  Tell your Engineer so. I left. Afterwards I came to know that the police planned to murder me.  They hatched conspiracy to tell that the Sadhu cheated the engineer.  He was a dacoit and that they killed the Sadhu but his accomplices managed to escape with money of the treasury.  They gave a fight but the gang was big. When they found the Sadhu had gone they inflicted injuries to themselves and stole Rs.6000/- from the coffer of treasury. Next, enquiry started. The engineer time and again assured that it was impossible.  The Sadhu could not have done this.  He was convinced of the foul play and requested D.S.P. to coerce the guards.  The head guard’s legs were pulled apart and he was made to look at the blazing Sun.  Within five minutes he confessed and revealed Rs.6000/ hidden below cow dung.”


I touched that Chief Minister Kher and Morarji knew of a plot to murder Gandhiji beforehand.  Baba said even Vallabhbhai Patel knew it.  I asked why then even Patel did not take prompt action to save his life.  Baba said Patel was in mounting anger.  Gandhiji proposed to give fifty-five crore rupees to Pakistan and Nehru agreed to it but Patel opposed tooth and nail. Gandhiji began fast without giving reason.  In fact it was against Patel. People and Patel were aware of it. Once in rage Patel spat,” Has this old man’s mind gone astray?”(Kya ye Buddhe ka dimakh to ghuma nahi?)  “The Bombay police climbed the train with Godse.  Anyway Patel was a great man. I shall quote one incident of his greatness.  There was a hot headed young boy.  He was charged with murder but in reality he was innocent.  Patel was arguing his case.  At 11 A.M. he received a telegram, read it and pocketed it.  He argued for five hours and when the court adjourned his friends asked him as to what was the telegram.  He handed over it to them. The telegram intimated death of his wife.  The friends asked as to why he did not feel about it and how could he argue for five hours.  Patel told them that she left him.  He could not bring her back but he could save the life of that young innocent boy and was it not more important? ”


“Suresh, nowadays urban people are more extrovert. That is bad.  To be too introvert is also bad.  Man must be ‘ebbovert’. (This word is coined by Baba) It means any time he should be able to become extrovert or introvert.  He must be elastic”. Then he dictated two lines of Tennyson’s poem as below:
Self reverence, self knowledge and self control
These three alone lead Man Sovran

“Suresh note that spelling of Sovereign is changed for poetic form. Now distinguish between self-reverence and self-respect”, he questioned me.  I explained that the self-reverence denoted higher position.  It conveys self-confidence while self-respect conveyed baser quality. He exclaimed, “Right you are. Self-reverence comes from within and self-respect comes from outside to show for others. If need be, a man of self reverence will lift human excreta and if he commits a mistake, he will touch other’s feet; but a man with self-respect cannot do that.  For salvation of soul even if self-reverence is essential, self-respect is the lower step to reach it.  Without developing self-respect in the initial stage no one can develop self-reverence.” (Netaji mentions,“ Infinite is our strength and power, but we have lost confidence and self-respect.” E-158)

Both of us did not realize how the time passed.  He looked at the timepiece.  It was 12.45 P.M. We were talking for more than two and half hours. He went for rest.  I came out for lunch and respite.  Ratan went to Rudraprayag to purchase wheat.  He arrived.  He brought a pair of woolen socks for me.  Probably he observed that I was wearing only one sock as the other swept away while washing in the river.  It was 6.45 P.M. I took exercise and meditated.  Then I went towards Baba’s hut.  He was talking with others.  Krishnakantji’s letter came and Ramanidada was advocating his case.  Baba vented out anger.

He finished his evening meals and was seated on the folding chair.  He turned to me and started discussion. He said Emerson’s guru was Thoro (Thoreau?) who was a philosopher.  He reiterated that Lincoln and Jefferson modernized U.S.A.   Then he related a fun, “In response to Ashram’s advertisement one Chatterjee applied for the post of Law Officer.  He did not send his photograph and so he was intimated.  He sent a letter arguing about the need of photograph.  He was informed not to appear for interview.  He sent a nasty letter full of abuses.  In the letter he called Ratan donkey as Ratan signed that letter. I then dictated a verse in the name of Ratan and sent it to him.”  Baba recited the poem.  I insisted on him to dictate it.  He smiled and promised afterwards.  He went in.  I came back finished dinner, diary and slept.

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