June 1966

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Early morning Rajat came and told that Baba shifted to the confluence and that Dinbandhu was there on watch.  I finished my routine.  Sanyasi left.  Shomu left to join Dinbandhu. All ladies were having gossip. I joined them.  In absence of Baba all seemed jovial without any tension or pressure.  Rajat and Ramanidada went to Baba. I took nap.  At 11 A.M. Shomu waked me and told that Baba arrived.  He was sitting under tree and Gita was fanning.  He told me that he intended to go eleven miles ahead.  Shubir’s telegram came informing that his sister’s marriage was postponed to twenty ninth June. Ratan’s telegram informed that he was reaching with mosambis.

(When Emilie was pregnant in Vienna Netaji used to send crates of fruits for her from Berlin.)

Baba then told me, “ You will go on tenth June.  You will definitely reach by thirteenth.  In any case at the latest you will come back on twenty-sixth.  I am thinking of shifting towards Madhmaheshwar by first July.   I must go above six thousand feet altitude to recover health.  So ten thousand rupees for Ashram and ten thousand rupees for us, this arrangement will be made anyhow.

I am thinking if I get something while groping in dark we shall start work by July.  We must have thirty-five lakhs rupees.  Bombay will give ten lakhs.  I have decided to give up that idea.  I have to divide the plan now.  Initial plan will be of five crore rupees and second of hundred crore.  After your coming we shall chalk out.  Your resignation I shall decide later on.  These five crores I shall not get from U.S.A. but some other country. Those people will come here and if needed someone will go with those people. This will take at least four months.  You must not come later than twenty sixth June.”  He then gave mosambis to us.  He did not take anything.  That was the third day of his absolute fast.  Shyamlalji came.  I told him to get some vegetables for Baba, as he was to give up fast next day.  For economy Baba said no but I did not listen.

Shomu, Harekrishna, and I went to Kunda chatti at 4 P.M. to receive Ratan coming from Ashram.  He came at 7 P.M.  He brought heavy load especially one gunny bag of silt for medicine and one full bag of jack fruits from Ashram.  He also brought my suitcase full of assortments.  It was so heavy that its handle broke.  To save money we carried heavy luggage for three miles.  The strain was too much.  I sweated and my shoulder and neck stiffened. We spend twelve rupees on telegram easily and to save four rupees of coolie charges we suffered hardships. It was penny wise and pound-foolish. However, it was a good experience to realize hard life of coolies.  How silly of us to bargain for a rupee less with these people who work so hard.  We reached the camp in moonlight. After bath called on Baba. He asked many questions to Ratan regarding cases and Ashram.  Dined at 10 P.M. and got horizontal.

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