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The Home Minister, Delhi directed this letter to Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry. The JMCI informed me in a letter dated 5/7/2000 to file an affidavit. A copy of notification was enclosed. The ball was set rolling.

It took lot of time to organize material and topics for the affidavit. Ultimately I dispatched the First Affidavit on 23/3/2001


I sent urgent message to Zee TV News to stop projection of my interview conducted at home by correspondent Dhawal Desai from 11 A.M> to 3 P.M as matter was subjudice.


I sent copy of letter to Zee TV to JMCI and request to record my deposition at Amravati..


I informed that I am sending Affidavit within a week or so. I also informed about declassification of secret files of Netaji in London by the Govt. of U.K. Enclosed two cuttings of Hitawada dated 19/1/2001 and 21/1/2001. Also enclosed Dr. Yoshimi’s recent statement of Dr.Yoshimi in London about Netaji’s death.


Submitted Affidavit -I to JMCI through Blue Dart courier Service as below:


On stamp paper of Rs. Thirteen





Deponent: Dr. Suresh Chandra Padhye, M.A. Ph.D.

Aged 66 years. R/o Khaparde Garden, Amravat-444601.

Phone 0721- 660480


Dr.Suresh Chandra S/o Sharad Chandra Padhye, retired Principal of Arts and Science College, Govt. of Maharashtra, Amravati, formerly known as King Edward Memorial College (K.E.M.) which is now Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya, Amravati (V.M.V.) aged 66 years, resident of Khaparde Garden, Tahsil and District, Amravati, do hereby take oath and state on solemn affirmation as under:

1.             That I am submitting this Affidavit in response to your Regd. Letter No.JMCI/S.S.Padhye/64/148, Calcutta dated 05-07-2000 received by me from the office of Hon’ble Justice Mukherjee Commission appointed for Inquiry into the alleged disappearance of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

2.             That in the aforesaid letter of the Commission I was given time limit of one month to submit my Affidavit. Since I was in two minds I could not take the final decision. However, as per my Fax sent to the Commission on 08-03-2001 due confirmation report and due to reasons stated therein I have taken the decision to bare complete evidence, already mentioned in my letter to Hon’ble Shri L.K.Advani, Home Minister, Govt. of India letter dated 20-04-2000 which was redirected to the Commission.

3.             That since I informed the Commission my decision to file an Affidavit and as I intimated that it would take a week or so, I worked laboriously for twenty days to classify the documents and hence delay in filing this Affidavit.

4.             I say that it is my firm conviction that Subhash Chandra Bose was none else but the founder of Shaulmari Ashram, His Holiness Shrimat Saradanandaji, who expired on 2nd Jan.1977 at about 2.35 P.M. probably due to cardiac arrest at 194, Rajpura Road, Dehradun. I say this on the basis of my personal knowledge and experience, which, I gathered while having close association with His Holiness Shrimat Saradanandaji from 1965 till his death on 2nd Jan. 1977. I had been one of his very close associates, and during the entire period of my association with Him I noted several points of similarities between Shri Netaji and Shri Babaji of Shaulmari Ashram and I am quoting a few members of the Ashram as witnesses who may vouchsafe my contention. The list is attached at the end.

I quote a few similarities between Shri Netaji and Shri Babaji as below and many more will follow with evidence, if called for.

(1)     Age: Same (2) Height: Same (3) Squint in an eye- Same (4) Vertical scar on left eyebrow-Same (5) Shape of nose -Same (6) Small lower teeth-Same (7) Habit of chain-smoking Capstan cigarette- Same (8) Habit of writing with lead pencil- Similar (9) Handwriting – identical. (10) Similar high flowery English writing with typical system of using hyphen in complex sentences (11) Long telegrams a common habit amongst both (12) Food habit, use of Ayurvedic medicines, naturopathy similar (13) Temperamental- same (14) Commanding nature (15) Deep study of Sanskrit, History, Psychology, Psychoanalysis. English Literature, Philosophy both eastern and western, Upanishada etc. common (16) Practice of taking Surja Rashmi-Sun rays- in eyes at the time of rising and setting Sun. Identical. (17) Intense knowledge of politics, politicians both Indian and foreign  (18) Voracious reader of books. (19) Netaji as well as Babaji loved Badminton (20) Mastery over culinary skills common (21) Inspiring knowledge of great men like Christ, Buddha, Shivaji, Ranapratap, Adya Shankar, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Gandhiji, Kemal Pasha Ataturk, De Valera, Garibaldi similar. (22) Knowledge of German language (23) Similarity in dictations and photographs (24) Intense desire for spiritual pursuit, renunciation, and craving for suffering etc.

5.     I am prepared to demonstrate the aforesaid similarities with references to documents, photographs, personal daily diaries etc. that I shall produce as and when called upon to do so.

6.             Apart from the aforesaid points of similarities and many more to be revealed which I have personally observed, noted and documented. I have got voluminous documents that are evidence to establish and to prove conclusively that Shrimat Saradanandaji was no other person but was Netaji himself.

7.             I am prepared to produce all the original documents and files when I am summoned in the matter to do so. I am prepared to handover Xerox copies of the documents by keeping the originals. I am prepared to make available the original documents for verification of the duplicates as and when I am called to do so.

8.             Apart from what is submitted above I shall also narrate the circumstances from which it can be deduced that Shri Netaji and His Holiness Saradanandaji were one and the same person.

9.             My credentials and the total research work in respect of the subject matter shall also be explained as mentioned in the accompanying Annexure that is part and parcel of this Affidavit.

10.           As per notification number 010/99/JMCI dated 3rd December 1999; Calcutta my reply to clauses (a) to (e) be incorporated in the letter of Hon’ble Commission is as below.

(a) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is dead.

(b) He never died in the plane crash as alleged,

(c) The ashes at Renkoji temple, Tokyo, Japan are not of Netaji or any    human being

(d) Netaji died as His Holiness Saradanandaji in recluse at 194, Rajpura  Road, Dehradun on 2nd Jan. 1977, most probably due to cardiac arrest and he did not die certainly in plane crash.

(e) He is not alive but his ‘Samadhi’ is maintained and looked after by       one of his closest associate viz. Col. Pritam Singh who was one of the five to see him off along with Habibur Rahman at Saigon Airport on 17th August 1945 at about 5 P.M. Col. Pritam Singh is probably the only survivor of the five who saw Netaji off and who is presently living at Doiwalla, a place about 12 miles from Dehradun on Road to Rishikesh.

11.           In view of the fact that Central Government refused to declassify secret files to the Hon’ble Justice Mukherjee for inquiry in the alleged disappearance of Shri Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, I am constrained to file this Affidavit.

12.           The list of witnesses who were closely associated with His Holiness Saradanandaji of Shaulmari Ashram as Ashramites:

(1) Shri Krishnakant Pandey. Village and Post: Kaithi.  Dist. Varanasi, (U.P.)

(2) Shri Radhakant Pandey. Village and Post Kaithi, Dist. Varanasi (U.P.)

Note: Both the Pandey brothers of Kaithi served Shri Saradanandaji since 1948. They devoted their entire life to Babaji of Shaulmari Ashram and are having lot of documents and handwriting.

(3) Dinbandhu Dutta, Shaulmari Ashram, P.O. Falakata, Dist. Cooch-Bihar, N. Bengal.

Note: Shri Saradanandaji entered his kolabagan (Banana Garden) and later established Shaulmari Ashram acquiring the surrounding fields in 1958-59.

(4) Shri Rajat Bhadra. Shaulmari Ashram. P.O. Falakata, Dist. Cooch-Bihar.

Note: A graduate who served His Holiness probably from beginning of Shaulmari Ashram.

(5) Shri Gobind Shah.

(6) Dr. Samareshwar Dutta alias Shomu Dutt is now orthopedics surgeon.

Note: Addresses of witness five and six will be furnished later.


Date: 23rd March 2001                          Sd/- .S. S. Padhye                                                                                                                                                                                 Deponent.


“Verified that the statements made in paragraphs 1 to 11 and the Annexure of the above affidavit are true to my knowledge and those in paragraphs 1 to 11 and Annexure from information received and believed to be true by me.” Hence signed, verified and affirmed at Amravati on this 23rd day of March 2001.



“Sworn before me by the deponent who is identified to my satisfaction by Advocate V.V.Keole. The Affidavit has been read out in full to the Deponent who has signed it after admitting it to be correct on this 23rd day of March 2001.”

Stamp of the court

Sd/- signature of the Executive Magistrate

I know and identify the Deponent Dr.S.S.Padhye of Amravati, Maharashtra                                                                                                                             Sd/-V.V.Keole                                                                                       Advocate Amravati.

Stamp and signature of Executive Magistrate

Date 23-03-2001


Titles of Files and Documents,

1.             Circumstance which compelled Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to escape. Parallel examples of Nazi and Japanese high-ups.

2.             Modus operandi of dodge by Netaji with examples of poles apart discrepancies of the story of Air-crash of 18th August 1945.

3.             My credentials and earlier research work. How the ball was set rolling the research project of mysterious disappearance of Netaji inspired by well known ‘kirtankar Gobvindaswami Afale” a renowned figure of Maharashtra and late P.K. Atre.

4.             Study of Netaji’s life in brief from published work for comparison.

5.             How I got access to Shaulmari Ashram and later became confidante of His Holiness.

6.             Period of quiescence due to Justice Khosla Commission. Indirect correspondence during this period and first audience with him after quiescence

7.             I am maintaining daily diary since 1956 i.e. from the age of twenty-one. I am sixty-six today. Excerpts from my diaries during my association with Shaulmari Ashram which contains dictations, discussions, plans, libel suits etc. by His Holiness Shrimat Saradanandaji.

8.             Deduction with analytical research methods backed by reason and logic and proof beyond a shadow of doubt without any biasness, that Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Shrimat Saradanandaji were one and the same person.

Points of similarity between Netaji and His Holiness on the following major aspects:

(a) Physical: Age, height, marks on body, etc.

(b) His knowledge of philosophy (western and eastern), psychology, Sanskrit, poetry, history, and politics.

(c) In depth study of Adya Shankaracharya, Vedas, Upanishada, Kathopanishada, Patanjali Yog Sutra, Shrimat Bhagwat Gita, Bible, Shri Ramkrishna Deo, Swami Vivekananda, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Rishi Aurobindo Gosh, Rabindranath Tagore, C.R.Das, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Lord Christ, Lord Buddha, etc. Personal knowledge about Tilak, Gandhiji, Nehru, Sheel Bhadra Yagee, Achyut Patwardhan, Brijlal Biyani, J R D Tata, Sarabhai, Kemal Ataturk, De Valera, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Gen.Tojo etc.

(d) Love of books and voracious reader.

(e) Libel suits.

(f) Food habits

(g) Naturopathy and Ayurvedic treatment.

(h) Habit of regular exercise and fancy for badminton.

(i) Performing intake of ‘Surja Rashmi’ at Sunrise and Sunset.

(j) Chain smoking.

(k) Prodigious memory and recitation of poetry including Bengali, Sanskrit and English, and Rabindra Sangit.

(l) Craving for long walks and fasting, closing himself for meditation for a few days.

(m) Habit of writing by pencil, high flowery English embellished with                         poetry.

(n) Use of hyphen and long post- scripts. Long telegrams.

(o) Intense love for gardening.

(p) Craving for spiritual pursuit, renunciation and unimaginable                                  suffering.

(q) Habit of taking loan and issuing loan bonds.

At the time of deposition many more similarities with evidence shall be     revealed.

9.             News analysis from 1962 till date. Classification is as below:

(a) Two articles of P.K. Atre that inspired the present research work on Netaji.

(b) Mr.A.K. Sengupta of Lucknow sent Bengali news copies that I cannot read.

(c) On philosophy.

(d) Prophecy of Aurobindo related by His Holiness regarding Pakistan.

(e) Regarding ashes of Netaji at Renkoji temple, Japan.

(f) Death accepted.

(g) Death denied.

(h) Bharat Ratna and other controversies.

(i) Regarding third Inquiry Commission.

(j) Death of close associates.

(k) Rare photographs.

(l) Centenary news.

(m) Articles on S.C.Bose.

(n) New techniques of genetic findings.

(o) About ancestral house and kith and kin.

(p) Related to I.N.A.

(q) Declaration of the death by the author and demand for National funeral and cremation on 19/4/1977.

(r) Attempt in 1984 and reactions.

(s) Publication regarding first and twentieth death anniversary.

10.           Justice Khosla was forced to summon me and I was compelled to shut-up by His Holiness and Adv. Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar, the lawyer representing Bose family, News and Correspondence.

11.           Letters from fellow Ashramites.

12.           Scuffle regarding death or Samadhi of His Holiness from 2nd Jan. to 19th April 1977. Important letters, photos, and former associates of Netaji like Uttamchand Malhotra, Col. Pritam Singh, Udaysingh Dangi – secretary INA, stalwarts of Ashram, etc.

13.           Period from the death till cremation including Dehradun news, correspondence, and my efforts through Uttamchandji and Hiralalji Dixit, President of All India Subhashwadi Janata.

14.           Sad story of cremation under armed guards.

15.        Arranged an International Workshop on Netaji. Important correspondence, primary, secondary and tertiary.

16.           Regarding workshop.

17.           Attempt for outlet through: Penguin, Oxford University Press, Blitz, and Illustrated Weekly etc.

18.           Important correspondence in parallel research with Chiang Kai Shek, Russia, Austria, Germany, Uttamchand, Dammani etc.

19.           Recent correspondence with Sisir Bose, Biswas, Home Ministers and others.

20.           Correspondence with Leonard Gordon, U.S.A.

21.           Correspondence with Justice Mukherjee Commission.

22.           Important charts from workshop and Netaji’s photographs for study.

23.           The File on Shah Nawaz Khan.

24.           Correspondence—inward and outward with Shaulmari Ashram. All inward letters and telegrams dictated by His Holiness. A very important File that elucidating similarity in personality of Netaji and Babaji.

25.           Issues of ‘Jananarayan’ by Basantilal, Delhi, which shows photograph of His Holiness where he perished.

26.           Receipt books, loan bonds, and account at Amravati of Shaulmari Ashram.

27.           Former worker of Netaji and inmate of the Ashram Major Satya Gupta’s outcry that His Holiness was Netaji. Ashram published rejoinder to him.

A.            I – Two Documents.

A1           A special declaration and Bengali pages.

B.            A booklet of Dandekar and Patodia, M.P.s and rejoinder by His Holiness under the name of Rajat. The first rejoinder had lot of mistakes and hence corrected copy was again published.

C.      A challenge to the Parliament thrown in the name of Radhakant Pandey and awaited privilege Motion. Etc.

28.           Booklets published by His Holiness:

Hindi: ‘Gulp Stawan’. Part I, II, III.

‘Bikash ki Bakti-sermons.’ Part I, II, III (Bikash is Vikas meaning    progress)

‘Atma Bikash ka pratham sopan.’ Part I, II, III

English: The Voice of Truth

Bases of Development

29.           Last dictated letter sent to me before death.

30.           Hand-written letter to me by His Holiness:

(a) A colored envelop with my address in pencil.

(b) Regd. White envelop with my address.

(c) Letter from Tanakpur dated 4/4/1969 signed as Vijnanananda in ink.

(d) Short letter in pencil from Tanakpur signed as Saradaanda.dt/-9/3/69

(e) A note written in ink sent with Haribandhu to me signed Saradananda 13/11/68

(f)                   A letter written in pencil, eight pages addressed to me and signed as Saradananda from   Amarkantak. This was from a series of six letters. The Central Intelligence sleuths usurped three Baba’s handwritten letters from post office. 4/3/68

(g) A Hindi letter to me on Shaulmari pad in pencil 27/5/67.

All these letters are acid test of same handwriting of Netaji and Babaji. There are telegrams sent under the name of Vijnananda from Tanakpur.


31.           Living close-ups of His Holiness:

(a) Front two poses.

(b) Backside two poses.

(c) Close-up of thumb of His Holiness.

(d) Enlargements

(e) Living His Holiness and Netaji in same posture for comparison pasted on cardboard.

(f) Comparison of dead body with living photo of Netaji

(g) Enlargements of dead body.

(h) Two coloured photographs of dead body taken by Spanish friends on Poloride camera.

32.           Comparative chart of handwriting of Netaji vis a vis Babaji. Negatives of Handwriting, Photostats and Xerox copies.

33.           Photographs of the funeral. Old guards seen: Uttamchand, Hiralal Dixit, Col. Pritam Singh, Gobind, Penoli, Shibnath, Ramen, and Ramesh Saxena.

34.           Photographs of consultation at Dehradun and Marwari library, Delhi. Dun house Servants etc.

35.           Black and white photograph of Dun residence – 1976 and coloured photograph of the same of 2001 with remarkable jackfruit tree in both. (b) Residential huts of Melghat forest, Amarkantak, Himalaya.

36.           Photo of Netaji showing squint after death.

37.           Extra photo enlargements:  Suresh in different stages, fellow workers, huts etc.

It is important to note that at late Ramprasadji’s house in Kanpur I had seen footprints of His Holiness framed and revered. I shall try to find          out.

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