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In the morning got up late, completed routine and after bath I was on sentry duty.  Baba came to me after his early meals and took me aside.  Then he gave the following note:

11.30 A.M. “These Kantian categories that are intrinsically universal should dominate an advancing human life are (i) Never regard as a means to an end but regard every man as an end himself.  So conduct yourself that your every action might be generalized into a universal rule.”

We had discussion on this and then Baba told me to elaborate this.  He then discussed nature of Radhakant and Krishnakant and remorsefully exclaimed, “I expected too much.  I thought every man could mould himself.  It is futile.”  He then went in.  Owing to boisterous Sun and sweltering heat I took bath second time again.  After lunch took rest and was reading newspaper.  By then a young lecturer named Garg of Ravishankar University of Raipur and his student Mr.Kapoor arrived.  Both of them walked from Haridwar and were on way to Kedarnath.  My father’s hometown being Raipur I enquired with him and found that he taught my cousin Sachitanand Padhye of Raipur and that he was classmate of my colleague, late Prof. Takode at Sagar University.  They wanted to take rest for the day and I served them food and made their arrangement for sleeping.

Baba called me and two of us sat in his courtyard.  My sympathetic comment about Pandey brothers hit the nail and he was disturbed and hence the following dictation after I intimated about guests.

4 P.M.     “When you express yourself in words the right motive and the attendant essence behind the expression is not sufficient. It must be also right way of expression.  With the right motive and the right essence if you express yourself clumsily or imperfectly there is every risk that in spite of your sincerity of purpose you may be misunderstood.  This is a salient point in social intercourse.  There is another aspect of the thing.  You are a member of the society.  In spite of your right motive if you allow yourself to be through you clumsy or imperfect expression, you may or may not do harm to yourself but definitely you do harm to the society more or less in as much wrong impulse given motion to will not cease there but vibrate in the collective atmosphere polluting or tending to pollute the whole lot and ultimately you may not be free from reaping the material consequences related to it.  One thing always remember that in the creation both material and supra material, ignorance and inability will never be accepted as an excuse.  If one drinks poison without knowing it as such the poison will not cease to work.  This is also true in mental and spiritual sphere.  Sincerity of purpose is in itself a force of the same dimension and as such has the relevant function to counteract the forces generated by your being ignorant about something.  As both the forces belong to the same dimension, they can act and react upon each other and can counteract each other.  Of course, a force of one dimension may penetrate into another dimension to workout itself there only when the former is insufficiently strong to bring out the penetration.  A Kathiababa may eat poison without first knowing it as such and without any harmful effect on his body.  To regard this as an exception is not the right thing in the normal sense of the term.  There is determinism of the working of the forces of inner sphere and these apparent expressions are rules by that.”

When I queried whether Rasputin was ‘Siddha Purush”, as he digested poison? Baba explained that he practiced witchcraft.

Baba then said to me as to what would be the effect of an expression I used yesterday.  He told the expression as ‘these people (Pandey brothers) served without thinking of the consequences.  I tried to correct and told him that I said that they sacrificed their services without knowing meaning of sacrifice.  He said no.  I wanted to say something else and put it in Hindi. The full dialogue in Hindi is translated in English as below:

“ Baba: Suresh O.K (Achha). See the effect of the expression you used yesterday. You said.” These people have contributed without thinking of the consequences.”

I convinced Baba that I should have said,” These people contributed without thinking about what sacrifice is.”

Baba exclaimed, “ No. You should have said. “ What policy of action and development, all the members of the Ashram have to follow, after having complete knowledge of the fact that we have to devote it to the Ashram and what would be its consequences, this simple fact has not been understood and we have been misusing the established policy.

Baba told me to explain this.  I said, “They are the root cause of their suffering as they failed to abide certain restrictions and corrections of their behaviour and thinking.”

On this Baba gave an example, “If there is an explosion in a laboratory, it is not the teacher but students who are responsible for that,  “I thought of saying that it was teacher who failed to see that his guidelines were implemented by students.  However, I kept mum to avoid further debate and his consequent irritation.  I knew Baba puts all blame on others.

Baba then gave another note with reference to yesterday’s discussion ‘Man suffers because he uses wrong means to achieve satisfaction’ on which I contradicted that man never likes suffering, only Christ can like it.  The note is as below:

“Man generally does not like suffering, nay, he always tries to avoid suffering and in his attempt and eagerness to avoid suffering and to get happiness, he gets himself more and more entangled in the network of suffering.  Those who embrace suffering with a working ideal before them belong to the highest type.  These are very rare.  But as essentially man is the expression of the Divine, sometimes the genuine urge to embrace suffering for a noble cause may express itself even in the crudest man.”

After this, I was told to call all others.  They assembled.  In the noon while he was freeing soil, his knife accidentally penetrated bulb of Dahlia and spontaneously in pain he shouted but nobody bothered. I rushed there.  The plant showed signs of shock and leaves were dropping.  He said the other day he got injury to his forehead while working in the garden but he did not feel anything about it.  However, with injury to the bulb he said he was pained as much as the demise of his own child.  The bulbs were brought from Kalingpong to Shaulmari and from there, here.  Each flower later grew to fourteen inches in diameter in flamboyant colors.  I remember his shouting and I was the first man to reach there.  His love for plants was ineffable.

Rajat was due from Ashram. So Lala and I went to Kund to receive him.  He did not turn up.  However, a big box containing vegetables, lemons, etc. arrived which was dispatched by Budhiballabh Penoliji from Rishikesh.  It was very heavy.  A storm brewed.  No coolie was available. Bholu was tethered. I removed the leash from its collar and used it to tie the huge box.  Then putting a stick through it both of us lifted it on our shoulders.  I was reminded of movies of African safari.  Our ordeal of long march with heavy burden began. After treading some distance with recurrent halts we came across a truck of the P.W.D.  The driver was moved to see our plight in the raging storm.  The conductor refused to accept Bholu and hence I put the Box and Lala in the truck. The truck left and came to halt after some distance.  The conductor pitied and took Bholu himself in his lap and climbed in.  We were given much needed lift and got down at the turning.  It was dark and with great difficulty we got down with the parcel.  Skin peeled off from shoulders.

Before leaving for Kund Mr. Garg and Kapoor arrived.  I gave them instructions as to how to behave before Baba.  In spite of that professor Garg was speaking with lot of gestures of hand.  Baba restricted him thrice but he could not control his habit.  Baba then spoke in Bengali to Gobind to see the difference between my friend Prabhakar and this fellow though both were professors.

After arrival from Kund all of us assembled near Baba.  He enquired with me about the balance and I told rupees sixty.  He instructed me to send Ramesh Saxena to Rudraprayag to purchase stock of his cigarettes.  He informed that   Nilubabu was to accompany Rajat and I should keep balance for his return ticket at least.  We then left for dinner and called it a day.

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