Last dictated letter by Netaji

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From this day to December end No diary.  In the mean time, mother became serious and was removed to Irwin Hospital.  She vomited lot of clotted blood.  Escaped death narrowly.  God is merciful.

I wrote a letter to Ramanidada.  Got reply on New Year’s Eve.  The letter was dictated by Baba and written by Ramen Roy dated 25/12/76, Christmas. It was probably the last letter dictated in Baba’s life.  Ramen dispatched it on 28/12/1976 from Dehradun by registered post. It is in the safe. On the same day, I came to know that a letter was sent to Brajendra Swarup, the timber merchant of Etawah. Both the letters were dictated by Baba and dispatched on Christmas i.e. 25th December 1976. Ramen Roy took it down. I received this letter on 4th January 1977’. It is a registered letter. On the envelope sender’s address is,” From: R.K.Roy, Advocate. 37 South Kumar Para Lane, Calcutta-42. On postal tickets the postal stamp is of 28-12-76 of Dehradun. Postal stamp of receipt is of 4-1-1977 of post Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya, Amravati.

When JMCI took my deposition at my home, Mr. Sengupta was curious to see this letter and I showed it to him. He read the letter and put JMCI stamp on the envelope as well as the letter. He stamped the Xerox copy of the letter and took into his possession.

Last dictated letter by Netaji in his life.



Posted on 28/12/1976

From Dehradun

Dear Suresh,

I reached here 20th instant. Dada fell seriously ill of pneumonia.

Since day before yesterday the temperature has become normal and condition has been improving. Yesterday cereal diet was given.

Due to sudden illness of Dada the anticipated programme for the end of December has been postponed. After full recuperation of Dada new programme will be formulated and you will be informed accordingly.

With deepest love for you Sri Baba has directed me to convey to you His love and blessings for you all. Do convey to Chandrashekhar His love and blessings.



P.S. The photo you took of Chinu, Dipali and Gita with Chinu on the lap of Dipali on the bed of Mandakini (Okhimath) with water gushing out from all direction is missing here. If you have any copy with you or the negative, do bring it here when you come here next.

Note Baba had prodigal memory. After eleven years he remembered the photograph with its details.

Also note that the negatives and prints of the above mentioned photographs were handed over to Gita as per Baba’s order. They got burnt in accidental fire in the Himalayas. Copies were with me but they are misplaced. I am frantically searching for them.

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