To Amravati then Calcutta

Posted By Author on June 11, 2010

Got up at 2.45 A.M. bath.  Wrote diary. Winded up.  Ready to start my journey to Kunda chatti, Rudraprayag, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Delhi, Nagpur and Amravati.

After Agastimuni driver of my bus drove fast to catch further gate.  When bus was on climb and slow near Rudraprayag the steering rod broke.  All of us escaped certain death in the valley below.  I cancelled going to Kaithi to meet Pandey brothers.  On the morning of 15th reached Delhi and dropped a letter to Radhakantji. On 16th June I reached home at 6.30 P.M. without a penny in pocket.  Rushed to hospital where my maternal grandfather was admitted in serious condition.

In the evening saw a movie “Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose”.  It was a good effort indeed.

Took loan of Rs.500/- from Prof. Khardenavis and cleared half loan of M.P. Deshmukh taken for Ashram.

Received telegram from Shri Ramani Ranjan Das informing me to attend case on 27th at Calcutta.  Sent telegram of confirmation to Ramanidada and another to Gobind Shah regarding my arrival in Calcutta.

I had no money.  I took thirty rupees from mother and decided
to go to Calcutta on total forty-five rupees and manage rest there.  Mother herself prepared my Tiffin.  I left.  Luckily as requested my friend Pandurang Pawar came with money.  I told him to pay thirty rupees to mother.  He saw me off.

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