Letter to Charan Sign, CM of U.P.

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Got up at 5 A.M. and watered the garden.  Then completed the routine and worked in the garden.  Together with Baba watered plants of his kitchen garden.  At the same time he was discussing plan.  Baba desired, “At the time of rice-giving ceremony of Chinu we shall publish the first issue of our newspaper. Then in future we will get Natarajan of National Herald. We will also take Akshaya Kumar Jain of Navabharat Times and publish our paper in three languages. Suresh, you write down, aims, and objectives of the Shaulmari Ashram and mean to achieve them.  Refer old notes given by me.”  I regretted those diaries were safely kept at Amravati and he directed me to obtain them through Prabhakar.  He also told to inform him that he should write one article and keep ready for the first issue.  He told me to inform Ramesh Saxena also to write an article.  Then Baba told that the emblem of the newspaper would be rising Sun, Lotus, Rajahansa (royal swan) etc. He assured that in due course he would explain import of the emblem.

Baba then told that two chartered planes would be required from Delhi.  In one plane eleven of us would accompany and in another plane we would have all the milk of all dairies of Delhi to be purchased, if needed with 25 percent more price, and convert it into ‘Chhana’.  I remembered Mohammad Bin Tughlak, the Emperor of Delhi who shifted the capital to Daulatabad.  Might it be Baba’s method of publicity or might be an imposition.  As usual chartering, timings etc were discussed.

Then, I came out.  I performed sentry duty, helped in cooking, lunch, rest and siesta.  Afterwards I drafted a letter of reminder regarding Sidholi incident to Shri Charan Singh, Chief Minister of U.P.  I read it out to Baba and he added lot of adjectives and finalized the draft.  In the evening, I was made to read the same draft four times and after he was satisfied he told me to post it tomorrow and that he would remain closed.  Again at night, he called me thrice and every time changed a word here and there.  Then, I went for dinner.  I had dry throat and dehydration, chat and slept.


Got up at 5 A.M. in cool weather and watered the garden up to 7 A.M.  Finished bath.  As expected, Baba did not close himself.  He came out and was waiting for me.  I hurriedly made the fair draft of letter to Charan Singhji and read it out to Baba as below: (On letter pad of Shaulmari Ashram)


Dr. S.S. Padhye. M.A., Ph.D.,

Member Shaulmari Ashram,

C/O Sub Postmaster, Okhimath,

P.O. Okhimath, Dist Chamoli, U.P.


The Chief Minister,

Government of Uttar Pradesh,


Lucknow, U.P.

Subject: Reminder for taking action regarding complaint already lodged, reference No. XIVIII

Honourable Mr. Chief Minister,

I have lodged a strong complaint regarding a disgraceful incident that took place on 7th of April 1966, at Sidholi, Dist.  Sitapur, U.P. to the honourable Minister for Home Affairs, U.P., and to the Director of Education.  U.P.   As I have not received any reply from the Government of Uttar Pradesh regarding the action taken, if any, against the alleged culprits as yet, it seems that no attention has been paid to my complaint of such a serious nature.  There is every possibility that the complaint might be rotting uncared in files owing to red tapism.  However, we expect, under your capable stewardship of the State of Uttar Pradesh, a complaint of such a serious nature involving criminal stupidity on the part of some police officials will receive the due attention it deserves.

For your information, I may kindly be allowed to restate here the salient dark phases of the said ugly incident.  They are as follows:

We, the brothers and sisters of Shaulmari ashram, were heading towards Shri Kedarnath temple in private cars and taxis.  On April 6th 1966 some of us halted at the Lucknow residence of Shri Ramakrishnaji, Superintending Engineer, Irrigation, U.P., and some at Sidholi in an open field for a night’s rest.  At about 7 A.M. on the 7th of April, 1966, some persons and students of the locality came to the place where we were resting and waiting for our other brothers and sisters to join us there.  After about half an hour all of a sudden about five hundred students of the Secondary School of Sidholi, some teachers and some miscreants of the town arrived there and surrounded us and started pouring all sorts of insulting expressions on us, for what we did not know.  Seeing the gravity of the situation I reported the matter to the Sidholi Police Station and requested the officer on duty to take due care of the hooligans.  In spite of my repeated request and warning he sent only one policeman and that too without uniform.  Needless to say the result was that the mob became unruly and miscreants surrounded our car.  They stoned the vehicle and some shameless jumped on the foot board of our car, broke the window panes and were criminally beastly enough to molest some of our sisters sitting inside the car in the presence of the policeman who was laughing and jeering at us.  The policeman shamelessly delivered a lecture to the crowd standing on the bonnet of our car and he was brutal enough to take us in procession to the police station while the most criminally vulgar crowd was continuously harassing, jumping on the car and pouring most vulgar slogans and abuses on us.  We were unnecessarily detained in the police station for more than six hours.

I, therefore, personally rushed down to Lucknow and along with Dr. Gairula, the then M.L.C. of the U.P. Assembly, tried to meet the then Home Minister.  He was unfortunately out of office and hence I reported the whole matter to the Deputy Secretary, Shri R.K. Kaul, Department of Home Affairs, Secretariate.  Lucknow.  He was kind and prompt enough to express regret on behalf of the Government of U.P. and immediately phoned to D.S.P. Sitapur about the whole incident and who in turn managed to release harassed and detained brothers and sisters of our Ashram from the Sidholi Police Station.

In my previous complaint perhaps pending in your Secretariate, I have requested the then Home Minister to take necessary action against the then criminally negligent police officer in charge of Police Station of Sidholi, and also against the teaching staff of the school who heinously and mischievously allowed students and some teachers to indulge in hooliganism and most criminally immoral behaviour during the working hours of the school.

Sir, was not this incident shameful enough to lower down the prestige of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, nay, of our nation?  Was not this incident disgraceful enough to make the authorities concerned hang their heads in shame?  I am constrained to say that my complaint and repeated reminders about this abominable crime both on the part of police staff and on the part of hooligan-elements in the students, teachers, and the general public, both miserably failed to galvanise the benumbed heart of the then Home Minister of U.P.

I beg your pardon to say that on the envelope of this letter it has been marked as personal.  I have done so, for avoiding unnecessary delay by notorious red tapism of the officialdom.  I trust you will appreciate our eagerness that this letter comes to your notice at the earliest.

Hope you will do the needful and oblige.  Thanking you in anticipation with due regards.

Sincerely yours

Sd/- S.S. Padhye

Lastly, again I read out this letter to Baba and then Gobind posted it with registered A.D. from Okhimath.  Gita gave rosgullas.

I finished my lunch and handed over last note of a hundred rupee to Gobind who brought ninety bucks back.  On this amount we were to pull on fifteen days.

In the evening Baba and I grafted the rose plants in pots. Baba informed names of roses as Sovereign Georgette, Medium Georgette, Bicolour and Sandhya Rag.  On request he promised to give me the plants for my home.  Then he went for meal.

In the evening we sat together.  Lot of letters arrived.  One was of Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar from Saigon.  Radhakant’s letter exasperated him. Krishnakant took rupees three hundred from Dhiren and Baba said he would cut his head.  Then he dictated a letter in Hindi in the name of both the brothers with lot of rebuke and warning not to show face again, etc. He dictated a Hindi letter in the name of Ramesh Saxena to Banarasidas Gaud full of invectives.  Baba said to me that this Gaud’s condition was like a ghost related by Bijoy Krishna Goswami. It is believed that if a person dies at midday he becomes a ghost.  One person thus became ghost and was eagerly waiting for some colleague to join him.  Every day he would wait for that.  People would die before or after midday and the ghost could not get colleague.  Baba jocularly asked me whether I would join that Ghost.  I said why not, there was no problem but one Ghost was more than enough nuisance to the people hence why enhance their predicament.  Baba gave a hearty laughter.  He said I was absolutely right.  After a little more chat we came for dinner.  At eleven P.M. we were trying classical song, singing and shayeri. I remember two Bengali songs, and urdu sher something like this:

(1)     ‘dur koi bashi baje batashe, baka chand

(2)     dhaan mapey koyaley  dadi palla hataley

sau maan sau maan hoiley dhan

adish adish untalish untalish

(3) roye to pani hai, asu to ek katra hai, palko pe tdapye bah nasakey

(4) A frail dying man tells his wife that he can not bear weight of sheet of cloth to cover his body and therefore request her ‘ dal dey saya apne achal ka. (cover me with shadow of your sari’s end)

Baba came near our hut and called me.  I rushed out.  He asked whether we were busy in singing.  We walked a little and he told me that yesterday I committed double thinking.  He advised me to concentrate and penetrate deeply into subconscious and find out.  He would ask me next day.  He left and I came back to sleep.

Today in the afternoon a funny incident took place.  A well to do man named Shivaprasad directly went towards Baba’s hut but the sentry on duty caught him and brought to me.  He appeared to be half mad.  He said that Indira Gandhi removed him from service and that Gulzarilal Nanda was his close friend.  He warned Nanda that he would get salvation at the hands of Netaji.  I asked him where was Netaji and he said he was very much here only.  I chastised him but he was reluctant to listen to anything.  Then he began to laugh loudly and told that he would meet Netaji.  He closed his eyes and was talking and then declared that through Divine Mother he just met Netaji.  He was donating a new blanket but we refused.  After giving him snacks and tea with difficulty we disposed him off. It was one more addition to derailed visitors.

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