Letter to Indira Gandhi & Press Release

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Letter to Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India


Dr. Sureshchandra Sharadchandra Padhye, M.A., Ph.D.

Khaparde Garden, Amravati (Maharashtra)


The Prime Minister,

Mrs. Indira Gandhi,

New Delhi.

Sub: Samadhi of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

H’ble Madam,

I have to state the following for your consideration. If you are convinced beyond the shadow of doubt about my credentials, let us meet and plan further. Your advice is awaited.

1.             That I am grandson of Khapardes of Berar. His father, i.e., G.B.Khaparde was member of the Congress executive and lawyer. He was right hand man of Lokamanya Tilak. I think this is enough to give my lineage.

I am a scholar and a Government servant in the State Government College at Amravati. I am not concerned with any politics whatsoever. My research instinct and inquisitiveness led me to an astounding finding about Shri Netaji as below:

2              When I read in newspaper in 1962 about Shaulmari Ashram of North Bengal and Netaji in disguise running it, I started my research work as an unbiased scholar. I managed to enter the Ashram and became close associate in inner circle. I studied about a dozen books on Netaji and went on verifying physical marks, emotional traits, hobbies, psychological factors, nature, etc.

Every day I was getting positive and convincing results and hence I continued my association.

3.             That I was aware of the fact that Intelligence Department was continuously watching my activities but since I had nothing to do with politics I was not afraid of it.

4.             That in my long association with Him, He has purposely given me a large number of dictations and a few personal letters obviously with a view to leave historic record with me which he knew would see the light of the day in due course of time.

5.             That He renounced the world and politics and engaged Himself in Yoga to bring Divine changes in human nature. His patience, sacrifice and suffering are ineffable.

6.             That when Khosla Commission was appointed by the Parliament, I wrote a letter to Shri Khosla and expressed that I would give evidence in camera. When I did not receive any reply, I published recent most piece of Netaji’s handwriting in Nagpur Times. I was then called before the Commission but in the meantime I got stern rebuke and warning and categorical order for not to depose before the Commission. I had to keep silence as wished and I did not disclose anything to Justice Khosla at Bombay.

7.             That in recent months, He openly accepted that he was Netaji but not to compare him with ‘boyish Subhash Bose’. His ideas and maxims were drastically revolutionized. He respected Gandhiji as His supreme idol. He confessed that He failed because though the goal was human the means he adopted were through inhuman agencies, i.e., the axis power and hence Providence never wanted Subhash to be successful.

My last audience with Him was in November 1976. That time He expressed to me, “If Indira rules, I do not mind. I shall be happy in jungles. Only she should listen to what I say. ”About Emergency he expressed happiness but cautioned that it should be used for social reforms and not for political gains.” About family planning he expressed,      “Explosion of population must be stopped by proper means.”  He expressed, “To be a great one requires four things: Genius, Talent, Integrity, and Vision. Jawahar lacked in vision while Indira has it. Unless we compulsorily restrict the growth of population the future for our progeny is bleak. What she is doing is right but one will have to be very careful in considering the psychological factors amongst orthodox Indians.”

8.             That there are numerous dictations on different topics with me. I neither want to pamper anybody nor I have any craze for publicity. However Netaji’s political diagnosis I have preserved. His work on culture, thoughts on education, hints on administration, poetry, etc., are with me as a historic record.

9.             That you have great affection and admiration for Netaji and hence this letter because the matter is very serious. I am clearing my conscious so that history may not blame me.

10.           That Netaji dictated last letter in his life to me on 25th Dec.1976. On2nd Jan.1977 at about three P.M. he went in ‘Samadhi’ in ‘Shavasan’ posture. Since then he is lying as he was. If we presume it to be death then body should have decayed after three days. As per Secretary, there is no decay. No ants, no foul smell. My associates are hoping that he would come back. I, with all logic and reason, feel that things are over but I do not have scientific reason for non-decay of body. Therefore I maintained silence so far. Now I feel it would be unwise to continue silence. You are the first official with whom I am contacting for advice.

11.           That in the last meeting he told me that Mrs. Gandhi has ordered Intelligence people not to disturb any member of the Ashram and he was very happy about it. Since Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar of Calcutta, Bose family’s lawyer in Khosla Commission, was closely associated with His Holiness of Shaulmari Ashram and since he could not either recognise or disclose, I think nobody can blame Government for this.

12.           That I am not interested in publicity or political gain. I have learnt selfless sacrifice from Him. Now the temperature of the atmosphere is rising and decay of the body may start any moment. I feel that an epitome of sacrifice and patience, the worthy son of this country, should get befitting homage and last ‘Darshan’ to all. As a scholar I feel that you should reveal the truth that will give you name as a dutiful head of the country. I have not disclosed my research findings as yet because of the due National Elections.

I would feel highly obliged if you inform me the future course to be taken either before or after elections, as you feel fit. If need be, and if you are convinced about the cause, even postponement of the elections for some time would not be minded by even a layman. Rather it would be appreciated.

13.           That as a preliminary evidence to convince you, I am sending herewith three Photostat copies of Netaji’s handwriting of the recent years. He had been changing names as Ziauddin, Mazzotta, and Matsuda in the past and even in ‘Sanyas’ as per need he changed his name as, Saradanand, Vijnananda, and Sitendushekhar Brhamachari. Two signatures under different names are in the Photostats. Without a shadow of doubt you can verify these handwritings with the originals in Indian Struggle or Crossroads (the books written by him) or originals from Netaji Museum of Calcutta.

Last but not the least, the acid test is that with proper approach we can verify the fingerprints of the body and tally them with the originals at Calcutta. There are voluminous things to be discussed but time is short. I bank upon your feelings for this cause, either by correspondence or in person.

With regards,

Yours faithfully




Phone: Res.- 2922

College- 2022

(Sent under Certificate of Posting)



Sent invitations to the Press for news conference.


Took mother to hospital for dressing wound of vivisection. Krishnakantji’s letter arrived from Kaithi informing that the situation at Dehradun remained unchanged.

In the evening Press reporters came.  Some were too wise like Shiras.  Mr. Subramanyam of Samachar (P.T.I.) was the only invitee who arrived in time.  Those who posed as if obliging me were sternly set right.   I did not address the conference but gave printed news format asking the world at large as to what to do about so-called ‘Samadhi’ of Baba without disclosing destination.


General Election for Parliament of India.


Voted in the General Election.


In the morning read news item of my press conference in the Nagpur’s Daily Tarun Bharat (Marathi). Heading ‘Shaulmari Baba in Samadhi’. Mother still admitted in hospital.  The Janata Party swayed polls in the North India.  Results of hustings were percolating.  The Janata Party, a non-Congress coalition, was likely to snatch power from the Congress for the first time in the history of India since independence.


The Janata Party came in power.  The emergency was lifted.  The ban on R.S.S. was removed.

I sent telegrams to Krishnakantji Pandey at Kaithi, Uttamchandji Malhotra, Sihaniya at Delhi, and to Ramani Ranjan Das at Dehradun.


I received telegram from Ramanidada informing that the condition was as before.  One letter from Patan Bori, Dist Yeotmal, came informing an address of an expert in Yoga for opinion.


Mental pressure relieved as mother was brought home from the hospital.


Morarji Desai became Prime Minister.  Jagjivan Ram joined the cabinet but refused to work with Bahuguna and George Fernandes. Atal Behari, Advani were there in the cabinet.

I started drafting constitution of Netaji’s Nation Builders.


Today is the last working day of the college.  Summer vacation from tomorrow begins.


Discussed with Prabhakar and Chandrashekhar.  Decided to start for Dehradun next day.

3/4/77. Dr. Prabhakar Wadodkar, Chandrashekhar Dandge and myself caught bus for Nagpur at 11.30 A.M. Reached Nagpur.  Called on my aunt Mrs. Ambutai Ghatate.  Her house was the nucleus of all India R.S.S. Asked her to send message to cousin Appa (Dr. N.M. Ghatate, Vajpayee’s closest friend) at Delhi.  She told that he was bed-ridden in Nagpur itself.  Saw his health.  He had angina pectoris.  Apprised his father Babasaheb Ghatate, my cousin Bhaiyya Ghatate also met.  Went to railway station.  Fortunately got reservations.  With Prabhakar and Chandrashekhar boarded Jayanti-Janata express for Delhi.  Dined our Tiffin.


At 4 P.M. reached Delhi.  We occupied Punjabrao Krishi Bhavan.  Gave ring to Uttamchandji Malhotra.  He was not at home.  I was told that he had gone to Samar Guha, M.P. of Forward Block, and vociferous and vigourous exponent of ‘Netaji Alive’ after 1945.  Contacted my childhood friend, neighbour, as well as relation Sq. Ldr. M.G. Dange.  With him all of us went to Samar Guha. Got him on phone and gave preliminary idea.  He was kind to tell that he was canceling his dinner appointment for us and gave time to reach him at 10 P.M. at 27th South Avenue.  We four went by taxi to Canaught Place.  Had hurried dinner and reached Mr. Guha’s quarter in time.

He received us.  A dark fellow, slim with Netaji’s badge on his breast. I had long discussion with him.  He then was in two minds.  He insisted that Baba of Shaulmari was not Netaji. Had he been so he would have called him certainly?  He confessed that he never saw Baba of Shaulmari Ashram.  He requested us not to disturb Baba’s samadhi.  He was believer in it.  He asked for two Photostat copies of Baba’s handwriting.  I furnished them.  He saw photograph of Baba taken by me.  He told us that he was busy in Calcutta for the past fifteen days.  I found him egoistic and self-imposer.  He did not believe in Uttamchand Malhotra etc. He cautioned that by stating Baba as Netaji we would harm Netaji’s cause and his efforts to appoint third commission of enquiry. I told him that it was last chance and that he should think over well.  Friendly we parted at 11.30 P.M.

My hope to arrange national funeral to Baba as Netaji were belied by both Vajpayee through Dr. Ghatate and Samar Guha.

Baal Dange left on his scooter for his quarter B-25 Malaviya Nagar (DDA flats).  We returned to our destination and called it a day.


After taking bath we left to see Uttamchandji Malhotra.  The appointment was fixed on phone. He lived at E-97, Kalkaji, near Deshbandhu College. He was waiting for us. His wife Ramadevi, an old lady, joined the discussion. I was elated to meet the historic couple of Kabul.  Uttamchandji again revived his hope that Baba would come back.  Had snacks.  Anyway we decided to meet at 5 P.M. in the Marwari Library of Chandni Chauk. He assured that he has preserved lot of documents and information about Netaji.  We then left.

Arrived at our destination and had nap without lunch. We left for old Lajpatrai Market.  On way took lunch. Had discussion with Shashiratan.  He seemed to be absolutely brainwashed by the concept of miracle and Baba’s revival.  There we met Kishan Chand (K.C.) of I.N.A.

Then we strolled to Lal Killa (Red Fort) to while away time. I sat on Aurangjeb’s royal throne. A white bearded guardian was perturbed and he unceremoniously dethroned me. Reached the Marwari Library as decided.  Uttamchandji, Sharma, Hiralalji Dixit, Shashiratan, etc were already there.  They were debating in hot discussion and letting out individual ire.  I calmed them down and proposed that we should leak the state of affairs to public and get expert opinion and maximum advice.  Shashi did not want it and opposed.  He intimated that Baba was coming out of Samadhi and on Secretary’s instruction even washed clothes were kept ready to see him.  A trunk call came from Jullunder from Shri________________.  He wanted that I should keep quiet.  I informed him that I could not commit or promise it.  He invited us there at his place.  Even Ramani Ranjan Das and Col. Pritam Singh were worried about me that I might create disturbance. They treated me as pariah. Nothing vital was achieved in our meeting so promising them to see on my return visit from Dehradun, we left.

By autorickshaw reached house of Sq.Ldr. M.G. Dange alias Baal. Had drinks and dinner at him.  Jaya, his wife served class gourmet.  We chatted for a long time and slept there only.  It was raining.


We cancelled our trip to Dehradun because all offices would remain closed for three days from Friday.  I had lot of work to be done in Delhi.  After bath and breakfast we left Dange’s house and came to our destination, Krishak Bhavan.

We left for I.E.N.S. Building.  We met in-charge of Anand Bazaar Patrika.  Apprised him of the situation.  No hopeful response.  Then went to the office of I.E.N.S. and enquired about arranging a press conference.  He directed us to Samachar office and cautioned us to keep ready cyclostyled copies of statement and evidence ready. We received cold shoulder everywhere.

Went to the Janata Party office across the road.  Got address of its main office at 7, Jantar Mantar.  Met permanent secretary Balkrishna.  He was curt and rough.  However his accountant Mr. ___________ was a nice man.  He heard my story and urgent need of funeral.  Mr. Balkrishna said he spared more that enough time for us.  Equally curtly I chided him as to why he dared not say us to get out.  He was stunned.  I left the office.  Again another effort proved nuts.  I came down and saw Ashok Mehata coming.  So I again went upstairs and called upon his P.A. Mr. _______________.  He sent the message and Mr. Ashok Mehta called me in. He did not offer chair.  He was clad in Khadi shirt pyjamas and had one sleepy eye.  I explained my mission in nutshell. He proved utterly hopeless person. Without wasting time he directed me to see Mr. Samar Guha. So we came back.  Then we went to Reserve Bank. Prabhakar wanted to call on Mr. Ashok Telang, his relative.  He met and offered coffee.  Chat and parted.  We then went to the Parliament office and on counter enquired about residential addresses of Mr. H.V. Kamath and Atal Behari Vajpayee. Then proceeded to Red Fort.

On way we saw a public meeting where Morarji Desai, Jagjivan Ram, Atal Behari Vajpayee and Sikandar Bakht were present.  Mr. Samar Guha was conducting the meeting.  It was arranged to pay tributes to Netaji.  All was showy business.  What a travesty of fate that Netaji’s body was lying uncared for and these leaders were eulogizing Netaji.

Reached Shashiratan’s shop.  Met Sharmaji and people from Meerut.  They knew our discussion about Dehradun.

We took a long walk.  On way dined, caught a local bus and reached our place.  Slept.


Up. Wash. All of us packed and left for the Red Fort by a local bus.  From there we engaged an autorickshaw and arrived at the Kashmiri Gate.  We got a bus and by 11 A.M. we were off to Dehradun.  Reached there at 5 P.M. By local bus arrived at 194, Rajpura road, Dehradun, our destination of Baba’s so called Samadhi.

Gobind Shah, Gaurida, Vidyaratanji and Ramanidada were there. Discussed the situation and Ramanidada told that it was as before.  Had a chat with Gobind.  Prabhakar and Chandrashekhar went out for a walk.  Mrs. Vijayalaxmi Pandit came to our neighbour Raniji. They were friends and often met each other. Mrs. Pandit was her neighbour four blocks away.

Restless.  Again I discussed with Gobind. Frankly he gave a true picture of Baba’s condition.  He narrated that Baba’s skin became black, eyes were deeply sunken, tip of nose could only be seen, rest of the flesh of the body dried, boils were oozing a liquid, not blood. The carcass was emitting foul smell. It was obnoxious and unbearable.  Gobind was not at all hopeful of revival of Baba.

Prof. Kaul informed me that unbearable foul smell came where he taught children. Chinu, although a child, realized reality and told me about the condition inside. Ramesh Saxena of Etawah arrived.  Old associate.  He too was absolutely brainless believer in Baba’s samadhi.  Useless fellow.  I put a proposal to Gobind that all of us should have ‘Darshan’ of Baba and then decide about future course.  He promised to advocate my proposal before Ramanidada.  Dined and slept.


Up. Wash. Bath. Mrs. Bose and Mrs. Das arrived.  Discussed with them.  They too were hopeless about Baba’s revival. Gobind talked about my proposal to Ramanidada.

At 11 A.M. Col. Pritam Singhji, Sohanlalji and Mr. Sablok came.  Sohanlalji’s daughter is given to Sablok’s son who was also resident of Dehradun.  Mr. Sablok was a practical and sensible man.  I talked with him in detail.  He was convinced that Baba perished long ago.  Pritam Singhji and Sohanlalji were afraid of me. Mr. Sablok was impressed and he expressed to see me at his place.

At noon Ramanidada and all of us sat together for sometime but he left without a word soon.  Gobind put my proposal that all of us should see Baba.  However, Pritam Singhji and Sohanlalji opposed tooth and nail due to fear that Samadhi would be disturbed and Baba would not revive.

Mr. Sablok insisted on my going with him to town.  We went to Sohanlalji’s readymade garments manufacturing factory.  I requested Sohanlalji to be practical and not to misunderstand me.  He was brainlessly adamant.  He still hoped that Baba would come back.  He ultimately agreed to inform me the condition there every week.  Uttamchand’s sister was his wife (brother in law).  He said he paid heavily to Baba to washout stigma on Uttamchandji.  I did not believe it.  I felt he was the victim of Netaji psychosis and dreaming of green pastures..  Then we dispersed.

We traveled by a local bus to our destination.  Purushottamji was in the bus.  Reached.  Dined. Chitchat with Gobind.  He was much worried about Baba’s condition.  Saxena left. Slept.


Up. Wash. Bath. I went to Baba’s side.  I wanted to have his Darshan and know the condition myself.  However Ramanidada was there.  I called him out.  Had discussion with him about mortality of every human being.  He replied that he did not believe in science.  I was racing after time and opposition was mounting.  He was adamant that Baba was alive and in Samadhi.  He assured me that when time came he would inform me.  He was stubborn with firm determination and I was dejected.  When I questioned him about the obnoxious odour, he maintained that it was not of the body but of blood.  According to him the blood was being purified in Samadhi process.  It was useless to talk with him further.  I told him I would leave.  He knew I was desperate and perturbed.

I came back and took breakfast.  Gobind requested me to prolong my stay.  I explained to him that I did not want to waste precious time just in abeyance.  I told him how Ramanidada refused my entry.  Gobind got upset.  He was on my side.  He too was disgusted and promised me that he too would leave the very day and then inform about inner facts to Ashramites in Bengal and Assam.  I knew his stringency and hence gave Rs.100 for fare.  He was terribly upset and expressed that he was not willing to keep burden and stigma of the situation on three people alone, i.e. Himself, Ramanidada and Ramen Roy.  I assured him that I would be back immediately when called for.

Adieu to all.  We reached S.T. Stand by local bus.  Boarded for Delhi at 11 A.M. and reached at 5 P.M.

We straightaway headed to the Lajapatrai Market.  Met Shashiratan. Hiralalji Dixit too joined.  Discussed the grim situation at Dehradun and frankly bared the inner truth.  They became half panicky.  Shashiratan phoned to Uttamchandji.  I talked with him on phone.  Both of us were equally helpless.  I apprised him of the details.  Shashiratan was still trying Yogis for advice. Left him.

We reached Krishak Bhawan. Collected our remaining baggage and headed to the railway station.  Luckily got berths. Journey to Amravati started.


I got up in the train.  Chat with Prabhakar and Chandrashekhar in lighter vein.  One fellow from Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh serving in the Central Forest Department was travelling with us.  Reached Nagpur at 5 P.M. Prabhakar called on his father-in-law and mother-in-law. Chandrashekhar and I proceeded by S.T. bus to Amravati.  Dr. Ashok Keole was with us.  Reached Amravati at 9.30 P.M. On way dropped in Chandrashekhar’s house.  Mr. Vishwas Vidhale was there.  Had a cup of coffee.  Chat and back home.  Told parents the truth.  Dined and slept.  Wife arrived from her parents at Murtizapur after two days vacation.


Mr. Setu Madhaorao Pagdi of Tilak Vyakhyanmala was in Amravati.  He was staying in the Guest House of city library.  He enquired about me and phone came from the library.  I took appointment of tomorrow.

Mr. Setu Madhaorao Pagdi was a well-known historian of world repute.  He was a scholar in Persian and Urdu.  He was President of the District Gazetteers Committee at Bombay.  I was one of the six members of the committee.  The Gazetteers are revised after every hundred years.  I worked with him ten years before. I talked about my adventure and research about Netaji and that he was alive.  My God, he remembered our discussion a decade old. Fantastic memory!


In the morning by scooter went to the city library.  Met the great historian Setu Madhavrao Pagdi.  I narrated the state of affairs at Dehradun and probable or almost certain sad demise of Baba alias Netaji.  He listened very carefully.  He then suggested that I should inform or personally see Atal Behari Vajpayee immediately and apprise him.  He categorically suggested that I should take maximum photographs of the body of Baba.  He requested for one set of photographs for himself.  He said history would take its own shape later but the first priority was to cremate his body at the earliest. I promised to do so and bade good-bye with reverence. He expired on 14/10/94 at the age of eighty-four.


Today is Bengali New Year’s day.  Talked on phone with Prabhakar and Chandrashekhar.  As per decision called Shyam Deshpande, District Correspondent of Nagpur Times.

At 8 P.M. Prabhakar, Chandrashekhar and Shyam Deshpande assembled at my place.  We discussed the precarious situation.  Decided to drop the idea of giving a public lecture.  Mr. Deshpande insisted on my statement and that too prior to Mr. Shiras, correspondent of Tarun Bharat, Nagpur.  For the first time I gave him a statement that Shrimat Sardanandji, Founder of the Shaulmari Ashram and that Subhash Chandra Bose were one and the same personality and stated that the body was lying in so called Samadhi since 2nd January 1977.  I decided to wait for one week and no more.  I had to do something to materialize the funeral.  Slept.


Got a copy of the Nagpur Times from stall.  My news appeared on the front page.  Friends poured in by reading the news.  Phone from Mr. Shiras of the Tarun Bharat. Gave him statement later.  In the meantime received telegram sent in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das informing me to start immediately.  Gave ring to Chandrashekhar but was not at home. Correspondents of the Nagpur Times and Tarun Bharat wanted to accompany me to Dehradun.  Told them that their decision should be before next morning.  Chandrashekhar came at 1 A.M.  He agreed to start but was much drunk. My health was absolutely shattered. I had temperature again.  Slept at 2.30 A.M.


Got up and Wash. I went to washerman to get my clothes.  On way met Chandrashkhar.  He simply froze me. In time refused to start.  So came back to home.  Again went to Chandrashekhar and rang Shashiratan at Delhi.  Contact made at midday.  He informed that Baba left his body and that police came there yesterday.  They wanted to move the body.  I had to start early. I discussed and pursued Chandrashekhar to accompany me. I wasted lot of time.  He refused.  Came back to home at 1.30 P.M. I had temperature and therefore took slight lunch. Nap. Prabhakar Wadodkar was called in.  He too was of no use to accompany me.  I was not well.  I was thinking that when I had no money to purchase medicines for me how would I manage journey to Dehradun.

In the evening called upon our family doctor Mr. D.R. Deshumkh.  He examined me and permitted to go to Dehradun.  Back home. Packed clothes. Dined and slept exhausted.


Got up and Wash. I rushed to Chandrashekhar.  Chagrined.  He did not make arrangement of money for me.  Went to doctor for check up.  Back home. Lunch. I decided my employee Anant Mhase would accompany me.  Chandrashekhar came and timely handed over Rs. 1000/- (loan).  Today’s newspaper Tarun Bharat flashed prominent news that Shaulmari Baba almost died.  After consultation Chandrashekhar left.  I packed my bag and gave Rs.100/- to wife for domestic expenses. I carried Rs.900/- with me.  Walked to the S.T. stand.  On way Chandrashekhar Dandge’s family waved good-luck.  Ananta arrived at S.T. At 2.30 P.M. with Ananta left for Nagpur by a Super Fast bus.  For paucity of money decided not to go by plane.  Reached Nagpur at 5.30 P.M. Cancelled going to Tarun Bharat office for taking back block of Baba’s body. Rushed to railway station.  Had coffee and snacks. I managed reservation of two berths by Jayanti-Janata express.  Boarded train and we were off at 9 P.M. Dined and slept.

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