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Home Minister Mr. L.K. Advani declared that third commission to probe death of Netaji was appointed. Some scholars filed a petition in High Court of Calcutta and judgment was delivered to appoint fresh probe.


I read news, in the Times of India, Bombay, regarding third inquiry Commission on Netaji.


Bombay.  I booked wife’s passage to U.S.A via Vancour, Canada to Portland through Thomas Cook.  Paid Rs. 52000/ for air ticket and Rs.4000/- for exchange.


Wife left for Bombay.  Her flight to U.S. is tomorrow night.


Wife returned from U.S.A.


Vaidehi, my younger daughter delivered a daughter Sanjana in Portland.


Adv. Laxamanrao Desai, my younger sister Indukala’s husband died at 8 A.M. at Nagpur.  I attended funeral there.

So far the tally of expired in the family is father, mother, two brothers and their wives, and two sister’s husbands. Total eight plus wife’s father.


I left wife on bus to Pune at 5 P.M. I received phone that she had an accident in bus and another joint of her hip broke. She was rushed to Sancheti hospital, Pune.


I attended Sancheti hospital, Pune.  Wife was operated.  Artificial ball and socket put.  Dr.Sancheti himself operated.  One leg has become longer by one inch due to surgeon’s skill. Now both of her hip joints are artificial.


My Guru Dr.C.D. Deshpande expired at Pune.  He was 90 yrs old.   Just ten days ago he called upon my wife at Sancheti hospital to offer bouquet. When he was Director of Education, he helped a lot to sanction leave often for my errands in the Himalaya. He knew my project Netaji.  He was International Authority in Geography.  Shri Baba expressed his desire to see him and use his services. He arranged my daughter Vaidehi’s marriage with his sister’s grandson


Phone to the Times of India, Bombay to print Netaji’s 23rd death anniversary on 2/1/2000 with photo of the dead body. The person on phone foolishly demanded death certificate.  He took my phone number to contact later, which never materialized.


I sent letter to Home Minister L.K. Advani informing that I shall reveal the truth about Netaji’s mystery.


Dr. Sureshchandra Padhye

Khaparde Garden

Amravati- 444601




Shri L.K.Advani

Honorable Minister for Home Affairs

Government of India

New Delhi

Sub:  Survival of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose after 1945.

Date: 10th of April 2000

Honourable Sir

My appeal to you might make your heart miss a beat. With all respect and due apology please allow me to state the following in the interest of our Nation and the World History.

I am not a hoax or publicity stunt monger. My brief credentials are sufficient enough proof to substantiate my caliber, integrity, and honesty of purpose.

(1) My biodeta is dropped here as it is covered in the first chapter ‘ME’.

(2) That there is a file maintained on me by the Central Intelligence Department since 1964. The file was wrongly captioned as ‘Upadhyaya’ and later corrected as ‘Padhye’. The file will throw enough light on what I say and maintain.

(3) That it is extraordinarily exception to appoint three official inquiry commissions on Netaji incurring fabulous sums of money. I recently came to know that under your able governance a third inquiry commission is appointed under Justice M. Mukherjee to undo the Gordian knot of Netaji’s mystery. He is retired Justice of the Supreme Court and known criminologist. It was apt choice of the Vajpayee Government.

(4) That the situation about Netaji’s mystery is so piquant that my condition has become like a proverbial sheepherd and his fake shouts ‘Wolf, Wolf.’

There had been many rumours and flashes that Netaji was heading the Chinese Army, was incarcerated in Siberia, seen in Spain, attended Nehruji’s funeral, was observed in rags below Howrah Bridge and what not.

(5) That the truth is that I had privilege to live with Netaji from 1964 till his sad demise in 1977.

I very much wanted to depose in camera before Khosla Commission to leave the historic record. However he summoned me in the open court in Raj Bhavan, Bombay in 1970. The news spread like wild fire in nook and corner of the country. Netaji was furious and called me a traitor. He sent his former associate, former Law Minister of Bengal, and lawyer representing Bose family, Mr. Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar. He searched me out, introduced Sailesh Bose (Younger brother of Netaji) and his wife and afterwards categorically warned me to keep mum on behalf of Netaji. When I refused to depose Mr.Khosla threatened me to send to jail. However due to intervention of Mr. Mazumdar I could step down with all disgrace in the public eye.

(6) That I had very intimate contact with Netaji and our relationship was like between father and son. Netaji purposely bequeathed lot of evidence to me to be released at proper time in future.

(7) That it is not egoistic bragging but factual statement that I am the one and only person in the world who has brass-tag evidence of Netaji’s survival after so called air-crash of 1945. I have his letters in his own hand addressed to me, his photographs, dictations, discussions, thoughts, correspondence, publications under pseudonym, and last but not the least material for scientific DNA test. His life since 1945 is a long hidden chapter of history.

(8) That I shall submit all the evidence of Netaji’s survival after 1945 subject to the following rigid conditions:

i) I should get guaranteed immunity from any would be civil or criminal litigations from any quarter regarding the evidence.

ii) My deposition should be recorded at Amravati since I cannot afford to lose any piece of voluminous and valuable material in transit.

iii) After submissions of the evidence I shall forfeit my rights. Therefore my demand is that my Netaji Trust should be paid two million U.S. dollars for T.V. and Movie rights and one million dollars for the rights of the book. Total of three million dollars would come to about rupees thirteen crores, if accepted in toto.

Although amount asked for apparently appears to be preposterous, it is very paltry sum compared to the trust on Gandhiji, Nehruji, Indiraji, Sanjay or Rajiv. The sum spent on Commissions was too substantial and astronomical. Moreover purchaser of rights is going to earn ten times the amount demanded because Netaji’s field of work commands almost all the northern hemisphere. Compared to Door Darshan cum Prasar Bharati’s last year’s profit of 610.29 crores my asking price is insignificant and negligible.

(9) That the major portion of the amount, if received, shall be expended to wash off loans incurred by Netaji during recluse.

(10) That Jawaharlal Nehru was fully aware that Netaji never perished in air-crash. The Government of India too knows it fully well. That is why Netaji’s ashes are not brought from Japan even after fifty years of independence. Let me assure you that so called Netaji’s ashes at Rankoji Temple might not even be of human being (as told by Netaji). Let me also remind you that recently the Government of U.K., U.S.A. did not allow approach to secret files on Netaji to great scholar Prof. Leonard Gordon, the author of ‘Brothers against Raj’.

Netaji often reminded me Shakespeare’s sentence, “Horatio! There are more things in heaven and on earth that are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Awaiting your honour’s prompt and proper action and an early acknowledgement.

Yours faithfully

S/d/- S.S.Padhye

Copy for information and if need be for negotiation to

1. Shri A.S.Anand, His Lordship, the Chief Justice of India.

2. Dr.Ghatate, my cousin and lawyer, Supreme Court.

3. Shri Jyoti Basu, Chief Minister, Bengal.

4. Ms. Anita Pfaff, Germany. (Netaji’s daughter)

5. Mrs. Krishna Bose, M.P and wife of Dr.Sisir Bose, Calcutta.

6. Shri Krishnakant and Radhakant Pandey, brothers who lived with Netaji since 1949.

7. Mr. Rupert Mudroch, Chairman, News Corporation, U.S.A. and Mr. Yashpal Khanna of News Television (India). A net of Star T.V. based in Hong Kong, Peter Mukherjee CEO.

8. Mr. Ted Turner, Chairman, CNN, Atlanta, U.S.A. and Satinder Bindra, Chief, CNN bureau, Delhi. Mr. Anshuman Mishra, Director of Turner International, India.

9. Mr. Patric Cross- Managing Director, BBC world, London.

10. Mr. Kerry Pcker, Chairman, Consolidated Press Holdings, Ltd. Australia.

11. Mr. Pearson, CEO, Marjorie Scardino, London.

12. Rajiv Ratan Shah, CEO, Prasar Bharati.

13. Mr.Subhash Chandra Goyal, Chairman, Zee T.V.

14. Mr.Subroto Roy, Chairman, Sahara T.V

The Press

Jambuwant Dhote, M.P. Forward Block

15. BBC London

16. Rupert Murdhoch C/O Fox Studio, Hollywood

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