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I crossed Ganges at Farakka by steamer.  Rajat made my reservation from Cooch Behar hence there was no problem of congestion.  Reached Sealdah an hour late at 5.30 P.M. I had no money in pocket.  Walked down to Gobind’s house.  He was not at home.  So walked down to Ramen Roy’s place. Salil and Shibnath met there.  Gobind too joined.  They showed me Baba’s letter and a pamphlet published in the name of Ramesh Saxena on Chinu’s birth.  I narrated the pathetic condition of Gita and her mother at Ashram.  All promised to contribute for Bahudi and Gita.  Took bath and had a typical Bengali hospitality and dinner from Ramen’s wife.  It was unpredictable as to how many courses were coming and dishes were excellent. Hence I overloaded stomach.  When I posed the problem Ramenbabu explained that if the first rice was less, it meant more dishes were in the offing but their first less rice was my week’s quota.  I retired at Ramen’s house.

Shri Baba’s dictation in the name of Ramesh Saxena challenging editor of Statesman and published in the form of pamphlet and distributed is as below:

A Reply to Criminally Perverted


Morbidly Irresponsible Journalism


The Editor.

The Statesman.


Dear Sir,

With reference to the heinously mischievous and the most blatantly stupid publication in your paper a few months ago about the Shaulmari Ashram and its great Founder His Holiness Shrimat Saradanandaji to which our attention was drawn only a few days ago, I must tell you, it is but natural for rabid dog to smell the rabid everywhere. A sane man, of course, knows any expression has no meaning in itself. An expression acquires meaning in accordance with the inner force good or bad that actuates the expression and an apparent similarity of expression with their widely varied means of being expressed that may be poles apart in line with the inner forces prompting them, is on the face of it a definite falsity. We presume, you are too stupid and too much of a blockhead to understand this basic truth. But a fool of your caliber speaks, it is no wonder he will speak like a fool without caring at all to understand the implication of enormously stupid folly he is indulging in. We, of course, now have the clear conviction that the descent by means of the highest Yogic Methods of the exclusively psychical blending of the Cosmic Tanmatras through the human agency of a blessed virgin girl, of the Divine child that has, as a Divine Grace on the humanity as a whole, come down on this earth in the Shaulmari Ashram in response to strenuous Sadhana and Tapasya to usher in a divinising Millennium on the earth is a matter very much too deep and too lofty for a perverted fool of your caliber to understand and realize. Had it not been for our genuine consideration to do our best to prevent for the sake of the general wellbeing of the suffering mankind, the saner section of the humanity from being contagiously infected by this stupid criminality of a morbidly pathological newspaper too small even to understand? Not to speak of realising, the higher things in motion, we would have totally ignored this screaming of a mad dog and would not have given this perverted newspaper the honour of being noticed.

It is not a perverted ignoramus of the type of the Statesman but the history of futurity that will judge the reality in the proper import.

And as we know you are too immoral to have the courage to publish this letter of mine in your paper, it is going to be printed, published and distributed among the public.

By violating all journalistic norms both legal and moral not to publish anything without sincere verification in such a grave matter involving honour of the great Ashram and its great Holy Founder who has been being for decades engaged in very deep Sadhana for the wellbeing of the humanity as a whole, you have shown your criminal worthlessness for becoming a journalist. Will you, then, be pleased to hang down your head in shame?

Compunction, of course, is too high a quality for too small a creature of your kind. Fie, fie upon you!

Ramesh Chandra Saxena

Member: Shaulmari Ashram

N.B— As the previous pamphlet contained too many printing mistakes it is reprinted correctly and redistributed.

* * *

(Please note how much Baba was hurt due to the news of the Statesman. He probably estimated similar reaction from people in future. That gave him a jolt.  See his obsession for correct English inherited from father and brother Sarat that compelled to reprint the pamphlet For signatory Ramesh Saxena the dictation was beyond imagination of his knowledge of English language.)

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