Life subsists on Life

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I got up early and took hot water bath on health ground.  I left for meditation during which I contemplated Baba’s nature and behaviour.  I came to conclusion by analyzing the week’s hectic activity and experience upto date that no member or follower of the Ashram, no disciple or devotee, no acolyte or aficionado ever came near Baba with the ardent desire to learn religion, spiritual work, Yoga, philosophy or psychology over which he had superb command and mastery and for which he entirely and sincerely devoted himself since his arrival in India after World War II. People coalesced around him   because of Baba’s charisma, magnetism, his ubiquitous past replete with dash, daring, suffering and sacrifice, which compelled Attlee to give Independence to India. All nucleated with sole purpose of selfish gain when he would sweep the country.  Baba was fully conscious of this.  His modus operandi to attract people and then compel them to work as robots as per his wish was first to leak his identity indirectly, mesmerize a seeker of his audience with good food, meticulous care, intense love and affection.  Then give an inkling of astounding plans ahead.  Once a person was solidly attached and firmly hooked, he would get his problems solved by psychological warfare, i.e., resentment and chastisement, threats of abandoning work, scaring by his leaving, frightening by fast, and sudden lonely outings as a protest.  I was confident beyond a shadow of doubt that his one signature could explode a big bang not only in Indian but also in world politics. I was also cock sure that he would never reveal his identity and jump in the fray because of our too personal and private discussion weighing pros and cons.  I detest breach of trust.

I returned to my hut and came to know that Radhakantji with his towering personality thundered and abused the Garhwali dwarf boys, our servants, so much so that he even used vile words about their voracious appetite.  The sensitive boys did not dine and today they were to abdicate the service.  I consoled and assuaged them with tender love and served them food.  They agreed to continue.  If defeated this would have thrust another problem upon Baba and we would have reaped the after effects.  Earlier to me, Shomu put effort to stop them but to no avail.

After my breakfast Baba came out and in the morning Sun we settled down for discussion.  Baba was in good mood.  He reminded me about his promise to give dictation on non-vegetarian food earlier but could not fulfill it.  He then gave the following dictation:

“No creature including man can live without physical ‘Himsa (Anonym of Ahimsa).  Even a few minutes life is impossible without killing.  Broadly speaking so far as food is concerned, question of ‘Himsa’ does not arise but to a great extent it depends on the mental attitude.  Suppose a man takes fish.  He goes to a river with a hook and catches a big fish.  He may instantaneously pull out the fish from water and render minimum possible pain before the fish dies or he may indulge in barbarous playing with the hooked fish for hours enjoying all the while the painful attempt of the hooked fish to escape.  The latter one is a case of perfect ‘Himsa’ both mental one and physical whereas the former cannot be bracketed as ‘Himsa’.  If you are to avoid physical ‘Himsa’ then the only course left to you is to commit suicide.  Now the next problem is physical ‘Himsa’ cannot be avoided as the whole creation and life therein is based on mutual slaughter.  The first thing to be considered is that whether a particular type of food is suitable in your own stage to  march to your own integral evolution.  Coming to ‘Amishahar’ (Non-Veg food) every individual will have to decide for himself whether ‘Amishahar’ is conducive to his growth or not.  In this respect generalization of principle is not only harmful and impossible but also silly.  In the pre-Buddhist period in the ‘Varnashram Dharma’ (Varna, Ashram, Dharma, religion of four castes) there was not only no ban on ‘Amishahar’ but definite prescription of taking the meat and the like at certain stage so much so that in the ‘Yajurveda ’ and the ‘Samaveda ’ it is prescribed that for having a powerful brain and for having a meritorious child both the male and the female should eat head of a healthy calf boiled in ‘Ghee’. (When Muslims eat beef we fume and fret).  In the ‘Rigveda’ just next to where we get “ Mahisat srva bhootani ‘, we also get “ Agnishomiyam pashuma labhet ‘ (meaning ‘all the five elements viz. earth, water, fire and air come from the earth) and there can be perfect reconciliation between the apparent contradiction. Bhagwan Krishna, Bhagwan Ramachandra, Maharshi (Maharishi) Vasishta, all were meat eaters.  Any attempt to make different interpretation by circumlocutory twisting of the real meaning is futile, ridiculous and childish.  If somebody stands on his own legs in declaring that meat-eating is harmful for human growth then it is one thing but any clever attempt to get support for his views from the scriptures by twisting their meaning is a different one and it is out and out immoral.  Let me exemplify it by one example.  A well renowned protagonist of so called ‘Ahimsa’ wrote a book in which in support of his views he cited an injunction of the Vedas which according to him runs like this: ‘Namaksham bhakshiyat na maithunamapiyat’ Ironically enough the real injunction was “ Yadnye pratishyan namashan bhakshiyat na maithunmapiyat.’ and even a fool can see into it that a particular injunction is not a general one.  A particular negative injunction implies the existence of the approval of the general positive injunction.  Now look at this stupid cleverness of the writer for hoodwinking the ignorant people without any knowledge of the Vedas who have some trust in this gentleman, he took recourse to falsehood and misrepresentation of the Vedas by deliberately hiding from the public view the whole injunction and he was a well renowned religious preacher of a certain sect.  Can there be more abominable preaching? If religious preaching means trying to force people into one’s own fold by falsehood, hypocrisy and the like then to hell with such religious preaching.  The Gorakhpur Gita Press published a Hindi translation of Walmiki Ramayana from which all the portions in almost all the ‘parvas’, all the ‘kandas’ in which there were clear and unequivocal references of Dasharath, Ramchandra, Vasishta and many other Maharshis were used to taking meat and fish, were deliberately wiped out.  Just, ask is it morality to hoodwink people this way with mischievous deliberation?  They have the right to preach by standing on their own legs that meat eating is harmful for human growth but they have no right to misrepresent the Scriptures and the Puranas to satisfy their own whims.

Food must tally with the mode of life you are leading. If your food and the mode of life are not adaptable to each other then be sure nature will retaliate and you have to pay full price of your folly with broken health or at least your energies sucked up to great extent. Food in itself cannot give you anything.  It is a helping factor in your growth, not a determining factor.  If you are genuinely bent upon leading a life of ‘satwaguna’, ascertain what type of vegetable food will be helpful to you but if without that urge translated into action you in your fantastic folly prefer that type of food under the influence of certain perverted tradition, your energies in relation to where you really stand will be hampered to get a healthy outlet in the channel of its true expression.  In life aping of the tailed ancestors of Charles Darwin will not do.  Between the mode of life and the sustenance given to this very mode there must be a perfect balance, a perfect adaptation, else one is bound to come to grief.” (In childhood Subhash stopped taking meat and fish in the house and all made fun of him)

Baba then commented, “Suresh, I have in my mind to dictate a book on the subject. Man’s canine teeth denote that he is a carnivorous species.  This is biological evidence. ” I said, “Jagdish Chandra Bose proved that plants have life. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in their book the Secret Life of plants have proved that plants have emotion. In nature where there is growth there is life. Vegetables, grain, pulses, fruits all have life. These so called vegan is actually taking life as vegetarian food. He uses sandals and boots made of hide. By birth man takes non-vegetarian food. Mother’s milk comes from her blood and milk contains animal fats. Probably that is why Mary called her son Christ as ‘Flesh of Flesh’ in Bible. If curd seen under microscope no one would eat it as it is full of moving live bacteria. Life cannot subsist without sunrays. All plants, animals, birds, amphibians are storage of the Sun’s energy and it is vital for all living beings. That is why they eat each other. ’

“Jivo jiwsya jiwanam Life subsists on life.” Baba gave a hearty laugh and said, “Enough of it Suresh. You are surpassing the scriptures.” He demanded the book ‘ Secret Life of Plants.’ Other gossip followed. He talked on lions, tigers etc.  Baba left for bath.  We took breakfast.  After that I shot group photographs.  In the noon he was taking rest and Radhakant and Rajat were busy in spraying D.D.T.

In the evening Baba came out and together we planted a bed of beet saplings.  He gave us permission to visit Deora Tal, which was at a height of thirteen thousand feet and about five miles above Okhimath.

Two funny incidents took place:

In after-noon, Ramanidada found a .22 bullet near his seat in his hut. He became panicky and rushed to show it to me.  I told him that there was nothing to worry about it.  Most probably Saxena when he sold his point .22 rifle and brought the licence here, the bullet might have had come with the licence, which was deposited with Ramanidada.  Baba suggested that it be thrown in the river.  Baba then in a lighter vein asked me, “Suppose this bullet is with you.  You are in a forest.  If a wild bison comes from the front what will you do?”  I told that I would run away.  Baba said no and what else I would do.  I told that I would climb up the nearest tree.  He said suppose there was no tree.  Then he suggested to  hit the bullet on the head of a bison.  Radhakant advised to hit it in the eye.  I pitied their knowledge about ammunition.  I explained that unless a firing pin struck the center of bottom of the bullet, it would not explode.  Moreover suppose bullet struck the head of the bison, for explosion the bursting point would be on bison and hence killer bullet-lead would shoot away from the animal.  I also pointed out that the size of the bullet in question was meant for shooting birds and small animals like rabbit and to try their method or even shoot through rifle at bison would be suicidal. (Govt. of Japan’s Report ‘Subhash Bose and Japan’ contain remark on page 409, ‘Bose’s lack of military knowledge, his unrealism, and his stubbornness.’ Fujiwara also saw Bose as military incompetent as well as unrealistic and stubborn who saw only his own needs and problems and could not see the larger picture of war as the Japanese had to. (Gordon- Pp517, 735 note 89)

At night servant boys Vishwanath, Rajendra and Indersing refused to go to their hut beyond the island adjoining the flourmill.  The area was cremation ground very occasionally used.  They said that while going towards destination they saw five to seven lights marching.  According to them cremation ground became active and ghosts were dancing.  I rushed there but found no light.  Therefore I gave them torch and told them to go to usual place for sleeping.  They were so much afraid that they spent the night in the cowshed.  At night I heard sound of the door of the shed.  Bholu barked.  All got up and presumed that panther had come.  Next day we came to know that these timid boys were the cause of sound and they spent night sitting in the shed.  Further investigation revealed that seven labourers came with torches at night to work on the third hydro-flour mill called gharat.

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