Like Netaji, Baba wants unfaltering loyalty

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I finished routine and Baba came out in the morning and we moved around to see plants.  Then again I was with him at midday.  Weather was cloudy and chilly.  Baba again told lot of stories of the revolutionaries.  He told how Mr.(I forgot name) accelerated Netaji psychosis. He told  his daughter about it. Once secret of his right hand would not be known to his left hand.  Then Sureshchandra Bose, Netaji’s elder brother, made a statement.  He told how Netaji’s nephew without seeing Baba gave a foolish statement.  Niharendu also was to come in trouble. Then Baba described as to how Pritibala murdered the Governor and after that entered the secretariat and again started shooting.  It was getting very cold and so Baba went in and I finished lunch. Ramanidada came and told me to lit fire in Baba’s hut.  Mitranand came.  Shomu went to Okhimath, Saxena and Budhiballabhji to Guptakashi and Gobind to Chunni.  I took a nap.

It was evening.  Baba came and called me by name.  I got up and rushed out. He queried whether I was asleep and advised not to sleep in the evening.  Both of us took a round in the garden.  By then, a bus arrived on the road and made a halt at our bifurcation.  Radhakant was due and hence I sent the servant there to carry luggage.  Radhakantji arrived and narrated to Baba as to how he went to Ferozpur to secure admission for daughter of Santasaranji in medical college.  He talked on trunk call with Santsaran’s wife.  She sent a man and ultimately they could meet in Delhi. He gave hundred rupees in cash and promised to send rest of the amount by telegraphic money order. After some time he went in and at night after his meals he called Radhakantji and me to his hut.  We discussed court cases.  Baba told me to incorporate name of advocate B.B. Ghosh of Jalpaiguri in the panel of lawyers.  He stressed that my brother Ramesh shall be there on the panel doubtless.

Then on case of Veer Arjun in Calcutta he gave a note to me: “Up to 10/1/1967 Radhakant will wait for correspondence from Calcutta informing adjournment of Veer Arjun case.  If not on 10th he will go to Calcutta to produce certified copies of Zalawar (Rajastan) case in Calcutta and immediately after 18th return.  He must reach here on 21/1/1967.”

I observed one thing that Baba was in wavering mind about any plan.  There was no certainty that it would not change.  Baba then told me to call in others.  After brief talk all left except me.  I sprinkled water all around the floor of his hut, burnt incense, and added fuel to hearth. When I was leaving he laughingly said, “Suresh, now from tomorrow I shall   certainly be closed.”

Budhiballabhaji wanted to talk with Baba in camera but did not get an opportunity.  He told me that after he was inspired by Baba he gets physical sensation sometimes and after that either some good or bad incident follows.  Before I left hut, Baba was pleased to show me a woolen sweater brought by Radhakantji for Chinu.
In shivering cold we finished dinner, had chat and retired for the day.

I was awake since 1.30 A.M. At 4 A.M. Budhiballabhji and Gobind got ready to leave for Kund.  I joined them with our Bhotia dog Bholu.  We reached there before time and whiled away time in Sohansingh’s kiosk and offered tea to both and warmed myself near fire.  Gobind had bad opinion about Saxena and despised especially about his eavesdropping.  With great difficulty Gobind managed to give hundred rupees to Ashram and Saxena talked of difficulties near Baba who sent Gobind’s amount to his home.  Gobind did not like family difficulties to be related to Baba.  Bus arrived and our large hearted Budhiballabh Penoli boarded the bus.  After seeing him off we had a problem of Bholu. Being bachelor he ran towards Guptakashi in search of fiancée and with difficulty we curtailed his amorous errand and tethered it.  We took milk quota of the camp at Chunni and returned to the base.  Finished routine.

Ramanidada came and told that Radhakant and I should be ready, as Baba would call two of us after his meals.  Baba sent a note for me. It was taken down in Ramanidada’s diary. He read it out to me.  Before copying it down at leisure it got burnt in accidental fire in which Ramanidada’s long hut was reduced to ashes on 15th January 1967.  However, as far as I remembered it began with ‘Dear Suresh’ addressed to me by Baba and the import of the note was that Radhakant and I should admit before him our mistakes, craftiness, falsehood, etc, committed in the previous three months.  Actually note was meant for Radhakant but he should not feel isolated and hence my name was coupled.  He stressed that our welfare was in confession.

When Ramanidada was reading out the note Ramesh Saxena curiously loitered near under the pretext of cleaning hut.  Ramanidada stopped reading and shifted us to another place.  Again Ramesh Saxena approached near for eavesdropping and Dada stopped reading and then he became conscious of his surreptitious act and left.  Ramanidada afterwards explained everything to us.

After Baba’s meal, Radhakantji and I went to Baba’s hut.  Radhakant began his confession.  He told that he brought two thousand rupees and bluffed that the amount was procured from his village’s friend at Bareilly and sent to us.  Baba simply flared up as if it was an eruption of a volcano.  He said when he categorically warned not to accept Ramakrishnaji’s money why did he do so.  He threatened that unless that amount was refunded till then he would not take either water or food. Radhakant argued that he did not bring money after warning.  Shomu was to accompany him but he did not turn up.  Baba turned red with anger and half stood on his knees and simply thundered. Baba insisted that Ramakrishna incident took place first after warning and Shomu reached Bareilly to accompany him.  Radhakant was adamant and did not agree.  Baba lost temper, got up and tendered two slaps to Radhakant and after that told him to get water to wash his contaminated hands.  Baba told Ramanidada to get his letters and book of accounts.  Radhakant again insisted that Shomu never turned up.  Ramanidada intervened and said Radhakant was correct.  Baba blurted that he was not under intoxication of Ganja.  He told us to leave him immediately and that he would burn his hut and postpone the start of work for a month or might be it would not start.  Last time flies came in the way and this time confession.

I acted as a diplomat and tried to pacify Baba. I reminded him that it was confession as per his say and that he should not lose temper so much.  Shomu was called in and he too said he did not go to Bareilly.  Baba realized his mistake and made an about turn.  He said to Radhakant that he might be wrong but why did he not accept it. He then began to pacify us.  His mood suddenly became absolutely normal and in a loving and mild voice and sweet words he consoled and cajoled us and insisted that both of us would take lunch in his kitchen.  It was 2.30 P.M. Radhakant and I began lunch and Baba was seated on chair in front of us. He made us to eat more. He insisted on serving more and more helpings. Food was excellent followed by sweets and fruits.  Lunch of Ramanidada, Gita and Dipali was also delayed till we finished. After our meals Baba, Ramanidada, Radhakant and I sat in Chinu’s hut.  Ramanidada was sent out and we three conferred. While keeping Baba’s chair Radhakant put his foot on Chinu’s platform and Baba shouted for unintentional mistake.  Then that area was burnt with fire.

The cold was intense and my feet became ice-cold. Baba explained to us that one should not lie in confession.  He said Radhakant was in the habit of bluffing and lying and hence if third person complains about him he had to think twice. In future very big work was awaiting and hence we should give up our habits and create confidence about us in him.  Baba told Radhakant that Suresh informed him that Radhakant was not going to be made minister by Baba in future.  However, he told Radhakant that he would become Padmapad (best disciple of Adi Shankaracharya).  He gave an example.  ‘ Once Lord Krishna and Arjun were going together.  On way there was a beautiful lake.  Lord said to Arjun that the lake was slanting and inclined but not horizontal and Arjun agreed.  He had so much faith in Lord that he began to see the lake slanting. Once a Rishi told a devotee that since he wanted wealth he would get it provided he would take name of God continuously without bringing monkey’s face before him.  When the devotee started the procedure, he often began to see monkey’s face which he never before even dreamt of.’ (On faith see autobiography of Netaji P.117, 125, 127)

In short Baba wanted us to be in the innermost circle, to bestow unwavering submission, super loyalty, untainted dedication, full sacrifice, and absolute faith in him. Even if he was wrong the absolute faith in him should make us feel that we were wrong. (Netaji said, “ Our first task will be to gather together a group of men and women  who are prepared to undergo maximum sacrifice and suffering, which will be necessary if we are attain success in our mission.” G-272)
Baba then called all others and we sat in Chinu’s hut.  He gave some Hindi dictation given below. We all were told to assemble in his hut after his evening meal.  Cold was intense.  Fire was lit.  Then he gave more dictations both in Hindi and English as recorded below.

Discussion on Calcutta case was done and plan was finalized. If no communication about adjournment of the case received, on twelfth Radhakantji would proceed to Calcutta. I proposed to adjourn it on medical grounds but he was against falsehood. When I suggested that reason of piles may be given, he agreed to that because it was a reality.  A telegram was already sent to Salil. Another telegram to Ramen was written but then cancelled.
In the evening Ramanidada was moving around with Chinu in his arms.  He called me and told me that Chinu’s eyes were not like ordinary human beings.  He said that when Baba recites ‘Om mani padmehum’ she stops weeping.  I appreciated his view though I did not agree in the least.  Her eyes were glossy just like Baba.  Moreover Baba already told me that her color would be red like Subhash and that Subhash was called Rangakakababu in his house because of his copper color.  I felt Ramanidada was completely and totally brainwashed.

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