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I got up late.  Finished routine.  It was very cold and cloudy.  No Sunlight and yet fly killing campaign was to begin.  We were waiting for Penoli’s arrival with spray pumps from Guptakashi. Baba came out and said, “Suresh, you  must know all principles because in future people will ask you many questions and you must be able to answer them.  Take down this dictation.”

“A Yogi never undertakes fast in the way and with the motive in which it is generally understood.  It is undertaken, under certain inner circumstances.  It accelerates the speed of the work undertaken and this shortens the time.  During fast under certain conditions he is free from the impurities associated with food.  Note even with the utmost care taken the food can never be made cent percent pure and some inner energy will have to be squandered away for purifying it and for assimilating it to a purifying end but during fast a Yogi is free from these squandering away of energies, of course, a necessary one and under certain conditions utilize the whole available energy for the purpose he has taken upon himself.  This idea of achieving something by fasting and fasting alone has no place in Yoga.  It is a weakness that has to be discarded.” (Recent discovery revealed that a fast brain works better.)

I asked the question to him about Gandhiji’s fast unto death. On this he gave the following dictation:
“Under certain circumstances a Yogi may undertake a fast unto death only when, if extremely necessary, he has the full knowledge of the working of the subtle cosmic forces arranged against him and his purpose and has the full subjective control over it (perfect objective control of course is out of question). Gandhiji’s undertaking of fast unto death is really an inner fast and he never allowed anybody to undertake fast so much so it was his clear direction that none of his followers should ever undertake fast for achieving any end, moral or material, without procuring a clear and unequivocal assent and direction from which actually he never gave it to anybody except once to Vinoba Bhave.  He was dead against this craze of fast as a matter of imitation and as a weapon always ready to encroach upon the conscience of other people. Note a road to cowardice can never lead to strength and an impulse of helplessness cannot arouse strength from within your self.  Always act and think in terms of strength and never in terms of weakness. Conviction you must have that you have all strength pulsating in yourself.  In its actual import they are not to be generated but to be unearthed. They are already there.  Aspire for this strength, not from heaven but from within yourself and the strength will be given unto you.  The Supreme Divinity is not anything foreign to you or away from you.  The Supreme Divine is your own true nature and you are the part and parcel of her all covering force and consciousness.  Have this consciousness within yourself and you will regain berth covered up by quagmire of conscience and nescience.

A Yogi undertakes fast unto death only when he gets impulse from the Supreme. This present day fasting has become plague to the nation. This sort of fasting is something like child fasting to extract something from parents.”

Budhiballabhji arrived with spray pumps.  As per Baba’s direction we prepared a liquid mixture of water, D.D.T. and kerosene and spread it in his yard.  I slipped from a big boulder and got minor injuries.  Baba told me to retire.  Saxena came with a dozen tins of fleet, liquid insecticide.  Baba talked with him.  Pushpa his sister was serious.  He was told to send a reply-paid telegram.  Spray entered Ramanidada’s nose and he became restless with continuous irritation of throat.  I took him out and made him horizontal in his hut. He was semi asthmatic.

I then read out copy of the minutes of the parliament to Baba.  There was our current address of Gangtoli Island near Okhimath in it.  Therefore Baba suggested that a case be instituted against newspaper Veer Arjun for mentioning Baba as ‘farar’ meaning absconding or in hiding.  I kept mum.  Then Baba proposed to construct a motorable road from our camp up to main road and that the surrounding land would be purchased.  He proposed to connect a high knoll near the temple of Mitranand on the other bank of the Mandakini where the Sunrays would be available from dawn to dusk.  He suggested lifting river water by pump.
After lunch I made a fair draft of letter to Shantiswarup Saxena, editor Hindi Times, 3-C/4, Rohatak Road, Delhi and another to Raghunandan and both were dispatched as registered A.D. through Saxena after being signed by Ramani Ranjan Das.  I was writing diary when I was informed that Baba might call us after midnight and so we should be ready with change of clothes.  He was to be closed in from tomorrow.  I was reluctant to go due to intense cold weather.

Before dinner at about 8.30 P.M. we were ushered in.  I was clad in dhoti and shirt.  Baba asked me as to why I did not wear woolen clothes.  He made me sit near fire. Then Baba told me to charter a helicopter and plane to go to Shaulmari, spend night of 26th January there and be back next morning. Then he said that in case advocate Setalwad refuses, my eldest brother advocate Ramesh Padhye (later High Court Judge) would represent the case and that he would cross-examine Shah Nawaz Khan after declaring him hostile.  He directed me to write down a few suggestions for cross-examination as follows:

“Lawyers will decide preliminary questions. ”

“After declaring Shah Nawaz hostile this may be asked.”
“We think you knew about the alleged distortion of your statement by the Navabharat Times after its publication in that paper.  Is not it?
Will you please remember just when you knew about it?”

“If he says he does not remember exactly then the query – We think at the most within fifteen days from publication? (Are not your secretaries prompt and efficient enough to inform you such news?)
Then gentleman it means that even after you knew about publication, you did not contradict.  What is the reason? Now there are three possibilities:”

“Shah Nawaz said it is the news conference that is published by the Navabharat.The reporter of the Navabharat must have distorted the report. The distortion was either due to callousness or was deliberate. Why the editor did not publish an apology immediately after publishing Khan’s contradiction?  Why the editor did not send an apology to the Ashram to this date?”

Note:  A legal advice will have to be sought, if possible at all to extract some facts from the opposite party and suppose it does not become possible then our lawyers will have to proceed like this – it is the report of their own reporter but they did not express any regret and therefore they cannot be absolved of their guilt.  Other papers have not distorted the report? An apology is not sent to the Ashram as yet.”
Baba then said to me to write down the purpose for which the Ashram was instituting lot of litigations.
“The inner condition that you must try your best to satisfy in relation to your involvement in a litigation in pursuit of Divine cause:

(1) You have to try your best to eradicate from your nature the force of retaliation at least in relation to that particular accused.  Remember if the spirit of revenge is dominant, the purpose is lost and the trouble will be there.

(2) Not only the spirit of revenge will have to be wiped out but you must always arouse the feelings from within yourself that the litigation is taken recourse to for correcting misguided people including the accused and to create a healthy social atmosphere in which man will live in consideration for each other like human man and not like beast always fighting amongst themselves.  If these two conditions are really satisfied then and then alone you will achieve really moral and spiritual victory.  On the other hand with the spirit of retaliation and hatred you get the verdict from the court fully in your favor, it will amount to nothing short of moral and spiritual defeat.  You come out victorious externally but inwardly you are the vanquished.  Also note non-existence of vengeance may be due to callousness and inertia about the cause you have taken up.  With this sort of ‘Tama’ if you feel you are without the spirit of retaliation.  Note apparently two extremes meet; apparently the highest and the lowest more often than not look alike.”

We had a brief discussion and Baba said, “Suresh, the Veer Arjun has used the word absconding about Baba of Shaulmari.  Therefore a new case should be instituted against it. In the old case against it, this evidence of malicious motive should be incorporated because the Parliament has already given our address.  Write a letter to Salil in addition.  Moreover, Niharendu has sent one clause that if there is a malicious motive the privilege barrier is meaningless.  Again after taking opinion of the panel of lawyers we shall file a case against central minister L.N.Mishra too.”

Baba then told Dipali to sing a song of Rabindranath Tagore, the meaning of which was that I see a beautiful boat with mast on the bank.  I do not know where the goods are being taken but my heart and mind is going with it.

Baba then told her to sing another song from Gitanjali and told me that Rabindranath composed it at the age of twenty as below:

The Bengali verse is rendered in English as follows:
Jibane Jat pooja holona Sara
Jani hai jani tav hoi nihara
Je phul Na futile zerechhe dharanite
Je nadi marupathe haralo dhara
Jani hai jani tav hoi nihara
Jibane jatho kaj raheche peechhe
Jani hai jani tav hoini meechhe
Amar onagat amari onahat
Tumare bina tare bajiche Tara
Jani hai jani tav hoi nehara

The English translation of the above poem:
All my pray that failed to shine
Know I know not lost of mine
Flowerage felled to the Earth?
Taking not its blooming birth
Rivulet lost in desert line
Know I know not lost of mine
My entire task not yielded gain
Know I know not wrought in vain
My sweet symphony
Came to the throat but lost in me
Swaying in that harp of thine
Know I nothing lost of mine

Baba then cautioned me not to publish this English translation even in future anywhere.  I smiled and assured so.

Baba put a newspaper on his lap and put Chinu on it.  She began to weep.  Gita lifted her.  Baba then spread a bed sheet on the lap and again took Chinu and began calming her down by saying ‘oh, oh, oh’ but she continued crying. Ultimately he returned her to mother Gita.  It was 10 P.M. and Baba permitted us to leave after burning incense.  I heaved a sigh of relief that for fifteen days Baba shall be closed inside without any disturbance.  I changed my clothes and by then Dipali came and told me in Bengali that I was called all alone, by Baba.  Again in shivering cold I changed clothes and reached inside his hut.  I added fuel to burning fire and squatted before him.  No third person was there.  Baba added his empty cigarette packets to fire and it then flared up.

Baba told me, “Look here Suresh.  That translation of Gitanjali, which you took now, is not mine.  It was given by my friend to me when I was fifteen years’ old.  He is no more in the world but I recite it in his memory.  It is unpublished.”(The translation is probably of Hemant Kumar Sarkar, his dearest friend. See letter of Subhash to Hemant dated 20/11/1915. Letter No. 32 on page 157 of his autobiography An Indian Pilgrim.) For a moment Baba became silent and pensive.  I asked him whether English poetic translation of an elegy on C.R.Das given to me earlier was of his late friend.  On this he said, “Oh! No, No. That is mine.”

Then Baba gave the following dictation, which I wrote in dim light of fire.
“When the achievement of the Supreme Goal is your motto, one most important thing that is to be imbibed in you is that you have to put the whole of your heart and brain into it.  If this is not done or partly done, the truth and the strength accompanying it will recede and will illude your grasp.  One of the most important things that is to be taken care of is that you should never allow physical inertia to overcome you.  You must be always full of ‘Satwik Raja’ to fight its suggestions out.  Physical body requires rest but to an aspirant of the Supreme, a rest up to a certain limit must mean change of work.  Of course, real rest is also a necessity.  You require sleep.  One sign that shows the sleep is complete is that you feel refreshed, of course, this feeling of refreshing may be clouded by the smoke of inertia and if it is so done, it will be difficult for you to ascertain whether you are really refreshed or not.  Your penetrating eyes must be so sharp as to distinguish between these two opposites intermingled with each other in a deceptive manner.  Sleeping more than what you require is not only a waste of time but it contracts energies, which is definitely a retrograde process.  Then again when you remain in bed lethargically more than what you require for rest then also you do the same harm for yourself.  Conservation of energy and its right use is the first principle of all evolutions, material, moral and spiritual.  A single movement, a single drop of energy should not be wasted in vain.  If you know the spiritual way of utilizing energy then such utilization instead of squandering anything out will generally arouse more in you, of course, the process is not limitless so far as physical energies are concerned because the physical body and physical energy can never be made perfect.  If this had been made perfect then the physical body would have been immortal which means the nullification of the creation but the vital and mental energies have before them infinite field and scope for expansion.”

“Remaining self-conscious more and more is the first need.  By continuous introspection as continuous as possible – you have to try best to remain more and more self-conscious.  If chanting ‘mantra’ does not help you to become self-conscious more and more then it is no chanting at all.” English rendering of mantra is as below:

‘Mananat trayate yasmat tasmat mantraha prakirtiaha’
Meaning: ‘That which protects by repeating in the mind’
“But this saving from the torture of ignorance may come only when you are increasingly self-conscious not merely about your mental and vital movements but even about the movement of you very physical self.  Nothing should escape your vigilant eyes.  When it is done then and then alone you will become master in your own house.”

The meaning of the above Sanskrit ‘Shloka’:
Mantra is said to be that which saves you from ignorance.

Netaji was firm believer in Mantra Shakti. (G-263)

We then discussed other topics. Baba told me to tell Shomu not to indulge in fun, taunting and ridicule with Mitranand.  He quoted an incident regarding it.  I advocated that Mitranand too behaves childish with Shomu and both are mentally of equal age.  Baba pointed out that let him behave like that but Shomu was junior to him.  He told me to explain meaning of dictations to Ramesh Saxena.  We talked about Radhakant.  Baba said that his trouble of piles could be cured easily but he would not listen and do it.  You have to bring and concentrate the Supreme Strength in brain and then spread its light and concentrate it to the point of ailment and all would be over.

(Gandhian Acharya Jawadekar has written a book as to how autosuggestions can cure all ailments.)
Baba told me, “ Subhash Chandra Bose made an agreement with General Tojo that after Burmese border no single Japanese soldier would enter Indian Territory.  However, except Tojo the rest were uncooperative with Subhash.”

It was 11.30 P.M. I lit the fire and burned incense and returned to my hut.

At about 4 A.M. there was a severe shock of an earthquake.  Villagers rushed out of houses. A cup on saucer was trembling. It was my first experience of earthquake.

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