Meet Niharendudada; Gita leaves for Shualamari

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Received letters from Shibnath Bose, Calcutta, Ramen Roy, Calcutta and Ramesh Saxena, Etawah.


Bombay (Now Mumbai).  Went to the University at Flora Fountain.  Along with famous world authority in Geology Dr. Sukheshwala cleared postgraduate papers quickly as the results were inordinately delayed.  My stay was in M.L.A. hostel.  I was back to my room.  I came to know that Niharendu Dutta Mazumdar, Calcutta, was staying in the hostel.  Therefore I left a note for him at the counter.  He promptly came to my room and took me for lunch. We had lot of discussion about Shaulmari Ashram. He was in two minds.  His brother too met.  He knew me by name.  He was very curious and inquisitive.


I Called upon Niharendudada in his room.  We had breakfast there.  He conversed for a pretty long time and he showered questions and doubts about Shri Baba. He was convinced about my deductive method and agreed with physical identity of height, squint in eye, scar on the brow and prominent cross on the brain line of the palm.  The last one he confirmed from Netaji Research Bureau.  With due regards to him I hurriedly left for Victoria Terminus (Now Chatrapati Shivaji terminus) to catch the train.  Fortunately got berth with Dr. Vinoo Bodas of U.S.A.  Later in 1988 Dr.D.R.Shekhawat, Dr. Prabhakar Wadodkar, my wife, and I stayed with him for couple of days in Newark, U.S.A.

I was contemplating over my conversation with Niharendudada.  He was very closely associated with Subhash Bose and the only hitch about his identity Dada expressed was that intonation of Shri Baba’s spoken Bengali was East Bengal type.  I felt Shri Baba was not in touch with West Bengali language since many years and after formation of the Ashram He was surrounded by East Bengalis.  This might be the real cause of the bee in Niharendudada’s bonnet.  I experienced that Mohan Ranade’s Marathi intonation was absolutely distorted because of his long association with Portuguese language.  In the whirlpool of conflicting reasoning and thoughts I knew not when I fell asleep.


I was submerged in grave difficulties on domestic front.  Shri Baba’s reply paid telegram arrived signed as Vijnanananda and his address care of Chairman, Municipality of Tanakpur.  I gave reply immediately as ‘All worried. Water depleted.  No room at Chikaldara.  Letter follows. Sd/- Suresh.’ Ramen Roy’s letter came informing that Niharendudada met him and he was restless to come on 18th May to go to Sirasban.  However his health would not permit.


Got up early.  Bath and rushed to S.T. Stand.  I got bus for Shirasban.  Reached destination at 12.30 P.M.  Discussed with Ramanidada and Gitamasi. Showed them telegram from Shri Baba.  Lunch.  Chat. Refection.  Played with Chinu.  Dined and slept


Up. Wash. Bath. Lunch. Gitamasi poured her heart.  Lunch. Nap.  By evening caught bus and reached Amravati at 10 P.M.


Left for Nagpur and at night caught flight at 3 A.M. Reached Bombay at 5 A.M. Finished B.Sc. practicals of Bombay University at Parle College. Internal examiner was Aruachalam. Returned on 3/5/1969 via Jalgaon.


Could not get up at 4 A.M. to catch the first bus to reach Sirasban.  Caught 7.45 bus.  Reached destination Ghuguria Bridge at 11.30 A.M. Haribandhu left for Paratwada.  Chat.  Gave telegram and letter.  Ramanidada’s younger brother Montubabu was mad.  Most of the time I was with Chinu and Gitamasi. Lunch. Ramanidada expressed that he was determined to go to Shaulmari Ashram.  Haribandhu came from Paratwada.  He did marketing of provisions. He brought fish.  Gitamasi prepared delicious dinner.  Chat for a long time then slept. I used to call Gita as Gitadidi but Baba told me to call her as Gitamasi.


Haribandhu and I were together.  Bath. Chat. Lunch. Nap.  Then all of us conferred.  Lot of discussion followed.  Finally arrived at decision that Ramanidada, Chinu, Gitamasi and Hari would return to Shaulmari Ashram.  I have to make arrangement.  Said good-bye and caught 8 P.M. bus and reached home at 11 P.M.


Shri Baba’s registered letter arrived.  He mentioned that my letter did not reach.  He expressed that He would be leaving Tanakpur and would be unable to send money. It is a very pathetic letter. Tears rolled in my eyes.  Now line clear to make arrangement for Ramanidada, Gitamasi, Chinu and Hari to return to Ashram.  In spite of incessant and mind boggling money crunch, suits and litigations were pursued, servants were engaged, all visitors were entertained with snacks, food and tea and there was no curtailment on lavish expenses.  At 5 P.M. stopped writing.


Took loan of Rs. 200 from father, Went to Badnera junction and booked three reservations by A.C. Delux for Howrah on 23rd May.


I took Rs. 15 from father.  Caught bus and reached destination Melghat at midday.  Haribandhu left for Paratwada.  Met Ramanidada, Gitamasi and Chinudi. We had lot of fun.  I told them their going to Ashram was cancelled.  Both were shocked.  Then showed their reservations.  They were very happy. Lot of discussion ensued. Walk. Back. Evening chat.  Gita was in hilarious mood. Dined and retired.


Up. Wash.  Bath. Breakfast.  I was to leave tomorrow but decided to reach home tonight.  Gitamasi was in a happy mood.  Chat and chat. Took lunch and nap. Caught 6.30 P.M. bus.  Brother handed over letter from Ramen Roy.


I received confirmation of reservations.  Salil Mitra’s letter from Calcutta received and Ramen’s telegram from Calcutta that he was making further reservations of 26th May.  Wrote letters to Salil and Ramen.


I tried to meet Dandge for car, in vain. Made money arrangement.


At 5 A.M. Reached R.M.S. but bus did not arrive. Contacted Bhau Deshumkh and he promised jeep but miserably failed to keep word.  The whole programme was upset.  I missed the bus and now it was impossible to return tonight from Sirasban.  After lunch in hot Sun I tried for car with Dole, Nafade, Deshumkh again, Sabnis, Pandye, Keole and Bokey.  All had cars.  All gave blank replies.  Terrible strain.  Brother came from Daryapur by Taxi.  Discussed with him and he gave ring to Dr. Varma, his client, of Paratwada who agreed to give car to bring Ramanidada and Gita.


Got up at 2 A.M. and heard direct commentary of astronaut, eight miles away from Moon.  Terrible suspense when sound ceased as Module went behind the Moon.  Orbit or lost in the Universe?  Good news again. Brother too was with me.

Rushed to old stand and caught bus of Balawant service and reached Paratwada at 7.30 A.M. Called on Dr. Varma.  He handed over car with driver.  I put 11 liters petrol and drove to destination Ghuguria Bridge.

I was received gladly.  Gita began cooking.  I cancelled it.  Packed their belongings. I hurried and then Ramanidada, Chinu, Gitamasi, Haribandhu and I left huts permanently.  We reached Paratwada at 12.30 Noon.  Called on Dr. Varma, a B.J.P. leader.  He offered mangoes and obliged by giving car for further journey to Amravati.  (I spoke lie to Dr. Varma that I spoke to magistrate to postpone his criminal case).  I put 10-liter petrol and we drove to Amravati in terrible heat. It was six months and three days that all of them stayed with me in the forest of Melghat. Original plan was of stay of twenty-five days.

We reached home.  Bath.  Lunch. It was first and last time that Ramanidada, Gita and Chinu stayed at my home. Chat. Took Gitamasi to market.  I purchased Sari for Gita, frocks for Chinu, Clothes for Gita, Kolyani, Zuma, Pilu, Dipali, Baudi and Nagen.  When back home Dr. Varma had come from Paratwada and sent the driver as he wanted to attend marriage at Advocate Patki and drive himself back to Paratwada.  Made frantic efforts for driver to leave Gitamasi and others at Badnera on Delux. Luckily my friend and advocate Vijay Deshpande met and he drove the car and brought it back from Badnera and handed over to Dr. Varma.  (Same Doctor Varma who was murdered years later)

We got down and reached the platform.  Offered tea and snacks.  I gave twenty rupees to Haribandhu with balance of five rupees in my pocket.

Gita and I talked in privacy.  Fun.  I casually referred Haribandhu’s belief in Mantra Shakti (power of mantra) for birth of Chinu as told by Shri Baba and she mocked.

The train arrived at 8.30. P.M. The conductor said that there was no reservation from Badnera.  Probably he received bribe and sold it to others.  I was awfully upset but restrained myself.  He promised to give seats. Gitamasi had tears when the train moved.  Adieu.  Later destiny decided it was our last meeting.  After six hectic months I had sudden physical and monetary relief.

Back home.  Heaved a sigh of relief. Consumed couple of Patiala pegs of Scotch White Horse and drifted in very sound sleep after many months.

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