Met Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar

Posted By Author on June 13, 2010

Reached Howrah station at 3.30 P.M. No one came to receive me. I managed to reach Kalibabu Chaterjee’s house and met him for the first time.  He is a young man with narrow eyes and fair complexion.  He roared in the house.  Seemed temperamental.  Gave me warm reception. We talked. He showed a six-inch long stabbing scar on his stomach.  Later came to know he was terror in Calcutta.  He knew me by name.  He grumbled that Radhakantji and Ratan spend money lavishly.

Ramenbabu a young lawyer came.  He too grumbled against the two.  We went by taxi to Advocate Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar’s office.  He received us warmly and knew me by name.  He offered us soft drinks. He is a smart personality above sixty-five, bald, short and stubby, sharp and intelligent, contemporary of Subhash and Nehru. (Seeing him I was reminded of the hero of Dickens’s ‘Pickwic Papers)  He explained dangers of substitution in cases and gave a bad forecast.  We had free discussion.  I expressed my view.  He agreed to some points and he said to me, “Dr. Padhye, I must be practical.  Baba wants me to become Ashramite.  How can I?  As a lawyer I shall not listen to their advice in legal matters.  I must take decisions. Bhagwat won’t do in court.  I must site law.”

Then he talked about some funny incidents.  Once Radhakant told over truth to the court.  He was asked whether he read Veer Arjun paper.  He told the court that it came by post from the Ashram and then he read.  The court laughed. Niharendudada shouted and gave simile of currency, which is valid everywhere though printed elsewhere.  He cowed down the opponent lawyer, etc.  Then Niharendudada expressed,“I do not mind myself but all sorts of promises of fees are given and in reality there is nothing.  Others are obviously unhappy.  It is not befitting to bring cases from all over the country to Calcutta.  How much pressure justice can tolerate?  Moreover, to take a senior lawyer at other places for minor work means misuse of money and local lawyers grumble. Etc.”

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