Miss Gloria

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Ramanidada awoke us in the early morning.  All were served tea.  I do not take it.  Then he made us water the garden.  Gobind left on Agastimuni mission.  Rajat had been to the confluence and was instructed to wait for Baba’s coming out.

Dipali pitied upon me and offered couple of chapatis, which I devoured voraciously after many days.  I was happy.  Then I alone watered the inner garden of Baba.  Shomu arrived.  Baba instructed him to call all of us there and bring back everything and Baba told him that he would go to upper area as nuisance of scorpions and flies was unbearable to him.

Ramanidada, myself, Rajat and Shomu began our march towards the confluence.  It was 10.30 A.M. The Sun was simmering. With intermittent rest we reached the upper terrace from where Baba’s hut could be watched.  Baba was not seen and we were eagerly waiting.  We knew not he was sitting next to us in the forest.  After sometime he called us.  He was sitting and smoking.  He showed signs of terrific exhaustion and then lied down.  Again the record of past mistakes, his anguish and annoyance was replayed.  He then ordered us to go down to his hut, collect his clothing, mat, torch and other personal things and throw then into the river.  Rajat made a vain attempt to assuage him.  I signed him not to argue.  Then we began our descent to implement his command to drown his meager personal belongings.  I told my colleague that Baba would stop us and my prophecy proved to be true.  Baba stopped us and called Rajat up.  In the mean time I removed two packets of his Capstan and on seeing both Baba and Dada returning replaced them back.  My intention was to utilise them instead of throwing. I said to Baba that he should not have tortured himself so much for a very minor mistake.  It did hurt us. Baba made us sit near him. Again he reiterated our mistakes. I urged him that when the work was to be done through masses, for an individual’s fault why the rest should be made to suffer the punishment. I reminded him about Gandhiji and Chauri Chaura incident and abandonment of mass movement. He promptly replied that in a house with ten living men if one lights fire all had to suffer and become homeless. I said it would be better to drive out the defaulter and get busy in rebuilding a new house. I was moved by his words, “Suresh, now this debilitating senescent body has no strength left for that.” His most pathetic words carved a permanent niche in my memory. I requested him that we must try again. He then vented his anger on Rajat once more. Ultimately, I told him that we too had a right to insist on demand and he must return. Baba said of what use he would be there and what would he do. I said first thing first and we would return. Later on we would think of future. I succeeded in appeasing him and he agreed to return. He too probably wanted a turning point. Then he laughed and said to me, “Suresh, get me a few detective novels so that I will pass a good time. They keep one engrossed and do not leave any mental residue.” Then he explained to me how the English words like bayonet, boycott, Sadism were coined and came into usage. After a while he walked ahead on the return journey. We assembled and packed things. The tarpaulin, his chair, blanket and mat I strapped on my back and had an experience of a Garhwali coolie. Rajat and Shomu finished Baba’s remaining khichari. I walked fast and overtook Baba. We reached at the camp at 3 P.M. Baba went in and I went for a bath. Inder started cooking khichari for us. The rest were called by Baba and for a long time he vented rebuke on them. He refused to allow anyone to wash his clothings. He insisted to cook his own food and for that fire was lit in his hut.

In the evening all of us were summoned and traces of his anger lingered. Lala and me sneaked to fetch milk from Chunni. Then we went to Okhimath and received one and a quarter rupee through sale of Baba’s booklet on Yoga, a Shaulmari Ashram Publication. In that amount jaggery and tea was purchased. Our torch went off and we treaded back in the moonlight.

On return I met Gobind. I asked him about his mission of sale of blankets at Agastimuni and he pointed a finger to a stranger and told to ask him. First I thought he was the same old Sadhu of Dhulia from Maharashtra and hence began talk in Marathi. Then I came to know that he was Sandip Mukherjee, younger brother of Hiren Mukherjee, M.P. I knew him by name but saw him for the first time. He had long hair and beard with mustaches. We had a gossip and he told that he was once a body builder himself. He boasted that his body was superior to Parimal Roy who won Master Asia title and that his arm was nineteen inches in girth. He said he did not participate in the competition. Saxena informed him that there was nothing to eat in the camp and hence he came with rice and pulses. He was living as a Sanyasi at Rishikesh with many foreign disciples. We ate khichari to our satisfaction and retired.


Got up early and watered the garden. I finished bath early. At 9 A.M. Baba called us. Rajat, Gobind, Sandip and I sat around Baba outside. Sandip gave three letters of his foreign disciples of Rishikesh, which were read out by Rajat. Then he told that police were giving lot of trouble to Miss Gloria. We discussed the matter. Baba told me to get my notebook. He was recomposed today. Probably he wanted to impress Sandip. Then Baba told me to read news of the Statesman and notice cum letters sent to it. It was meant for Sandip to know. Baba was much perturbed by this matter. He gave the following dictation:

“The mankind is on the threshold of wholesale devastating war. Only Himalayan endeavour on the part of those who have the real ability may have any chance of getting it averted wholly or partly. It cannot be told at this juncture whether it will be averted or not. Those who have the faith in the spirit are, generally speaking inclined to think everything in terms of rigidity and perverted interpretation. The law of pre-determination does not at all mean that everything in the earthly consciousness and earthly creation is rigidly fixed and predetermined. The real import of the law of predetermination can never be understood unless and until the relations among different dimensions of consciousness are thoroughly grasped which can only be done when you have developed the abilities to look into them purely objectively. That in its term implies your total identification with knowledge, consciousness, and bliss absolute.

Humanity is plunging headlong into the disaster owing to the very perverted change having been made progressively incorrigible. Nothing material can stand in the way of this disaster, if the change in the cosmic consciousness in relation to the Earth is not brought about and consequently the necessary transformation in the collective consciousness of the Earth progressively works itself out. The Lilliputian statements have little to do about it.”

The above passage was discussed.  To be frank I noticed Baba’s thoughts and dictations were very succinct with clarity. However I could perceive neither what is Divine nor assimilate functions of what are subtle nuances of conscience.

In a way the dictation was to impress Sandip. Shyamlal arrived. Baba told Sandip to handover ten rupees to Shyamlal and the latter was told to bring six-liter milk and one-kilo sugar in the evening. Sandip had balance of rupees twelve only and the ration he brought would last for a day only. There was no money. Baba left for bath.

We had lunch and I could not sleep due to high atmospheric temperature.  After some time Ramanidada brought message that we were all to assemble before his hut.  Baba came in his mobile traveling kit with cloth tied to head like a foreman.  He sat on the chair.

He was furious.  He said he would go by the last gate to Rudraprayag and told Sandip to handover his remaining twelve rupees for that. He told to sell his Capstan cigarettes and repay Sandip.  He said he himself was going to collect money.  He promised to send rupees ten thousand and directed to reserve an air-conditioned bogie and that by that all should go to Ashram.  I interrupted him and discussed.  He questioned me as from where I would procure money. Sandip meddled and he was severely rebuked.  He asked what was his mistake and then begged an apology. I knew he wanted Sandip to volunteer to procure funds.  Then Baba gave a note in English to Ramanidada.  It denoted how to spend ten thousand rupees.  First he said nobody would accompany him then changed his mind and told Rajat to accompany.  This tantrum was going on from 3 to 5 P.M.  We saw the agent of cigarettes coming for payment.  Baba then told us to eat his khichari. He did not take meal.  I refused to be served and so did Rajat. Plates were brought I refused point blank.  He told Rajat that by refusing he was committing mistake.  Then he told to throw the food in the river. He changed his mind and told to serve it to cows.  It was done so.  Sarcastically he told us to enjoy sweet of the incoming ordered milk and went inside by telling to assemble at 7 P.M.

We watered the garden and sent back the agent with promise to send moneyorder after a week.  We were waiting for Baba’s arrival with bated breath. We were chatting with Ramanidada.  Dinu and Lala joined. After sometime Gita came with good news that everything was quiet inside.  She was insisting on him to go to her mother at the Ashram.  Baba was reluctant to go or send her alone.  Apart from money matter this was the main reason of his forays to Kedarnath and Sangam.  Because of Gita he had to yield when she postponed her going.  He promised her to make an attempt as early as possible to start work probably before the end of this month.  Because of the news in the Statesman it was very embarrassing for him to go back to Ashram with Gita unless identity was revealed. None could realize his awkward position and acute embarrassment. It was Catch 22 situation!

We were all happy.  In the evening he assembled us all and asked a question to each individual.  First he asked Sandip whether he was prepared to give up show and exhibitionism.  Then Rajat, Lala and Shomu were questioned about their past mistakes.  It was my turn.  He asked me as to why with impulsive falsehood I wrote in a letter to Charan Singh that reminder was probably sent and I was not certain about it.  I explained that the bureaucracy never worked without writing falsely that reminders were sent.  However, while writing I admitted that it was impulsive falsehood.  He was happy to see that he pointed out the mistake and for his pleasure I felt no harm in admitting it.  His ego of correcting others was satisfied.  In fact it was he who told me to write exaggerated things about police.

Baba then told us to come back with change of clothes.  We then entered inside and he told to cut vegetables for cooking. I watered Dahlias.  Ramprasad of Chunni arrived. We sat near Baba. He told him to go back to Kedarnath and come back when intimated. He then said that this time no one would be informed unless the work began. I told that Prabhakar’s letter came and that my mother was uneasy.  Baba said we would talk about it later.  Sandip joined us and we had talk on music.  After that he took me alone inside and said, “Suresh, if you go now you have to return early and then your mother would get more upset. It will be better if you go later after the start of the work. Now see one more last plunging till 31st May all of you pull on in two hundred rupees.  Sandip will send hundred rupees and that will cover your ticket.”  I had no alternative but to say yes.

Baba then opened talk of Miss Gloria.  He told me to get Sandip. I suggested that a complaint be dropped to the Chief Minister directly.  Baba agreed.  When Sandip joined I got up and Baba insisted on my presence.  I made an excuse of nature’s call and sneaked out.  Took rest. Then all of us had our delicious meals inside.  For sometime, Baba took care of our meals and then went in.  We returned and slept.


Got up late and hurriedly finished ablution.  Baba called me.  Sandip, Gita and myself sat near him in his hut.  Baba gave the following dictation:

8 A.M.    “There is a difference between mostly tuned to a work and completely tuned to a work.  It is, of course, difficult job to make oneself completely and inclusively attuned to something but if aspiration for spiritual upliftment which means releasing the imprisoned consciousness from the shackles of the mind, the body and the vital and getting the infinite knowledge and strength dormant in you under the pressure of those bondages–is to come true, then the total exclusiveness and completeness must be your goal, clearly subjective, not objective at all.  Objective exclusiveness and completeness means little.  It is the subject with its exclusive and complete pulsation lends meaning to the subject. Stripped of it, subject loses all its meaning.”

A brief discussion followed and then Baba told me to draft a complaint for Miss Gloria along with Sandip.  He would go through it at 9.30 P.M.

We came out.  Sandip snapped Shomu’s photograph.  Lala brought yesterday’s leftover rice and served.  I told him to keep it for Gobind but Sandip demanded and voraciously guzzled it to bottom. It is the early bird that gets the worm. I was surprised at his behaviour.  I had to draft complete complaint for Miss Gloria.  Sandip did not help.  He egoistically said that he was not habituated to drafting and that all jobs he received without applications.  I found him to be fussy and dandy, and a perfect sham.  Baba summoned Sandip and us. I read out the complaint.  Baba told me to add prayer.  Everything was finalized.  Gloria was a 24 years old British girl and a schoolteacher in English in England.  She came to some Ashram at Rishikesh for spiritual study.  One evening while going to Ashram a ruffian strangled her neck by chord and threw her on thorny compound. He ran away with her camera and about 250 pounds.  She lodged a complaint to the police.  The Deputy Superintendent of Police was a Christian with his bungalow on a hill.  He started harassing her by calling her to his bungalow but she always took a Chaukidar with her as safety.  Ultimately, he became irresistible and wrote love letter to her proposing enjoyment of life both being Christians.  She rebuked him that there was no dearth of men in England.  The real culprit was a known goonda and moving around freely while the police were showing her different people as attackers.  The Dy.S.P even threatened to pass a bullet through her, as he already had killed seven people.  She was panicky and went to Sandip for shelter and defence. For some time they moved to Dehradun out of fear.  In due course the girl died of small pox at Sandip’s house in Jaipur.  Anyway Baba gave the following note:

10 A.M.
“A combination of brilliance of intelligence and poverty of idealism is extremely dangerous and the more so if such a person occupies a high position in the society. “A small man in a big place is a calamity in itself. Brilliance of intelligence gets its fulfillment in its rich idealism.

Baba posed a question for both Sandip and me, “Who comes under this category amongst present day politicians?” Sandip named Nehru and Baba indignantly administered a server rebuff to him.  He called him idiot and warned not to defame Nehru.  Baba pointed out to Sandip that he was ignorant of Nehru’s greatness.  Then my term came I named Johnson.  He said wrong. Then I said Winston Churchill and Baba said, “Right you are. Suresh, this Winston is an opportunist and out and out unprincipled.”

Baba then gave the following dictation:

“Just now you (Sandip) had a talk about Jawaharlal Nehru.  The main difficulty with this otherwise highly intellectual man was that in him the ideal was the outcome of the mental field and whenever idealism is mental, it is bound to suffer from serious drawbacks.  It is bound to be one sided.  A mentally developed man is bound to have all defects and drawbacks inherent in this lopsided growth. One broad principle of understanding a man is that you have to judge a man by what he has not achieved but by what he has done.”

Baba then told a story of Milton.  Milton presented a copy of his book Paradise Lost to Newton.  After reading it Newton asked Milton, ‘after all what this book proves?’  Baba then discussed poetry and later went in. I returned for rest but immediately message came that all were to attend him inside.  We were ushered in his hut.  He massaged Chinu with ghee and meditated a few moments.  Then he took all of us to river.  He gave bath to Chinu and we were watching it.  Then Gita was told to pour water on head of each one of us. It was his method of imposition but to me personally it seemed ridiculous. Baba told Sandip to take photographs of Dipali, Gita and Chinu. We were relieved.  I finished my bath.  Baba came out after finishing his bath and all of us were made to sit around him.  After a little talk Baba said to me that since I reached the river at Chinu’s bath I committed one mistake and that I should locate it by introspection.  He would ask the answer in the noon.

We finished our lunch and I went on sentry duty where I slept. At 3 P.M. Baba came and took me inside.  He asked my mistake and I told that I moved my head and had less water on head compared to others. Baba laughed. I further told him that I had allergy of sinus and in regular bath I never take water on head.  That owing to it my right ear was ruptured.  Baba prescribed that I should concentrate Divine Light and Force there and put a layer of mud around ear.  In my mind I said it was a new problem for me.

Gita joined us.  Baba related stories from Puranas.  A story of Dharmayudha was also told.  Baba opened his heart and said that in future we were to put forth thoughts and literature of various saints before the public and told me to jot down the names which were as below: All saints: Tulsidas, Dnyaneshwar, Eknath, Namdeo, Tukaram, Vishudhanand, Kabir, Guru Nanak, Sajan Kasai, Sadhak Kamalakant, Gabhirnathji, Vijaykrishna (Bijoykrishna) Goswami, Ramdas, etc.

Baba further added in Hindi that is translated as below:

It is necessary to present the original meaning of Buddha’s teachings in new form before the public. It should be free from the so-called Buddhist philosophers and the interpretation of Buddha’s teachings is necessary. In the Western literature Jesus Christ’s message should be put in new form. In modern philosophy the knowledge of Thoreau and Emerson’s philosophy is necessary.”

Baba informed that the old Bible maintains that woman has no soul. Such queer ideas will have to be uprooted.  Baba then told stories of saints.

Baba asked me whether Prabhakar wrote anything about my marriage proposals.  I told that from photo they rejected a proposal of Kher from Bhopal. There was another proposal from Rajastan but I denied.  Baba then enquired that Prabhakar’s wife was B.A. but how you find her?  I said she was reticent and educated girls normally did not like joint family.  Then I related the story of my parents’ marriage.  Father was from average middle class and mother from the richest of rich well-known family of Khapardes.  It was Tilak and G.B.Khaparde who fixed the marriage.  In spite of vast economic difference I related tolerance and suffering and loyalty of my mother.  Then he was inquisitive about my father’s mastery over solar astrology. He then said that my father’s prediction was going to be correct and that I would marry in 1968.  I laughed.  He wanted me to marry a girl of his choice.  Most of the girls he had in mind were seen in his sojourn and by this time they must have had been mothers of many kids.

Gita left and with Baba I came out.  It was 5.30 P.M. Watered plants and filled storage of water at Secretary’s hut. He knew we were pouring water there but it seemed he had reached a very high Divine stage as in full view of ours he was standing and enjoying an absolutely naked bath in the open.  I was unable to resist laughing. I escaped and wrote diary.  Gobind came with dak.  Letters from Shyama Charan Pandey, Krishnakant Pandey, Salil, Shibnath Bose, Ramen Roy came.  There was a letter of acknowledgement from Chief Minister Charan Singh.  He said he would himself read Krishnakant’s letter. Rajat and I read out remaining letters. Then I was told to read letter written to Kitty Kurti.  Baba made changes and added two sentences and a line asking for photo of her son was scratched.  One aerogram was wasted.  The following day he dictated an addition in a letter to her.

“Your letter dated 5th May 67 has been received yesterday.  His Holiness has highly appreciated your anxiety not to be misunderstood for the unwitting use of an Indian word, the meaning of which you did not know.  Now is the time of spring and your garden is full of flowers. May the flowers of eternal spring bloom in your heart and may your son Dr. Thomas Martin Kurti recover from the imbalance by the Grace of the Supreme Divine.”

Baba then went in and with Lala I went to Chunni to fetch milk. Before that he reminded that if wife had no common thinking with her husband’s, life would be miserable. Netaji wrote a letter to nephew Ashok before his marriage explaining how to make happy married life.

As I returned from Chunni, Baba immediately summoned me.  He dictated a telegram and a letter to Krishnakantji. He told that if there was no money, sell something but telegram was a must otherwise it would spoil his work. He was pouring indignation on Krishnakant.  Got angry.  I purposely diverted him and asked whether if contracted consciousness was neither matter nor energy then what it was.  How was Universe created?   He was engrossed on this topic.  Then his mood changed to poetry.  Recited poems, English, Bangla, Hindi etc, explained meaning, structure, history of poet etc.  This went on from 8 to 10.30 P.M. Baba told that from tomorrow he would remain closed. I returned for meals. Who ate more chapatis was being debated.  I felt it obnoxious and disgusting. I went to bed.  In the morning egoistically Sandip pointed out my spelling mistake to Baba. I retired in the bedlam of our hut.

Before I went into deep slumber, I remember another instance of spelling mistake.  Once I was told to write a letter to Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar in which I wrongly spelled Magistrate as majistrate confusing ‘J’ of Judge.  Niharendudada pooh poohed collection of idiots by Baba and that too M.A., Ph.D.s. who could not spell common words.  The fact was that I am the product of education system of hop step and jump.  Upto 9th standard medium of instruction was compulsory vernacular language Marathi, up to matriculation English, then up to B.A. Marathi again and for Post-Graduation English compulsory.  As a result of this I had no mastery either over Marathi or English language. It was in association with Baba’s high Cambridge English and profuse flowery vocabulary that I could attain a little progress but spelling remained my Achilles’ hill with a little improvement. I have habit to spell phonetically.

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