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I Got up early in the morning at 6.30 A.M. I was summoned in by Baba.  We were two alone. The subject was Radhakant and Krishnakant. He told me to analyse a Hindi sentence from Krishnakant’s letter and point out as to what was the defect in it.  I knew Baba’s weak point.  Immediately I said it meant that Ashram was to be blamed for their suffering.  Baba was delighted and said how meaning could be twisted.  I stressed that it was their fault and Baba’s gratification knew no bounds.  Then Baba enquired about two hitchhikers Mr.Garg and his student and whether they were served tea.  I informed that Baba’s rebuke yesterday evening made them so nervous that without telling anyone of us they left in the wee hours. He smiled.

I gave Saxena rupees forty to go to Rudraprayag and balance of twenty rupees was handed over to Gobind.  Baba then gave the following dictation:

“Fundamentally, when a person does a good act under the imposition, the act no longer remains good but at least becomes indifferent.  Now without violating the basic thing is it possible to impose with eyes fixed upon development of free and spontaneous expression?  I think it is not impossible if cautious eyes are always there to discern and fathom how the imposition is working itself out, whether for pulling out into the consciousness the potential human values or impart into the person concerned a mechanical rigidity to do and behave in a certain way.  If the latter is the outcome then it is worst than the revolt against the imposition.  Imposition for the purpose of real development is a very difficult job.  If a plight is applied judiciously it will do more harm than good.  Of course, when a person concerned starts understanding general meaning of doing something under imposition and attuning his feeling in the right way to it, the first difficulty is overcome. It does not mean there will remain no difficulties anymore but once the person who is doing and behaving under imposition under the guidance of one who has necessary equipment to impose, the person himself will of his own free accord go on developing the docility of heart and brain and derive maximum benefit out of what is imposed upon him. If that trend is lacking, imposition may, of course, under certain limitations and conditions turn man into a mechanistic slave the perfect of which will have to be avoided to all possible means.”

After some discussion I went for bath.  I was very much afraid to see threadworm infection, which is very common in Garhwal.  I had lunch, rest and writing.  As told by Baba, Lala and I with Bholu left for Kund to receive Rajat and Nilubabu.  They met us a furlong away from Kund and we returned to Kund for tea and snacks.  Then with luggage we began to walk but luckily a bus from Guptakashi going to Okhimath arrived and we boarded it with luggage.  Baljorsingh was there and had a brief chat.  I put Rajat and Nilubabu in the bus and with Lala and Bholu we walked down to the turning point.  Rajat asked for one rupee and I had none but I was shocked to find that instead of bringing money, on which we were banking, they were empty handed.  We reached Chunni, lifted their luggage and reached the camp.

On arrival, Baba came out and enquired about position at the Ashram. Rajat gave news that Dr.Zakir Hussain was elected President of India. Then he told that Radhakant was to call on the editor of the Statesman.  Baba simply became wild with anger.  Here already a letter was received from the editor in my name stating that the word ‘wild’ mentioned in the news had no bad connotation as was in our mind.  Baba was not satisfied with the explanation and insisted to issue notice to them.  A rose plant named Rosalin was brought from the Ashram and we got busy in preparation to fix it.

After his meals all of us were called by Baba.  Then except   Ramanidada and me all were told to wait outside. Baba reminded me that I was unable to give up my bad habit of saying ‘Aa.Aa.’  I apologized for that. Baba then asked whether I spoke some impulsive lie.  I was baffled.  Then I related to him about brief talk with Baljorsingh and that he was inquisitively asking me as to who was Baba.  I told him that he was a man of long beard.  Baba laughed. Then all were recalled.  Baba dictated a letter in Hindi to Radhakant.  Saxena wrote it. Baba then told to read out two letters written to the Statesman in my name and that of advocate Ganguly.  I expressed my feelings and Baba dropped the idea of sending those letters.  We were given Rosgullas.  Rajat was vomiting.  Baba then took Chinu and put his finger on her chest. Then meditation and prayer followed.  We sang Shankaracharya’s composition: “ Sarva mangal manglye Shive sarwrtha sadhike sharnye trambake gauri narayani namstute.” Imposition was complete.  Today was dark Moon.  We came out.  Then under his direction planted the rose sapling and watered it.  It was    11 P.M. Awful. After that cooking, food and rest.


In the early morning first Rajat and then Lala were summoned by Baba.  After that I was called.  He asked me as to how much was the balance.  I told him rupees ten but de facto it was two rupees.  Upsetment.  Nilubabu was sent to Rishikesh to Sandip Mukherjee.  Rajat saw him off at Kunda.

From Ramanidada came to know that arrival of Nilubabu was the cause of trouble. Baba expected that he would bring money.  Poor fellow was jobless.  He spent whatever money he had on his and Rajat’s journey expenses.

Now we had no money.  Baba told to sell his cigarettes at Guptakashi, which were sent by Budhiballabh yesterday only. Gobind started but Baba then cancelled it.  Instead he told to sell cows as usual.  God alone knew what he would do.  It was beginning of ‘gandgol’.  I did not believe his word that about a couple of crore rupees would come on 18th May.  Decided to wait and watch.  Baba asked me whether I took bath.  I said as stomach was upset due to threadworm infection I would take late bath.  He told me to take rest.  I came back.  Wrote diary. Took bath.  It was 9 A.M.

Lala came to the river telling that I was immediately called by Baba.  Hurriedly I finished bath and rushed. He took me alone in his hut.  He questioned me whether there was any confusion in my mind. I said no.  He said he would give a hint.  He said that since no one was sent or any letter was dispatched did I worry about as to how money would come.  I said that I already told him that there was no confusion but curiosity on that matter and Baba laughed.  Then he told me to write down the following:

Not to be published, only for your understanding.

“Forgetting at the barest understanding of how I work out something, the first thing necessary is to keep it always in the forefront of your mind that my difficulty in doing anything is not material in the sense it does not lie in achieving some material object.  My difficulty lies in the fact that man is never treated as a means to an end but end himself.  The material realization of an object is only a means and the end is the man himself and in the term ‘man’ all persons covered by the plan without a single exception are included.”

Baba then said, “Condition of my body would be such that it would not allow me to read even the old news papers.” Then Secretary and Rajat were ushered in. Baba told Rajat to write down Kantian principles, which I related to him. Then Baba discussed about the arrangement, rates, menu, expenses etc. for giving meals to hundred and fifty thousand people. The number increased by fifty thousand more than in the previous plan. Then he asked whether something to eat was given with Nilubabu.  Rajat said no.  Baba said even that should be seen by him?  Anyway after long discussion on proposed grand gala giant feast we came out at 1.30 P.M. I took nap and then food at 2 P.M. Gobind left for Guptakashi to sell two blankets to acquire money.  I slept and then took bath.

At 10 A.M in the morning I singed a letter to be sent to the editor of the Statesman, which was dictated by Baba.  Baba said that the real fun was in instituting a case against the Statesman immediately and even if they did not apologies then in near future they will have to but it would not be interesting then. Baba asked me whether I understood the meaning of his intention and I said yes.  It meant that after revelation of his identity if the Statesman begged for an apology it was no fun.

The letter received from the Statesman in my name was as below:

“The Statesman Limited

Post Box No.272, G.P.O.

Regd. Office,

4 Chauranghee Square,


Phone: 23-5361 to 5369.

May 5th 1967

Dr. Sureshchandra Padhye

Member, Shaulmari Ashram

C/O. Sub postmaster, Okhimath,

P.O. Okhimath, Dist. Chamoli.


Dear Sir,

This has reference to your letter to Mr. Chopra dated April 12th 1967.  Our Jalpaiguri correspondent had given many instances and details of what was done by the Swami before he left the Ashram.  These were deleted at the time of editing his long report and the wild things mentioned in it were never meant to have the interpretation you put.

Yours faithfully

Sd/- S.B.Chatterjee

News Editor

The letter dispatched today with registered A.D. in my name was as follows:


Shaulmari Ashram

P.O. Falakata, Dist. Cooch Behar.

Phone: Falakata No.24.

Ref: No.XIVIII                                                       Date: May 10th 1967


The Editor,

The Statesman Ltd.

4 Chauranghee Square, Calcutta-1

Dear Sir,

With reference to your letter of May 5th 1967 in reply to my letter addressed to you dated April 12th 1967, I ,on behalf of the Shaulmari Ashram, inform you, if you do not publish my letter dated April 12th, 1967 to you in toto in your paper The Statesman within fifteen days from today as a mark of your genuine regret for the heinous and mischievous publication referred to in my letter and if you do not tender an unqualified apology to the entire satisfaction of the Ashram for this mischievous publication and for the trespass of your unauthorized photos published in your paper and if you do not get this apology of yours to the Ashram published in broad headline in the front page in the Statesman within fifteen days from today the Ashram will prosecute you both civilly and criminally for the crimes mentioned above.

Yours sincerely

Sd/- S.S.Padhye

It was evening.  All of us assembled around Baba.  A letter of Mrs. Kitty Kurti of Hartford U.S.A. came and I was told to read it. Again he reprimanded for my bad habit of doing ‘Aa, Aa’.  Clouds gathered and it started raining.  Rajat and Baba went inside and we returned to our hut.

Gobind returned from Guptakashi.  He made three rounds up and down the market of Guptakashi but in vain.  None was willing to purchase blankets at throwaway price.  On the contrary Gobind had to tolerate derisive comments on that the Ashram promised to repay debt by 15th May and on the other hand it was selling things to collect money.  One owner of a bed-sheet shop gave Gobind rupees eighteen without accepting goods but Gobind thrust the blankets in his shop as security though against the will of the owner.  Paradox was intriguing to all.

Baba assembled us all inside.  We sat in his hut.  Baba told me to write down the previous and recent notes on reflexes and impulses and Truth respectively.  He then took Chinu in his lap and removed her clothes.  Then massaged her with ghee and gave a good bath to her.  Again adorned her with clothing and then we all got engaged in meditation.  It was 9.15 P.M. and our cooking was yet to start.  I was restless.  I did not understand as to what type of imposition it was. He then told all of us to create solid wall of Divine Light and Divine Force around us at night viz. ‘Bedha’ and be careful about Sentry. Duty. From next day he said his attention would be elsewhere.

We returned.  There was no rice or flour and hence no problem of cooking.  I took antipar for worms and with a glass of milk retired.  It was 11 P.M.

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