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Got up early and as usual finished ablutions, bath, meditation and exercise and had breakfast with guests.  Ramakrishnaji prolonged his stay while Mr. and Mrs. Sharma were to leave.  Mr. Sharma promised to send one thousand rupees at the camp and an equal amount to the Ashram.  Shubir was sent with him to fetchthe  money.  Baba met Sharmas before their departure and requested them to prolong their stay by one more day but they could not.

Ramkrishnaji and myself were seated near Baba. The talk began.  Baba observed that the British were astute diplomats.  Even a British child was a diplomat too.  They were juggling in Rhodesia.

Ramkrishnaji gave analysis of mankind in five categories: (i) People who do well to self and to others too. (ii) People who do not bother about others but see own good. (iii) People who see their own good and bad for others. (iv) People who would bear self-loss but do damage to others. (v) People who do not bother about self but are bent upon to do good to others.

Baba said the British were in third and the Pakistan belonged to the fourth category.  On spiritualism he observed that in the Himalayas the saints were engaged in bringing change in the Cosmic nature but ultimately someone had to come down in public to do the work of bringing change in physical consciousness.  Vivekananda made a prophecy that some great man would come who would make all rats to bell the cat.  He was none else but Gandhiji.  No one realized this.  I asked him that whether it was true that Aurobindo Ghosh made a prophecy that one Sadhu would come who would give real freedom and salvation to the country.  He said it to be absolutely true and then he left for bath.  While going he reminded that guests should not be allowed to leave without partaking something.

Mr. and Mrs. Sharma were served with food and fruits and they left.  I cleaned the hut and took bath.  Three telegrams and Rs. 2000/- of money order were received.  Dinbandhu brought vegetables from Srinagar.  In the meantime Ramkrishnaji was called by Baba and seeing me absent asked about my whereabouts.
Ramkrishnaji came back and was chatting with me for a long time.  He said that Baba told lot of things to Krishnakantji Pandey.  When Krishnakant told Baba’s narrations to Ramkrishnaji, the latter was convinced that Baba was Netaji. A summary of Baba’s narrations to Krishnakant retold to Ramkrishnaji is as below:


‘Baba sent Krishnakant to Raja of Banaras and told to enquire about welfare of Raja’s daughter at Calcutta.  The Raja was surprised to see that Baba knew inner details of his family.  He sent about Rs. three lakhs to Ashram because he was convinced that Baba was Netaji. Baba told a funny incident to Krishnakant. Once C.R. Das and Subhash Bose were invited for lunch by grandson of Rabindranath Tagore.  He had two Alsatian dogs named as ‘Lenin’ and ‘Stalin’. Mr. Das and Bose were on way to wash hands.  The host shouted the names of dogs. The canines presumed that their owner was in trouble. One dog gripped C.R. Das who fell to the ground and became unconscious.  To save honour of the family, the host rushed him secretly to a hospital and the incident was a closely guarded secret of the family.  When Krishnakant narrated the incident to Advocate Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar, he immediately gave ring at the house of Tagore’s grandson and enquired about dogs and dog-bite episode of C.R. Das.  The family confirmed that they had the dogs with names mentioned but died long ago.  The family was shocked and queried as to how Mazumdar came to know the well-guarded secret. Except C.R. Das and Subhash Chandra Bose no one else knew about it.’


Ramkrishnaji told pitiable but humorous story of Nova.  ‘On the basis of advertisement Nova came to Ashram and before joining he put condition to Baba that being military man he would take meat and wine.  Baba agreed. After some period he did not receive salary.  He thought that because he did not salute Baba his meat and wine were stopped.  He once threw away a plate of rice served to him and remained without food for three days.  His wife stopped sending money to him and called him an idiot that he was demanding money in spite of service.  Nova was in quandary.  No one would bother about him.  Nova managed to send message to Baba through his lady cook that Nova was dying.  Baba called him and Baba asked him as to why was he dying.   Was he not getting his quota of meat and wine? Nova affirmed.  It was a mischief played by Bhandari (in charge of kitchen and stores). Bhandari was called and Baba literally caned him in presence of Nova.’
The rain stopped. It was night.  Ramkrishnaji and I were seated before Baba in his hut.  Baba talked on philosophy.


“There are two sides to certainty of ‘Dwaita’ and ‘Adwaita’.  The Shiva sect and Vaishnav sect quarrel too much.  Once there was a quarrel between Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.  But Shiva worshiped Vishnu and Vishnu worshiped Shiva hence the fight was over.  However, Shiva’s ghosts and Vishnu’s monkeys are still continuing the fight.”

Baba then talked on English literature.  He told a story of Lord Byron. “He was about sixteen year old student of Oxford University.  There was an essay competition.  The subject was Lord turned water into wine.  Byron was simply sitting till the last bell.  Time was over. He asked for one minute extra and wrote one sentence, ‘The water saw its master and blushed’. (Netaji wrote many such cryptic thoughts.) He won first prize.  Byron later became a man of very bad habits.  Even Shelley’s company could not improve him.”  He further told about Shakespeare that he wrote dramas up to the age of forty-two only.  Baba observed that Shakespeare indulged in black-marketing at the age of seventy. He was jailed.  He said his mind was not ready to accept it.  However, Shakespeare had done injustice to the whole Jewish community by describing Shylock Jew.  Baba told us that Himmler was smoking pipe and for the first time killed ten thousand Jews without any anguish.  Baba described his brutality.  When old ladies were questioning him he told them not to worry, as it was a matter of a few minutes.  Baba described about spraying of D.D.T. and how he mercilessly killed all.

Baba narrated his experience, “Every devotee of God sometime for a moment gets fed up and becomes non-believer of God but he is in pursuit of finding the ultimate Truth although he is an atheist.  They are good people but those who believe in God in practical life are loyal, honest and better.  Once after finishing my meditation in the Himalayas I casually came to the plain.  I was sleeping along a bank of a river.  One crow came and began to prick its beak into a little one of a water bird. The bird was emitting shrill cries.  When I saw that I was restless for a month.  I asked myself whether Nature’s plan was full of murder.  I too began to lose faith in God temporarily.  After that again I went into deep thinking and meditation.” (Subhash Chandra admits in his biography on page 57, ”I sometime wonder how at a particular psychological moment a small incident can exert a far-reaching influence on our life.”)

Similar was the case of Siddharth, the lord Buddha.

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