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Posted By Author on September 13, 2011


Baba’s letter in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das viz. Dada from Amarkantak is as blow.

“Dear Suresh,


Baba has left here today for a destination not disclosed to us with a view to bring about a total changeover in the primordial principles according to which the divinising work has been being so far done or attempted to be done. Our hopeless inability – and ‘True Hour’ definitely and prominently includes even to develop the genuine urge and impulse for observing the four minimum conditions in spite of repeated warnings, times without number, has completely affected the withdrawal of Baba’s mind from this morbidly silly and incorrigible stupid humanity. It lies yet in darkness of failure, how and when new principles will be formulated and sanction received from the Divine with distinct enunciation. Let nobody of us expect that Baba will return this time. The prospect is undone and done away with once and for all.

Nobody from here is accordingly going to attend your marriage ceremony.

May a happy conjugal-life dawn upon you?

Our deepest affection and Baba’s love and blessings

With affectionate regards

Lovingly yours



The following is Baba’s letter in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das written from Amarkantak on Ashrams letter pad.


Dear Suresh

My letter, dated 2.10.68 must have already been in your hand. After three days Baba returned here from His seclusion with an opening of a new channel within the same set of principles. Baba is not yet quite sure whether human stupidity will rise above itself to allow to itself to be worked upon through this channel. Another attempt will be made with this modification making it as much possibly adaptable to innate human weaknesses as can be. Ramenbabu and Gobind are ailing. With Nityababu, Dinu and Pilu reached here a few days ago. Due to some urgent business in court Nityababu will leave to return on 11th at the latest. Dinu also will have to accompany him to attend court at Alipurduar. Gobind has to return to Calcutta as early as possible to attend some complicated business matter. However next Saturday the 12th October he will reach Akola in the evening to attend your marriage but the next morning he will have to start for Calcutta for the aforesaid purpose. We trust, considering the gravity of this importance you will not feel too much about it. After the return of Ramesh from Assam he will have to go to Etawah to attend school at least for a few days. Some serious complaint about his long absence from the school has been placed before the Director of Education. He is determined to resign but Baba has not yet given the permission.

Trust that this letter will find you all in the best of your spirit and health. With affection for youngsters and regards for elders, our deepest of affection and Baba’s love and blessings

With loving regards

Affectionately yours



Today is my birthday by solar calendar.  I went to Sabnis Studio and got prints of photographs taken at Amarkantak.  All twelve prints were properly exposed and excellent.  Shri Baba’s full photograph standing with back exists for the first time.


Shri Sant Tukdoji Maharaj of Mozari expired today.  Shri Baba told me once that during His sojourn afoot in 1857 he left a note in the book of opinions at the Mozari Ashram, which is about twenty-two miles from Amravati on Nagpur road.  Received telegram from Amarkantak and a letter also.

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