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Got up late.  After bath Baba called me.  He went on planting saplings and I followed watering.  The work continued.  He took me behind his hut and told to clean dry leaves.  After his meals we had a brief chat.  I was very hungry and while reading newspaper I glided into sleep.  Then I was first to pounce upon meals.  Indersingh, the servant, had gone to his village to fetch charcoal for us.  He did not arrive and hence Gobind and I washed utensils.  I took nap in the noon.  When I got up, the sky was cloudy, gale was getting furious and it was raining.

The notes that Baba gave yesterday and which were in Ramanidada’s notebook were as below:

Note I:     “Material honesty stripped off moral honesty is no honesty at all; at worst it is a policy and at best is a silly sentimentality without any rhyme or rhythm that never changes the core. Such surface touching honesty may at any moment stoop to dishonesty when either cheap sentiment disappears or the policy fails to work.”

Note II:    “ There must be an ever conscious attempt being carried on as continuously as possible to control reflexes of the body, of the vital, and of the mind.  Reflexes are of two types: Conditioned and natural. Conditioned reflexes are the outcome of natural reflexes modified by adaptation and the like.  Not that you are not to master the reflexes arising out of so called good adaptation in as much as slavery, goodness is as vicious as the bad itself.  If you are a slave to goodness, it means you have become mechanically good and that is no real goodness at all.

Your attempt at controlling the reflexes, if properly carried out, will have two very powerful effects on your development. In the first place, it will make you progressively self conscious and in the second place you will acquire some mastery over the physical, vital and mental phenomenon and you will derive from it the joy of a master, not the poor glee of a slave.”

In the evening Baba called Rajat and me and then dictated a reply to Mrs. Kitty Kurti, 254, Steel Road, West Hartford, 16117, Connecticut, U.S.A. Many a times additions, omissions, and changes were made.  Twice he went inside and came out.  Ramsingh Pradhan came but since he had not brought washed clothes he was disallowed to see him.  In the day’s Dak there was only newspaper.  He went in.

(Kitty Kurti was Jewish and closely associated with Netaji in Vienna. She personally knew Freud and Jung and Netaji used to have long discussions with her on psychology, dream analysis, psychoanalysis and experimental psychology. Letters of correspondence between them are published in many books and she wrote a book on Netaji. Netaji warned her to leave Europe immediately auguring atrocities on Jews.)

Our cooking started.  Lala had some skin disease and he was scratching his body and with the same hand preparing chapatis.  I could not but resist telling him about hygiene and he took it insulting and left.  Gobind completed his work.  Some water was accidentally spilled over Ramesh and altercation ensued between him and servants.  I got fed up and retired.


Today was third lunar day known as most auspicious ‘AkshayaTritiya.’  Agricultural operations for the ensuing monsoon season begin in India.  After routine, worked in the Garden.  Baba came out and together we plucked tomatoes. A parcel sent by Budhiballabh arrived.  It contained Malta, lemons, bananas, oranges and vegetables.  We had not even three rupees to pay labour charges of the coolie.  Baba came to know it.  I wrote a chit to Sohan Singh of Kund to pay three rupees to coolie.  Saxena had gone to sell remaining blankets at Guptakashi.

I cleaned garden, washed clothes and took bath again.  Did writing work.  At midday had good meal and slept.  After getting up I tied props to support the carnation plants.. Mr. Chamoli came and went.  Rajat came and enquired as to where was Shomu. It was Shomu’s regular duty to take bath and then milk the cows. Evening timing was 7 P.M. Gobind rushed in search of Shomu.  He came after taking bath.  He was delayed by five minutes.  Shomu had been to the forest to cut grass for cows.

The delay of milking cows created ‘Gandgol’ (upsetment). Baba’s cause and work were destroyed.  Baba got awfully indignant.  Everything was finished according to him.  All of us were called.  Then he rebuked and chastised us.  He told to sell the cows and give money to Saxena and let him go to Etawah, his hometown.  Baba was delayed in taking milk hardly by ten minutes but he insisted that it was forty-five minutes late.   Gita told him that she would prepare chapatis for him and he allowed her.  He said that if he took milk late he would suffer from constipation and thereby hard stools would cause bleeding.  Without milk his body was not in a position to bear pressure of work.  It was a Gordian knot.  The whole episode did not appeal to my mind.  Poor Shomu was told to keep milk ready by 7 P.M. and Baba started grumbling from 6 P.M. Finally, he told that he could not work by trusting us.  He said to Ramanidada, “This time on 18th if work is not successful then be sure there is darkest cloud before us.” It was a catch 22 situation. In Hindi he said meaning ‘whatever suffering awaits, you have to suffer.’  He went in and refused to partake anything.  He then called Gita and Chinu and afterwards closed himself.

In the morning Saxena left one blanket to a shopkeeper and brought ten Kilo rice of twenty-five rupees, which he left at Mitranand’s temple.  Gobind and Saxena left to fetch both milk from Chunni and the rice. I got busy in cooking and Ramanidada came with unnecessary worry as to why Gobind and Saxena did not arrive.  Rajat was sent in search of them.  Anyway, we had dinner and chat.  It started raining.  We had no matchbox to lit cigarettes. Lala and I went to kitchen to fetch a piece of ember.  Slept late.


Up and took Chiraita water.  It was medicinal herb dipped whole night in water and that water was to be taken regularly. Its test was bitter and acrid beyond imagination but it was Baba’s compulsory diktat for all of us.  Completed routine and after bath made a fair draft written to Mrs.Kitty Kurti. The letter was written  on an aerogramme.  It was, as below dictated by Baba:



Mrs. Alexander Kurti, 254, Steel Road,

West Hartford,

Connecticut- 06117, U.S.A.



Shaulmari Ashram,

C/O. Sub postmaster, P.O. Okhimath

Dist. Chamoli, U.P., India.



My Dear Mrs. Kurti,

Your letter dated Second May 1967 has been received.

I have been directed by the Founder of our Ashram His Holiness Shrimat Saradanandaji to tell you, you may, if you so like sending a recent unspectacled photograph of your son Dr.Thomas Martin Kurti at your convenience for the perusal of His Holiness.  I have been also directed to point out to you that it is an erroneous assumption to suppose that ‘heart and mind can never be separated in the fine and natural effort to walk the path of spirit.’  Indeed walking the path of the spirit cannot be undertaken with any success without constant attempt at analysis and consequent separation of the constituents that form the most complicated inner structure and a person can never be face to face with the Supreme Truth unless and until he or she is successful in separating inner constituents.  It is, of course, a different thing that heart and mind should be made to work in conjunction and concinnity.  Even theoretical understanding of what has been stated above will remain strewn with difficulties if you stick to the hazy connotation of mind in line with modern psychology, which has bundled up in a jumbled manner everything internal in the term ‘mind’.  You should not have made a definite assertion about a subject of which, I presume, you do not know much. Undue generalization should always be avoided.

Trust this letter will find you in the best of your spirit and health.

With loving regards

Sincerely yours

Sd/- R.R.Das

It may be noted that this lady has studied modern psychology with famous Karl Gustavo Jung in Switzerland for many years.  Netaji was thickly associated with her in Vienna and Berlin. She used to visit Freud. On Netaji’s warning she left Europe because she was Jew.  Otherwise she would have ended in a gas chamber.

At 11 A.M.  Baba called us all and pulled us left and right as usual.  One thing I marked about him that he strives for perfection and wants others too to be perfect both in time and space and lag or failure exasperates him.  None of us could match his mental capacity or physical endurance.  We returned and again we were called.  Baba then told Shomu that if he would have been warned that if the cow was not milked at proper time his skin from the back would be ripped off by a shoe then he would have worked properly.  Shomu innocently smiled and it was last straw on the camel’s back.  He simply burst in outrage.  Again after sometime we were called and he said to Shomu that he was a pony nineteen years old.  Was he drinking milk with nose, etc? Shomu again smiled and Baba again exploded. He then told to sell blankets next day.  Lala was sent without meals to sell cows at Okhimath.  Then he warned that all of us should leave the place within a day after and went inside. All were becoming immunized to his anger and chastisement. They were becoming thick-skinned.

We came out and had bellyful meals. None showed any remorse or anxiety.  All were on the contrary in jovial mood and criticized Baba that he was expert in putting blame on others.  Intermittently and alternately Baba called in Rajat and Gobind but I slept well. When I got up Lala had arrived with the message that no buyer for cows was available. Dasmana came.  Gobind and Lala after their meals took both the cows and their calves and we began our march towards Okhimath again.  I too joined them for a change.  Baba was observing us from a distance.  We climbed half the hill ahead.  One cow was with me.  The other cow started trembling and fell down. Lala was panicky. The cow had dysentery. Lala expressed his worry that if the cow died a new problem would crop up.  So Gobind was sent for Baba’s advice.  He returned with a directive to be back.  Indersing came for help.  We reached the camp and Baba told to carry them next day.  He told to assure Ramsingh Pradhan that the cows would not return this time. He told to donate them to Ramsingh without any return.  We then sat around Baba.

He began pouring his anger and as per my nasty habit I made a dig at him.  He gave simile to his work of electronic machine.  He said that after switching on the machine if a particular thing was not received within five minutes, the machine would explode.  In his work the milk was delayed by five minutes and it would tell upon his body he said.  I said machine could be switched on or off any time and it should be switched off before possibility of explosion.  Baba remonstrated me in Hindi that I was exhibiting too much intelligence. When I pleaded that Shomu’s mistake was not intentional he exclaimed that how and why I did not feel ashamed of.  Lala put a question absent-mindedly and Baba became furious.  I made an excuse of nature’s call and sneaked out.   At night fortunately I had had dinner and slept.

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