My 1st evidence – Baba was Subhash

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First thing I did was to copy down the note read out by Dada, which was meant for me and dictated by Shri Baba.  It was as follows:

“Why Subhash Chandra (Bose) failed both in his ultimate objective and means thereto? ”

“ It is true He received something, at least a spark, from the Perennial Source who was Divinely ordained to start the divinising work for the Humanity but in Subhash Chandra Bose the spark received was so enormously distorted by His vital and the mental that basically he remained a slave to degenerating ambitions.  And it is for this distortion that the means He adopted were not only wrong in its own way but suffered setbacks through His own ignorant outlook of service to Humanity.  The more you receive is distorted by your own ignorance and Subhash Chandra Bose must suffer in as much as it is this suffering that will ultimately bring him to His senses to realize the more you are destined to suffer, if what you receive the Himalayan folly of cherishing ambition He committed.  Either from the Original Source or from its offshoots, repeatedly warnings were infused in His inner structures but in His darkening ignorance he turned a deaf ear to it.  In the lives to come suffering for Him will mount in progressive succession, until He is able to lend upon real endeavour to do away with the stupid ambition and to arouse in Himself the real urge for ‘Anasakta Karmayog’. The life of Subhash Chandra Bose must serve as an eye-opener to all real aspirants for genuine service to Humanity to make them realize how playing with fire brings disaster to a man.  Let the wise be careful before it is too late.  The world process is a terrible mechanism.  If you handle it wrongly, there is no escape from being wounded, even being crushed.”

The above dictation was delivered to Dada on 16/9/1968 at Amarkantak and he was told to read it out to Saxena and me. Mark ‘he’, as per instruction, is always written ‘He’. It was a rule to use capital H for him.

At about 1 P.M. I took lunch and had a short nap.  Then I worked in the garden.  When the Sun’s rays were slanting, I snapped Chinu’s photo.  Then I took photographs of our settlement, and when I was to take a snap of Haribandhu, Gita alerted that Baba had come.  It was true.  I kept the camera and came out.  Shri Baba returned after forty-eight hours without food.

The first thing He did was to enquire about my arrival and condition at home.  We then went inside. Chinu was on his shoulder.  Again he enquired about my parents, Chandrashekhar, Prabhakar and specifically asked about the fate of Agricultural University for creation of which there was firing, death and curfew in my town.  Then he asked about my bride Kunda.  The leaves of a tomato plant in front of Him were dropping for want of water.  He immediately pointed it out and ordered to water it.

Shri Baba had an eagle’s eye and immaculate work was his fancy.  He was a perfectionist and expected excellence from those around Him.  I wondered as to how his brain used to function on different topics simultaneously.

Today’s note was a bonanza for me.  It is noteworthy to understand that He has mentioned Subhash Chandra Bose in present tense. Needless to say it was proof that He Himself was Subhash.

Shri Baba’s method of giving up fast was unique.  Curd, lemon juice, rock salt, sugar and water were mixed and churned together.  Then He drank three ‘lotas’ (about seven to eight full glasses) of concoction.  About one tablespoon salt and eight table spoons sugar was there.  His fatigue disappeared and He looked fresh.

Our chat began.  Chinu was playing around.  I handed over recent newspapers.  Shri Baba then left for bath.

Gita told me that photograph of my bride sent by post was seen and approved by Shri Baba.  He told Gita that if sufficient money were received then on the day of my marriage Baba would take her and Dada to Banaras and perform ‘Abhishek’ on Lord Kashi Vishweshwar for wellbeing of my married life.  He told her that Suresh was definitely going to have happy married life.

One thing is beyond doubt that in spite of chastisement and corrections Baba’s intense love and affection for me was unfathomable. I was privileged one.

Gita discussed other matters and she told that a six feet long snake was killed in Dada’s hut.  Shri Baba joined us.  He said as soon as Ramesh Saxena would arrive, he would be sent to Assam to fetch Rs.5000. Gobind Shah was to be sent to Amravati with presents for my marriage.  He told me to search a good tailor who by night would stitch a ‘Punjabi’ shirt for me, etc. etc.  Baba left inside to take his food.  Then we were served food prepared in His kitchen.  Rice, Dal, vegetables, fried vegetables etc.  I washed and cleaned the vessels, plates and utensils and then called it a day.


I was already instructed to be ready early.  I got up at 4 A.M. Finished ablutions and bath of very cold water.  Shri Baba was coughing.  He came out at 5 A.M. It was dark and the sky was studded with stars.  Shri Baba advised me not to send an invitation card of my marriage to Shri Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar, Calcutta.  Then He took me aside and told me to give five rupees to the priest and perform pooja at the Narmada temple asking for peace to Humanity.  I agreed.  He enquired about my monetary condition.  Then along with Haribandhu we left.

We reached the western hill and called upon a milkman.  We purchased about five liters of milk.  We then walked down to a known shop and left milk can there.  Arrived at the ‘Naka’.  Met Pandeji.  He was very happy to see me.  Called on Namamal Sindhi, a worshiper of Shri Baba.  From there we proceeded to the Narbadeshwar temple.  I paid five rupees and four annas to the priest to perform ‘Bhog’ ceremony.  Made purchases in the market and via ‘Naka’ returned to the destination.  Must have walked about ten miles.  I was utterly exhausted with the heavy weight of a bag of forty kilos and a tin of Kerosene on my shoulders.

I then washed clothes and took bath on the river Narmada.  Dada joined with Chinu for bath.  I took Chinu’s photographs in nude while taking bath with Dada.

Shri Baba called me in.  It was 12.30 P.M.  He dictated the following note and told me to read it out to Gitamasi.

Happy Married Life

“There are some simple secrets leading to a happy married life.  At the very outset you must realize, not only understand that until a man makes himself perfect or near perfect by successful, divinising processes, both good and bad in varied proportions, exist in human nature and between good and bad, between vice and virtue, there can be no rigid line of distinct demarcation.  Both are absolutely relative.

Human nature is by its very construction variegated.  Not only this, in the midst of some general concinnity elements of discord and dissention dominate ignorant human personality.  Generally speaking, the moment the ego of a man is interfered with, he will rise or tend to rise in revolt and this revolt in a certain sense and from a certain angle of vision will be more prominent, nearer the relation is.  And therefore it is imperative for all aspiring for happy married life always to genuinely try to eliminate as much of duality in relationship between the couple as possible.  The interest and urges of both have to merge in those of each other in such an undisturbed way that everything gets blended in an integral manner to create an undivided whole of the two.  The more you are successful in affecting this emotional blending, the happier you will be. The more you fail; the more disturbance and suffering will be your lot.  In ignorant human nature there is a tendency of thinking too much of itself and it is prone to ask too much for itself without caring to give the same to its opposite.  In a sense more or less this is the root of trouble in the world.  We want to get but we are incapable, even reluctant of giving.  Just do away with this one sordidity and much trouble will disappear from world.

In married life attuning the nature of both husband and wife to each other’s nature is the foremost need.  The worst sufferer for this lack of attunement will be not only the impair themselves but also much more seriously their offsprings.  If both are not considerable to attune their nature to each other with relatively high ideal in view, the prospect of a happy life will remain a mere chimera.  These are the theory for a successful happy married life.  Let us then come down to the earth for a practical thing.  The problem is how to bring this about.  A very simple method for practice preferably by both of the pair or at least by either of the pair is given below:

If you have faith in God, personnel or impersonal, relative or absolute, manifested or unmanifested, you have to take up the same Divinity as the means in the following process.  If on the other hand you have no faith in God in any form or in any aspect, you have to think of yourself in such a way that in the depth you have the Supreme purity and the Supreme Force and correcting light operating within you in the subliminal and below and above the subliminal only a very small fragment of which – and that even darker one – has been in a very haphazard way and in a very distorting manner uncovered by the Freudian School of psychologists and given the name unconscious to it.

At least twice every day, once in the morning and once in the night, according to your convenience sit down in any posture with your vertebral column perfectly straight so that the nervous current flows there up and down quite freely.  Then in your mental eye construct a vivid picture of your life partner.  Think of the Divine Light and Force within her head and make that Light and Force diffuse in all directions with this kinetic conception that that Light and Force is removing from her personality whatever is small and mean, whatever is undesirable and is establishing in her perfect harmony between what she upwardly thinks and externally does.  When any particular issue arises, you may particularize accordingly these broad generalisations.  Then in the same way come down to her cardiac center with your thought and do just in the manner you have done in the head.  For a God believer sincere prayer to the Divinity, after thinking of the Divinity within her head and the heart will be very helpful.  But one thing note, if the above said process is deliberately undertaken to make one subservient to you then for the time being you may get what you desire but in near future intense suffering will be your lot.  You cannot play with fire. The good of your life partner must always be in your mind and though you have to modulate your behaviour according to the need, internally you must not allow your ego to run a riot.  The more you transgress your ego the happier you will be.

Occasions will always come to get the peace disturbed.  You have to tackle each occasion very judiciously with a compassionate and sympathetic feeling keeping clearly in view what is stated above. You will see that after a few months of married life when the carnal patience will be more or less normalized, elements of discord and dissent will now and then crop up.  These elements will have to be handled very carefully.  Remember mere rebuke can correct nobody.  It is the sympathetic impulse behind the rebuke that may have a chance of bringing about desired transformation.”

We then discussed a poem printed in ‘Organiser’, a mouthpiece of R.S.S.

To make your marriage cup brimming with joy

Whenever you are right keep shut

Whenever wrong do not argue.

Shri Baba too read the poem and called it absurd.  He aptly observed, “It is better to have an ounce of realsation of idealism than to have tones of idealism without realisation.

Shri Baba went in and we came out for lunch.  Realised threadworm infection persisted.  Had a nap after lunch.  Then wrote diary.  After that along with Haribandhu we watered all plants of the garden for an hour and half.

Gitamasi invited us and served sweets.  Shri Baba then called me in his hut.  It was windy.  A candle was lit and put under His umbrella.  We sat on the floor.  Shri Baba then dictated the following with a directive to sign it and post it to Rajat at the Shaulmari Ashram.

7 P.M.     “ My Dear Rajatdada,

In about ten days time rupees seventy five will be wired to Shri Vibhutibhushan Ghosh, Public Prosecutor, Jalpaiguri; rupees seventy five to you for filing an appeal to the Jalpaiguri Sessions Court against the dismissal of the case against Falakata Police by the S.D.M. Alipurduar.  We may trust that you will not feel too much about sending money direct to the lawyers instead of your medium.  This is all done under Shri Baba’s direction and this direction was given in view of the possibility of some smallness in one form or the other being aroused in you and operating as such through the stretch and strain of extreme economic difficulties through which you are passing. But only in one condition the appeal case can be instituted.  Before the institution of the case Shri Kalibabu (Kalidas Rai) will have to undertake the following penance for the most stupid sexual crime he has committed.  For fourteen Prayaschitta days he will have to take his food by begging from fourteen families as described below:

At the time of begging he will have to describe his own sexual crime to the head of the family from which he will get his ‘bhiksha’ every day.  Starting from the early morning he will have to perform one thousand ‘japa’ of ‘Om sharanagat dinarth . . . . .’ and in the evening he will have to perform two hundred ‘Japa’ of the same.  If he, with a repentant heart, is genuinely agreeable to perform this penance and ‘prayaschitta’ just in the manner stated above then and then alone the case is to be instituted by him otherwise definitely not.  The names of the families from which he is to accept ‘bhiksha’ are given below:

1st day      from his mother

2nd day     from Dinudada

3rd day     from Rajatdada

4th day     from Hiradada

5th day     from Satyanarayandada

6th day     from Mohandada (Mohan Mitra)

7th day     from Sachidada (Sachi Raha)

8th day     from Shri Manoranjan Bhadra, Falakata

9th day     from Niranjan Dutta, Falakata

10th day   from Nipen Roy, Falakata

11th day   from Gaurkishordada

12th day   from Shivaschandra Roy, Jadhav Palli of Falakata

13th day   from Brijlal Dutta, Baro Shaulmari

14th day   from Harishchandra GOP, Jadhav Palli

(In after thought No.9th was interchanged with No.11th.)

If it becomes necessary then after the starting of penance and before its completion the case can be instituted.

If the case is to be instituted just in accordance with what is described above, then you with Kalibabu have to meet first Shri Jagadischandra Ghosh and Shri Nikhilchandra Ghatak (Witness No.83 in JMCI Report.) and then with them Shri Vibhutibhushan Ghosh.  The case will have to be drafted by Shri Vibhutibabu and Shri Nikhilbabu.  As Shri Vibhutibabu is the Public Prosecutor, perhaps he will not be able to file the case himself. Our lawyers at the time of filing will have to pray to the court for the date of hearing to be fixed at least two months after the date of filing so that in the mean time necessary arrangements are made to bring an eminent counsel to represent in the court.

A copy of this letter is being sent to Shri Kalibabu.  “Note for Suresh: both the letters will go in two different envelops with registered A.D.”

I came out and settled for dinner but it seemed Shri Baba’s mind wavered.  He called me immediately. Leaving food I rushed.  He ordered me not to drop the above letter.  He took me aside and told that if money came from Assam He would send rupees two hundred to me and that I should send the same amount in my name to the Ashram to celebrate one meal for all in the auspices of my marriage.  I agreed and then came out to resume dinner.

Gitamasi and Haribandhu insisted to read their palms and forecast of life.  It was a great fun good past time.

I went to bed at 11 P.M.

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