My correspndence with JMCI continues

Posted By Author on November 7, 2011


Published obituary to Netaji on 27yh death anniversary in Hindustan.

Phoned to Gobind Shah and Samreshwar wishing them happy New Year.


I received E-Mail from Anuj Dhar, Delhi.


Adv. Vijay Keole phoned to watch Aaj Tak channel at 12.30 in the night. Watched news about Netaji’s birthday. Visit of JMCI and my interview covered nicely.


I sent an important e mail to Justice Mukherjee as below:

Honourable Sir,

From the news report I came to understand that the Commission is visiting Russia, Taiwan, and Singapore. I therefore can not resist the temptation to implore your honour to obtain the following information which will be of great value both for the Commission and me too.

1. On what date and time the Russian Forces occupied Dairen, Manchuria?

2. On what date the official surrender of Manchuria was signed? Who were the Russian and Japanese signatories to the surrender deed?

3. Did a plane with white cross flew from the South aerodrome located near Matsuyama aerodrome of Taipei at 2.30 P.M. 0m 5th September 1945 for Gansu aerodrome of Japan?

4. Date wise and time wise how many flights left how many flights left for Japan from both the aerodromes of Taipei after 20th August 1945?

5. After 5th September 1845  on what date and time first flight left Taipei for Japan?

6. On which date the official surrender of Taiwan took place and who were the signatories of America ad Japan?

7. Capt. Dilip Patel of Singapore Airlines at Singapore may be summoned to   vouchsafe my statement mentioned in the diary pages of 1998 and submitted to the Commission

8. Mrs Kamaltai Gokhale, sister in law of author of Hansa Gaan is at Singapore. Her address is 99 Meyer Road, 17-03, The Soverign, Singapore- 437920 Her deposition may be recorded to ascertain contents of Hansa Gaan. She lives with her son Anand who would be of great help as interpreter. His phone No. is (0065)96168442 and his wife Nilima’s number is 97832673.

I am sure the above information would negate the crash story and escape to Russia of Netaji. I hope the Commission is in possession of all papers of private probe of mystery of Netaji conducted by the Hindustan Times, Delhi. If not their web site is news/ specials/Netaji/ myths

With high regard

Yours faithfully

Sd- S.S.Padhye.

N.B. If the Commission has left India, the Executive Officer is requested you to transmit this letter to the Chairman.


Posted corrigendum to my e mail to JMCI


JMCI informed that the letter was sent to Kamaltai Gokhale, sister in law of Madhao Gokhale at Singapore. JMCI put wrong address.


Phone came from Vijay Keole to watch Aaj Tak channel. Informed son Vilas at Aurangabad to record the programme. In the annual review of best programmes the channel covered JMCI visit, my documents and interview.


Strain of writing argument was heavy. Doctor advised me to take rest. So along with wife left via Bombay, Frnakfurt, and Chicago to Portland. My daughter Vaidehi, son in law Ashutosh, and granddaughter Sanjana received us. As usual my luggage did not come. This time I did not bring original diaries and books due to fear of losing it in transit. It would have turned apocalyptic catastrophe.

We arrived at Vaidehi’s house in Vancour (Washington) and spent a month in eat, drink, and be merry. She took us to Cascade mountain, volcanic craters and lakes, boating, active volcano St. Helena, crater, parks, gardens, zoo, waterfalls, malls, many museums, parties, tested exotic food of various countries and what not. After enough relaxation, by E-Mail I informed my address to JMCI requesting to give couple of weeks time to reach for argument. From notes brought I began writing argument. Completed Snippets (Titbits).


All of us celebrated Vaidehi’s birthday at Washington Park with her friend circle.

Today is Independence Day of India and birthday of Rishi Arvind Ghosh.


Three days typing work washed out on computer because I did not put it in memory. I completed rewriting on 31st Aug. Ashutosh made a C.D. of my writing handed it to me. Sanjana wept as we were leaving for Sanfrancisco. Boarded San Diego flight at 11 A.M. Reached Sanfrancisco at 12.30. We had to wait as daughter Vaishali came bit late. Vaishali and son in law Vishal, took us in a big car. We crossed Bay area known as Silicon Valley and reached Freemont. C.A.

Vaishali gave a laptop computer in my bedroom. By day Vaishali and Vishal both with my twin granddaughters Anushka and Anjali would take us to various sights and at night I used to be busy typing. On Saturday and Sunday all of us would go to distant places like Yosimite Valley, Sierra Nevada, Crater-lake, Monterey Bay, aquarium, Pacific beach, Okland National Park Botanical Garden, Science Museum, Active volcanic mountain, and Las Vegas. I was happy to read Mahatma Gandhiji’s sentence at the entrance of museum.

I realised that material affluence was the chief attraction for Indian Diaspora. Gandhiji said, “What is civilization? It is increase in wants.”


At eleven in the night I lost eight days typing on computer and screamed with shock. Vaishali rushed and recovered the lost script. Thanked God.


I completed about 140 pages of ‘Netaji vis-a-vis Babaji’. Vaishali put it in a nice form with index to subject. Major part of argument completed.


I Left Sanfrancisco via London, Frnakfurt to Bombay. Celebrated my 69th birthday in plane. Reached Bombay on 8th and home on 12th Oct.2004. My collegiate friend R.S.Gawai, now Governor of Bihar,(presently of Kerala) was with us in the train. He was happy to see me and gossiped till late night.


Discovery channel projected BBC’s ‘Buddha’s Life”. I found many similarities of Netaji like walk afoot all over the country, Sadhana, Dhyan, fast, stress on character building, Sanyas, no taboo on any type of food, small incidents made life long impact etc. It was a masterpiece.

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