My Deposition before Mukherjee Commission

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My Deposition


The Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry (JMCI commission) with Shri Sengupta and others was to arrive by Maharashtra Express on 27/6/03 to take my deposition from 28th June from 11 A.M. at my house.

I was working hard day and night.  Finished typing of diaries though hurriedly. Dr. Wadodkar is looking after computer copy and censored copy.  Today finished diaries business. Comparative table of Shri Babaji and Netaji is to be done yet.  Notes are there.  Cross-references are to be put but handicapped for want of any copy of diaries’ print.

Moreover Index to name cannot be prepared as page numbers change with size of the print. Copying of photos, and documents in hundreds was yet remaining.  God knows how I was going to complete all single-handed.

Adv.Mahesh Mamarde and his wife Anuradha were doing yeoman service on computer printing. Dr. P.N. Wadodkar was heavily working on proof reading. But for these people it was impossible to face the Commission on 28/6/03

From 21 to 27th June I was busy whole day and night arranging documents, getting Xerox copies. I was alone in house. Wife had gone to U.S.A. Collector, Superintendent of Police and I decided to maintain secrecy about the visit of the Commission. However some clerk from collector’s office leaked the news to his friend who was reporter of newspaper Lokmat and the news flashed on 27th June. As a result reporters and T.V. crew of various papers and channels flooded my house. Requested them to come next day. Immediately informed the collector to make security arrangements.


The Commission arrived by Maharashtra Express from Pune. Dr.Wadodkar and I went to Badnera junction to receive the members. Missed them by minutes. So went to Circuit House of Amravati. Met Mr. P.K. Sengupta, former High Court Judge and Secretary of the Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry. (JMCI). The Chairman Justice Manoj Kumar Mukherjee did not come. On his behalf Mr. Sengupta was to conduct the proceedings. Welcomed him by offering bouquet. Mr. Bhattacharya of the research group and his colleague also met. They came with the Commission. It was because of this group’s petition in the Calcutta High Court that the Government had to appoint third Commission of inquiry on Netaji. Mr. Bhattacharya went through my two affidavits submitted to the Commission and hence he was interested to attend my deposition. Their group of five was to come but two alone managed.

At 2 A.M. copy of my diaries completed and brought.


Day 1 of Deposition

Since morning there was awful rush of reporters and T.V. crew. There were about twenty constables and two sub-inspectors protecting my premises against the crowd. I arranged sitting of the Commission in my front hall that is sixteen feet by fourteen feet. It was impossible to accommodate all reporters and it would have been unfair and unjust to accommodate three or four of them. So for the sake of decency I allowed them to occupy my lawn. The Commission also agreed that till the completion of deposition none should be allowed in the hall.

The Commission arrived 10 A.M. Along with Mr. Sengupta there were Mr. Panja, Officer on Special Duty and former Sessions Judge, Mr. Pal. Advocate General, two scholars and a typist. Chairs and tables for these members occupied half the hall and in remaining space I piled my document and in addition used the adjoining room. Because of my impaired hearing Dr. Prabhakar Wadodkar was helping me to explain questions. The session ended at 5 P.M. Mr. Sengupta gave audience to the Press on the lawn. Mr. Awasti of Nagpur, representative of ‘Aaj Tak’ news channel covered interview with the members of the Commission and then with me in the hall. He transmitted news immediately from my phone and T.V. to Delhi and by evening news appeared. He rushed to Delhi by night plane to handover cassette.


Day 2 of Deposition

The JMCI Commission arrived at 10 A.M. My deposition continued. My wife gave a ring from U.S.A. and talked with Shri P.K.Sengupta regretting for inconvenience in her absence. He assured her that daughter in law Swati was taking all care. Servants served tea and snacks to assembled correspondents on lawn. The session was over at 5 P.M.

The Commission examined Maratha daily of 1962, Organiser of 7th Nov.1977 and the book Hansagan Gan of Shri Gokhale. The commission demanded translation of page 41-42 of the book Hansa Gaan (U). Dr. P.N. Wadodkar translated and signed it and gave it to the Commission. The contents are as below:

English translation of page 40 and 41 from the book Hansa Gaan (U-41, U-42) written by M.S. Gokhale and foreword by Shri Acchut Patwardhan. Xerox of relevant translation of Marathi Hansa Gaan (U) submitted to JMCI  is as below:

Subhash Chandra Bose and Azad Hind Fauj

“Achyutrao decided to fix policy regarding Subhash Chandra Bose and giving me a letter, sent me to Dr. Lohia and Jayaprakashji for discussion. After discussion it was decided that “If Subhash Chandra Bose and his Azad Hind Sena were part of Japanese army and if these armies enter Bharat then these will have to be resisted.” Jayaprakashji wrote a letter on 1/9/1943 addressed to freedom fighters. Thoughts were expressed regarding the above policy in this letter. It will depend on the chain of events whether Subhashbabu will be successful in liberating our country. Taking place of the events or not is beyond our capacity. But one thing is clear, that the main support of our country’s freedom is our strength and means. When the British and the Japanese armies will fight on Indian soil, at that time if we are ready to capture government then only Azad Hind Fauj will be useful to us.

This policy decision was important for underground working committee that was in a state of disarray. Many members were taking rest due to impaired health. Based on the above decision Jayaprakashji wrote a letter to Subhash Chandra Bose and it was decided that it should be sent through faithful and able worker to Burma. I went to Mumbai with the letter. Achutrao and Dr. Lohia consented to this.

I returned to Calcutta. Jayaprakashji said, “Gokhale you go. There is a young man in Imphal who claims the old Burmese kingdom. You go to Imphal and enquire properly. There are a few of our workers. See them. The work is dangerous. Arunabai will arrange your travel to Imphal.”  Aruna Asafali opened quit India movement by raising flag at Gawalia tank in Bombay on first August 1942.

Suhrawardy was Prime Minister of Bengal An Anglo-Indian girl was his private secretary. She was a friend of Arunabai Asafali. She managed my travel to Imphal. Jayaprakashji’s letter was written on a thin paper. I folded it and kept in my shoe and started for Imphal along with a group of businessmen. An Anglo Indian girl was his private secretary.

Groups of businessmen used to go to Imphal via Kohima under the protection of army. They used to carry several things for living and used to return with grain. I started with such a group. I was enlisted as a clerk. Our group reached Imphal covering some distance by walking and mostly in vehicle. On way I was acquainted with an army officer. This captain Nayar was a nice man. He used to entertain me with tea.

In Imphal our group resided in a hotel. Two days were spent in finding the underground workers. I met Neelamansingh out of them. I showed him Japrakashji’s letter and openly told him the nature of work. He said person claiming Burmese kingdom is a fake one. Our information is that he is a British spy. He will take you to border and handover to the British army. We tried independently. Two workers were sent. They did not return. The British and the Japanese network of spies infested the whole North East India. Neelamansing told me to go back and with him I burnt the letter.”

Hansa Gaan

Page 130. ‘ I asked Nayar,” Dnyaneshwar Deshpande was the head of information and propaganda department of Azad Hind Government. He was from my town, He was sent to Japan by Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal (HVPM) of Amravati to learn Jujutsu. Deshpande came here and married a Japanese girl. He is no more now. I want to see his wife.”

She told, “ Dnyaneshwar was a nice man. He was learning Jujutsu in the same institute where I was learning. We got acquainted and we got married. My religion is Shinto and his was Hindu. My father was priest of Renkoji temple. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s bones are kept in this very temple.”

“Dnyaneshwar was in Rangoon during war. Netaji and high-ups were staying in the same house. See this photograph of those people.” I recognized Dnyaneshwar amongst them. ”

Note: Mrs. Kamaltai Gokhale, wife of M.S. Gokhale’s i.e. elder brother Rajabhau came to my house on 6th December 1997 and requested me to purchase a copy of Hansa Gaan (U) for hundred rupees. I complied. Kamaltai died in April 2008 at the residence of her son Anand Gokhale at Singapore.

After going through huge piles of documents Mr. Sengupta observed,” Why don’t you write a book?” ‘Aaj Tak’ channel flashed interview with the Commission and me, my documents, Netaji’s handwriting from letter to me and his photograph. The news was repeated in the channel’s yearly best coverage. It was also flashed on E.T.V. Marathi. Sharma of Zee T.V. from Akola came.”

I wondered at the modern development in communication. My niece from Shnghai, China rang stating she saw me on Aaj Tak T.V. channel and news about Netaji.


Day 3 of Deposition

This is the last day of the Commission’s sitting. Mr.Sengupta was in hurry to curtail my deposition and wind up, as he wanted to catch train for Calcutta. I was annoyed. First he denied accepting about fourteen hundred pages of my diaries. I insisted that he must accept things mentioned in my affidavit. He agreed and accepted. I wondered he was hesitant to take photograph of Sardanandji. Anyhow the Commission left at about 1 P.M. I saw them off at Badnera station. Mr. Panja was very helpful and considerate to me.

In three days sitting of the Commission at my home I delivered the following:

a) The living photograph of Baba. Photograph of backside with Chinu on the shoulder. Photograph of Baba putting clothes for drying. Photograph of the dead body in sweater. Coloured photograph on the pyre taken by Spaniard. Photo showing how the broken skull was tied with checkered cloth and photographs of Baba’s residences at Shaulmari, Himalayas, Melghat, and Amarkantak. Dehradun. These were not accepted and I was told to submit remaining proofs at the time of argument. For many documents Mr.Sengupta would tell to submit at the time of argument. I expressed my inability to attend Calcutta and he promised that I could send the written argument and remaining evidence by post.

b) Showed Baba’s letters in his handwriting written in the name of Saradananda as well as Vijnanananda. Five copies of Baba’s different handwriting were accepted. The scholars were very much interested in reading the letters. On the back of letters JMCI stamp was affixed.

c) Publications of Shrimat Saradanandaji. Booklets of the Ashram submitted.

d) Pamphlets throwing challenges to Members of Parliament in the name of Ramesh Saxena, Rajat, and Radhakant Pandey submitted.

e) Showed and later sent complete file on Shah Nawaz Khan.

f) Shown and sent complete file of correspondence with Shaulmari Ashram.

d) Enlargement of photos shown and C.D. of it sent.

e) Showed date and number of Government Resolution ordering all offices to remove Netaji’s portraits. Organiser dated 7th Nov.1977. Mr. Sengupta said he would procure it from National Library, Calcutta.

Whatever evidence I have submitted to JMCI is more than enough to prove Netaji’s identity beyond any shadow of doubt.

There is a very big file of correspondence between JMCI and me. It contains vital information, suggestions, circumstantial evidence, and tips on modern discoveries useful to JMCI for investigation. If health and time permits I shall publish it before long.

All said and done purposeful delay is replete so that Allied Intelligence should not lay hands on the truth of fabricated crash.

JMCI put its stamp on Madhav Gokhale’s book ‘Hansa Gaan’ on Page 41 at my house and took English translation of extracts regarding Netaji.

Note: When JMCI sent a letter that I should file a second affidavit I was out of station for couple of weeks in Raipur and Kolkata. The deadline for filing the affidavit was one month. So in great hurry I completed this second affidavit along with Annexure I and II. Obviously I could not get breathing time for correction in order to meet the deadline. Herein I have corrected, spelling, typing, constructional, grammatical, and factual mistakes.

For want of space huge correspondence between JMCI and me is avoided. However it is very interesting and absorbing like novels of Edgar Wallace, Conan Doyle, Agatha Christi or Shikar books of Jim Corbett or Anderson. If some adventurous publisher comes forward it may see the light of the day. Madhao Gokhale’s book needs to be translated in all Indian languages.


Daughter Vaidehi’s phone from U.S.A. News about my deposition flashed all over U.S.A. on Internet. She received calls from many friends.


‘Aaj Tak’ T.V. channel interviewed Col.Pritam Singh at 9.30 P.M. for half hour. The spelling of Shaulmari was wrong. It wrongly called Suresh Bose as Netaji’s younger brother. My interview too covered. The programme was repeated at 12.30 at night.


Wife brought prints of Internet news about Subhash Bose from U.S.A. News reports of P.T.I., Hindu, Indian Express, etc.


Phone from one Mr. Rajvanshi of Pune. He claimed that he was with Netaji after 1945. He is coming to see me tomorrow.


Mr. Rajvanshi arrived and stayed with me. His address is K.K.Rajvanshi, C-2/11,Samrat Garden, Hadapsar, Pune-28.  Phone: 6877502. He is a year older to me. He was in Ramgarh, Moradabad, and Sagar. He was a regular visitor to Sivapuri Kalan in Morena district where Baba Jyotirdev lived in Ashram. His name was Captain Joginder Singh. According to Rajvanshi Netaji came to India after independence and lived under different names. Lastly he settled in Shivapuran claimed himself to be Subhash Chandra Bose. Mr.Rajvanshi gave me photograph and hand written letter in Hindi of 1970 of Jyotirdev Maharaj. Gram- Nagda.  There is not an iota of resemblance with Netaji. He also informed about flopped DNA test of teeth of Gumnami Baba alias Pardewale Baba alias Bhagwanji of Faizabad and that Justice Mukherjee was going to visit Taiwan. I browsed through Rajahvanshi’s files. In nutshell his information is as below:

1.             Capt. C.J. Jyotirdev died on 11/7/1977 and was cremated in presence of K.K.Rajvanshi.

2.             Jyotirdeo Baba on 8/12/1976 met President of Azad Hind Fauj Association, 82, Daryaganj, Delhi and its Secretary Ekta Talwar. Phone-273532.

3.             Rajvanshi had talk with Haridas Banerjee, a scholar on Netaji resident of 39. Karnani Estate, Calcutta-700017, Rajvanshi and Banerjee met at Ramgarh.

4.             Rambharose Sharma and Gangadhar contractor of Sadar Bazaar, Shivapuri introduced Jyotirdev as Netaji.

5.             Kartarsingh of Raipur who was 27 year old in 1965 served Jyotirdev.

6.             Biyantsingh of Punjab who was paralytic claimed that he was bodyguard of Netaji in SE Asia

7.             A doctor from Gorakhpur claimed to have evidence of Netaji’s living. Probably he must be Dr.Bagchi who corresponded with me and deposed before JMCI.

I gave a lift to Rajvanshi to Badnera to catch Azad Hind Express.


Prof. Rajvir Sinha Krantikari of Amroh, Gaziabad informed me that Purushottam Arya, Rambabu, and Pavitra Mohan Roy used to call on Baba at Dehradun. He discussed Mauni Baba of Sitapur, and Gumnami Baba of Faizabad to be Netaji.


Sent a letter of thanks to P.K.Sengupta with fourteen colored photos of his press conference at my home.


Sent registered letter to Justice Mukherjee, Chairman, JMCI with important enclosures as below:

Appendix I – Secret files on Netaji, two pages and following news cuttings:

‘Is Netaji Alive’ article of Satyabrat Ghosh in Illustrated Weekly of India dated 23 January 1979 – two pages

Article of Prof V.N  Dutta, ‘Unresolved Mystery’ Times of India dated 16/9/1997

‘Declassification of files will throw Netaji into spotlight’ Times of India dated 22/8/1997.

‘ U.S. releases secret files on Pinochet’ The Times of India dated 2/7/1999

‘Panel on Netaji rues Centre’s Inaction’ The Hitawada dated 5/4/03

‘ Netaji disappearance probe receives major setback’ The Hitawada dated 1/8/2001

‘ Centre unwilling to make papers on Netaji public” The Hitawada dated 20/1/2001

Appendix –II Six photographs of Shri Baba Saradanandaji or Netaji with description

Appendix – III Details about tooth of Netaji.. The report of Times of India dated 15/7/03 about negative DNA test of teeth of Gumnami Baba of Faizabad.. Enclosure of news ‘Whose ashes are they any way’ Times of India of 30/10/1995 and ‘ Row over Netaji’s death can be set at rest by DN test’ Times of India of 29/11/1995

Appendix III-A information about Netaji’s ashes as per report of H.V. Kamath and Dayabhai Patel MPs who visited Taipei and how ashes of revolutionaries like Pillai and Shyamji Krisha Varma were brought to India but not of Netaji.

Appendix – IV Treasure of INA. That Shri Baba told me to keep my passport ready to go to Philippines. His man Mr. S. A. Ayer from Matunga from Bombay would accompany me and high ups from American Congress would meet us there, and handover four thousand million rupees to start rural development plan. INA treasure was entrusted to Field Marshal Terrauchi. It was a matter of further research.

Enclosed with it cutting of ‘World War II treasure judgment reserved’ about $ twenty-two billion by the Hawaii Supreme Court against President Ferdinand Marcos. With interest the amount was $ forty-three billion. H.Q. of F.M. Terrauchi was Philippines. Late Rogelio Roxas claimed that he discovered he discovered gold bullion worth $ twenty-two billion in boxes, during his treasure hunting north of Manila in 1971. The authentic news was from San Jose Mercury News-National, USA

Details of writ petition of public interest of Advocate Bijan Ghosh of the Supreme Court and Ved Prakash Saini of Rupar before division bench of Justice D.P. Wadhwa and Justice M. K. Sharma claiming to exhibit sealed box of INA treasure from the crashed Sally Bomber. The box was handed over to Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947. Governor General Mountbatten handed over forty secret files and reports to Nehru but Shah Nawaz reported that they were destroyed or missing. They contained circumstances of Netaji’s disappearance. The matter was raised in the Parliament in 1978 before Prime Minister Morarji Desai. The whole case is reported in The Times of India dated 9/5/1995 referring Vol. CL VIII.

Enclosed reported ‘ Treasure Tunnel Found’ worth $ one thousand million by General Tomoyuki Yamashi, the last Japanese commander in Philippines. TOI 9/5/1977

Appendix =V Submitted to JMCI about ‘Credibility of witnesses before Justice Khosla’.  Analysis of following witnesses, counsels, leaders, army personnel is given:  Uttam Chand Sharma of INA, Namvar Upadhya of INA, Usman Patel of INA, Shyamlal Jain typist, S.C. Sen Gupta of INA, R.B. Wirmani, Dr. M.A.  Jamal,  Sharda Prasad Upadhyaya, Gurucharan Singh, Rahman, Shaha Nawaz Khan, Uttamchand Malhotra; counsel N.D. Mazumdar, Ranjit Kumar Lala, Asaf  (later Governor of Orissa), Amar Chakravarty; Govindrao Deshpande-MP, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Jinnah, Maulana Azad, Radhakrishnan, Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Y.B. Chavan, Morarji Desai, N.G. Goray, M.N. Roy, Lord Pathic-Lawrence, Viceroy Lord Wavell, Clement Attlee, Mountbatten, Stalin, Molotov, Jacob Malik, Anatoly Drukov, Ashish Ray; Baba of Shaulmari, Ramani Ranjan Das, Debendra Nath Roy (he is Ramendra Kumar Roy), dog Bholu ; E Bhaskaran (P.A. to Netaji), Col Thievu, Col.. Komura, Gen. Isoda

Newspaper cuttings enclosed: ‘Netaji went underground at Thailand’ – Uttam. Nagpur Times 5/1/1971; ‘Netaji was to be handed over & charged’ Nagpur Times 23/1/1971; ‘Netaji still alive’ Indian Express 30/5/1981; ‘Bose did not visit Russia, says its envoy’ Times of India 22/2/1996; Netaji had left for Russia on Aug. 23, 1945’ Nagpur Times 1/1/1971; ‘Plane crash was part of plan for Netaji’s escape’ Nagpur Times 7/1/1071

Appendix – VI

Submitted pages of my diary explaining visit to Taihoku or Taipei (Taipeh) aerodrome. Examined landing old and new landing strip from map of Pilot Patel. He and co-pilot Disoza opined about Sally Bomber’s crash of 1945. (four pages)

Appendix – VII

I informed JMCI about modern research in examining handwriting and submitted details.  Enclosed cutting of opinion of expert analyst Peggy Kahn and graphologist Janice Klein and explained by Nadia Lerner. During my deposition I showed eight letters of Baba alias Netaji written to me mostly in pencil. They were stamped by JMCI. I brought to notice of JMCI five examples of Netaji’s habit of writing with pencil.

Appendix – VIII

I intimated to JMCI about modern laser technology of detecting latent finger prints even after forty years and that I could furnish the latent finger prints of Netaji after 1945. The Discovery channel flashed this technology of England from 25 to 30 June 2003. I enclosed cutting of Hitawada of 19/9/2000 with news ‘ Delhi Scientist develop novel spry formula to detect latent finger prints’.   Dr Gurvinder Singh Sodhi of Khalsa College and Dr Jasjeet Kaur of Applied Sciences for Women developed a new technology to take latent finger prints.. They fixed calcium ions an important gradient of sweat. I further furnished Readers Digest news of FBI personnel Michael Waguespack and Bob King   On information of Russian KGB informant purchased for seven million dollars from ordinary black plastic trash bag two latent finger prints of Robert Hanssen and arrested him.  JMCI took cognizance my suggestion and mentioned in Volume – II B of its Report on page 306 about Secretary’s Fax message and reminder to Dr V.K. Kashyap, Director CFSL regarding detecting finger prints in books, papers, etc.


National channel of Door Darshan projected interview of gallant INA fighter Col. Gurbaksha Singh Dhillon. He is above 90 years and living in Shivapuri in Madhya Pradesh. Col. Dhillon was Netaji comrade in arms born on 18/3/1914 and perished in hospital at Gwalior on 6/2/2006


Phone from son Vilas from Aurangabad informing that there is programme on Netaji at 10 P.M. to night on Star News channel of T.V.

Watched one hour’s programme. It was Ajay Dhar of Hindustan Times, Delhi who probably construed the programme on Gumnami Baba alias Pardewale Baba (always remaining behind curtain), alias Bhagwanji. Baba came from Nepal. Anuj Dhar claimed that Bhagwanji’s handwriting tallied with that of Netaji through expert opinion and that he was none else but Netaji. JMCI was compelled to seal about eighty-three boxes in Baba’s possessions including his teeth. Anuj later wrote a book on Gumnami Baba to be Netaji titled, ‘ Back from Dead: Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery. I cautioned him before that. Later DNA test of teeth failed. In this programme photographs of Netaji were projected. There was one important photograph of Netaji from backside that tallied with the photograph I took of Baba of Shaulmari at Amarkantak.

In Tarun Bharat of Nagpur dated 18 Dec. 1985 Aditya Sadnekar wrote an article on Subhash Chandra Bose. He gave details about Bhagwanji in which he claimed that Bhagwanji knew shorthand well and that daily he used to garland photo of Netaji. (Netaji would not garland his own photograph and he knew not shorthand writing.) This imposter might have been Netaji’s steno?

Anuj Dhar’s greatest contribution was that on E-Mail he corresponded with the Government of Taiwan and was officially told that there was no accident of any plane on 18th Aug.1945 at Taipei airport even a week prior or after. This made waves and Justice Mukherjee therefore visited Taiwan and officially confirmed Anuj’s say.


The Discovery channel showed how scientist reconstructed face of Neffreti from skull thousands of years old. It is definitely possible to reconstruct face from 107 days old dead body of Netaji.


Letter from Subhash Dasgupta informing that JMCI received official evidence from Taiwan Government that there was no air crash on 18th Aug.1945 at Taihoku now Taipei


Vivek Deshpande of Indian Express from Nagpur phoned and informed that Justice Mukherjee told Press that there was no air crash on 18th Aug.1945.


Local Daily newspaper Hindustan gave a wrong report that I believed that Gumnami Baba was Netaji. Preposterous.


Daughter Vaidehi’s phone from U.S.A. informing about Justice Mukherjee’s statement that there was no crash of Netaji’s plane.


Gajananrao Rahatgaonkar, a very senior worker of RSS, informed the same news of JMCI about no crash.


Photographed Netaji’s thumb from record and Baba’s thumb photographed by me for comparison.


The Discovery channel at 3.30 P.M. showed how scientist reconstructed and deciphered bodies of King Akhatin, queen Neffreti, and Prince Tutakhamen from Valley of Kings, Egypt. Their technique is definitely useful to decipher Netaji’s identity.


Hitwad reported news from Parliament. Mr.Swami insisted that Netaji probe should be completed by May 23rd 2004. Government requested to submit a provisional Report but Justice Mukherjee expressed his inability.

Letter and phone calls received regarding Netaji from:

1.   Prashant Pandit of Pune.

2.   Mrs.Vaijayanti Pathak of Akola.

3.     Dr.Sitanshu Mukherjee, my former Principal, former Vice Chancellor of University of Kalyani sent an essay of his biodata. Address: 56, Sundari Mohan Avenue, Kolkata-700014. Phone 033-2244-2833 and 033-2358-5889. He helped me lot to grant leave and I happened to introduce him to Baba at Bilaspur Railway Station. He read news about me in The Statesman and hence his letter.

4. Prof.B.L.Banchor, age 76, Tantyapara Chowk. Raipur (C.G.). Ph.   2537519.

5. Pramod Joshi, author of many books in Hindi, Mumbai. Phone availability only on Tuesday. No 0251-2201990. Letter from him received.

6. Prof. M.A. Nare. 5, Ever Smile Apartment. Mahatmanagar. Nasik. Ph. O253-2365394. Letter received.

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