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Posted By Author on August 31, 2010

I apologize for this break in posting my blogs.

My very long and very close friend Bhayya/Chandrashekhar Dandge passed away this August, may God bless his soul.   It was myself, Bhayya Dandge and Prabhu Wadotkar who worked as a team since 1963 trying to unravel the truth about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.  He visited and stayed at the ashram with me and always helped the ashram monetarily.

Cleared Rs.3000/- loan bond of Ranade, D.M. of course from my pocket.  On 6th borrowed thirty rupees from Dandge and made my reservation of Delhi.

Sent a letter and Dandge’s photographs to Baba. Unexpectedly Ratan Maheswari landed from Shaulmari, Falakata.  I put him in a room upstairs. He would come down in ‘lungi’.  My parents complained. We do not have ‘under pant culture’. Even from bathroom we do not come out wrapped in towel. It was embarrassing for me. He came to file a suit against Navabharat Times (Hindi) of Delhi as per direction of Baba.  He had no papers and originals and hence sent urgent telegram to Baba seeking further instructions.  However, after an hour a registered letter came from Baba including cuttings, a copy of Veer Arjun newspaper.
Ratan gave a shocking story that all were sent back to Ashram at Falakata from our camp at Gangtoli island, Okhimath. Haribandhu, Dinbandhu, Gaurkishor, Harekrishna and Haridas were amongst them. Shubir returned to the camp but deserted next day leaving a chit on motor stand. Satya Banerjee, Ramprasadji of Kanpur and Ramkrishnaji of Lucknow were turned out from the camp by Baba for psychosis of Netaji.  Ratan would go first time to see Baba after I left.

Brother, myself and Ratan spent three hours in brother’s office and finalized suit to be filed against Bennet Coleman and Co., D’Souza and editor Akshay Kumar Jain. The complainant was Ratan Maheshwari and Prosecution witnesses, Shah Nawaz Khan, Deputy Minister Govt. of India. Dr.S.S.Padhye, K.V. Bhole (newspaper agent), and Dandge C.A.

I told Dandge to arrange money for Ratan’s ticket.  From 8 to 11 A.M. typed the case, annexure, applications, etc. Purchased three dozens cells for Baba.  Brought two books on Einstein from grandfather for Baba. We attended court of First Class Judicial Magistrate Mr. Dhakephalkar. My brother guided Ratan, Dandge and myself. We were last but the court got curious and read the brief and assured to take it first the next day.


Chinu was born.. The case against Navabharat Times, process was to be issued. Next date 21/11/66.  Gave folding chair for Shomu, cells, books, cigarettes etc for the camp and saw off Ratan on train.  Sent a telegram to Baba.  The telegraph office was curious and recognized as Shaulmari business. I was dismayed to know Ratan made lot of purchases for his wife at Amravati and lied that he had no money for return journey.

Telegram came from Gyanbabu Banerjee from Falakata Ashram confirming names of editor, publisher and printer of Navabharat Times Delhi.  The telegram was highly distorted.

Local daily Hindustan reported Ashram’s filing of case against Navabharat Times.

Collected ‘datoon’ and cells for Baba.  Dandge saw me off at station. Reached Nagpur and got Grand Trunk express.  Reached Delhi at 6.30 A.M. on 1st Nov. 66. Got bus for Haridwar at 9 A.M. Reached at 4 A.M., by train reached Rishikesh and got bus at 7.30 A.M. for Rudraprayag on 2nd Nov. Changed bus and reached Chunni and descended to camp by evening.

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