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Posted By Author on November 29, 2010


The seventeenth Republic Day of India today.  By the time I finished routine Baba summoned.  He gave direction about payments and money matter. He gave a note to Saxena and told him to read out to others after his departure. The contents were that he was leaving to dodge the Devilish forces and would return before long.  None need worry about money.  Everything should be looked after well.

He was in a good mood for gossip.  Most of the stories told about partition of India, Rana Pratap, Haldighat were repeated. This was symptom of his aging. Baba then told me, “ Write down an incident that denotes stage and condition of the society.”

“A gentleman who rose to a very high judicial position came from a very poor family.  It is by dint of his merit alone that he rose to such a lofty position.  Both he and his wife also came from a very poor Brahmin family and were regarded as exceptionally good, uniquely liberal and immensely religious personalities. Once a niece of the lady, a daughter of her brother who was a poor pundit of a small Sanskrit school, came to her aunt’s house and remained there for sometime.  She herself was also married to a young poor pundit.  The daughters of ‘Her Ladyship’ used to spend a huge amount of time in polishing themselves, in combing their hair, and in applying cosmetics and the like.  The young girl, the niece of the lady, also started doing the same in following her cousins.  The very good lady got exasperated and in her anger observed ‘you are the daughter of the poor pundit and married to a poor fellow.  Why you indulge in imitating big people?’  A young man, (probably Baba himself) who was the class fellow of one of her sons, was present there and talking to his friend in an adjoining room. He heard the conversation and started fuming within himself.  The lady and her husband are well reputed in the society as very religious and very generous minded, highly cultured personalities.  Now if this lady even in the grossest matter cannot identify herself with one of her nearest blood-relations and still is regarded as very religious then what to the society goodness and religiousness mean?”

“The young man of course got his own answer from within himself and an oft repeated simile of Ramkrishna Paramhansa Deo flashed before his mind’s eye.  If you look from the ground you will find a great difference between  one inch long grass and one foot long grass but if you observe from a top of a high tree, both blades will look alike.” (Remember Baba’s incident of thinking over for a month on a petty incident of crow killing little one of a bird and he deducted law of nature.  Habits diehard.)

Baba then posed a question to me, “When is real sincerity of purpose of oneself expressed?”  He asked every one present there and none gave correct answer. When it was my turn I said, “In adversity” and Baba confirmed that I was absolutely right.  Then he dictated: “ Sincerity of purpose is the most manifest at the time of ordeal and really inherent goodness and nobility get the full scope of expression when faced with blood curdling impediments.”

Then he asked, “ Where lies the real joy of life?”    Without waiting for answer he opined,  “ The real joy of life lies in self conscious and self acceptable struggle with and for principle.”

Afterwards he told lot of stories and left. We returned to finish lunch and take rest.

At 5.30 P.M. Shibnath Bose returned from Meerut. He brought sixteen hundred rupees out of which three hundred and twenty five were sent to the Ashram as per Baba’s direction. He also brought some goods.  He did not come across Radhakant and Budhiballabh who left in morning to fetch a taxi.

Baba came out and I related information of Shibnath’s Meerut mission.  Shibnath joined us later.  I expressed my suggestion that minimum April would dawn to start work.  Baba shot back, “Let us see but if possible we will obtain money by the end of next month.  I queried whether it would be loan and he replied, “Yes.  Three persons will bring forty lakh each.  I do not want donation or charity.”  I surmised that if all the members of the Parliament were made to resign, fresh general election would be held.  Baba said, “Their obligation will remain. I prefer Janata plan.  I have also in mind to call a private meeting and do heavy casting on M.P.s.  If majority agrees this will also be done.  However, it will be clearly mentioned to them that they need not expect extra favour.”  After a little more gossip on other topics he went inside.  He called me in and told, “Suresh, you have leave upto 25th February.  You will not go.  Tomorrow morning you will accompany me in taxi and if taxi does not come we shall start afoot.”  I was then allowed to go.  Chinu was in his lap.

After his lunch we all assembled around him.  He told Gita to give one orange to each of us.  Again lot of gossip went ahead.  I read out letter of Mr. Jain of Meerut, a confidential typist of I.N.A. trial.  Malhotra sisters of Delhi informed that since their salary was meager they were unable to raise amount demanded.  Baba became off and told to write a letter to them that why did they promise to Radhakant or was Radhakant speaking lie?

Baba related stories of saints viz. Ramatirtha, Christ, Namdeo, Eknath, Bijoykrishna Goswami, Paramhansa Deo, Vivekananda, etc.  His mood was fine and he talked from 7.30 to 9.30 P.M.  He went in and we left Chinu’s hut.  Dined and slept.

Before retiring Baba warned me that if his name was disclosed near Chandi Mountain as ‘Saradanandaji’ people would crowd and pose nuisance.  Therefore he said that we would deceive them completely.  That I should disclose his name as ‘ Sitendu Shekhar Brahmachari.’  He called Ramanidada and smilingly told him the new name and the dodge. (Subhas Chandra Bose adopted different names to dodge the British Government. While escaping from India on 16th Jan.1941 he took name of  Ziauddin Pathan, in Germany lived for a year under the name of Orlando Mazzotta, in Japan lived under the name Matsuda, in recluse in India lived under the name of Saradananda, Vijnananda, (Hanuman Giri?) and proposed above one. He posed as Muslim. Catholic Christian, Buddhist, Brhamin of east Bengal.}

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