National Seminar on Netaji

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I read a letter by one Mr. Paranjpe in yesterday’s Tarun Bharat about Netaji and me.  Seemed egoistic and ignorant person.

In the evening Mr. Shyam Deshpande, correspondent of Nagpur Times came.  He talked with his editor.  I admitted that morally I was under obligations of his paper for giving outlet to lot of my statements but frankly told him that I was not interested in publicity.  He took a copy of a questionnaire prepared by me regarding Netaji.  Correspondent of Tarun Bharat gave a ring.  Enquired and requested to purchase shares of his newspaper.  I promised.


I was busy in writing.  Told Ananta to send a letter to the editor of Tarun Bharat in his name.


I reached Akola.  I called upon my brother’s classmate Adv. T.P. Patil practicing as a handwriting expert.  Showed him Photostat copy of Baba’s handwriting and Netaji’s too. Asked for his legal opinion.  He promised to give it next day.


Went to Mr. T.P. Patil.  He refused to give opinion in writing.  Just remarked that the handwriting was not of Netaji.  I enquired about negative and positive similarities or differences.  He said nothing.  I smelt that he was crazy for fees.  Outwardly he showed friendship and curtsey but rest was hollow.


I received Shri Bhau Naik’s letter from Bombay.  He met senior most worker of Blitz Mr. Homi Mistry and moved the matter regarding Netaji.


Mr. K.Y. Oak of India Book House returned my letters regarding publication of my book on Netaji.  He gave a false excuse that all were on leave.  Probably his seniors silenced him.

I went to Mr. Panditrao Joshi, the practicing handwriting expert of Amravati.  His nephew (?) advocate Anandrao Joshi asked for fees and to get an appointment at 10.30 A.M.  He was being uptied and I was dismayed and hence returned.


My wife handed a letter from Mr.D.Homi Mistry, the deputy editor of Blitz.  He gave reference of Bhau Naik and asked for proofs and preliminaries to further talk on Netaji.  He mentioned that the proposed subject would make Head Lines. It seems a good omen.  Got my typewriter and began work for Blitz up to 9 P.M.

Afterwards attended Lions Club meeting.  All members were curious and showering questions. I maintained stoic silence.


I worked heavily. Typing a lot. By 6 P.M. finished.  Exhausted. Hurriedly dispatched 125 typed pages, 6 photographs and five Photostat copies of Netaji’s handwriting to Mr. Homi Mistry by registered post A/C due.


I typed a copy of the letter written to the Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and a copy of questionnaire.


Sent a copy of the letter addressed to P.M. and questionnaire to Mr. Mistry of Blitz, Bombay.


Sent a written complaint to the postmaster general of Amravati that acknowledgement from Mr. Mistry of Blitz not received yet.


Mr. Satao is Deputy Superintendent of Police of the Central Intelligence Department.  He received a copy of my letter sent to Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 3/3/77.  He wanted to send reply and hence came for enquiry.  He was thorough gentleman and told me that he was classmate of my late brother Umeshchandra at New High School, Amravati.  We had a formal chat and he took notes.  He asked for Photostat copies of Baba’s handwriting. Promised him that I would try.  Then he left.


I received a letter from Shri Bhau Nailk of Bombay.  He intimated that all material sent by me reached Mr.Mistry.  There was strike-like situation in Blitz office.  A study circle of Blitz was working on my material.

Received a letter from Shri Vidyaratanji from Delhi informing that he was hopeful that on the 50eth day after cremation Baba would come and give him ‘darshan’. Poor innocent old man!


At 5 P.M. received an inland letter from Shri Uttamchand Malhotra of Delhi.  I opened the letter wrong way. He expressed anxiety and doubt that the body cremated was that of Baba alias Netaji or some decoy. Poor innocent fellow! From Ramani Ranjan Das to Uttamchandji still maintained that Baba would appear. There was no solution to stereotype and absurd beliefs and illogical behaviour of these people.


I received a message that P.S. Naik of Bombay (died on Feb. 2003 at the age of 85) was with his brother in law Mr.Vijay Potdar and was to leave the very evening.  So I rushed to him at Badnera road.  He explained negative attitude of Blitz for fear of Government repercussion and reprisal.  I requested him to get all documents from Blitz and keep them with him.  I assured that I was sending a letter of authorization in his name to Blitz.


I sent a strong letter to Blitz to take final decision either way.

Received a letter from Udaysinghji Dangi from Hariyana.  He ruefully narrated a bad state of affairs at Dehradun, 194, Education of children stopped due to acute stringency of money.  I was restless.


I sent a telegram to P.S. Naik, Bombay, requesting him to take possession of all material from the Blitz.


Wrote letter to Mr. Sablok and to Jogi Photo studio, both of Dehradun.


Chandrashekhar Dandge arrived from Bombay and came to me.  He informed that he had been to Mr. P.S. Naik and Blitz office.  Mr.Naik, my cousin of Patil Chawl, Bhandup, met Mr. Rusi Karanjia, chief of Blitz, and showed him my telegram. Mr. Karnjia (1912-2008) expressed regret for not sending reply to me. He admitted that the whole material was very valuable. He told that his topmost columnist Mr. Narayanan (Later President of India?) was working on my papers and he requested for more time.

Mr. Naik informed me that old man Homi Mistry apprised him, “Yes. Woman was his weak point. My sister was in the Blitz bureau of Calcutta. Subhash Bose and she became thick. They loved each other and were to marry but things could not materialize because of Bose’s hectic life, incarcerations and escape.” Mr. Mistry was convinced about reality of my documents. Mr. Karnjia accepted and appreciated my scholarly role. I have to wait and hope.  There was no other way.


My brother told me that he read Daily Hindustan.  There was a news item that Shri Samar Guha, Member of Parliament, demanded fresh enquiry into Netaji’s death.  That Mr. Charan Singh, the central Home Minister, approved the demand subject to agreement from colleagues. However, Morarji Desai Government rejected restitution of inquiry and stonewalled the demand.

Although it was rainy, I went to Chandrashekhar and informed him about the news of likely third commission of enquiry into death of Netaji.


News.  Uttamchandji Malhotra returned some registered letter.  Anxious.


Today is the fake death anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose in plane accident.  However there is no public remembrance.


Mr. Nanaji Deshmukh, person who united the opposition and brought Janata party to power called upon my mother.


In the evening steno typist Mr. Yadav came.  ‘Muhurta’ of writing on Netaji. Started dictation.

Next day since father was hospitalized deferred dictation to Yadav. Before long young Yadav died of heart attack. Calamities never come alone.


I typed a letter to Cabinet Minister for Education of Maharashtra seeking permission to hold International Seminar on Netaji at Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya, Amravati. Mr. Yadav typed the fair draft in four copies.  I submitted that through proper channel.


I received a letter from Mr. Thevar of Madurai regarding reception committee for Netaji.


Mr. Yadav came.  Completed first chapter ‘ME’.


Took notes on life sketch of Netaji.


I received a letter from Mr. Jayaprakash of Madurai and also  of Mr. Thever who was shocked to know facts about Netaji from me.


My friend Dr. Shekhawat’s wife Mrs. Pratibha Patil met at Dr. Doifode but did not give any response for seminar on Netaji.  She is cabinet Minister for Education, Maharashtra. (Now President of India)


Printed invitations to all Indian and Foreign Universities requesting to send a delegate for International Seminar on Netaji. Posting began. Next day also dispatch continued.  Dr. Wadodkar and Prof. Changole rendered help.


The Bengal Assembly unanimously passed a resolution for fresh probe on Netaji.


Mother met Central Cabinet Minister Prof. Madhu Dandawate at her institution. News read that Mrs. Gandhi was arrested. It was probably vengeance of emergency.


Our foreign dispatch continued.  Mrs. Gandhi released.


Since, last eight days posting invitations for the Workshop.

Uttamchand Malhotra’s letter from Delhi and Sohanlal Kapoor’s letter from Dehradun received. Both informed that Col. Pritam Singh was still under delusion that Baba was coming shortly.

Today is my father’s 77th birthday.


Dr. Wadodkar and myself first tried Joshi hall.  No amenities.  Therefore fixed City Library hall for seminar on Netaji. President of library Tatyasaheb Pitale was very helpful.  Since eight days Meena Sabnis was busy in making enlargements of photographs of members of Ashram, places of destination of Shaulmari enclave and other destinations.

Made a tentative budget of Rs.6000/- for Seminar. Paid advance of Rs.250/- by cheque for Hall.


I set office for the Workshop at my home.  Prof. Mahashabde of history and Dr. Wadodkar came. We made a ‘Muhurta’ of preparation for the workshop and seminar.  Daily visited Sabnis Photo Studio.


Frantically I searched a bunch of about 500 letters received from nook and corner of the country after my Press Conference was covered by P.T.I.   I got very disturbed. I failed to trace the bunch.

My classmate B.K. Deshmukh, proprietor of Prafulla Photo Studio tried enlargement of over exposed negatives but in vain.  The Sabnis Photo Studio lost the exposed role of Dehradun.  Silly.

Prof. H.B. Nirmal came.  Worked on the published work of the Shaulmari Ashram.

My departmental artist Mr. Khapre came and we worked for seminar and workshop till 2.30 A.M.


I called upon Sabnis Studio. I came back. Mr.Khapre came. Work is mounting.

With Mr. Khapre went to my college and brought cameras. Negatives sent for prints. Dr. Wadodkar and Prof Changole worked with me in the office.

A letter from German consulate arrived.


My colleagues came.  Worked whole day till late at night on preparation of workshop on Netaji.


Work on the Seminar continued.


I had heavy work in seminar office. Friends helping. I went to Sabnis Photo Studio. Did development in the darkroom. Gave Rs. 500/- to Meena Sabins to purchase hard, soft and medium full size photo printing paper from Bombay.  He was going personally.  Then went to Prof.M.S.Daterao and fixed lodge for delegates for the Seminar. Worked in Seminar Office.


Mr. Khapre, Prof. Nirmal, Dr. Wadodkar and myself worked in the Seminar office.


Mr. Khapre, Prof. Nirmal and others came and worked in the seminar office.  Due to overwork of the seminar slept at 2 A.M. It was telling on my health.


Unwell yet worked.  Khapre did mapping work.  Prof. Nirmal and Prof. Mahashabde worked heavily in the seminar office.  Photo printing work came to standstill as paper exhausted.


Whole day we worked on seminar.


I worked in seminar office with friends.  Sent invitations to the press through Publicity Officer Mr. Ghuguskar.


We worked till forenoon in the office. Then held news conference. Representatives of news Papers came. Gave statement about International seminar on Netaji. Dinner followed at Mesonic Lodge.  Balkrishnan of P.T.I. was last to arrive.

7/11/77  -  10/11/77:

Worked twelve hours a day on material on Netaji. Shri Nirmal, Daterao, Mahashabde, Khapre, Mardikar, Gawhane, Wadodkar, Dandge, Dr. P.B. Sabnis etc. worked heavily on preparation of the seminar, workshop and exhibition. All were professors.


An invitation to attend the seminar and workshop on Netaji was sent to Prof, Samar Guha. His reply reached today. He tried to dissuade me from revealing the truth. His letter on official letterhead of Member of Parliament is as below:

“Prof, Samar Guha                  Official stamp          14, Talkatora

14,Talkatora Road                   Four Lions           4th November   1977.

New Delhi.                              of Government

Member of Parliament

(Lok Sabha)

Dear Dr.Pdhye,

I do not think you are doing any justice to the cause of Netaji by emphasizing that Shaulmari Sadhu was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. You may do research work on the writings and papers left by the Sadhu of Shaulmari, but you will do positive harm to Netaji if you want to create impression that Shaulmari Sadhu was Netaji. When attempts are being made in the Parliament for scrapping the report of Khosla Commission, and instituting a fresh inquiry into Netaji mystery. Your work in the name of Netaji will do positive harm to this move. I hope you will keep it in mind.

With thanks,

Yours sincerely

Sd/- Samar Guha


Dr.Suresh S. Padhye,

Khaparde Garden,

AMRAVATI 444601.



Diwali.  Workshop work.  News regarding seminar on Netaji appeared in The Times of India, Maharashtra Times, The Indian Express, Hindustan, and on Radio Nagpur etc.


I worked whole day and completion was in sight.


I reached the City Library hall, 120 x 60 ft. We arranged three rows and stands.  Till noon arranged all exhibits on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: scripts, dictations, handwriting, correspondence, published work during recluse, Shaulmari files, Shah Nawaz case, Subhashwadi Janata papers, news items, letters from different embassies etc. Prepared about more that thirty sections and the hall were fully occupied. Prof. V.B. Changole, Prof. H.B. Nirmal, Prof. M.S. Daterao, Dr. P.B. Sabnis, Prof Mardikar, Prof Manik Kaned Mr. Gawhane, Dandge, Pandurang Pawar, Mr. Khapre and others worked in the hall to arrange documents and photographs.

Mr. Janaradan, a delegate from Madras University arrived.


We opened exhibition at 10 A. M.  Held close session after lunch. Prof. B.K. Bidwai, Prof. P.S.Kane of Political Science, Prof. W.P. Pande, press reporters and others attended.  The audience proved flop from my expectation.  Visitors to the exhibition were so-so.

Another hall was booked as the city library hall was flooded with documents.  Arranged lecture at Joshi hall on survival of Netaji with projector.  Well appreciated.  Made payment of the Hall.  Dandge paid the bill.


We opened exhibition at 9 A.M. Then close session followed.  Lunch.  In the noon crowd swelled at the exhibition.  Good response.  Mr. Subramanyam of P.T.I. met and told me that he attended my lecture yesterday.  Appreciated and sent a press note to P.T.I.


In morning Mr. Jagatap of Poona arrived.  Chat. To hall Basantilal, editor of ‘Jana Narayan’ of Delhi came.  First he did not disclose his identity.  Chat.  His views were quite different on Netaji. He maintained that the body at 194, Dehradun was not of Saradanandaji, Founder of Shaulmari Ashram.  According to him someone else’s body was replaced.  Lunch.  Took delegates to my home and arranged their stay.  Again back to hall.  The Delhi group wanted that I should not disclose anything about children.


I arrived at the city library hall.  Attended.  Arranged lunch for all at Sharada Udyog Mandir. I attended exhibition in the afternoon.

Padmashri, Shri Shivajirao Patwardhan, former Forward Block leader interned with Netaji at Seoni Jail, saw the exhibition and was astounded to see my collection. When I asked Dajisaheb alias Shivajirao whether Netaji cooked food, he narrated that in Seoni jail he would prepare food for all although he was running 102 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Thanked heaven for important clue.

In the evening gave a public lecture.  I could not control my emotions and tears rolled.


Whole day I attended the hall. There was very heavy rush at the exhibition.  In the evening arranged lecturers of the delegates at Joshi hall.  Mr. Jagtap of Poona, Mr. Potdar of Indore, Mr.Janardan of Madras, etc. spoke.  Then Basantilal made a dramatic entry with a very slow talk.  He went on talking till 12 in the night.  People showed signs of boredom.  Basantilal talked lot of rot.  He claimed that Emilie Schenkl was not wife of Netaji.  A body of another person with mask was replaced at 194, Rajpura road, Dehradun.  That Netaji helped Dalai Lama to bring six hundred horses laden with gold.  That the Shaulmari Ashram was flooded with gold and from the Ashram Netaji sent a letter to President Khrushchev of U.S.S.R. and another to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangla Desh, etc. He claimed that Maharaja Karan Singh of Kashmir was his close friend. He publishes a magazine named Jana Narayan.

In my summing up speech I shaved off Basantilal for talking nonsense. Superstitious fondness and mystic fascination continued to be dominant amongst the aficionados of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.  Slept at 3 A.M.


Morning left to the hall.  Packed all the material by 2 P.M. Due to Neo Buddhist Andolan transport came to standstill and delegates from outside were stranded..

By afternoon all co-workers left for Chandrashekhar Dandge’s village.  All who worked for the success of seminar, workshop and exhibition were with me.  We badly needed respite and relief.  Spent night there in eat, drink and be merry.


Report on the seminar appeared in the Nagpur Times.


Shri Basantilal’s letter received from Delhi.


I sent a letter to Shri Khushwant Singh, Editor of the Illustrated Weekly of India, Bombay, together with photographs and documents of evidence regarding Netaji.


Shri Samar Guha’s statement in the Parliament regarding Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose reported by the Maharashtra Times, Bombay.  Addresses noted on the last pages of the diary:

1.  Servant at Dehradun.

Shri Algu Yadava,

Village Nidura

Post: Birsumpur

Dist. Sultanpur. (U.P.)

2.  Shri Ajit Singh Bindra,

Radio shop,

Faltan Bazaar,

Dehradun (P.P.)

3.  Shri W.R. Sablok

530. Khurbada,

Dehradun (U.P.)

Bulb factory: 45-A, Malviya Road. Dehradun (U.P.)

Phone of residence:  5240

Office: 6292

4.Shri Sudhir Windlas,

11 A Rajpura Road, Dehradun (U.P.)

5.  Mrs. Das. Phone 4792, 5502

15/1, Subhash Road, Near Income Tax Office,

Dehradun (U.P.)

Shri Mahavir Prasad,

East Rohatak Nagar

Mahavir lane, 1356

Delhi, Shahadara-32

7.  Mrs. Protima Bose

100/10 Nash Villa Road, Dehradun (U.P.)

8.  Servant. Ram Sanjeevanpal

Village: Parshan ka purwa

Post: Mirmoha

Mauja: Ter

Police station: Mawai

Dist. Barabanki. U.P.

Residing at 214, Rajpura Road, Dehradun

It may be noted that separate state was carved out of U.P. i.e. Uttar Pradesh. It was named as Uttarnchal and now it is called Uttarakhand. Deharadun is the capital of this new state.

9. Mrs. Saroja Das was granddaughter of Justice Iyyangar. Her brother-in-law Das was Manager of International Airport and later Governor of Assam.

Address: 74, Nesh Villa Road, Dehradun. Ph: 4798

10.  Shri Uttamchand Malhotra

97.E. Kalkaji. New Delhi. Res. Ph: 631885

11.   Dr. M.N. Ghatate, Advocate Supreme Court

901, Asha Dip

9 Haily Road, New Delhi-17

12.  Bharat Krushak Samaj,

Phone: 619508 Nizamuddin West,

Mathura Road, New Delhi

13.  Shri Samar Guha, Member of Parliament

27-South Avenue. New Delhi.

Phone: 374236

14.  Sq. Ldr. M.G. Dange, B-25, DDA Flats.

Ground floor, Malviya Nagar Extension.

New Delhi. Ph. Office: 621784 or 693023

15. Jogi Photo Studio, Moti Bazaar, Dehradun (U.P.)

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