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Balasaheb Wadodkar informed that he did not get the Naxalbari Report on the given address at Bombay.  Then Ballu Shingore came and delivered the very booklets from the very address.  He did not accept money for the same. He is retrenched emergency officer of army and presently Excise Officer at Bombay.

Browsed through Naxalbari Report.  It was a figment of imagination.  Useless.  It charged Shaulmari Ashram and its founder His Holiness as agents of China imparting arms training for uprising.  Baba would be offended awfully and it was certain that he would institute a case against the writers. The details are as below:

Naxalbari – A Report

N. Dandekar, M.P., D.N.Patodia, M.P.

Swatantra Party Publication. Pages 19. Printed by S.R.Krishnan at Inland Printers, 55 Gamdevi Road. Bombay-7 and published by S.V.Raju, Executive Secretary, Swatantra Party, Central Office, 143 M.G.Road, Bombay-1. Price Rs.15/-

The ditto version on page 12 and 13 is as below:

Shaulmari Ashram

“The Report will be incomplete without making a brief reference about this Ashram, which is already widely known all over the country in connection with Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. I have been told by two different and not unreliable sources that Mahant of this Ashram who sometimes thought to be Subhash Chandra Bose is a Chinese Agent. Regular military training is given to the Ashramites under his guidance. It has been reported that on several occasions, the Mahant disappears without anybody’s knowledge and reappears again after an interval of 10 to 15 days.”

This mud slinging and vilification was condemned and Shri Baba threw a gauntlet to the speaker of the Parliament in the name of Rajat as below. It is worth watching his acrimonious language to censure the allegation:

A Reply To Wild and Criminal Misrepresentation of a Holy Ashram

By N. Dandekar, M.P. and D.N.Patodia, M.P.

‘We have with jocular spite read a stupidly mischievous publication with head line Shaulmari Ashram in the page 12 of a booklet ‘Naxalbari” by Shri N.Dandekar, M.P. and Shri D.N.Patpdia, M.P. If any University had had the provision for conferring doctorate degrees for the most stupid parade of astounding efficiency in subhuman folly, Jackalish mischief, and vilest falsehood, the authors of the booklet would surely each will have had one to their credit. Only an insensible fool or a mischief making villain will have the puerile and perverted temerity to describe as Chinese Agent the Holy Founder of our Ashram who has been being for decades engaged in deep Sadhana and Tapasya against very formidable Cosmic Satanic forces, partly but poorly manifested in long seven years’ continuous criminal mischief perpetrated with vilest falsehood against the Ashram by a dominant section of the press and by many political persons both high and low inspired by their vile motive of doing all possible harms to the Ashram. His Sadhana and Tapasya for His contribution to the mainstream of forces that have been being generated to bring about collective Supramentalisation of human nature covering all the avenues in which human energy expresses itself. One may wonder why so much                  anti-propaganda against the Ashram? The answer is—-the Sadhana and Tapasya of His Holiness is directed as one of its objectives against what the sweeping majority of the mankind, from the most educated down to the illiterate in spite of their pomp and glamour of material education little advance than animals hold in their ignorance very dear to their heart— their lust, their greed, their inhuman selfishness, their wild passions, their morbid slavery to name and fame and power— their pathological tendency of grinding their own material and egoistic axes under the garb of hypocritical profession of rendering service to the nation and the humanity, without which they suppose, their life will be a veritable desert and it is for this reason that those miserable newspapers and political persons representing these abnormal normalities and their spiritual essence in the depth notwithstanding, having been in their fixationally persisting unwariness converted into veritable agents of the Satanic forces are— unwittingly perhaps—leaving no stone unturned to foil and forestall the highest ideal for the realization of which on earth His Holiness has directed all His inner energies. The task undertaken is Himalayan. The whole way is strewn with progressively mounting difficulties and obstacles. But the ever sprouting obstacles attempting to intrude with increasing ferocity clearly indicate that the devilish forces have been struck right to their bosom and they have arose themselves with all their vehemence to smash the divinising work. But the man of really flaming and spiritual zeal will never be cowed down by whatever may stand in His way. The country has got her physical independence but the real independence is not yet in sight. Practically there has been only a change of Government, from the British rulers to the indigenous ones with little benefit for the people at large. Persons in power or aiming at power are much more interested in retaining what they have and getting what they hanker after and parading their squalid ego than rendering any real service to the people. It is not unnatural for the type of persons that are ruling the country and are aiming at coming to power. Unless, by means of divinising re-education men are made to change themselves, the state of affairs will remain as it is and sordid chaos will continue to prevail. For acquiring real independence of the country genuinely aiming at wellbeing of the people at large, much more struggle and labour harnessing of much more brain and heart that what we put into action for physical independence is an indispensable need. Let the over enthusiasts with all their show of cheap sentimentality stagnating in their cloistered shells of inflated ego diffusing poor abilities and impeding all expansion be pleased to clearly note that impotent and imbecile fascination for a dreamy future for the nation and the humanity will render no good to the nation and not to the humanity at large either. It is only the unfolding   the purest forces from within the deepest of human nature that alone can take up the challenge. Only the bravest with integrally divinised mind and divinising zeal and strength, can really take up the task and lead it to real success through the burning hills of ever mounting obstacles. The whole humanity is miserably marooned between the capitalist SCYLLA and communistic CHARYBDIS on the one side and between fanatical communalism and equally fanatical materialism on the other. Only emergence of a really powerful divinising forces will usher in the deliverance.

Only a crack and crack-brain with all his sensory and motor nerves wretchedly upset and completely out of order will have the stupid hallucination of regular military training in the Shaulmari Ashram and more stupidly diseased than the stupid brain that produces these perverted projections is the man who swallows these lunatic brain waves and has the unimaginably wild stupidity of propagating these diseased brain projections through the Press. Compunction indeed is too lofty a virtue for too uncultured creatures of the type of the aforesaid authors. We wonder whether we should feel exasperated or simply laugh at such meanest folly. Not the Parliament but the Bedlam is the fittest place for such crooks to exhibit their pitiable feats. The occasional leaving of the Ashram of His Holiness for more peaceful place in relatively complete seclusion in unruffled environments for His Sadhana and Tapasya for His diving deeper into the universal problems and casting increasingly more powerful spiritual thought forces into the cosmos for bringing about divinised change in the turbid and squalid as disappearance for underground works. To addicted thieves, all night travelers are but their fellow travelers. The man who does not know even the first principle of interpreting behavior and stupidly poses himself as an interpreter is definitely a veritable fool and fools are ridiculously notorious for rushing in where the Angels do not venture to tread. If Shri Chakraborty Rajgopalachari, the Founder of the Swatantra Party has in his youthful zeal any dream of rendering real service to the country with the co-operation of such wretched clowns of the historical circus as his followers then the future of the Swatantra Party is very bleak indeed.

Fools enjoy the unique prerogative of making utterly stupid guesswork and in their inherent urge for doing mischief derive pervert delight in conveying to others these fabrications of their crackbrains and miserably malfunctioning heart as truths. Villainous characters on the other hand have the mischief making greediness to devour these utterly foolish concoctions as verified facts. To such vile characters the criminal act of character killing through the instrumentality of the press is indeed an offspring of noble urge! We wonder how low a man even with some education can stoop. Perversion itself will be ashamed of such perverse act. Will the aforesaid two gentlemen be pleased to show moral courage to disclose the names of their not unbelievable sources so the offender may be made to reap the full legal harvest of their act of criminality.

If our countrymen do not give up their indifference in sending such foolish and mischievous creatures in the Parliament, any prospect of having a bright national future will be nipped in the bud.

Dogs both rabid and wild are barking with pitiable ferocity. Let them bark and bark themselves hoarse. Time may not be far off, when they will be silenced by the Rising Tide of Spirituality.

In conclusion I cite one of the warnings administered to the mankind in general by His Holiness, the Founder of our Ashram—“Give up once and for all the temerity of judging tings far beyond your ken by your tiny erring, stagnantly too earthly norms and too small intellect. It is only a systematic training for expanding and deepening the heart and the brain that will by degrees arouse in you higher dimensions of consciousness and will make you fit for a judgment.

Dated the 22ndMay, 1968.

Shaulri Ashram.                                          Rajat Kanti Bhadra

P.O. Falakata                                                Member, Shaulmari Ashram.

Dist. Cooch Behar.

(Note that signatory Rajat Kant Bhadra himself could not follow the meaning of above dictation given by His Holiness.)

Copy forwarded to

1. Dr.Zakir Hussain, President of the Republic of India.

2. Shri Morarji Desai, Dy.Prime Minister of Republic of India.

3. Shri Sanjiva Reddy, Speaker of the Parliament of India.

4. Shri Chakraborty Rajgopalachari, Founder of Swatantra Party.

5. Shri V.V.Giri, Chairman, Rajyasabha.

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