Nehru’s suspicion

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Got up late.  After routine met Baba outside.  He offered ‘khichari’ to dogs but they did not touch.  Calf of the cow was also brought.  I told Baba that loan bonds were given to Budhiballabhji.  Baba observed that he was economically poor.  I expressed worry about money.  I requested him to suggest different sources.  I said we needed to hurry as people were starving in the Ashram.  If he knew some people in western India, I assured I would try.  He said he would think over.  He asked whether I knew Thane and I nodded.  He said there were many sources but his mind was not prepared.  Baba said, “Durgaprasad Chakraborty, millionaire, gave eighty thousand rupees.  His brother made a plot to murder him.  Durga told his brothers to give his share of one crore rupees. He told that he would keep half and remaining half he would give it to Ashram and live peacefully but his brothers did not agree.  This Atulya Ghosh brought impediments.  Once in Ashram in a public prayer I referred Atulya as ‘goonda’.  P.C.Sen, chief Minister, was issuing a special permit of seven hundred and fifty maunds grain to Ashram and again he brought hindrance.  B.C.Roy had respect and faith in Ashram.  After Bhandari incident he arranged six official police guard posts about half a mile away around Ashram.  Once he sent police officers by plane to guard Ashram.  Once ninety two year old wife of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das viz. Basantidevi was to visit Ashram but B.C.Roy told her that he himself was thinking of visiting the Ashram and as such he assured her that both would go together.  In spite of the fact that Nehru reiterated death of Bose in the Parliament, in private circle he observed that from the activities he was suspecting that Subhash was there in Shaulmari. Once in a meeting at Chandigarh Nehru declared that he could not go in hiding and do work as a Sadhu.  This remark indirectly meant for Shaulmari Ashram. Niharendu’s circle used to coax him that he might or might not be Bose in Shaulmari Ashram but they wanted me to start political work.”

I proposed that if we could speed up to bring money from abroad, we would not need to beg to others.  Baba said,” I am thinking of at least one crore but I shall not tell before 15th July.  Let us see.  Presently we need say about twelve thousand for Ashram and our needs and about six thousand for litigation.  Try Mitranand indirectly”.  I nodded.

Baba added, “If I decide to go towards Badri or Kedar we shall choose our place near hill so that the Sunset and Sunrise can be observed.  That method of taking Surja rashmi if not properly done is dangerous. (Recent news described a man from Assam who gazes at midday Sun for hours. Another news: an Indian lived on Sunrays for six months without food or water and demonstrated it in U.S.A.  Subhas Bose mentions his practice of staring at the scorching mid-day sun in his autobiography. P.36) I might live there for four months to a year.  I cannot say.  Of course by miserly hand minimum twenty-five thousand rupees will be required initially.  Twenty more persons will come from Ashram.  We will need expenses for their clothing, food, etc.”

In the earlier context I opened topic of Subhash Bose.  Baba observed, “ I feel he was shot in Japan.  Proper Government enquiry alone will reveal his death.  He never died in accident.
I said, “ People say that if he was alive he would not have remained silent during Chinese aggression.”

Baba shot back, “Why? Arvind Ghosh remained shut up from politics for twenty years. It is not impossible if saintly life is taken.”  I asked Baba more about Arvind and he related Arvind’s ‘Bhraman’ (walk) and life in recluse and how sister Nivedita helped him.  Then Baba said to me, “In my childhood at the age of sixteen and once at twenty I had been to the Himalayas for five days and Subhash Bose too had been.  This I spoke sometime and misunderstanding was created.  My height is more.  He was completely bald at the top.  I have hair.”

I contradicted, “Subhash was not bald at the top in 1944.”  He insisted he was bald. I said I would show the photograph at the Japanese banquet.  He said it could be photographic Devil because first and last Baba saw Subhash was at Ramgarh in Bihar.  That time S.C.Bose was bald.  He queried, “Was Tripuri Congress in 1939?  Yes.  I am right.”  I said Suresh Bose was the only man to judge personality and features of Subhash and Baba agreed to it.  I pointed that Sarat Bose had been to Amravati for All India Physical Conference.  Baba observed, “He was not a leader but a lawyer.  Subhash forcibly brought him in leadership.  Real leader was Subhah.”

Baba then told me that along with Dinbandhu I would go on fast from next day, as I was to leave on fourteenth.  He told to make extra arrangement of milk and tell Mitranand that Baba would see him after sometime.  He left for bath and lunch.

At 10.15 A.M. Mitranandji and I sat near Baba. He gave the following dictation and told me to translate it in Hindi and explain it to Mitranand:
“By what you can judge yourself whether you are progressing or not?
“The only sure criterion that can definitely show that you are progressing is that the urge for self mastery and for knowing the innermost truth must be progressively stronger, deeper, wider and the control over the impulses must be progressively easier and quicker.  If by concentration you start perceiving variegated phenomena inside and outside yourself, be sure that such experience can never be regarded as necessary and sure stride towards progress nay sometimes such experience may be even digressive in as much as these may divert your attention from the main task and you may get a tendency of getting more of such experiences.  These will create morbid hankering for phenomenal perceptions and may, if persisted, usher ruination for all spiritual evolution.  If ‘sadhana’ gives you phenomenal perceptions but not the urge and self control of the type described above then this sort of ‘sadhana’ may be forthright dismissed as a travesty of it.”
Baba then explained, “What is a sure sign of a great man?  He will always say what he has not done and think of what he should do but an ordinary man will always first say what he has done.  See the present leaders on platform giving list of what they have done for voters.”

Baba then told couple of stories of Ramkrishna Deo.  Then he narrated a story of Tailanga Swami of Banaras. “He was south Indian and was worshiped as ‘avatar’ (form) of Vishveshwar.  His disciple would keep money before him.  He wanted to test real disciple.  He took them all nine miles away to a Muslim village.  It was Friday.  He said he was hungry and ate beef.  All disciples ate beef.  On way back he halted at a blacksmith and said he was hungry and began to eat ash from the furnace.  No one touched it.  Then he questioned disciples that they could eat beef then why not ash.  Once a District Magistrate said to Tailanga Swami that if Swamiji would eat at his place then at his Ashram he would eat whatever Swami would eat.  Swamiji ate beef at his house.  When later Magistrate came to his Ashram Swami removed waste material from his rectum by finger and ate some and offered to Magistrate.  He refused.”

Comment: Tailangaswami breathed his last in 1887 on the bank of Ganga at Varanasi. Investigations proved that he was hundred and thirty years old. He was son of Narsingh Rao and Vidyavati Devi who were devotees of Lord Shiva. They named him as Sivaram. The boy grew up to be a seeker meeting many yogis and saints. Later he went to Pushkar in Rajasthan where his guru gave him a new name, Ganapati Saraswati. In Varanasi he lived for a greater part of his life. He was popularly known as Talinga Swami because he hailed from Andhra. In ancient times Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, and Andhra were known as Anga, Banga, Kalinga, and Tailanga respectively. He moved naked and performed many miracles. Ganga was the mother for Swami and British officers recorded that he could live under water for any length of time. European ladies files suit of obscenity against him. However the magistrate was convinced about his miracles and he exonerated him and dismissed the case.

Shomu arrived with Dak.  He bought newspaper ‘Satya Gupta’ sent in Ashram’s name.  I read it out to Baba.  The paper described our visit to Vishveshwar temple and how crowd of five thousand people assembled early morning to see Baba but then we had left Banaras.  Information of a case in which Baba was issued warrant was described and that Shaulmari Baba was none else but Netaji, etc. etc.
Baba remarked, “ There are many such papers earning in the name of Ashram and hence political tinge has come to Ashram.”

Baba left for rest.  He told not to ask for loan to Mitranand who also left.  I had lunch and nap. Haribandhu and me were squatting near the cow at 3 P.M. His mother Mashima came.  I told her not to worry.  Lot of money will come in four months.  The old lady said that I was newcomer.  She was listening the same for last seven years.

A new hut was constructed adjoining Baba’s kitchen but with opening outside. It was meant for cutting vegetables so that sanctity of his kitchen would not be disturbed.  I had bath and meditation.  It was dark.  Baba finished his meals and called me with notebook.  He gave the following dictation:
“In the early morning between 4.30 to 5 A.M. take a glass of cool water.  At about 9 A.M. take buttermilk mixed with lemon juice.  At midday, take some buttermilk and mosambi.  Then at 4 P.M. take again buttermilk mixed with lemon juice.  At about 8.30 in the night take mosambi.  You may separately take some quantity of lemon juice and sugar mixed with water. In addition to prayer, etc, one hour before you go to bed, sit down quietly and make a thorough survey of how you mentally and externally moved about from morning.  Then whatever you find in yourself unwanted or not sufficiently developed expose to the Divine Light and Force for elimination of the former and for purification of the latter.  Then when you lie down for sleeping, think that you are surrounded on all sides by a wall created by Divine Light and Force i.e. Bedha. Think too no hostile force forces during your sleep and are unable to penetrate this wall to get through your environmental consciousness and as such during sleep you are free from the attack of intruders.  The environmental consciousness is the elongation of your mental, vital and physical consciousness into the surrounding space. (It is mentioned in book that Netaji used to put ‘Bedha’ meaning Divine barrier around him and also related to Kitty Kurti) If this environmental consciousness were sufficiently strong, no intruder from the hostile world would be able to penetrate into you.  In that case you will be left only with those forces of the black family that have already intruded into you in this life and also in the past lives.  The first thing essential is not to allow any new  ‘sanskar’ to be formed, all the moorings into the field of ignorance, the abode of which is the depth of the subliminal, will have to be cut asunder.”  It was 9 P.M.

After this he told me to do ‘japa’ (recitation of name of God) five thousand times in the morning and equal in the evening. He demonstrated counting on fingers.  Then he said, “ If I start external work the ‘sanatanist’ (conservatives) will call me modern and the modern will call me ‘sanatanist’ and I shall be belabored by both. “Baba told that upto 20th he will not come out and will not meet me before departure on fourteenth.  Only for a few minutes he will come out next evening.  Then he told Dinudada and me to take food in his kitchen.  Before that I was first told that loan would be returned in March then he extended to June end. “ I was facing acute disgrace at Amravati.  The loans would have to be repaid.  He said, “ Tell them four months more.”

The food of the inner kitchen was fine. Mashima was serving.  Gita was chatting.  Dinu described Baba’s journey to Madhmaheshwar alone.  He went to the confluence.  Dinu and Gaurkishor were spying.  Baba would often look back expecting someone would come to persuade him.  He talked to woodcutters so that they would relate his whereabouts.  Ultimately Dinu went forward and without a word he returned.  We laughed very much when Dinu imitated Baba.  Baba just peeped in and told me not to count japa on fingers but do it by watch so that diversion would be avoided.

I came back to my hut.  Dinbandhu came for talk.  He told me that in the last seven years not a single person’s loan was ever repaid.  Initially all were given two to four months’ time limit for refund.  From one person in Assam by telling time limit of two months at least twelve times loan was brought.  That now they felt ashamed.  He left going to that place.  He felt that if Baba went to plain he would go to start work.  It was 11.30 P.M.

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