Netaji’s Bedha

Posted By Author on March 19, 2011


In the early morning I could not water the garden because since yesterday I had dry throat and dehydration.

Baba came out early.  He dictated letters for Ramkrishnaji and Vinod Sharma and told me to send true copies to Radhakant Pandey.  These letters were in letter pad No.II of the Ashram.  I then left for bath and Baba called me again.  He had finished his lunch and I had breakfast.  He took me to the backside of his hut in absolute privacy and then discussed on yesterday’s topic of my two mistakes.  I told that after lot of penetration into subconscious I came to the conclusion that there could be double thinking on two counts.  Firstly, I did not bring the remaining photographs and secondly I did not have the old diaries.  I assured him that Chandrashekhar was entrusted with the job of safeguarding them.  Baba then gave the following note:

“Real courage is necessary to recognize how in spite of you yourself some malfunctioning of the heart and the brain go on.   Are you aware that not in the very unfathomable depth sometimes the trouble of the nature of double thinking brews up?   Double thinking sometimes is responsible for not receiving in depth what otherwise you might have.  You are with your conscious determination moving in a certain direction.  A pull in the unconscious in the opposite direction is quite natural.  Even a pull in the opposite direction in the fathomable consciousness with clear disassociation with its function is not unnatural. The real ‘Sadhana’ is to eliminate these two types of pulls but somewhere in the consciousness and assent and association of the opposite is found then it becomes dangerous for your march, not that man always sees what is there in the conscious.  Only increasing self-consciousness may bestow knowledge about your own consciousness.

Double thinking sometimes takes a deceptive form.  To unmask this deceptive form is a tremendous task but without accomplishing it you cannot recognize the double thinking in its true colour.  Only a thorough scrutiny day in and day out will succeed in accomplishing it.” (11 A.M.)

Baba then told me to come with change of hand washed clothes and made me sit with Ramanidada in his inner hut.  We were told to meditate.  This was an imposition.  He continued smoking. Then Baba told me to remain very alert and that I should not go out till I finished my lunch inside.

I enjoyed delicious cuisine and returned for rest.  It was too hot and I had to remove shirt.  I wrote fair letters.  In the evening two constables, Doctor of Okhimath and his guest from Bareilly, Mitranand, Chamoli, Shyamlal, and others arrived and Baba gave audience to them all.  V.V.Giri was declared Vice President of India.  Baba asked as to who should be the President.  Gupta of Bareilly suggested name of Subbarao.  Baba got indignant.  Then he calmed down and explained as to how non-secularism was destructive.  Baba then told Shyamlal to get his son from Kedarnath temple and that both would accompany us to Ashram on 19th.  He then went inside.  But before that he found that remaining plants of coronation were lying uncared and not planted somewhere.  He got upset but the doctor wanted them to carry and Baba calmed down.  I already warned my colleagues on previous night about these plants that might create volatile situation but none cared.

In the evening Baba went inside very early.  Secretary Ramanidada told us all to be watchful and give Bedha i.e. mental spiritual safety wall around every individual and the camp too.  I finished writing letters and copies. Dined after giving ‘Bedha’ and slept.  (Captain Gawande of I.N.A. personally told that Netaji regularly constructed Bedha around him and as a result enemy could not do any harm to him. This Netaji’s Bedha is also written in a Marathi book on him.)

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