Netaji Psychosis

Posted By Author on September 10, 2010

Weather was cloudy.  Ramesh Saxena recited some Urdu poetry.  He told that a few days ago Baba was angry because milk was not boiled before midday and did not take food for two days.  When calmed down he took the nostalgic trip down the memory lane and recounted that in his young days he had a friend who was poor.  If he committed mistake he would rebuke him terribly and offer sweets later on.  He then began to commit mistakes purposely.  Baba then laughed heartily. I follow his practice even till date.

Baba narrated, “Once Krishnakant and Radhakant went to Jaipuria brothers, millionaires, of Kanpur running JK Industries and they were prepared to donate Rs. ten thousand.  These people asked for loan and they asked how it would be returned.  Radhakant conveyed the same message to Baba.  Baba resented and told him, “My pen will pay.  If I write a single word I can purchase ten Jaipurias. Do you understand Suresh?” I said yes. (Yes! Signature as Subhash Bose!)

After some time he told not to tell them anything and not to go to them. Saxena told that Baba sits in river at night for two hours.  I was convinced he was hooked and brainwashed thoroughly.  Ramanidada called me. He told me to write a letter to Budhiballabhji Penoli.  After bath I walked with Bholu.  Unexpectedly I saw Radhakant Pandey and Budhiballabh Penoli coming down.  Radhakant had an accident and his hand was in bandage and sling.  Baba ushered Radhakant and me inside his hut.  On platform six inches in height sand was spread on which lay newspapers and on top of it was his wattle mat and on it he was seated with incense burning by the side.

In a polite and affectionate tone Baba enquired with Radhakant about his accident and welfare. Then Baba asked what drama was he playing about Navabharat Times.  Niharendu wrote a letter that he never told to withdraw the case. He was given a strong reply and was admonished said Baba.

Radhakantji explained that our legal side was weak.  I was startled.  All of a sudden Baba roared, “bewakuf (idiot).  Do I work with Niharendu’s brain?” He scolded Radhakant a lot.

Radhakantji sheepishly told that the Navabharat Times published news contradicting Shah Nawaz. None of us knew about it.  The Shah Nawaz Khan file was brought and I was told to read the cutting of the Navabharat Times.  Then Baba told me to write a letter to the newspaper covering following points:
(1) Development on your part was not known.
(2) It was our mistake that we did not get the cutting of your contradiction.
(3) After publication of Shah Nawaz’s statement why did not they express regret.
(4) The case against them would be withdrawn after cross-examination of Shah Nawaz
(5) Were they prepared to boldly publish articles against the Government furnished by the Ashram?

Radhakant apprised that ministers made statement and habitually they refuse afterwards. The newspapers need quota of paper and hence they bow down.  Baba said, ”Why they did not start independent factory of paper manufacture.  With coward heart they could not be editors.  They were unfit.” He ordered Radhakant to relate this very sentence.

Baba questioned Radhakant, “If they are co-operative why did not they publish regret immediately.  Either contradictory statement is false or report of Navabharat is false.  Why the reporter was not warned?”  Radhakant was in dilemma.  Baba warned him that the case against Navabharat would not be withdrawn.  I suggested that we should not write a letter to the paper lest it might be misused.  Baba said, “Correct.  Do not write.  Tell orally, prepare form and get rehearsed through Radhakant.”  Then Baba queried with Radhakant as to what the Members of the Parliament said.  Radhakant told that Kriplani abused the Government.  Prakash Veer Shastri (son of Bhai Parmanand) and Ram Manohar Lohia did the same. Baba was inquisitive and asked about Kamath H.V. Radhakant told that he said he would talk with Niharendudada.  Then Baba asked him. “Where is Bhagatram?” There was no trace of him. Was he not ill? Baba further enquired about him. (When Netaji Escaped from Peshawar to Kabul Bhagatram accompanied him afoot and H.V.Kamath resigned I.C.S. and became Netaji’s staunch lieutenant.) Suddenly Baba’s brain clicked and midway gave me following note:

“We have to prepare lawyers’ panel.  For instituting and conduct Ashram’s cases following panel be formed:
(1) Setalwad,
(2) Pathak,
(3) Anand Narayan Mulla,
(4) Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar,
(5) Three young counsels according to choice of above four.

Panel of Advisers:
(1) K.M. Munshi
(2) The eldest son of Justice Mahajan
(3) Counsel J.P. Mitra
(4) J.P. Mitra’s brother J.P. Mitra
(5) The eldest son of Shrinivas Shastri
(6) Dr. Radha Vinod Pal. Suresh do you know Pal? He was in Knagaroos court during trial of Tojo and was the only judge to give verdict against hanging.

Then Baba told me,“Send a telegram to Amravati and tell your brother Ramesh to adjourn Shah Nawaz case up to first week of February.  Niharendu will not cross examine Shah Nawaz because he will side track main point and give more stress on Netaji and go much deep.  I am thinking of sending Setalwad.  Let us see.  A.D. Mani’s case in revision if survives in Mathabhanga, well and good Otherwise you will start it at Amravati and you be complainant.  It will get more publicity than Mathabhanga.”

Then Baba dictated telegram “R.S.Padhye, Khaparde Garden, Amravati, Maharashtra.  Try best to get Navabharat Times case adjourned up to fourth February and urgently reply telegraphically. – Suresh.”

Baba said to us not to talk outside but that cosmos was working. He added, Government was afraid. Why privilege motion was not instituted against Radhakant? I was waiting for that. They should come in my way.”
Radhakant said that Navabharat promised not to publish any news against the Ashram and Baba again roared, “I do not care a jot even if the whole press of India goes against me. I do not care for any one. What Suresh?” I said true it was.  We further discussed on political and legal aspects and then came out.
He sat on chair and Budhiballabh was called.  He had a short gossip with him and enquired about his children.  He then sent us for meals.

Before we could take rest Baba called us again.  He told me not to write any letter and dictated a letter in Hindi to Radhakant for Shanti Swarup Jain of Delhi Times.  He told Radhakant that he would see him at the end of January and talk in detail and till then nothing doing.  Again he flared up and told me, “ This Shanti Swarup wrote letter to Ramani addressing ‘mere bhai’ (younger brother?).  Was he not ashamed?  Had he come here I would have whipped him with hunter. ‘Mere bhai’ is written to junior and ‘mere bhaiyya’ is addressed to senior.  Is Ramani younger to him?”  (Netaji was very rigid about manners and protocol.)
Radhakant expressed that in Delhi all doubted that Baba was Netaji.  He laughed and said, “Nehru also died in the same doubt. Nehru once sent a force of five hundred persons with guns and stenguns to Cooch-Behar.  This news was brought by Niharendu from a reliable source from Delhi and cautioned me not to come out for two three months.  Next day I came out and mixed with public for three hours. A day after, I purposely went to Siliguri and wandered about. I am not a coward. Should I remain closed due to fear of Nehru? Once son of Sampurnananda, Governor, wrote a letter to the Ashram that it was Ashram, which was responsible for psychosis.  In fact most probably when Sampurnananda was Governor, he himself might have written it.  In the name of Ramani reply was sent with lot of rebuff. No letter from him came again.  Just a week before a Radiogram came to S.D.M. Rastogi from Delhi which he told me.  He was given fifteen questions to be asked to me but Rastogi dared not and sent the reply directly.  (He laughed hilariously). Suresh this Government has spent more than ten lakh rupees on me to find out who am I. Surendra Mohan Ghosh, now Deputy Speaker and once king maker of Bengal, came to Ashram.  He said nose and eyes were just like Netaji.  He said if I was not Netaji he would send my birthplace in registered packet.  That letter is yet to arrive. (Surendra Mohan Ghosh was inmate of Netaji in Mandalay prison.) Suresh what happened to Netaji’s death enquiry by the Taiwan  Government? What Kamath did? I explained that the enquiry was dropped because Taiwan denied it and the Government of Japan refused to reveal confidential papers.  However if there was enquiry from India both the Governments assured their co-operation to Kamath.  Baba again laughed and said, “It is only I who can solve this mystery.  I wanted to make fool of Nehru but he has gone.  I wanted to start external work and make him believe that I am Netaji and then disclose my identity. Those three fools, Sushil (Bhaumik), Haripad (Bose) and Satya (Gupta) hampered my work. Satya is dead.  They started psychosis.  Krishnakant is clever.  He would indirectly say. Habibur Rahman gave three personal things of Netaji to Nehru: a diary, wristwatch, and a cigarette case. Adolf Hitler presented this case to Netaji. The death of Hitler is a mystery.  Hitler was living five minutes before the fall of Reich. There was a panel of judges for execution of Tojo.  One of the judges on panel was Dr. Pal.  Amongst five he alone gave dissenting judgment.  Before death Tojo sent a pathetic letter of thanks to Dr. Pal.”

Baba began to impress me by showing his fingers, hair, etc and tried vainly to prove his dissimilarity with Netaji.  He then said, “People say how do I know so much about Netaji and I tell them I have studied him and I have seen him only once but we were disciples of the same Guru.”
After lot of other discussion he said,” Who was the real lieutenant of C.R.Das? Of course, Subhash. It was Surendra Mohan Ghosh who engineered cleavage between Subhash and Das Gupta.

I left to allow Radhakant to talk about his domestic and personal problem.

It was very cloudy and cold.  I prepared a furnace and put on more clothes.  Then Gobind, Budhiballabh, Saxena and I joined Radhakant.  Baba talked on Ghosts and Ramkrishna Deo.  We discussed Patanjali Yog Sutra. Philosophy. ‘Rajo-Tamo-Satwa’ Gunas (virtues) in reference to the passage dictated and given below: 7 P.M.
“What is National progress?  Suppose you succeed in obtaining affluence in all external necessities of life, suppose you succeed in establishing a system in the country that gives physical health and physical comfort with pouring of boundless amenities, suppose you succeed in creating a condition in the country that spreads, polished and external education from top to bottom — will all these taken together mean real progress?  If not, what is your own conception of real progress?  Should any avenue for the expression of variegated life force be excluded from the preview of spiritual evolution? If not how these life forces should be channeled to effect the real integration of the life itself?

What is real spirituality? So far as the individual achievement in the individual field is concerned one’s eyes may be shut off from the life, mind and from the matter but will such escapism lead even to the supreme goal of the  individual? Are creative forces a dream to be ignored or a manifestation of the Supreme?”
Baba told me to keep this sentence of Shakespeare always in mind.
There are more things in heaven and on earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio.” (See P.89 of his autobiography: Once Horatio Bottomley, M.P., was tasking part in a debate at Cambridge. He was warned by an oppositionist speaker – “ There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than your John Bull dreams of.”)

I queried whether this was used in material sense and he said, “Yes, but it has deeper meaning too.”
Baba narrated an incident about nephew of Netaji, Dijen Bose. “Once he was brought to Ashram and given his favorite dish of raw eggs as told by me.  When he went to Calcutta he started shouting that he came after seeing his ‘Rangakakababu’.  Do you know Suresh why was Subhash called ‘Rangakakababu’?  It was because of his copper like reddish complexion. After that incident hundreds of trunk calls came to the Ashram but they were refused.

Ramlal Pahelwan recently had been here.  Later on I came to know that Radhakant sent him.  First I told to give him food but again I thought he would make propaganda of psychosis and hence ordered to beat him with shoes.  He ran away.  Once he created lot of trouble in the Ashram.  He was leader of Subhashwadi Janata.”

Baba might have lived under the name ‘Hanuman Giri’. Ramlal Pahelwan used to give massage to him. He met Hanuman Giri in 1956 and again he came to Ramlal in 1958 in Biharpur near Bareilly, U.P. Prof Rajvir Sinha ‘Krantikari’ of Hindu Postgraduate College of Amroh, U.P. Pin code- 244221 in his book ‘Yug Nirmata’ on Subhash Bose on page 59 mentions that after release from jail from Bareilly, Baba Hanuman Giri went to Cooch Behar and established Shaulmari Ashram. If Saradanandaji was Hanuman Giri, it is next to impossible that he would have been put in jail for any offence. However, research scholars should verify this. I contacted the author about this enigma. He sent letter that reached me on 5/5/07. He confessed that Baba Hanuman Giri was not Netaji but closely associated with him. He was interned for unauthorized construction of Netaji’s temple. Again he was jailed for unlawful meeting. After 2003 he vanished.

Hanuman Giri needs elaborate treatment. Uttamchand Malhotra, as mentioned earlier, told me that Hanuman Giri gave note on Garibaldi written in his own hand by Baba. He told Ramlal that he would not be able to see him but if he shall show this note then he will be allowed to see him. This note is in the files of late Uttamchandji. He wanted to show me but I could not get time. The handwriting of the note should be tallied through expert with handwritings of Subhash Bose. Garibaldi was Netaji’s ideal freedom fighter and he named his daughter Anita after Garibaldi’s daughter. So it shows possibility that Baba might have lived as Baba Hanuman Giri. Moreover Radhakant directed Ramlal to Ashram. Radhakant served Baba Saradanadji since 1949. It also adds relevance. On the contrary, on 20/4/2007 I talked on phone with Prof. Dr. Rajvir Sinha at Gaziabad. He informed, “ Baba Hanuman Giri came from Almora to Ramlal Pahelwan in 1956. Baba Hanuman Giri constructed a temple of Netaji. He was jailed for illegal construction. After release from jail he left for Amravati and South India. He returned in 1958 and left for Cooch Behar where he established Shaulmari Ashram. He turned up in Bareilly in A.D.2000 and held public meeting challenging the Government that he had fingerprints of Subhash Chandra Bose and that they be tallied with fingerprints of Netaji at Calcutta. Hanuman Giri was arrested for violating the law. He held public meeting without permission.” Herein year 1956 tallies with Saradanandaji when he left Almora and also it tallies with his departure to South India and Amravati in 1957,and it tallies with establishment of Shaulmari Ashram. However, Hanuman Giri held a public meeting in 2000 and if he was Netaji the statement is stark absurdity. Netaji would have been 103 years old. The whole thing appears shady and fishy. Moreover the photograph of Hanuman Giri in Amravati published in his book furnished by Shri Dammani does not tally with Saradanandaji. It is a clean-shaven one that is impossible. Did Baba Saradanandaji carry shaving set with him? I knew Dammani well. Publicity was his weak point. In his narration to me Dammani described Baba with long beard and mustaches and long hair. This photograph sent by Dammani is one more sham. Earlier Prof. Samar Guha, M.P. released a photograph of Netaji, which proved to be body of Sarat Bose and head of Subhash combined by trick photography. The Subhashwadi Janata put posters of Shaulmari Sadhu claiming that it was Netaji’s photograph. It was found later that an artist from Falakata painted beard and mustache on Netaji’s photograph. Mauni Baba lived at Tapowan near Sitapur in U.P. His photograph with goggles or Shivapuri’s (Madhya Pradesh) Jyotirdev’s photograph in uniform of air force or tonsured monk near Nehru’s body all add to this big sham. Like scarlet Pimpernel Netaji was seen here, there, and everywhere.

Suddenly Baba interrupted our talk and told me to write down, “Chinu’s birth time is night of 19th October morning of 20th within the first fifteen minutes of Brhma Muhurta.  Swami Vivekananda’s birth was on Sankranti (14th Jan. always when the Sun enters constellation of Capricorn) on Brahma Muhurta.”
Then Baba told me to inform Radhakant about arrival of Chinu.  When I told him Radhakant was dazed and expressionless.  I took him inside and showed Chinu.  By then he recomposed and without showing any sign of shock or remorse entered the hut with artificial laugh.

We dined.  The weather was intensely cold.  Radhakantji was shivering and so I gave my blanket to him.  We retired.

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