On INA joining Axis Power

Posted By Author on April 23, 2010

I got up at 2.30 A.M. and waked up Nareshbabu and Ratan. Ratan left him at Kunda chatti for Calcutta. For the last two days morning meditation was not possible due to sprain in back owing to exercise. Shubir was unwell. After bath wrote diary at 10 A.M. The old hutment of ladies’ residence was demolished and new was completed yesterday. A calf of one of the cows died today. At 10.30 A.M. Baba came out and both of us sat for discussion. Ratan joined but left soon. I was asking questions to Baba and he was replying. The gist was as follows:

Baba asserted. “The Bengal famine was artificially created by Governor John Howard. He called all pulses and grain magnates and through them created artificial scarcity with a view to engage local people busy with procuring food as the I.N.A. was advancing. He was worried that people might revolt. About four hundred thousand people died of hunger and each businessman earned at least one thousand rupees per dead body. (Netaji offered to send shiploads of rice from Singapore to Bengal but the British Government rejected the offer.) Howard suffered later on and nobody could diagnose him for three months till his death. It was he who called on then Chief Minister Fazul Haque and with revolver in hand made him to sign his resignation. Haque was terror. He was a lion. He was one of the lieutenants of Chittaranjan Das. During partition this Suhrawardy and others created havoc. At the cost of Government he hired two thousand five hundred goondas (rouges) from U.P. to create trouble in Calcutta. A special train was arranged for them. This Ghanshyamdas Birla although has dark side, he has bright side also. He came to know this hiring of Goondas (Goons and Ruffians) in Delhi. He rushed to Calcutta and collected all Sikh drivers, taximen etc. at his house and told them that Muslims attacked their Gurdwaras in different parts of the country and then he offered monetary help to do the job. When the procession of hired goondas was crossing the Howrah Bridge, the hidden Sikhs below the bridge came up and massacred all goondas. Calcutta was saved. These Birlas have done good educational work at their birthplace ‘Pilani’. Even a sweeper in Pilani has a pukka house.”

I asked a few questions on I.N.A. and Baba said, “Mohansingh first formulated I.N.A. but he had a quarrel with the Japanese and they ordered his execution. When Subhash Bose landed in Japan it was his first and immediate task to stop the execution of Mohansingh. He is now in Punjab and wrote a letter to Ashram to get a newspaper denoting location of the Ashram, etc.” I said Shah Nawaz Khan was an ordinary captain and rose to a position equal to a General but why Mohansingh remained insignificant? Baba observed that he was not a good character and hence was not accepted. Then he told, “When Bismark the German General attacked Paris, he made the French Prime Minister stand and him-self was sitting. It was very rough. This is not desirable. Due respect must be given. When Shah Nawaz Khan and Jagannath Bhonsle were arrested, the British General requested them to come in plain dress because the British soldiers might not pay proper respect to the I.N.A. Generals and he would be in difficulty. These people then agreed. Once after the fall of Singapore Japanese soldiers wanted a British General. He took shelter in Bengali General Chaterjee’s tent. He knew nobody else would save him and that Japanese will not attack Indian General. Then he was hidden in blankets. The Japanese soldiers came for search. They knew fully well but still asked Chatterjee and he said he knew not. Then Japanese soldiers slapped Chatterjee on the face and said. ‘You deserve to be slaves. After long hundred and fifty years’ rule you still shelter them.”

Baba told reminiscences:  “Japanese sank two best war steamers (destroyers) of the British in two successive days in the Pacific ocean. One was Prince of Wales and another__________. (I forgot the name). The suicide bombers, Kamikaze, sunk them.   Churchill was asked questions in the Parliament as to why he sent the best ships without M.P’s knowledge. He remained silent scratching his head. He thought that by knowing the presence of these two impregnable ships, the Japanese would not advance war farther.” Baba told a story about a German spy girl. “The girl was beautiful. She asked the British General to give secret plan of ________ burg (could not remember myself) so that she would submit to him. Then after getting the plan she went in bathroom, wrote it and in a cover swallowed it. She came out. After intercourse she knew she would be shot and so it happened but she willed her body be sent across the border in her motherland and it was done. According to plan post-mortem revealed the secrets.”

Baba narrated, “During my ‘bhraman’ (walk of India) I had a very queer experience. Once in a big city one Police officer sent his five Alsatian dogs on me. Later he repented. I shall not disclose name of city. These Marwari outside Rajastan and within Rajastan are absolutely different in nature. I starved in almost all states for non-procurement of food from them but Rajastan was exception. There they are very generous. I do not know what happens to them when they go outside the state. Sometimes in my travel a lady of the house would stand in the door weeping and lamenting she had nothing to give. Swamiji (Vivekananda) also experienced the same.”

I asked Baba as to how much time would be required in India to wipeout poverty. He opined,“You mean food, shelter, clothing and medicine be received by very poor. Yes. According to my plan if it works properly it will take six years. The difficulty with these leaders is that they do not think at all originally. We shall have to find out new economy. Now say twelve lakh square miles cultivable land is available in India. If one lakh is properly cultivated and irrigated and in place of three maunds twenty- five maunds of rice yield is taken then ten crores maunds per month can be supplied and present need is of five crore maunds. (A maund is about forty kilos? I was thinking in mind whether it could be so easy.)  Now you see we have plenty of land and plenty of human labor. Money is no problem. It is only means of exchange but our economist would never think in this way. They will chew the old cud of Malthus. By giving proper nourishment and manure, the problem must be solved. About manure I have own plan. I am against artificial fertilizers. Now if thermal stations are run on wood its ash will be used as manure. “I pointed out that in the plains, transport of fuel was costly and hence villagers burn cakes of dried dung of cattle. Baba said that through rivers, if made navigable, half a rupee will be fuel transport cost per maund and leaves and other organic material can also be used. I posed a problem of interior regions and he agreed, “Of course there will be some difficulty. “ I predicted complete annihilation of forest and he said, “ Aforestation will go on continuously and even in plain every village will have to maintain a patch of forest even at the cost of agricultural land.” Then he told me that from next day he would be on fast and rarely available. He left for rest.

I had my lunch. It was a very hot day. I took nap. At 3 P.M. got up and found that Dinbandhu alone was engaged in construction of a hut. I helped him and climbed on the roof. Baba came out and saw me on the top of hut. He instructed me to cover my head from hot Sun. Then immediately he called me for chat. He expressed his anxiety, “That Devil Haripad Bose is troubling me. He has written a very pathetic letter. He was former leader of Praja Socialist Party and wanted to oust Ramani from Ashram. He was the first to start psychosis of Netaji. He shall never be taken back but I am thinking of giving monetary help. It will be given only after he is convicted.”

Then my questions and his answers began. He observed, “Yes. Bengalis are hot headed no doubt but it should be for proper things that is the problem. Gandhiji in 1923 or 1925 did not support the resolution in sympathy of the revolutionaries in Bengal. But when he went to Punjab he supported similar resolution. He knew where and how to act. In Bengal the resolution would have roused many and violence would have been the result. Even Swami Vivekananda was aware of this sensitiveness of Bengalis. He often ridiculed Bengalis and refrained them from doing ‘bhajan-kirtan’ (singing devotional songs) in temples etc but when he went to Punjab he collected thousands of people for ‘bhajan’.”

“I asked why Gandhiji failed to save life of Bhagatsingh, Sukhdeo and Rajguru. Baba did not explain but simply remarked that conditions were different then. Baba added, “When Gandhiji returned from Noakhali one man sternly asked him as to why he went to wipe out tears and why not when the massacre was going on. Tears rolled off his eyes. He could not speak. Baba then reiterated the story of Gandhiji. When he went to see Aurobindo Ghosh, for three days he did not see Gandhiji. Then he wrote a letter to Gandhiji at Sabarmati Ashram, ‘you are destined for freedom of the country. I am destined for different work. Let me do mine. You may or may not know, even the British may or may not know it but India is destined to get her freedom.’ Baba had conviction that Gandhiji received Divine impulses from Pondicherry. Jayaprakash Narayan criticized Gandhiji very severely but he knew not what was speaking through Gandhiji, said Baba. He added, “General Smutt, the Prime Minister of South Africa, wrote number of articles about Gandhiji. Formerly he used to refer him as Mr. Gandhi but later on as Mahatma Gandhi. He remarked that it was good that Mahatma took to nonviolence otherwise Alexander the Great would have been forgotten in the world. Miraben, an English lady, was Gandhiji’s disciple. She went to request him that he should come to inaugurate ‘Gorakshan’ (cow preservation) at Rishikesh and Gandhiji replied that of what use would be cadaver there. Nobody understood it. This inauguration was to take place on the 4th and he knew his death was earlier. For partition Gandhiji is not responsible. He once told Mohamed  Jinnah that his body will be vivisected first and then partition will take place. He would and could have stopped the partition but he used to say he sees nothing but darkness. He could not tell but it was the Divine Plan. Nehru for lust of power brought in the partition. There were a few who understood Gandhiji. Kaka Kalelkar was one who understood him somewhat Baba lamented, “Gandhiji’s non-violence nobody could understand He used to say often,’ Violence is better than non-violence of cowards’.”  About Verwood of S. Africa Baba said, “He is perfectly stupid creature. He was not a man of this century. In the words of Bernard Shaw he is eighteenth century fossil. “ (This term was used for Churchill by Shaw).

Baba felt, “Instead of partition, the Civil War would have been far better. The British repeatedly told that if there were no compromise they would leave India as it was. What would have happened? The Pathan and the Mohammedan army versus Hindus and Sikhs and the civil war could have been far better than partition.”
I queried,” If Netaji would have been caught by the British, would Nehru have made efforts to free him?”
Baba shot back, “Oh! No. No. Impossible. He would have secretly allowed them to shoot him or even he would have connived with the British to shoot him. One great difference in Nehru and Netaji was that Nehru was a diplomat and Netaji outspoken. But simply outspokenness would not do.”

About communism Baba viewed, “ Subhash Bose hated communism from his boyhood. The communism can never come to India. The Communist Party of India had betrayed the country many times. Before Russia entered the Second World War this party used to say that it was capitalist’s war and the day Russia entered the war it became the warfare of classes. The party supported the British in India. Even during Chinese aggression this Jyoti Basu of communist party of Bengal was in league with the Chinese and still he is leader of opposition in the Assembly. Unfortunately the traitors in our country are allowed to be free and let loose. Once long back in a procession of Communist Party, a photograph of Subhash Bose was tied round the neck of a dog. The present decade will decide the fate of communism in India. We are on the crossroads. If food is sufficiently provided to the people, communism can never come in India. What Stalin did? He was perfectly a satanic creature. In one day he killed thirty five thousand businessmen in Moscow. Even real brothers had doubt about each other. Such was the imposition of fear. Imposition India also requires, a few will have to suffer for the society but not inhuman imposition. The present election is a farce and if they do not change their system of administration, another revolution in Russia is imminent. (What a vision! Seventeen independent countries ceded from Soviet Union.) Can any communist answer one question? When Lenin executed Czar and Czarina, a two years old baby was also executed. Why? Is this not inhuman? Was Lenin afraid of two years old child? This Bernard Shaw was a great admirer of Stalin. In his bedroom there were two statues, one of Stalin and other of Lord Buddha. When people asked him of this contradiction, he would simply smile and never answer. This shows that Shaw was not completely humanitarian although he was a critic of society.”

I ventured to question and contradict him, “I do not agree or rather convinced with your view Baba, that Netaji committed blunder in joining the axis power of Germany, Italy and Japan.”  He said, “You will understand it later on. It was definite that if Netaji wanted victory for India, he wanted victory for Hitler, Hiro Hito and Mussolini. But these would never have allowed India to be free. They had a plan to divide the globe amongst them. Netaji would not have bent even before the Japanese. He was not a man to bend before any power. The ultimate result would have been his execution at the hands of the Japanese.  It was the Divine Plan that humanity should not suffer.”

I dared and asked him that if Divinity destined Gandhiji, why he got defeat at the hands of Subhash Bose at Tripuri. He gave a hearty laugh and explained, “Divinity does not work always. Gandhiji was never angry with Subhash Bose. He simply said Pattabhi Sitaramayya’s defeat was his own defeat.” Baba told all of us that since he would proceed on fast from next day, all of us should be ready with bath and change of clothes in the evening to attend his call. He left inside.

I took bath and while returning Haribhandhu met. He was going to Guptakashi to reserve Ratan’s ticket. He told me that Baba said that Ratan was uneasy since Nareshbabu told him yesterday that his mother was not well. He remarked that Ratan was crafty and finding an excuse to see his wife and leaving for Ashram. With reluctance Haribandhu went to Guptakashi. Rajat was complaining about Shubir. I collected my baggage and went to new hut near cowshed. I wanted a corner for writing but Shubir refused and hence I occupied open area as a protest.

Baba summoned me. When I reached he was dictating a letter for Krishnakant in Hindi and Ratan was writing. It was in reaction to Ratan’s backbiting. He told Baba that at Lucknow Krishnakant lamented near him that after serving Baba for fifteen years he had not a pittance for marriage of his daughter and that he was moving from pillar to post for money. Therefore Baba was off and hence dictation. With all abuses Krishnakant was informed that Ashram cut off relations with him. At my request he dictated a mild letter to Ramkrishnaji that he should not personally attend Malati’s marriage but send money to Krishnakant. I again requested him to send that letter after 29th, i.e., marriage of his daughter but to no avail. I did not like Ratan’s attitude. I returned and slept in the open. Shomu came to request me but I was becoming mini Baba in anger.

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