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I completed routine. At 7 A.M. Dinbandhu and I left fast by taking sweet ‘Chhana’ (split milk).  At 10 A.M. I had lunch.  Some villagers with Shyamlalji brought petition of scarcity of drinking water. I kept it.  He handed Radhakantji’s letter care of him.  I had to read it as it was in Hindi in the name of Ramanidada. He requested to send someone to take account of money except Padhye or Ratan.  It was natural that he was hurt when our names were proposed to replace him in litigations.  In the evening Haridas arrived from Calcutta.  Veer Arjun case was fixed on 27th June and The Hitavada case on 6th July.  Ramanidada said I would be required to attend both. Niharendudada had written that substitutes would spoil cases. I requested Ramanidada not to disclose Radhakantji’s letter to Baba otherwise he would not allow him to come here.  He agreed.

Haridas gave news that in East Pakistan people were replacing boards in Urdu by Bengali and they are calling their country as East Bengal and not East Pakistan.  Haribandhu was jubilant.  He told that it was the result of Baba’s casting.  He mentioned that at the time of Chinese aggression Baba did lot of casting and added that Patton tanks were defeated due to his casting.  I was at a loss to understand all this.  Mother of Pondicherry Ashram and Anil Baran Roy predicted unification of India.  Everything was going above my head and brain was spinning.  I hope tomorrow Baba would discuss on this.  Chat, dined and slept.

After bath Baba called and hurriedly I reached.  He was sitting outside the fence.  He discussed cases and possibility of my representation.  Then we discussed East Bengal news. I queried whether it was the effect of casting. He said it was not enough.  When proper casting would be complete even ten thousand Ayubs could not avoid reunion of India said he.  He added,” It is a definite thing.  It may take some time but it is coming in future. If Vedantic heart in Muslim frame comes in the world it would do great good to humanity.” After that he said,         “Gandhiji committed one great tactical blunder. Instead of appealing the Muslim League as an instrument if he would have appealed to the masses it would have done great good and permanent change.”

Baba was in a better mood.  He told stories of Shivaji, massacre of the British in Kanpur, Rani of Zansi, Durgavati, Rani Bhawani, Ahilyabai and termed them as great ladies of India. He told about kingdom of Vijynanagaram.  The Maharaja of Kashmir wanted to convert all Muslim back to Hinduism and called conference of shastris who refused.  We were suffering for that folly of the Brahmins.”

Radhakant Pandey sent a registered letter to Ratan Maheswari and that was read out to Baba.  It was full of invectives to Ratan. It mentioned that he was a son of Bania and he himself of Brahmin etc.  Baba observed that there must have been some lacuna in Ratan.  Baba laughed and told that it was Radhakant’s style.  I requested Baba to call Radhakantji.  He denied saying that his ego would inflate.  I argued a lot and for a pretty long time then Baba ultimately said, “ Ramani, if Suresh would have done Ph.D. in Law instead of Geography, it would have been better.“  He heartily laughed and said, “ Alright. Give telegram.  Reference Ratan’s letter stop if you feel you have committed guilt then alone come to see me immediately Sd/-Ramani Ranjan Das.”  Then Baba thought over and told to drop letter instead of telegram, which would keep a permanent record in the postal department.  Then he said if letter were sent to Kaithi news would spread.  Baba calculated my departure and then said, “Suresh do not force me.  Do not send the telegram” to which, I agreed and again he was disgusted and said, “I am going to stay in the Himalayas for two years.  I shall detach myself from all these people.  There are two to three of my persons in the Himalaya.  I shall train them.  They will take my work in hand.  In addition I shall get about hundred people from the plains and train them.  I shall not go down in the plain.  I shall not take active role.  I will give up this old bunch and take a new lot.  It does not appeal to my conscience but I am helpless.  These people repeat the same mistakes and do not try to improve.  See Radhakant could not learn in fifteen years.  It is useless.”

Baba turned to me and said, “You have done reading of everybody’s palm.  Let me now see your hand. “I stretched it and he began reading,” The line bifurcating from heart line and joining brain line shows you will achieve the goal.  Good sign.  The central palm is low, a ditch.  There is a mark below thumb. You will earn lot of money but like me nothing will remain with you because of ditch in central palm. (Absolutely true) There is a fight between sex life and renunciation.  The total of lines on your phalanx is nineteen.  Lucky man.  They will count twenty one and if they count twenty three you will achieve your goal.”

Baba then told about his palm, “The fate line started independently from the base of my palm.  At the age of twenty-nine it started from lifeline because I renounced the world.  Brain line has become faint at the end.  What does it mean?”  I said it indicated that you would not have material attraction.  Baba said, “Right.”  Then he asked a line going from mount of Moon towards mount of the Sun, what it indicated?  I replied that most of the life abroad.  He said,” Right, perfectly right.”  Then we discussed lines of affection etc.  Baba pointed specifically that lines of influence were crossing lines of worries on my palm and hence foreign tour was developing.  Then he said if there was a mole between shoulders to wrist of the right hand it indicated firm determination and revealed it on my hand.
Everybody was curious and attentive to our talk and they could not make head or tail of it.

Our talk turned to collection of money.  He gave names and amount to be asked for and said, “I want to try one man and judge him.  You know J.R.D. Tata? (I nodded) You see him and ask for Rs. five lakhs loan for one year at twelve percent per annum interest and do not accept below one lakh.”  I said what surety for refund to be given? Baba said, “f he gives five lakhs and insists on surety I shall give my signature on the loan bond.”  The other names suggested by him were:
(1)    J.R.D. Tata- minimum one lakh
(2)    Cowasji Jahangir family-25000.
(3)    Nanavati- 50,000.
(4)    Shantiprasad Jain.  Ask for minimum one lakh.  Tell him that if he feels grateful that his money was used for a great spiritual cause then alone he should offer otherwise not.  (His father in law Mr. Dalmia offered but was rejected.)
(5)    Sarla Sarabhai Family-50000
(6)    There is a workshop in Nagpur on entering city from Jabalpur.  I took food there.  Ask him 50,000.
(7)    Son of Jamnalal Bajaj-one lakh

I went for lunch.  Baba again came out and from 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. we were talking.  We talked on various topics.  We discussed theory of relativity.  He told me to bring books on relativity, a book on Education _____________(I forgot).  Both of us tried to remember name of Jayant Naralikar.  We were talking about Radhakant and suddenly I remembered the name but before I could tell him the name he asked ‘Naralikar?’  Our unconscious mind unfolded simultaneously. (Netaji was a great lover of books)
Baba told me not to write a letter to Radhakant. He said, “If I do not give him a severe shock treatment and remove his ego he will be ruined.  Then he will be of no use in future.”  When I insisted again he promised to think over after his fast was over and if I felt he permitted to write a personal letter to him otherwise he pointed my conscious would prick me.

Baba said, “I know how to love people but at the same time I know how to punish them too.  My love can never come in the way of punishment.
There are Astrologists in Calcutta and these people deducted my nature as soft, mild, lovable and hard and harsh too.  I do not know whether I am first thing but I am harsh that is definite and this way they are right.”

(Baba forgets that he indirectly gives direct identity.  Nobody knew horoscope or birth date of Shaulmari Baba. Before his escape from India Netaji consulted Astrologer.)

Baba gave the last note: “On eleventh July Monday 1966 after 12 o’clock and within 2.30 P.M. start for Bombay from home.  Of the names given to you, it is left to your discretion and it is also left to your own discretion to pick up new men for your approach but be very careful about that Netaji psychosis.  Take letter of authorization from Ramani before you start.  Send telegram to me as soon as you reach home.”

I then bowed before him and requested to touch my pocket Bhagawad Gita.  He did so and went in.
One thing I marked that he refers a Bengali Almanac to see good and bad times and lunar days. (In England Netaji would borrow the Bengali Almanac from his friend. While escaping from India he decided timing after referring Almanac.) I returned to my hut and Ramanidada told me that a letter was written to Ratan mentioning suspected fraud and that he should not come here.  I dined, packed my things, chatted with inmates and slept with the thought that instead of refunding old loan I was going to try new ones. I am a magician but Baba throws magic spells on everyone including me.

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