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Got up at 3.30 A.M. Meditation.  After bath sent telegram but due to Sunday office was closed.  Haribandhu brought new cow.  Baba came out.  I told difficulty about sending telegram.  He was bit upset and played the old record.  He castigated Haridas. Talked of living for two years in the upper Himalayas, repayment of loan, everybody for himself, etc.  Then out of disgust he left for bath and meal. At 11 A.M. we reassembled for gossip outside his fence.

He said, “Suresh, what you say is true.  Shah Nawaz Khan is an opportunist.  As long as Nehru was alive he never came in deep trouble.  On behalf of Ashram he would have been definitely prosecuted and convicted.  He would have lost his ministership.  He tendered unconditional written apology to Ashram.  After Nehru’s death he was saying that he never tendered an apology to Ashram.  Baba then pathetically remarked, “Bhonsle also became minister but he was never an opportunist. (I invited Bhonsle to inaugurate social gathering of my college in 1954) He boldly asked Nehru as to why INA soldiers were not taken back in free India’s Army.  Nehru was very much afraid that if they were given a chance to rejoin they might capture the Government. Nehru dishonestly put a charge of being unpatriotic on INA people.  Who else could be patriotic than those revolutionaries (INA) who sacrificed everything for the nation? A young revolutionary of Bengal aged eighteen years, courted gallows.  He wrote a poem on the previous night of his hanging.”  Baba recited that Bengali poem.  He then exclaimed, “What a sacrifice of that great boy.”  He then told that elder brother of Vivekananda was a revolutionary.  Whenever he was introduced as elder brother of Vivekananda he would feel offended. He lamented whether he had his own existence and identity or not.  He would often get irritated with that introduction.

About Sawarkar V.D. he observed, “Sawarkar lacked elasticity to change with changing time and hence met failure in his later days.  He was very rigid.  One must run with the time.”

Then on Humayum Kabir Baba commented, he is no doubt a scholar and knows Gandhian philosophy deeply but he is inhuman in practical life.  He was badly exposed when he opposed Swami Vivekananda Memorial at Kanyakumari.  Also he was exposed in Aligarh University business.

On Shyamaprasad Mukherjee he remarked,” He had slightly narrow outlook but he was the youngest Vice Chancellor in the world.  He became Vice Chancellor at the age of thirty-one.  Of course he had advantage of his father and party. He personally paid fees of many students who were to be rusticated for want of fees. He was a terror to Nehru.  Nehru was out and out nihilist (Russian word).  Tilak was out and out revolutionist within and without but Gopal Krishna Gokhale was of compromising nature, of course in good sense.  Gandhi took him his political guru but Gokhale whenever he used to learn new things from anyone he called him guru.  Rabindranath Tagore was also called his guru but Tagore started writing his Divine work only after his contact with Gandhi and hence it is difficult to say who is whose guru.

There is one sadhu in the Himalayas knowing ‘siddhi’ (art of miracles). These Birlas take him to their place for performing ‘yadnya’ (ritual of fire worship) etc. with a view to add a few crores more to their coffer. About A.D.Mani he said that some President of All India Forward Block wrote a letter to pardon him but if Mani would have printed apology in his own newspaper at his own accord then the pardon was possible. Then Baba accepted my suggestion to send a telegram to Gobind at Calcutta to file a suit against Hitavada.  Baba told his experience during his walk in the Andhra Pradesh.  He had a great quarrel with  Vice Chancellor of the newly formed Andhra University.

Baba entered his bungalow and asked for food.  The Vice Chancellor remarked as to why he was a beggar and Baba got upset.  He asked V.C. as to who was really a beggar, one who was demanding or one who was refusing.  One who was refusing was indeed a beggar in Britti, (Vrutti). The V.C. was stunned and requested him to take food but Baba refused.  The V.C. was standing at his gate till Baba disappeared. (Subhash Bose mentioned, (Netaji mentions,“ What gift on earth one possibly make who was himself poor and beggarly.” E-108) About Rock and Roll he commented, “The American boys are wasting their energy in this useless beat.”  Baba then left for rest.  I took lunch.  One man from Rudraprayag came.  He was served food.  One engineer of local self-government Mr. Sharma, a bachelor, from Narendranagar with his two peons came.  They brought their own food.  I entertained them by serving our food also.  They left and postmaster of Okhimath with two persons arrived. I offered them snacks and tea.  I took bath, meditated and dined. Ratan had not arrived.

Completed correspondence and diary and called it a day.

Got up at 3.30 A.M. Meditated, Decided to fast without food or fruits.  Read Swami Vivekananda’s Rajyoga in seclusion. At 1.30 P.M. Shomu came to see me.  At 3 P.M. I was called by Baba.  We sat outside his fence. He dictated two telegrams.  One was to cancel Hitavada case and another to Niharendu Mazumdar that Baba had decided to go in seclusion for two more years.  Then our discussion started.  He said, ”Yesterday what you said is not correct.  It was not Ratan’s carrying Rs.400/-, which upset the work.  It was their folly that matters.  If it were my work then your hundred mistakes will not disturb me but I am doing for you people.” He remained silent for a moment then laughingly and haltingly he said, “How shall I tell you? All right, I shall say sometimes I feel I shall go against the flow directly and sometimes I feel I should dance with the tune and then do whatever is needed.  But in the latter method the Devilish forces will creep in.  Their help will be sought.  Today people are in need of a leader like Gokhale or C.R.Das.  During my walk I met thousands of illiterate persons and found that they need good leader.” I said, “They say so but economic slavery compels them to vote for unworthy congress leaders. It is timely bribe, which works upon them, as they are poor and illiterate.  The literate class is in service and helpless.  The graduate constituency has proved that congressmen could not get elected and hence they are now trying to abolish it.”  Baba laughed and said, ” Yes.  They will close wherever they do not succeed.  The other day there was a good fight like children in the Parliament. Prof.N.G. Ranga, Subramanyam and Hiren Mukherjee also joined the fight.” (In politics Prof.Ranga collaborated with Netaji. He was then in Kisan Sabha with Swami Agnivesh) I said,“When reason and logic fail to convince the ruling party due to its brute majority, the opposition has to become childish.”  Baba said,” Yes. Yes. Yes. You are right.  There should be agitation from masses for a good leader.  They are not so much prepared.  Two more years will be required for observation.” I said, “The people are so meek and weak that they have no strength to raise voice but if they see some such leader they will be active like lightening.” Baba confessed,  “Yes.  I too feel sometimes leader a should come forward, give identity and then start work. Let us see what is Mother’s wish and will.”

Prof. Nidubralu Gogineni Ranga was member of the parliament for fifty years, and was known for his oratory. He was born in 1900 and died on 8/6/95 at his nephew in Ponnur near Vijaywada, Andhra. He and Swami Agnivesh worked with Netaji.

Earlier Baba said, “ Look here Suresh, I shall give you a simile. Suppose a house was to be built. Almost after seven years’ labour it got burnt and ashes are left now, it is out of these ashes new house is to be built.” I said,” Those who wish to live in house shall remain in the open and start the work of reconstruction at any cost.” Baba said, “But rain and wind will spoil them.”  Laughingly he said,” Let us not extend this simile further.”  From his talk I was convinced that mistake of Ratan was merely a ploy.  His real problem was whether to get hold of present leaders or not.  Baba then said, “It was my first plan to send Ratan or you or Ramprasad to Bombay to get money but now I have changed it.” I was perplexed.
Other topics came for discussion and some of his remarks were,” In long eighteen years they have not solved the food problem.  They are running all over with a begging bowl. What meaning it had?  They are begging for foreign exchange.  Why they do not have courage to say that they will buy in Indian currency alone or live without those goods.  They should have ambition to manufacture them in India.  Indian students are clever and praised abroad both for intelligence and character. U.S.A. is getting water from thirteen hundred feet deep and irrigating land while we cannot utilize surface water.  It is shameful. Nehru had European heart with Indian garb. I mean physique.  An American columnist said he was the greatest destroyer of Gandhian philosophy. The poor fellow in his autobiography has repeatedly admitted that he read Vivekananda but could not understand him.  How will he understand? His childhood in Europe spoiled that faculty of spiritualism.”

I ate to end my fast and slept.

Up late. Bath. Got a call from Baba and so rushed. Baba told me to secure Rs. five hundred from priest Mitranand, add Rs. seven hundred from balance and send T.M.O. to Calcutta to pursue civil suit against the Hitavada.  He said that if one case was lost for want of money, he could not do half-hearted work.  Consequently all cases would be lost.  He would pursue.  He expressed his determination that if need be we would fast but money would go for cases.

I had breakfast.  Ratan arrived fortunately.  He said Rs.three hundred loan was due to be returned to Mitranandji.  Baba called us and allowed Ratan to sit without bath or change of clothes.  I realized his rules and restrictions were flexible according to circumstances.  Ratan informed that both Ramkrishnaji and Ramprasadji were putting their best efforts to send Rs. two thousand to Calcutta for cases.  Baba then told me to cancel T.M.O. He related the whole situation, “Look Suresh. Have you heard Ramkrishna told Krishnakant not to talk about money matter to me? Strict warning he gave. I now follow it.  Ramkrishna has mortgaged his house to a retired judge for ten thousand rupees. He once promised Krishnakant to give him money when his daughter’s marriage will be fixed.  He is giving Rs. seven thousand to him and remaining for Calcutta perhaps. He was afraid and definitely knew that I could not allow him to mortgage his house.  I have myself blocked all his channels.  I told him not to take money from contractors and Vinod.  He told me that if I allow him all means, he would send Rs. two thousand every month.  I objected.”
About Ramprasad, he sold Rs. fifty thousand worth ornaments to repay loan taken for Ashram. His cousin Harprasad is good with him and hence his uncle, i.e., Harprasad’s father, has turned him out penniless.  Harprasad is now with Ramprasad.”

I told Baba that Ratan did not bring Mosambis (orange like fruit). He lost his mood and Ratan got his due. Then Haridas was given Rs.three hundred and sent to Delhi to purchase two hundred and fifty Mosambis.  They were required for Gita’s fast.

Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar’s letter in Bengali addressed in my name was opened. It was read out to him.  Baba told me, “Look Suresh.  They are all making haste and running from pillar to post to save all cases.  All four lawyers are busy.  Radhakant spoke lie that the Hitavada was served with notice. His defect will never go.  He is extremely sincere but it is of no use.  The sincerity must come from the core of heart.”

After lunch I took nap while Baba called Ratan and Shomu.  He enquired about me and came to know that I was asleep. He told them not to disturb me.  Then he recited number of poems before both of them.  At 4 P.M. I got up, had bath and went to Vidyapith to bring dog ‘Kolu’.  I gave it bath at the camp.  I then went for meditation.  Baba called me.  He saw Kolu and played with it for a while.  Then Baba asked me whether I wrote down conflict in my mind.  I said it was on the tip of tongue.  He proposed,” Let us sit and discuss,” By that time Ratan arrived. He narrated to him how Haripad Bose went to Krishnakant at Kaithi before he was handcuffed and how Krishnakant did not condone him and drove him out.  Then general discussion began.
Baba said to me,” Look here.  Within the premises of the Parliament, Motilal’s statue was fixed but Nehru did not remember Gandhiji at all.  His statue deserves first place. Nehru’s government house is turned into museum.  ‘Ten Downing’ of London never turned up into museum. These people have very funny ideas.  The present government celebrates birthday of Gandhi, Nehru and Shastri but they never remembered Subhash as if he was third grade compared to these all. Once I had in mind to play fool of Nehru. I was thinking to start work when he was alive. Then he would have been firm that I am none but Subhash Bose and then I would have disclosed my real identity of East Bengal. (Netaji has given genealogy of twenty-six generations. Title of the family was ‘Khan’ and ancestors belonged to East Bengal. They were warriors and Naval Admirals) Suresh have you heard about news today?  The American intelligence planned to adulterate poison in ten thousand bags of sugar, which was to be exported to Russia, but somehow Kennedy smelt it and stopped it.  Imagine the foolish and devilish thoughts of humanity.  It is now revealed that Americans planned to murder Dr.Musadique.  They are spoiling themselves with arms.  Ideological war can never be fought with arms.  In Vietnam they have shot down Chinese planes in Chinese land.  Suppose they win by arms.  What will be fate?  These gangsters Chou en Lai and Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong) will become Super Martyrs.  The American people know that their Government is committing follies.  President Roosevelt’s ambassador Phillips (father of John Kennedy) warned his people to be very cautious while dealing with the Chinese always.”  Afterwards Baba described beautiful lakes of Scotland, lovely cathedrals of the Alps, temple of Delphi which befooled the emperors for four hundred years, Pyramids, Tutakhamen’s ring the possession of which killed twelve persons and then sent to museum in London, etc. etc. Lastly he stressed, “It is spiritualism which alone can bring harmony and world peace.”

Shyamlal and postmaster of Okhimath arrived.  I advocated for them and told Baba that the Post Master had been to us four times previously to see him but in vain and that he was proceeding on long leave.  Baba agreed and told to give Shubir’s hand washed clothes and send them in.  He talked with them and told me to offer them snacks and tea.  Baba did not go for his usual evening meditation and ‘Surajarashmi’ (absorbing mild rays of the morning and evening Sun in eyes).

He said that tourist spoiled water of the Manadakini and hence he would shift on the bank of Saraswsati about a mile and half to the east.  Ramani is making a hundred crore rupees plan to carry this water to Ashram and laughed.  He then observed that by canals or pipe it would be economic to divert this water to the plains for drinking purpose.  Baba then left for his bath.  Sometimes I felt that certain plans were nothing but fantasy.  Shyamlalji and postmaster left after they had snacks and tea.  I wrote diary, dined and slept.

Got up late.  After bath he called me. A separate hut was being constructed for Gita in Baba’s courtyard.  All were busy in that. Baba took me outside and at 10 A.M. discussion began on various subjects.  I related my self-analysis.  He observed that mind was the worst creature.  We talked on spiritualism.  At midday he left for rest.

Before I could take rest, Nareshchandra Roy from Ashram arrived unexpectedly.  All assembled near him.  Baba came out and joined.  Nareshbabu related that former Ashram member Manoranjan Bhaumik with fifty hooligans created trouble at three o’clock in the night to take possession of his land.    Nareshbabu warned police and Deputy Inspector General of police.  Mr. Bhaumik was arrested and later released on bail.  After listening to narration Baba asked exquisite questions and names of others present there and then exploded, “ I know how to silence all police.  Even ten thousand rupees will be spent.  Then all these culprits tied with rope will be brought to Ashram and then caning and shoe beating will be done before all people of Falakata. One slap will be returned by twenty slaps. I am of this opinion”.  He was growling and the topic continued for a long while.  Then Baba gave the following note:
“Ignorance is not necessarily morbid.  Natural ignorance, you may deal with in a straight way.  When you are to deal with morbid ignorance, sometimes it becomes necessary to dive into gorge of ignorance and behave there as ignorance does but this you can do only when you are perfectly equipped with complete quietude and equanimity otherwise you will drench yourself by the rubbish coal tar of ignorance and instead of lifting the morbidity upwards you yourself will sink downwards” Then Baba recited a Sanskrit verse on God Ramachandra as below:

Vajradapi kathorani, mrudooni kusumadapi
Lokottaranam chetansi, kohi vidnyatumarhati

(Roman redering meaning common people do not understand that heart of great man is harder than cudgel of lord Indra and softer than petal of flower) Baba then gave instructions to Naresh as to how to deal the situation and literally thundered, “ I am not Gandhi. I shall teach them proper lesson by proper means. I can equally come down to the level of ignorance.” When Baba came to know that Gyanbabu in Ashram did not receive our letter instructing to be present at Calcutta for the Hitavada case, he again flared up.  He rebuked as to why all letters were not sent by express delivery.  Worry, worry and worry. Then it was decided that either Ratan or I would go to Calcutta immediately.  Shomu and Sukumar were sent to Guptakashi to reserve bus tickets by first gate up to Rishikesh. Then he said that Suresh should not be disturbed and that he should strive to dive deep into being and hence it was decided that Ratan would go to Calcutta.  Baba said at the time of examination in chief I would represent both in criminal and civil cases against Hitavada.  I agreed.  Then plan was changed again.  Since Nareshbabu was to go to Ashram, he would go via Calcutta. He jocularly said that after seeing Naresh any judge would allow transfer on medical ground. All of us laughed. Nareshbabu was a lean and thin skeleton-like fellow.  Baba imparted detailed direction to him.

Baba told me to prepare a draft for publication.  The salient points were that Shah Nawaz Khan denied that he ever asked to be apologized by the Ashram and that if he had courage to repeat the statement he would see the fun.  Then he said let Niharendu prepare the draft as he knew all the details.
Talk turned to other topics.  A letter from former Law Officer of the Ashram Dr.Gope Gurbax a Ph.D. in International Law came.  He left Ashram and made a lot of propaganda about Baba being Netaji. He begged an apology and asked for some money out of his unpaid dues of salary of Rs. twenty five thousand.  He required money for his tour abroad for a lecture series on Indian Philosophy.  Baba praised him and said he speaks definitely well.  Baba told to read out news cuttings in Bengali.  He told me that Anil Roy was a politician. First he worked with Gandhi and later on worked with Subhash Bose. He left politics and joined Pondicherry Ashram of Aurobindo Ghosh. He was there for forty years. At the age of seventy six he started ‘Akhanda Bharat Vrata’ (United India mission), a social service.” Baba further commended that Anil Roy was an exceptionally hard worker. I have referred his death in Pune in the chapter of News and also in biography. In my readings much later I found that Anil Baran Roy and Dilip Kumar Roy were closely associated with Subhash Chandra Bose and both went to Aurobindo Ashram of Pondicherry. Death in Pune was of Dilip Roy known as Dadaji. He was Netaji’s closest friend in college and in England. He wrote a book ‘Subhash I knew”. His father was a poet.

Baba disclosed,“I received Diksha from Swami Vivekananda.” I was perplexed. I said,” Swamiji died in 1902 and that time you must have been a kid of five years. How could you get Diksha and contact Swamiji?” He replied that he received it through Sukshma Deh of Swamiji. Unknowingly he accepted the year of his birth as 1897.

I casually referred Henry Nova and his due salary. Baba observed that he would require rebirth for that and Manoranjan Bhaumik would need two rebirths. He referred to a curse of a Sadhu and described it. He believed in rebirth. He explained ‘Sukshma Deh’ (infinitesimal body or astral body). After death it leaves the body. He described, “Its form is similar to body. It is a horrible sight. With a little practice anybody can witness it.” From his talk it seemed he could see it. I then asked whether burning of body in electrical furnace was right. He said ‘Agni Sanskar’ means burning on pyre with rituals was better but in big cities for the sake of convenience electric crematoriums were better. He remarked that instead of burying system cremation was better. Only for great saints burying was good because the mother Earth gets those element. I pointed that Judaism, Christianity and Islam originated in desert area where timber was scarce and hence tradition of burying was indispensable but now it is copied all over the world. Before Islam, Jews and then Christians adopted circumcision as religious rituals due to paucity of water.  Abraham was the originator of it. Circumcision was compelled in those religions for hygienic purpose for want of water for cleaning. Bath was taken only on Friday. Traditions migrate. Oldest religion was of Indians and from there burning of incense, counting of bids, anointing the dead, system of marriage, idea of Hell and Heaven, Pralaya  (Apocalyptical Flood), bowing on knees before God, common place of worship etc migrated to these religions. Baba said,” Suresh you are cent   percent right”

Baba expressed his anxiety on opening of new canals and digging of trenches in Sialkot and east Bengal of Pakistan. He augured, “Danger is ahead in near future.” On atomic weapons he decisively said, “We must have ‘A’ bomb and other weapons. Even if they are kept in showcase they will serve a lot of purpose. Fall out of radioactivity will give birth to deformed progeny but after thousands of years it might adopt or get immune to it. The world history shows people with superior weapons always subjugated the backwards. India also became slave to the Moguls and the British due to this lacuna.”  It was 7 P.M. and the session began at 1.30 P.M. First we were sitting outside and then we shifted to his courtyard. He told me that weather being chilly I should not take bath for meditation but just a wash. He left for his meditation and meals. After my meditation Shomu came and told that with great difficulty and good office of Mitranandji he could obtain bus ticket for Rishikesh. It was the peak of pilgrims’ season. Dined and slept.

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