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I got up late and finished routine.  Baba called me.  He was standing outside with a bowl in hand.  I thought I was lucky.  He said he wanted to make friendship with Kolu and Bholu (dogs).  He mixed sugar in milk with a stick and poured into Bholu’s dish.  Kolu began to bark.  He said to me when one dog was eating another should not interfere.  He said he came to know that Bholu snatches Kolu’s food.  This would not do.  They must be taught how to behave.  They must learn discipline.  Baba gave whistles and played with them for sometime. Baba told us a story of refugees in Garo Hills. “ About two thousand refugees have illegally settled there.  The Government sent forty elephants to destroy their huts.  The refugees offered bananas, flour, rice, etc to elephants and after swallowing they refused to demolish huts.”
An application was made to the S.D.M.Okhimath for sanction of permit for 40 Kg. Wheat, 10 Kg. Rice and 20 Kg. sugar.  He sanctioned much less.  Baba dictated a letter in my name informing S.D.M. the return of permit with thanks and that he might give the quota to local needy ones.  Sukumar was told to carry the letter but he informed that S.D.M. was out of station to take care of some visiting minister of U.P. All of us laughed.

We shifted to shade and Baba asked first question to me, ”Suppose Suresh this sixty seven election is over and Congress is in power.  By constitutional means how would you take power in hand?” I said, “ By capturing majority of M.P.s or making the masses throw the Government.”
Baba said, “No.  Not with the help of the Parliament. I want to punish many of them and you have to repay ‘ Til ka ahesan Tad se phedna hota hai.’ (The phrase means if obligation as small as seed of sesame is taken we have to return it as big as a coconut tree. In other words it means return obligation of a molehill with a mountain.)  Look here.  Suppose eighty percent of voters give signatures to the President, he will have to consider it.  He will dissolve the Parliament, have President’s rule and say after two months or so declare new elections.”

I replied, “if the President applies commonsense and moral sense, then it is alright but there is no provision in the Constitution that he must dissolve the Parliament and take fresh elections on the basis of signature campaign, in each constituency. ”

Baba said, “I agree with you.  It will not be by law but if the President does not apply commonsense then masses will overthrow the Government. Either this method or coup d’etat, there is no other alternative to gain power midway after elections.”

I admitted, “Yes, I agree and I would prefer first method of collective signatures.” Baba said, “I have also almost decided to take this method.  Say about three months’ time signatures can easily be taken throughout the country.  After start of our plan we shall do this within three months.  We shall have to select ten thousand persons throughout the country.  Many of them I have in mind. “I asked as to what about the rest and he said that he would examine the photographs.  I queried whether applications would be considered and he approved.

Baba added, “In each constituency our deputed social worker with the selected few hundred shall collect signatures. He will contest new election under our direction. A panel of two to three will approve representation and submit signatures to the President. “ I doubted that members of the opposition would rob the opportunity and rush to help our campaign.  He said, “ No.  Their help will be refused.  We do not want adulterated stuff.  They will again spoil the whole lot.”  I asked if some of them did object that a few signatures were fraudulent then what.  Baba observed that the court of law would decide it. He discussed other reforms especially establishment of mobile libraries.

I said, “ Baba I am not craving for power but if we delay too much, these people will make a mess of our country’s defense.  That is worrying me more.”

Baba said, “ Yes.  I am also thinking of the same.  They have already made a mess.  The army has lost faith in politicians.  We shall have to hurry up.”

I narrated as to how Dr. C.D. Deshpande, the Director of Education, visited my college, freely mixed with the staff and gave them an opportunity to express their feelings frankly.
On this Baba observed, “Yes. The superiors must mix up with the subordinates.  Then and then alone they will know the truth and bring reform. Now a days neither the officers nor the politicians know not how to keep their own and Nation’s dignity.”

Consequently we talked on politicians and Baba observed, “Nehru used to become one with children. Rajgopalachari once referred to him as a boy of sixty-four. This was greatness indeed,” I narrated that during movement of independent Vidarbha in Yeotmal my mother was holding my three-year-old niece with black flag.  Nehru noticed it, stopped his car and snatched the black flag from Vaijayanti’s tender hand and patting her remarked, “ You children too are entering politics”.  Baba said, “Surely it is greatness.”  Baba told another story of Nehru’s greatness. “After partition in Punjab a young boy tutored an old lady of eighty-five and pushed her on the rostrum from where Nehru was to address.  She abused Nehru like anything and at the end remarked,’ sala haram Mussalman ka bachha isse to angrej ka raj ahchha’ meaning Nehru was bastard child of a Muslim and the British regime was far better.  When workers rushed to pull her down, Nehru approached the stage and ordered to allow the old lady to abuse him and vent out her anger.  When Nehru climbed the dais he addressed to the old lady, “Oh mother, in British Raj you were not able to abuse even a Patwari of five rupees monthly salary and today you can abuse the Prime Minister.  Is this less?”  Here is his greatness.”

Baba then observed, “Unfortunately after independence the rich are getting richer and poor the poorer.  There must be feeling for masses.”  I remarked that there was a tribe of neo rich.  The goondas, though poor, were getting rich by becoming leaders.  Baba said “ Any goonda has more value today.”

Baba narrated about Rabindranath Tagore.  He said, Rabindranath went to England and started learning dance. When his father saw the letter, he immediately called him back and engaged five professors for tuition at home. Rabindranath had no literary degree and yet he became a great man in literature.  His father was under debt of one crore forty lakhs rupees and it was Rabindranath who washed off the debt.  Man may not be literate but he must be educated and he can easily become leader if he feels for the masses.”  I pointed that Indira Gandhi was not much literate.  Baba said, “ Even Vijayalaxmi is only matriculate but she has some genius in her, no, rather capacity.  I asked whether Indira Gandhi was genius and he retorted absolutely not. I asked, “ Had Vijayalaxmi not been Nehru would she have risen to this height?”  Baba said, “ Definitely not.  What of her even Nehru would not have been what Nehru is known today.  But Gandhi wherever born would have remained Gandhi known to us.  Nehrus are Nehru by class but thousands of Nehrus cannot produce one Gandhi yet one Gandhi can produce thousands of Nehrus.”

It was midday.  He left for rest.  I took lunch and wrote diary up to 3 P.M.  Then had a nap.  Dinudada left for Nalchatti to purchase vegetables. I washed clothes, finished bath and meditation.

It was windy.  Baba came out at 7.30 P.M. He called me and enquired whether I applied medicinal mud on the wound of my foot.  I promised to do so at night.  Baba then explained, “Suresh, this medicinal mud preparation is troublesome. There are three types of impurities: volatile, semi-volatile and gaseous.  All of them need to be removed.  Properly prepared one seer {two pounds} mud would cost sixteen rupees.  Once Devdas, Gandhiji’s son, became ill in South India.  He was twelve years old.  Two eminent doctors examined him.  He had double pneumonia.  He became serious and all lost hope.  Doctors told that he would last four hours.  Then Kasturba gave permission to Gandhiji.  There was no sufficient time to prepare mud.  A pit was dug about one foot deep and soil from the bottom was boiled for one hour.  Gandhiji applied thin layers of mud again and again.  Next day Devdas was normal.  A well-known allopathic doctor of New York_______(I forgot) turned to naturopathy and began application of mud.  He said that if he knew it earlier, he would have dumped all allopathy into the Atlantic Ocean.”  I asked Baba as to what was the scientific reason. He said that probably such instruments for observation might not have been discovered and it was all beyond science. I queried whether cancer could be cured and he said that if properly applied the Earth would definitely cure cancer.  I asked as to why Tata and Calcutta hospitals not use it and he said, “ Difficulty is that they do no believe in it at all and are not willing to try.”

(Two days before death, my father was sleepless for forty-eight hours due to intestinal paralysis. I applied mud over his stomach and he had eight hours sound sleep.  Next day when hospitalized he insisted on mud application and doctors did not allow.  He expired on June 20th 1979. Recent research in Germany has revealed cure of many aliments by mud therapy.)

I asked a crucial question to Baba. “ In bringing unity amongst Hindus and Muslims I feel the main hindrance is their difference in customs.  Hindus do not accept beef but Muslims do.”  Baba said, “ Why this fad?  The Hindus will have to change their ideas. I can show that in the Vedanta it is mentioned that our forefathers were eaters of beef. When Vasishta Muni went to one house, the lady of the house cut young calf and her son who reared the calf said to mother as to why she cut the beloved calf for that panther and she said that he was worldly saint and he should not say so. Legally the meat of cow and cow slaughter must be stopped but bulls may be cut. Slaughter of all female animals must be banned officially. “  I queried whether because cow gave precious milk the custom of worshiping and not killing cow came into vogue.  Baba said, “ Partly externally it is so but there is something deeper than this.”  I said the Muslims do not eat pork and the Hindus do.  Baba laughed and said “ We shall have to bring change in attitude of man.”

We talked on Vedas and I questioned as to why Veda’s learning was restricted to some only. Baba explained, “ Lord Ram killed Bhor (? I couldn’t follow name) because he was performing ‘tapashcharya’. Modern critics blame Ram. I say Ram was correct. If Shudra by tapashcharaya acquired knowledge of weapons and could not control his mind, he might misuse it.“ I asked that even Brahmin also could misuse it.  Baba said, “ Chances are less because of sanskar.  Brahmins were amongst Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras also.  It was in recent past that deformation came out of self-interest.  It was not hereditary.  Those who today talk of Vedanta themselves do no know true Vedanta. He observed that hierarchy of hereditary succession spoiled the Varna system.” (Netaji had deep study of the Vedas and Upanishadas.)

I asked Baba his opinion on modern critics who say that it was idiotness of Rama to abandon Sita for a comment of a dhobi.   I was startled.  Baba got up and simply roared,” They are fools.  They have not even slightest sense.  The great character like Rama you would not find in the history of human beings.  He knew fully well Sita was chaste but what a great sacrifice he did for ‘praja’ (subjects). For objection from one washerman he sacrificed his wife.  This is a feeling of Raja  (king) for praja.” I hesitantly remarked that Raja Harishchandra also sacrificed his wife and son.  Baba said, “ But Rama’s life is great in all respects.”

Then we discussed various topics.

“In Bengali language Vijay becomes Bijoy, Arvinda as Aurobindo, Shiksha as Shikkha or Pranam as Pronam, Dnyan as Gyan, Siva as shiba, Vibha as Biva, Vasanti as Basanti, Vritti as Britti, Vijay as Bijoy. Like Spanish language in Bengali letter ‘o’ replaces other vowels. Baba told the following story.
“ Once in Assam Bijoy Krishna Goswami was coming after bath at night and four persons stood on his path with hands folded.  He recognized them as ghosts. They requested him for ‘mukti’ (salvation) and they were suffering since one thousand years.  Swami said it was their ‘karma phal ‘ (fruit due to previous birth’s conduct) and as per God’s wish they must suffer.  Then they requested him that he should go with drenched clothes up to his hut.  He did so and while walking realized that these persons sipped water trickling from his clothes and by trick they got ‘mukti’. Swamiji   has mentioned it.”

“Swami Vishudhanand died around 1932.  He was in Banaras.  He was a funny saint.  One scientist said to him that he could not follow that ‘jad’ (material) and vital are similar and there is no bar.  So Swamiji put his hand into the stonewall behind and took out again and asked the scientist ‘ Now have you followed?’  His hand went through stonewall and scientist was puzzled.  Once one Brahmin  ‘Mahamahopadhyaya’ (pundit) came to him and he was made to sit below and others on ‘bedi’ (platform).  So the Brahmin took it as an affront and said to Vishudhanand that he came from a good Brahmin family and that why was he insulted. Vishudhanand told him that real Brahmins in old days could take out fire from mouth like this and fire from his mouth reached the beard of Mahamahopadhyay. ‘”Can you do this?”  The man fled away.”

“A record is maintained in the State Department of U.S.A. A ship was about to drown and the Captain gave warning of two hours or so.  A man on the deck fainted. There was another ship some distance away. It was custom that Captain would leave orders of direction on a slate in the room and shifting hull men would read and steer accordingly. Two hull men who came saw a new face in the room and then he disappeared.  The writing on the slate was not of the Captain but he told to follow the written direction. The ship came near drowning ship and collected all men.  While rescuing, the two sailors recognized the face, which they saw in the room.  He was the man who fainted out of fear.  Both Captains made him write a direction on the reverse side of slate and then showed him other side.  The message of direction and handwriting was same.  Man thought he was seeing first time what he wrote just before.  The story was told to him.  Madam Blavatsky, founder of Theosophical Society, interpreted it that the ‘Sukshma Deh’ i.e., astral body of the fainted man went and wrote direction but he knew not it.  This took place out of fear.”

Baba gave the following ‘mantra’ and if chanted with full concentration could stop a storm.
“Pawanasya sutavetau Hanoomad Bheemsenakau I
Tayoho smaranmatren shanto bhavati marutah II”

“ Baba said, “ In the storm Mohitbabu died under the roof that collapsed.  He became martyr.  He died in a fight.  No one knows that he was fighting with evil forces. After his death once Ramani’s throat was strangled.  Is it not Ramani? Ramanidada promptly confirmed.”  I asked as to why Mohitbabu became hostile after death.  Baba explained that it was not he but other thing was there.  He added, “I was helpless. I was bodily suffering and sleeping in Verandah knowing that house will be blown at any moment.”
“Kant was real atheist.  Five minutes before death he said he could not find God neither by reasoning nor by perception yet people say and so he prayed. Nowadays people become atheist. If you kick them and slap them then they remember God.”

“Adi Shankar defeated Mandan Mishra in debate.  His wife told Shankaracharya that she was ‘ardhangi’ (better half) and unless she was defeated victory was not complete. She posed a question on ‘Kamasutra’.  (Sex formulae or knowledge of aphorism) Acharya asked for three months time for answer. By reading it was impossible to give answer.  It needed experience.  He went to Kashmir.  A young king died. Shankar told his disciples to take care of his body and he did ‘parakaya pravesh’ (entering other body).  The dead king regained life.  The queen was happy.  After two months all realized that the king was not old one but had changed.  He behaved like a monk. The queen ordered to burn all dead bodies of monks. The disciples came to know it.  They requested Shankar in the body of the king to return.  He did so and the king was dead.  Then Shankar came to south and met wife of Mandan Mishra.  Before he could answer the wife laughed and accepted absolute defeat.”

“Suresh, there is one more evidence of beef eating by the Aryans.  In Vedanta it is written that if brain of a calf fried in turmeric and ghee and swallowed by husband and wife, the offspring turns intelligent. In Ayurveda it is mentioned that if a live man was hanged reverse on fire, oil collects on top of his head and this oil was very effective on gout.”

I suffered seventeen agonizing renal attacks. The pharmacopoeia mentions pain of kidney attack as the highest one. Thank God.  I am ultimately diagnosed to be suffering from gout but I dare not try above prescription lest I shall be on gallows, a martyr to Ayurveda. Dr.Shanbag of Nayar Hospital, Bombay diagnosed and explained that my ailment was that of Napoleon and Shivaji. It is rare and related with high intelligence and mental activity. In normal person one bond of protein is converted into one bond of uric acid but in our case it is converted into two bonds of uric acid. Excessive uric acid crystals pass through kidney and give excruciating pain.

We continued our talk.  I told Baba a few ghost stories. He said, “Within six months by entering into outer layer of conscience, you will see ghosts.  Concentration is needed.”

It was 10 P.M. We were allowed to go for meals.  Immediately after dinner we heard sound of clapping. All of us rushed to him.  It was bright moonlight.  He sent back others and detained me.  He sat on chair and told me, “You have given an appointment of 7th June to Maithani but I will be busy.  Tell him to come on 9th.”  I agreed.  Baba then laughed and asked me, “ Suresh, I heard you are a palmist.  You have seen my hand.  Gita told me.  Achha (O.K.) what you saw?”.

First I fumbled then told, “I do not know much about Hasta Samudrik (Indian palm reading) but my study is based on Benham and Chiro. There is a typical and prominent cross on your brain line.  It indicates sudden break in mode of thinking process or great disturbance in mind, even lunacy. It has come late as compared to expectation. The life and heart lines are very strong.  The knots on phalanx indicate philosophical nature. The sign of ‘matsya’ (fish) on the lower part of palm shows immense money.”  Baba interrupted, “What else is its interpretation?”  I explained, “It shows about father and inner nature.”  He asked, “ Alright.  What is the meaning of centrally low palm?” I explained, “It is plain of Mars and shows no success in military life.”  He was confused and I cleared it by explaining all mounts and their functions.  He extended his palm and shown torch light on it. I told that there was a horizontal line on mount of Luna and it indicated journey abroad. He at once agreed. Then I pointed that his mount of Jupiter was exceptionally strong and explained, “It denotes speaker’s qualities, leadership and militant nature.”  He gave unforgettable lofty laughter and said,” Yes.  I agree. I am militant in nature.  Definitely militant!  That you must have observed.”

Hesitantly I pointed that his thumb was clubbed. (In fact it was not but to put two and two together I bluffed. In fact the thumb was banana type indicating nervousness and hesitation.) Twice he said he did not understand it.  I then ventured and said, “The nature of your thumb is clubbed.  It indicates that person or persons would die or be killed at your hand or at your instance.”  Baba became serious and sighed,” Yes.  It is very likely if I meddle with politics.  Have you understood Suresh?”  I nodded and said, “ Perfectly   understood.”

Baba described that his all the ten tips of fingers of hands were having ‘Shankha’ (conch) and no ‘Chakra’ (wheels). “Suresh what it means?” I showed him that I too had all ‘Shankhas’ on my ten tips of fingers. I explained that it showed no material attachment. Baba exclaimed,” You are absolutely right.”

Baba then observed, “Indian palmistry is more perfect.  This western palmistry is based on deduction, i.e., statistics.” I confessed that as I knew not Sanskrit I could not learn it.  He said, “ By reading it cannot come. Guru is necessary.”  I mentioned that sometime one may see “Rajyog’ (kingship) on a palm of a beggar but poor fellow remains poor.  Baba told his experience. “Once I was traveling from one village to another with a young ‘sadhak’. Four or five sweepers were crossing and the sadhak told me to watch forehead of one sweeper.  I followed.  There was a clear sign of ‘Rajyog.’  It means he was a king of former birth but due to ‘karma’ suffering.”

I pointed out that Gita’s palm shows artistic nature and no philosophy at all.  Baba said, “ You do not know.  I told others.  She has a curse of previous birth.  She was a young beautiful woman in last birth.  Once she went with a few friends to a river in the forest where on the bank a young ‘sadhak’ was doing ‘tapashcharya’. Gita unknowingly went into water and splashed water.  The water of her feet fell on the head of ‘tapaswi’. He got enraged and cursed her that she will be unhappy in the next birth.”  Although I did not believe in hocus pocus, I seriously asked Baba, “Is not there any penance to repel the curse?”  He said, “ Yes.  It may take six to eight years and depends on intensity of her efforts.”

I could see Gita most unhappy and under immense stress and pressure.  God alone knows what is the truth. Baba retired and I came back to my hut at 11.30 P.M. I wrote diary and slept.

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