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Got up leisurely, as Baba was to remain closed.  It was bright Sunlight. Baba called Shomu in and my premonition about his not remaining in isolation proved right.  We went to river for bath, washed clothes, finished breakfast, garden work, lunch chat and nap.

Today is the day of dark Moon viz. Amavasya. This is important day for Baba from rituals point of view.  In the evening he came out and called Prabhakar and myself.  He loved intellectual discussions and knowing that I maintain daily diary, he purposely left his thoughts in the form of dictation for historic record. At times he would caution not to publish this or that. It was crystal clear that he knew I was going to show light of the day to his life in recluse, his dictations and discussion. The topic were on politics and education mainly.  He dictated the following:

6 P.M.     “If saints and men of saintly characters do not care to snatch away politics and political activities from the present day politicians,  ‘These clowns of historical circus’ (this expression in inverted commas has been used by Dr. Pitirin Sorokin), the whole humanity is doomed in intense sufferings.  Spiritualization of humanity means all the avenues of human growth and all channels of human expression will have to be divined.  Note general Divination does not necessarily mean perfect Divination.  It is a sincere attempt to go progressively nearer the ideal.  Creation as a whole can never become perfect because this total and unqualified perfection means total equilibrium of creative forces, which in its turn implies extinction of creation.  The question that may arise is that whether it is at all possible to divine general human nature to such an extent as to transform political relationship and political activities to a divined and divination pattern.  From what we see in the surface one may jump into conclusion that it is impossible but man with guts always tries to accomplish what ordinarily seems to be impossible.  This is, of course, a general statement but saints do everything under direct impulsion from the Divine that is both beyond and within would never undertake the task unless the necessary ordain descends upon them.  The task is Himalayan. (the term Himalayan was first coined by Mahatma Gandhi). It will have to progress through innumerable failures that really form the pillars of future success.  If you have right discernment of the situation prevailing in the world, you are bound to come to the conclusion without some sort of collective Divination of humanity.  The prospect of having even a relative peace will remain a perpetual Moonshine.” (See Netaji refers this term Moonshine on N-106.)

We talked on Gandhiji’s life and I took certain objections on his life.  I reminded Baba in discussion that once Subhash Bose wrote in his book Gandhiji, as ‘a useless piece of an old furniture’.  Baba said that Gandhiji was doubtless a great man.  He observed that Gandhiji’s autobiography ‘My experiments with truth’ is the best of the age. (Gandhiji wrote the book in Gujarathi and his PRO Mahadev Desai translated it into English.) Baba then gave the following note:

“To all who have young blood in them and who are young, I like to utter a note of caution. Whenever you study any aspect of Gandhiji’s life always be on your guard not to make rash assumptions and hasty conclusions.  It is very difficult to understand life activities of a man of the stature of Gandhiji.  When something occurs to you as awkward, just ask yourself whether there can be any other interpretation of any particular behaviour.  If you can penetrate sufficiently be sure some better and deeper interpretation will come out.  So far as normal human mind is concerned one may be right in having such interpretations but the lives of those who are above normal and also below normal cannot be explained with these interpretations.”

Baba quoted an example in the context of the above passage as below:

“There was a thief.  At night he used to burgle houses and go to a lake to wash soiled body.  He used to take bath at about 3 to 3.30 A.M. daily and at the same hour a Yogi used to come there for bath.  The thief used to be jealous of Yogi presuming him to be another dacoit.  In short interpretation depends on way of thinking and attitude.”  With a little more gossip on other subjects Baba left in.  For some time Mitranand and Shrikrishna joined us listening to Baba.  We had our dinner, chitchat and slept.


Completed routine.  In the morning Baba called me in his hut where he was playing with Chinu. I sat. The smell of nearby excreta was unbearable.  In Hindi he dictated a letter to Krishnakant Pandey in the name of Ramanidada.  The import of letter as usual was that he and his brother Radhakant were suffering economically because of their own deed of not giving up the habit of speaking lie, craftiness, mistakes, faults etc for the last fifteen years and that it was not due to Baba.   His patent abuses ‘behuda’, ‘besharam’, ‘bewakuf,’ Janwar’ embellished the contents.  After completing the letter I came out.

Pandey brothers sacrificed their life for Baba. Their domestic front was always precarious. What could they do to survive and subsist but to beg, borrow or steal I order to sustain their respective family. Where would they go for money but for devotees, donators and benefactors of our Ashram.

I made the fair draft of the letter to Krishnakantji. And had heavy breakfast and stomach was upset.  Felt feverish, slept.

In the evening Prabhakar and myself sat near Baba.  We talked a lot on philosophy.  Then question of usual money crunch came for discussion.  I proposed I would go to Amravati with Prabhakar and send rupees five hundred.  He readily agreed but issued a mandate that I must be back by 24th April.  I thought over.  The proposition was not worth five days’ to and fro journey.  To avoid it I proposed that Prabhakar had brought rupees five hundred for his thesis work, which we would keep and he would reimburse from my salary.  Baba was very happy and smilingly said we should do whatever suited. Immediately Money Order form was brought and Telegraphic Money Order of rupees three hundred and twenty five was filled in the name of Gyanbabu at Shaulmari Ashram.  He went in.

At night all were called in his courtyard and served khichari .  As usual he was vigilant to see that everybody did justice to food.  We returned, had gossip and retired.

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