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I sent letter to the Chairman JMCI on 18/10/2001 informing about the news item by Krittivas Mukherjee (IANS) who reported Justice Manoj Kumar Mukherjee’s statement on 24th Aug.2001. He reported that the Commission had been to U.K. with no result till 2021. The Commission was likely to visit Taiwan, Japan, and Russia. I therefore informed the Commission that Field Marshal Terauchi commander of Japanese forces in South East Asia and General Hata, commander of Japanese forces in China with Head Quarter at Canton hatched and executed the plan of Netaji’s escape. I also stated that Dnyaneshwar Deshpande, Director of Publicity, INA, in Tokyo managed to keep fake ashes of Netaji in his father in law’s Renkoji temple. Many more details are incorporated in this letter as below:


Dr. S. S. Padhye

Khaparde Garden


Sub: Survival of Netaji after 1945

Ref:  Your honour’s press statement dated 24th August 2001 by Krittivas Mukherjee      of IANS

Honourable Sir,

With due apology, kindly allow me to appreciate Your Honour’s commendable patience and endurance to record all ‘Cock and Bull’ stories deposed before the Commission and reported by the Press from time to time.

I beg to state the following for your kind consideration:

I was fortunate to have had very intimate contact with Netaji from 1964 till his sad demise. As per my letter with requisite affidavit sent to Your Honour’s Commission on 05/07/2001 and 23/ 03/3001 respectively (A/C received), I expected some cognizance would be taken. However, unfortunately I was not given an opportunity to end the enigma.

I learnt about the Commission’s visit to U.K. for enquiry with no fruitful result till 2021. I also learnt from Your Honour’s statement in the Newspaper that the Commission is likely to visit Taipei (Taiwan), Japan, Russia and USA. From my first hand knowledge I venture to suggest the following in order to unlock the conundrum:

1.       That the Sally Bomber in which Netaji and Habibur Rahman left Saigon on 17th August 1945, reached Canton (China) on 18th August 1945. There General Hata the Chief of Japanese Army in China with his H.Q. at Canton, received the party and made necessary arrangement for Netaji and Lt. General Shidei to escape the closing dragnet of arrest by the US Forces. Since pilot and co-pilot Maj. Takizawa and W/O Aoyagi would have come under intense interrogation by the Allied Intelligence, they were also managed to be shown dead in the meticulously construed fake accident at Taihoku on 18th August 1945. When Netaji reached safely to Lhasa I Tibet , then alone five days later the news of the accident, death, and cremation was let out by the Imperial Japanese Army H.Q. with the help of Habibur Rahman and reluctant Ayer. The very Bomber reached Bangkok (Thailand) 21 August 1945. Bangkok was selected because it was out of imminent reach of both the invading British and US Armies.  The plane could not be sent to Saigon or Taiwan to avoid immediate inquiry from fast reaching Allied Forces. If the Japanese Government co-operates the Docket Register of the Japanese Air Force at Bangkok (1945) would vouchsafe my statement given by Netaji and recorded in my diary.

2.             Since the plane never reached Taihoku, the Japanese had to leave not an iota of trace regarding record of the crash, photographs, cremation and hospital record. It may please be noted that depositions of different witnesses are at variance and time of accident varied from two to ten minutes after take off. The planes wreckage was shown at the mud wall guarding the airfield. Considering the speed of the plane at a very conservative estimate, the plane would have crashed minimum four miles away from the airfield. The old airstrip is demolished and present one is constructed in the same direction. At Taipei Captain Patel, resident of Singapore, attached Singapore Airline personally showed me the map and the aerodrome and apprised that the old and new airstrips are in the same direction which he said were decided by the wind direction and air-draft of the place.

1.                                  That all the Japanese officials shown dead in air-crash along with Netaji reached Japan safely and led civilian life n assumed identities. If with the help of Japanese scholars the descendant of the perished officers can be traced then the evidence of their natural death will be revealed.

2.                                  That Netaji’s so called ashes at Renkoji Temple, Tokyo, were planted by the Japanese Army H.Q. with the help of Shri Dnyaneshwar Deshpande, incidentally from my township. Who was sent to Japan by world reputed institute of physical education Viz. Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal (HVPM) of Amravati to learn the Marshal Art of Jiu – Jitsu. He fell in love with a Japanese classmate and got married . She was the daughter of the head priest of the Renkoji temple. Shri Deshpande became Director of Publicity INA Tokyo, and as such he was constantly in touch with Japanese H.Q. His two sons are running a hotel in Tokyo.

3.                                     Mr. Gokhale, also of my township, was co-worker of Jai Prakash Narayan, Dr. Manohar Lohia, Acchut Patwardhan etc of Socialist Party. Jaya Prakash Narayan wrote a personal important letter and entrusted the job of handing it over to Netaji at Singapore to Mr. Gokhale. Accordingly Gokhale reached Imphal but due to tight security he could not handover the letter through INA to Netaji. Jawaharlal Nehru intimately knew Gokhale and after independence Gokhale was sent on various assignments to different countries. In 1951 Gokhale met Mrs Deshpande and came to know about the sad demise of her husband. She was running a big hotel with her two sons. I can substantiate this rare information with evidence.

4.                                  That Government of USA is the only valuable source which can furnish the classified Intelligence Report of 1945 regarding Netaji’s disappearance. As per the American Law, if the case is instituted in Federal Court, the court can order CIA to furnish the secret documents after lapse of fifty years. There are instances in which the court ordered to release secret information regarding Nazi war crimes to the scholars.

5.                                  That Your Honour is likely to see Dr Yoshimi and if interested I can furnish the diverse statement of Yoshimi regarding death of Netaji.

6.                                  Everybody from Gandhiji to Bose family denied Netaji’s death prima facie. His death was accepted later only on the basis of statement made by Dr Yoshimi and Col Rahman. There is evidence that Rahman confessed to his friend in Germany that his deposition of Netaji’s death was concocted for his escape.

I hope I would be of a little assistance to solve the mystery of Netaji’s disappearance.

Dt/-18/10/2001                                          Yours faithfully


* * *

2/1/2002 I sent a terse letter to JMCI about no acknowledgement of submitted document or any communication since 5/7/2009. I questioned whether JMCI was going to take cognizance of my say or not. Otherwise I would be free to submit my thesis to a foreign University.

31/1/2002 Letter received from JMCI referring my letter dated 18/10//2001 to submit affidavit within six weeks.

The Commission was rather shocked and disbelieved my version and informed in its letter dated 31st Jan. 2002, “I am directed to refer to your affidavit and letter under reference and to say that your stand taken in your affidavit dated 23/03/2001 prima facie appears to be altogether different from what you have contended in your letter dated 18.10.01.

In the circumstances, I have been directed to request you to furnish this Commission with the documents in support of your contentions in the said letter dated 18.10.2001 supported by your further affidavit within six weeks from the date of receipt of this communication.”

Sd- M.Roy

Officer on Special Duty


1/3/2002 I informed JMCI that it was not possible to file affidavit within six weeks due to prior appointment of three weeks at Bilaspur and Kolkata.

3/3/2002. Reached Kolkata with wife and stayed at Maharashtra Niwas. We attended cousin’s daughter Bittu’s marriage with Mr. Dey of salt lake. The bride’s mother Madhuri and father Dr. Suresh Gagne reside in official quarter of J.J. Hospital, Mumbai. Visited Dakshineshwar and Belur Math.  What a surprise!  There was key to names Saradananda and Vijnanananda adopted by Shri Baba.  I found these names of Swamis on boards in the premises of Belur Math. I think in his young days when Subhash used to visit Belur Math he must have met these saints. He adopted both the names when in recluse.

Shri Ramkrishna lived from 1836 to 1886. His wife Sharada Devi lived from 1853 to 1920. The Brahmin couple never slept together. Sri Ramkrishna was priest at the Kali temple of Dakshineshwar belonging to Rani Rasmati. Vivekanand was his disciple. He founded Ramkrishna Math on the bank of river Hoogli. It is known as Belur Math.. Saradananda lived from 23/12/185 to 19/8/1937. Since Sharada Devi had no son Saradananda was adopted name of Sarat after taking Sanyas. The name means son of Sharada. He devoted his life to Belur Math. He worked for Vivekananda’s Vedanta Society in London and New York.  He was one of the twelve disciples of Shri Ramakrishna. Swami Vijnanananda lived from 1868 to 1938. He was direct disciple of Ramkrishna Paramhansa next to Vivekananda. He completed the temple and dedicated to Belur Math. Seven acres of land of Belur Math was purchased for forty thousand rupees and Miss Muller donated the amount.

Taxi driver Mishra was brilliant.  I had faint recollection. He rightly took wife and me to canal west Road at Maniktola.  Gobind Shah had been away for marriage, Gave sweets to his daughter-in-law.  Then found out Salil Mittra at 52 B.B. Chaterjee Road, Old Baliganj.  He met.  I did not recognize him first. He too did not recognise me.  We met after 35 years.  Only last year he lost his physician wife.  He wept. He had heart trouble. Lives alone in a room.  Son lives upstairs.  Gave him sweets and parted.

7/3/2002.   On way back from Kolkata, in train, befriended Mrs. Sircar and her daughter. Mrs. Sircar was recently operated for breast cancer.  Her daughter did B.E. from Badnera Engineering College at Amravati and got married and stays in Sanfrancisco.  I promised them to get their certificates from Amravati University within a couple of days else that would take a month.

Dr.Sir Nilratan Sircar was on the panel of physicians to examine Netaji when brought from Mandalay prison.  Then when Baba had again strange illness at Shaulmari Ashram running high fever, Dr. Nilaratan Sircar was brought by plane to examine him.  So I asked Mrs. Sircar whether she knew the doctor.  She told that Dr. Nilratan was her father in law’s cousin but the families were distanced because doctor courted Brhamoism.  She informed that there was a charitable hospital in his name where I could get information.  I wanted the exact date when Dr. Nilratan Sircar visited Shaulmari Ashram and examined Shri Baba.

Details are omitted on many dates.  For want of time and space I have not covered the topics on which correspondence and files are maintained, e.g., Zee T.V., Anuj Dhar of Hindustan Time of Delhi, Correspondence with Prof. Gordon, Correspondence with Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry on Netaji, inward and outward file on Shaulmari Ashram, publications of Srimat Saradanandaji, challenges to Parliament, libel suits, letters from embassies, letters from inmates of Ashram, newspaper cuttings, Shah Nawaz file, Khosla Commission file, case against A.D.Mani, record of seminar and research workshop on Netaji etc. All these are not incorporated in diaries. Its separate account is maintained in files. Only chronology of correspondence between JMCI and me is given in Index

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