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Got up and finished routine.  I was about to go for bath when Baba came out and called all of us.  He then told us to pluck all beds of spinach and cauliflowers because he said he was going to remain closed for fifteen days and none would be allowed to come to that side.  Plants would die for want of water.  He forced to do it and when Gobind and I began to pluck, Shomu made a sign not to do it.  Radhakant persuaded him.  Yesterday Baba told to water the beds and it was not done till then and it culminated in his anger and order to destroy vegetables. After much persuasion he agreed and on army footing we got busy in watering the vegetable beds. It was his modus operandi to get work done through resentment. We had to bring water from a long distance from the river.  Water was very cold and my feet and hands became numb to sensation.  We worked for couple of hours.

Baba called me near him while others were working still.  Baba then said,“ Suresh, do you know the news? It is of yesterday.  There was a gruesome clash between followers of Lee Shio and Mao, Red guards versus workers.  Riots are on.  Mao’s wife is leading it and it is said that Mao in disguise has escaped to Shanghai. Nose, ears and hands of about sixty thousand people were mercilessly cut off. The news is from Tokyo and hence must be reliable.”

I observed, “Baba, had India been strong enough, this was the right moment to liberate Tibet and Chiang Kai-Shek should start uprising.”

Baba said, “Russia is preparing for armed conflict with China.  Nehru simply allowed rape of Tibet to win Russia.  But for opposition from cabinet members he would have even arrested Dalai Lama.  In those days Americans would have gladly helped India to fight in Tibet.”

Baba further observed that the very look of Mao was Satanic.  When I asked him his opinion about Chau en Lai, he said he was a ‘Misri Churi’ meaning dagger of sugar, i.e., sweet talk and stabbing in the back.  He said people have put posters demanding that Chau en Lai should be burnt alive.  At night they were removed but again they reappeared.  Baba informed that Chiang Kai Shek in fact was friend of Nehru and India but Nehru voted for communist China in U.N.O.

I went to participate in work but Baba again called me back.  Talk began.  I requested him to take food.  He said his whole body was burning and that if he felt after sometime he might take food.  Baba then told me to bring notebook and gave the following dictation:

“Once an eminent person asked me about some details of my plan for rural and urban development.  To a certain length I explained to him the plan and the scheme I have chalked out and the ways and the means to their implementation. Then in a pensive mood he again asked me if the plan is executed what attitude I expect the people in power would take about it.  He was in full knowledge of the mentality of the people in power and he wanted to measure whether I was also conscious about it.  Smilingly I replied that the people in power would leave no stone unturned to impede and thwart the plan to be executed. What is the mentality behind it?  The meanest and the most sordid mentality! This is the attitude of the ignorant humanity – if good is to be done it is I who must do the good and all the credit must go to me and I must be the hero of good execution; if anybody else does it, it no longer remains good.  Now analyze this most stupid, most heinous and the most vulgar mentality.  In plain words it means good to the country, good to the people and good to the society is not the concern of that perverted creature; his only concern is to give vent to his elated stupidity of egoistic satisfaction.  Of course, some sort of thinking and feeling for the good of the people, good of the country, and good of the society may get amalgamated with the aforesaid stupidity of the ego and up to certain limit consider the most obstinate ignorance working in human nature.  It may be tolerated, if of course the vicious thing is in the process of being progressive elimination. Of the two ingredients of the aforesaid amalgamation the less is the proportion of the vicious one, the more advanced you are in your march to the real greatness. A real great man will always be genuinely happy, if the work he himself cannot perform is successfully done by somebody else.  His main concern is with the work.  A relative generosity may feel sorry that he himself has been unable to do it and this feeling of sorrow will not be the outcome of jealousy but out of the feeling of pain that he himself is not developed enough to perform the work.  When you have this feeling in relation to wider work, your onward march is assured.  If on the other hand you remain a poor wretch of the former type, you will go on spreading infectious venom in the environment.”

(The eminent man referred in the above was none but Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar.  Baba had told me this once.)

We had a brief discussion on the above.  I said that a person seeking God was also selfish and he said, “Yes but that is good type of selfishness.”

At 12.30 P.M. Baba told all of us to leave and hurriedly we were finishing cleansing operation.  He went in and reappeared immediately and told us to assemble.  His mood changed.  He said, “All of you do not take seriously whatever work I designate.  Had this arrest warrant not been there and had we not borrowed money from the neighboring villages, I would have gone to other place long back.”  Baba then admonished Shomu and I pleaded that the delay in coming was because of the intense cold weather we often changed clothes at the last moment after receiving his call.  On this Baba narrated a story of Kathiawadi Baba as follows:  “ Kathiawadi Baba was twelve years old living near his Guru in the Himalayas.  One day there was a heavy snowfall.  The fire in Kathiawadi Baba’s hut went off and he began to shiver with cold.  Therefore he went to the cave of his Guru and stood outside and begged for a few embers.  His Guru made him stand for an hour in the biting snow and afterwards Guru threw only one smouldering piece of coal which he took away.”

I admitted that gradually we too would become accustomed.  Baba then gave the following dictation:

“The foolish and too optimistic approach I have had so long to the problems of the humanity is out and out unworkable.  The minimum that has been expected of the humanity is very much more than what they actually stand for.  I have been completely disillusioned. Will is gone and with it has gone all the interest.  It is a curse to work with the people and through the people who have scant care to understand anything.  It has been my lot, nay, it is my own stupid choice to work among and through such people that form almost cent percent of the present day humanity.  Only handful is the exceptions.  Working in terms of generality is too premature to give any result.  If anything is to be done, a batch will have to be picked up from the exceptional handful and through them in terms of generality attempt has to be made starting with babies and small children not older than eight years of age.  Current fixations have no chance to be undone if you start later that is the conviction I have acquired after the futile struggle of long eighteen years with this stupid humanity.”

Afterwards for a pretty long time he poured admonition and sent away Ramanidada, then told me, “Out of all persons in the Ashram I could get one true person who would follow me.  Suresh, you know it well.”  I nodded and confirmed that he was none else but Ramani Ranjan Das.  Baba then ordered me to throw yesterday night’s cooked food in the Mandakini River, as it could not be given to servants.  I requested him not to waste it and that we would consume it.  He agreed and the food was served to us.  It was not even warmed and while partaking it I felt like gulping ice cream.  It followed by rest and nap.

In the evening all of us were called by Baba. He then again vented his vexation, indignation and displeasure.  After that we were disposed off.  Baba did not take food even today.

Radhakantji’s stomach was upset and therefore he pulled on just with one and half seers (liter) of milk.  His medical certificate arrived today but Gobind’s going to Calcutta was in doldrums.  Weather was too cold.  I had butter, chapatis, milk and jaggery for dinner.  I completed diary and slept very late.

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