Reconctruction after fire

Posted By Author on November 11, 2010


After finishing my routine at 6.30 A.M. we started cleansing operation of the burnt site.  Baba came and took Radhakant and me to his kitchen where we warmed up our frozen fingers.  Baba expressed his worry as to how to procure necessities and I informed him about serendipity find of hundred and seventy rupees in smouldered papers though baked they could be exchanged.  Again we got busy with work.  Shyamlal Pradhan and Ramsingh came and without request they of their own brought poles from the forest.

At 11 A.M. Baba took us in and discussed further action to procure money.  It was finalised that Saxena would go to his home at Etawah, sell his gun and obtain money.  Radhakantji would go to Meerut and secure two thousand five hundred rupees from Madanlal and Garg who had yet no occasion to see Baba. Shomu would procure on credit beds and blankets from Okhimath. Baba then dictated the list of merchandise to be purchased and timings of arrival.  Shomu left for assigned work.  I resumed cleansing.  We were working continuously and there was no wastage of time for lunch as everything turned into ashes.  At mid noon Baba took me to his kitchen and compelled me to drink milk.  Food was cooked for him and Ramani dada’s family remained separate.  Gita taunted me that they enjoyed sweets as well.

By evening we succeeded in constructing new livable structure.  Shomu brought beds, clothes, blankets, tarpaulin, etc.  New clothes were warmed on fire to purify them.  Radhakantji and Saxena left by 2.30 P.M. Baba persuaded us to take rest but I told him that we would complete the work and then dine.  He agreed.  Ramanidada and ladies occupied the fresh hut.  It was pitch dark.  Utterly exhausted we relished simple ‘khichari’ up to the hilt.  I discovered two burnt coconuts in the wreckage and we munched the naturally baked delicious copra before floating into sound sleep.


The weather was cold and cloudy.  Body was aching.  After completing the routine we took heavy breakfast knowing not the fate of lunch.  Yesterday night Baba sent his own quota of milk for us and it too was consumed.  We toiled to give finishing touches to the new construction.  Midway Baba came and took me away for discussion.  Baba Observed, “Unless both sides of complaint are heard one shall have erroneous judgment.  During my sojourn I was in a village about forty miles from Ahamadabad.  I found that people were grumbling and abusing Morarji Desai for ordering a shoot out in Bombay in which many Gujrathis were also killed. It means Morarji was not biased and partial.”  I pointed out that firing was indiscriminate and even innocent children in homes succumbed.  Baba remarked, “This was not Morarji’s fault.  This was the blunder of on the spot officers and police.”  I argued that as to why Morarji disallowed judicial enquiry.  Baba then agreed and said, “I had great expectation from Morarji and Y.B.Chavan for future but my hopes are belied.  The other day I read Chavan’s statement that he was out and out to vote for Indira’s primeministership.”  I ventured to remark that Chavan was not after wealth but power.  Baba agreed with me in toto and remarked, “He is an opportunist without much spark.”  Baba had very good opinion about C.D.Deshmukh and he reminded me that C.D. boldly told Nehru on face that his ministers were corrupt and when Nehru queried about names he bluntly told him that they would be revealed only before a judicial enquiry.  In this context Baba reiterated, “ Suresh, in any case we will have to take up twenty years’ review of corruption in retrospective effect. There is also lot of corruption in public bodies like municipalities and corporations. In Calcutta corporation Subhash Bose did monumental work and after that none has equaled it. People pay taxes and if they see at least some work there is no brouhaha, hullabaloo or hue and cry.”

“Suresh, the crux of the problem is that laws should be elastic.  After scrutinizing the circumstances and individual case judgment should be given.  It should be flexible from case to case. To do this honest officers are indispensable otherwise flexible law will be misused. Thus the problem lies in the horns of dilemma.  This Chavan is not a scoundrel like Atulya Ghosh.  The latter is the first enemy of the Ashram.” Baba then left for rest. Before leaving he told me to prepare sacred threads. Shomu and myself worked for two hours and completed three pieces.  After completing diary I did some manual work and settled for lunch.  However, before lunch Baba called guests Mr.Chamoli and Pararashar and us.  After brief audience he retired.  We finished our lunch and Rajat was called in.  He dictated  some letters to him regarding correspondence of the Ashram.  Rajat came and told me to get ready.  Both of us were to attend on him after his dinner.  We were waiting outside for his call.  Seeing the cold breezes Ramanidada, out of pity, gave us shelter in his hut.  After some time, we heard the clap and entered his hut.  Gita then served us two pieces of sweets.

Baba dictated a letter to Mira Sen in Bengali.  Rajat wrote it.  Sandip Mukherjee’s letter came today.  My friend Wadodkar’s telegram of 14th arrived today informing that Chandrashekhar Dandge was reaching on 21st.  Baba asked me details of Dandge.  He dictated a letter for Sandip given below.  Sandip expressed that one boy and a girl both foreigners wanted to come for his darshan.  He sent photograph of the boy who was probably an American and Ph.D. from Tokyo. Baba examined the photo.  Baba’s art of imposition was great.

“Dear Sandip,

This evening I have received your letter and the same has been read out to Baba. I have been directed to tell you, a sort of auto suggestion from the unconscious emerging powerfully through the gross vital on the physical body combined with it unsuspected elements of day-dreaming has been responsible to a great extent to bring about physical imbalance.  Before undertaking your journey for here in which you are bound to make some undesirable physical contacts in the buses, at least for fifteen days you must not less than three times a day try as best as you can to construct a protective wall of Divine Light and Force and a ceiling above and floor below made of the same light and force. (Bedha) Hostile forces and suggestions from them penetrate the external environmental sheath not only through the sides and from below but may also under certain unfavourable circumstances penetrate from above and to such an extent that sometimes these may deceptively give you the impression that this is a Divine penetration.  There can be no other safeguard for it than to be always remaining introspectively discerning.  As Baba is now a day deeply engaged with some very acute problems of general character, all aspects of your difficulties have not been yet thoroughly entered into.  But in accordance with the instructions given above try to the utmost of your abilities to make yourself as much immune as you possibly can from the attempt of penetration by the hostile forces and then undertake journey for here.

As far as the European boy and the girl are concerned in about fifteen days there is a chance of your being informed about the decision taken about them.  If the decision reaches you in time and if they are granted the interview then bring them with you.  In the mean time let the girl concerned send a recent unspectacled photo of her with her own signature to myself for the perusal and examination of His Holiness.

Hope this letter will find you in joyfully and vigorously engaging your whole energies to fight out the hostile forces you have mentioned.

With loving regards,

Sd/- Ramani Ranjan Das ”

Sandip had been once here during my stay.  Baba is a great lover of poetry.  He recited Byron’s poem on canon and other verses of Tagore and Shelley.  With a brief talk on other topics we lit incense and left.  It was 9.30 P.M. A spell of severe cold set in, as the sky became clear. Dined and slept.

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