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The references below are mentioned in international system. However, to make it easy to refer a book new innovation is added by giving alphabetical code to a book and it is inserted in script with page number.

S.No.       Code       Reference

1              A Ayer S.A. (1951) ‘Unto Him A Witness.’ Thacker & Co. Ltd.                       Bombay

2              B Bose, Werth, Ayer (1973).  ‘A Beacon Across Asia.’ Orient Longmans Ltd.

3              C             Narayan Menon. (1944)  “On To Delhi”. Edited Speeches & Writings. First Published in India in 1946 by Deshmukh, Pune   & Printed by Nathuram Vinayak Godse. Shivaji Printing Press, 495 Sadashiv Peth POONA. (Note the Printer is the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi)

4              CC         Chakraborty Bidyut. (1990), “Subhash Chandra Bose & Middle Class Radicalism.”   Oxford University Press, Delhi.

5              D       Ganpuley N.G. (1959) Second Edition 1964.Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay. Edited by Munshi K.M. & Diwakar R.R.

6              E             Sanyal Gopal Lal. (1949), Editor. ‘The Mission of Life.’ Published by Nagendra Mishra, Thacker Spink & Co, Pr. Ltd. 3 Esplanade East, Calcutta-1.

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13 L             Netaji Research Bureau.(1962)”Crossroads” Compilation. Published by Asia Publishing House Calcutta

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29         NP         Netaji Research Bureau (1995) Third edition. ‘Netaji – A pictorial biography

Note: Many books are referred in the Text itself.  Nevertheless, the following books are cursorily touched and referred.

Bali K.N. – Now it can be told;

Khosla G.D. – Stern Reckoning;

Mankekar – Twenty three days war;

Himalyan Blunder – Brigadier S.P.Dalwi;

Is Paris Bombing –Larry Collins and Domique La Pierre;

The Bridge too far – Cornelius Ryan ;

The Finest hour –G.S. Bhargava ;

The Longest Day – Cornelius Ryan ;

The German Occupation of Jersey – L.P. Sinel ;

The Last Mughal – G.D. Khosla ;

Freedom at Midnight – Larry Collins and Dominic La Pierre ;

Mein Kamf – Adolf Hitler ;

Kemal Pasha – Sadashiv Athawale ;

Karl Marx – A biography translated by Yuri Domnikov ;

In the shadow of the Mahatma – G.D.Birla ;

Discovery of India – Jawaharlal Nehru ;

The battle of Kursk – Progress Publishers, Moscow ;

The battle of bulge and where eagles landed; Lesson of World War II –Vladen Kuznestov;

Crusade in Europe – Eisenhauer ;

Karl Marx –Theories of surplus value, II, Progress Publishers, Moscow ;

Mahatma Gandhi, the man who became one with the Universal Being – Romain Rolland ;

The Voice of Gandhi six volumes, selected works of Mahatma Gandhi – Navajivan Publishing House, Ahamadabad ;

My Experiments with Truth — M.K.Gandhi;

Bertrand Russell –Autography ;

Great Lives Great deeds – Readers Digest ;

India’s civilization, Rigveda and Hindu culture – P.R. Deshmukh ;

The Judgment – Kuldip Nayar ;

My frozen trouble in Kashmir –Jagmohan ;

Problems of philosophy – Bertrand Russel ;

From Science to Samadhi – B.G. Khaparde (Baba Bharati) ;

Two faces of Indira Gandhi –Vina Vasudev ;

My years with Indira Gandhi –P.C. Alexander ;

The Lightening Campaign, Indo Pakistan war 1971—Major General D.K.Palit ;

Rommel, The desert Fox – Desmond Young ;

Final Days – Bob Woodwards and Karl Benstein ;

War of Independence of 1857 – V.D. Sawarkar ;

Tatya Tope, operation red lotus, Anglo Indian war of 1957 –Parag Tope ;

The secret life of plants – Peter Thompkin and Christopher Bird ;

Raman Maharshi – Orther Osborne ;

Patanjali Yog Sutra – N.V. Karbelkar ;

Play of consciousness, spiritual autography of Swami Muktanand ;

Divya sparshi –Dhanajay Deshpande ;

Bunch of thoughts – M.S. Golwalkar ;

Kasmirnama – Sacchitanand Sheode ;

Rakta Lanchan – Sacchitanand Sheode ;

Biography of Dadasaheb Khaparde, From Science to Samadhi – B.G. Khaparde ;

Life Divine two volumes — Aurobindo Ghosh ;

Old Testament,

New Testament,

Kuran sharif,


Dnyaneshwari (Sakhrekar, Dandekar),

Dasbodh – Ramdaswami;

Translations of Vedas – P.V. Knae, Bapat,

Upanishadas – Bapat,

Puranas – Bhandarkar Institute.

Life sketch of my great Grandfather and Grandfather B.G. Khaparde and G.S Khaparde s

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