Return to the Plains?

Posted By Author on January 22, 2011


I got ready and Baba came out in the morning.  He told me that he would go to the plains.  He was fed up with human nature.  He would make arrangement of money but would not return.  He was in a bad temper.  I sneaked out for breakfast.  Again I was summoned.

Baba said, “Why this shallow thinking.  Do they think I was angry because of lack of watering?” I said it was not the case and that his resentment was for not following the principle.  However, I pointed out that all of us had to run on many fronts and one forgets sometime something.  It was unintentional forgetfulness and not shirking of work.  Baba observed that if these people could not keep all work before mind’s eye then how would they be able to work on big work ahead. He wanted us to understand principle behind it.

Then Lala received his share of Baba’s wrath.  All were assembled in his courtyard.  It was 9 A.M. he warned that he would be leaving by bus at midday.  He then told Shomu and me, ‘When money comes invest it in bank and run the expenses on interest thereupon, keep progressing in your internal development,” etc.  Again he vented out his ire and exasperation and gave a note to Ramanidada as to what should be done in his absence.  At twelve-noon he came out with his portable traveling kit and sat outside on the chair.  He took Chinu in the lap and continued  venting his  anger.  Then he began his walk to leave.

We followed him and he ordered not to come.  Helplessly we returned.  I had a gossip with Gita and Dipali who were in good mood.  Probably they were immune to his recurrent tantrums and claustrophobic outings.  Lala performed hair cut on Ramanidada.  I was amused.  I took nap and got up at 2.30 P.M. I came to know Baba came downwards from the motorable road. Gobind, Lala, and I rushed upward.  He was sitting and waiting for the bus.  He then said to me, “I should behave like Gandhiji.  He removed Nariman of Bombay from the Congress.  Once ousted one should not be taken back but this is my weakness.  If person comes back before me I pity him.  Forget and forgive him but Gandhiji crushed the defaulter. That is why I do not feel like going back to the Ashram, .”  Again he poured his resentment and Lala received a larger slice.  The storm set in.  The bus of 3.30 P.M. did not come.  There was no more arrival of any bus.  Baba told us to go back.  I gave five rupees to Gobind to purchase tea, etc. from Okhimath.  Baba walked away along the motor road at 4.30 P.M.

Lala and I were sitting in Ramanidada’s hut.  Gita and Dipali joined us.  We were enjoying jokes and gossip.  I had no cigarettes and so I request Dipali to purloin one packet of Capstan from Baba’s stock and she pilfered it promptly and passed on stealthily to me.  Gita and Dipali’s saris were so much torned that they had to take a towel to cover body.  I was ashamed very much about it and sarcastically they said they liked such clothes only.

I was talking with Shyamlalji and both saw incoming bus halting at our curve.  We therefore climbed up.  Budhiballabhji arrived with lemons, papayas, bananas etc.  Next day being Saturday followed by Sunday buses do not come on both the days and hence he hurriedly reached.  Baba’s commanded him that things must reach before Saturday.  He therefore had to come himself.  Gobind and Inder took the luggage downward.  We were taking rest in the hut. A man arrived.  He was sent by Baba to fetch his drinking water.  We offered tea to him and Shomu and Gobind accompanied him with water.  Budhiballabhji also accompanied them.  Baba was staying in a half built shed of a poultry farm near Tal Chunni. Lala and I cooked dinner.  All returned except Baba. He was stubborn and adamant.

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