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Posted By Author on May 12, 2011


In the early morning finished ablution and meditation. After taking bath got ready for the call. Soon Baba ushered me inside.  We discussed the whole situation and had some intimate discussion. Then pondered over pros and cons of the case to be instituted.  Yesterday he proposed that I should draft the petition but I expressed my inability because I had three successive sleepless nights.  He was amicable. Then yesterday night he did not sleep upto 2 A.M. and finished the draft.  He handed it to me for typing.  At 1 P.M. I was permitted to go for lunch.  Took a nap after meal and then typed four pages of petition.

With the typed draft I went in.  He told Rajat to read.  Twice it was read and twice changed.  Again came out for final typing.  At 9 P.M. Baba called me in.  We sat in his ‘Panchvati’. Five auspicious sacred trees viz. Amloki, Ashok, Haritaki, Neem and Bilwa surrounded his Bedi. We gossiped. I related my recent experience about Bhrugu Sanhita, Surya Sanhita that were written thousand of years before on leaves of palm tree and could give perfect prediction of a person. It was believed so. Talked on my adventure to see ghosts, etc. As expected we talked on politics too. He told me to arrange photographs of all the three Chief Commanders of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force for his perusal and study. They included Army Chief, General Manekshaw; Air Force Chief, Air Marshal Arjun Singh; and Navy Chief, Commander Kumar Mangalam. Baba expressed his strong protest against the removal of Emergency Officers in the Army.  He said he told me to come early because I was to be entrusted with some important and highly confidential mission before 4th Nov.  He said though late he would think over and next day we would discuss and finalise the project.  I was impatient and curious to know this mysterious project.  He then said Vijaya Raje Scindia was firm in his memory and mind.  She would be useful for our future work.

This time I was talking minimum and contradicting nothing lest I would be pulled up by long discussion and dictation of notes.  However Baba dictated the following note on the previous incident as below:

“ A note was dictated to you about four days before your departure from Gangtoli.  The next day with reference to the subject matter in the note you confided to me ‘I am confident —’. This very expression shows you have not understood the import of the note itself.  By introspection and retrospection try to find out where in understanding the note you stumbled.  The answer, of course, is implied in the expression of the note.”

Baba proposed to discuss the above note next day. He asked, “Suresh, are you obsessed by mother’s remembrance at home?  Now you stay upto 20th November.  Let us see what Mother (Kali) intends.  She made me beat these scoundrels with shoes.  Now let us see.” I purposely did not bring money while coming to Ashram.  For the sake of money all would have swarmed and fleeced me. Most of them were thriving in penury. I decided to adopt wait and watch policy.  Then we discussed on plants and gardening and at 11 P.M. Baba allowed me to leave. When I came out, I found people working in the garden in candlelight.

Gita’s maternal uncle for the first time after many years called upon her mother.  In the evening I had been to Gita’s mother and we chatted.  Gita too joined us and told that sometime ago Baba was indignant on Dipali. In the morning I had been to Haribandhu and Hira where I took milk.

After being relieved by Baba late at night I went to guesthouse and had my dinner of curry, rice and vegetable.  Retired for the night.  I could not sleep.  My thoughts wandered and mind ran amok and astray.  Ultimately considering pros and cons I finally came to conclusion that Baba was on the brink of a precipice.  He was in great quandary.  Now or never and do or die situation was the ultimatum left for him. Either circumstance over which he was losing command would compel him to reveal his identity or he would continue to be digressed into oblivion and recluse to maintain his past historic image without being confident whether people would accept his spiritual and political stance after birth of Chinu.  From his highly emotional and sensitive nature I felt he would prefer the latter.  Gradually I glided into slumber.


In the early morning went for ablution on the river.  I then went to Sukumar’s mother Mrs. Flora Sen, a widow.  She had a grand personality.  She invited me for breakfast.  I took bath there.  I enjoyed two chapatis, bananas and sugar.  She was worried about education of her sons.  I was summoned by Ramanidada and hence reluctantly left Floramasi.  I reached the office.  Rajat dictated the petition finalised by Baba and I was typing it.  At midday work was completed and at 1 P.M. I left for lunch.  Baba sent a word for me.

The meeting lasted for five minutes.  He told that Rajat was proceeding to file the petition in Alipurduar.  Baba therefore dictated a telegram and a letter of confirmation to the Chief Minister of Bengal.  After three readings and changes to his satisfaction I went out and typed it and handed it over to Rajat to send it by Registered Post.

I took lunch of ‘Khichari’.  Stomach was upset.  Had a nap.  Completed diary.  Then I had fun with children.  Ramanidada’s youngest daughter Pilu and her friend Zuma collected a few children and then I showed them magic tricks. They were astounded.  Like wild fire they spread the news of performance in every house.  Gita came.  She gave my old holdall that I left in the Himalayas, in which I got slippers, shoes, pillow, bed etc.

In the evening Baba summoned me in. We gossiped. He passed a remark, “Sharmila Tagore married a Muslim fellow and therefore Calcutta boycotted her pictures is a sheer folly.”  Then he told me to remind him about his letter posted to me from Okhimath, which was missing.  He said at proper time we would ask explanation from the Postal Department and Intelligence Department. The letter was written in his own hand and it contained criticism on Vietnam, Israel, and Egypt. He was very perturbed at the working of the Central Government. He said that they could have kept a photocopy but why they did away with the original letter.

Darkness set in and with Baba we transplanted two saplings of Camellia.  It was exhausting work.  Then I retired. I had a chat at Gita’s house. I finished dinner of ‘khichari’. Gossiped till 1 A.M.  Then slept.  Rajat, Dinudada etc. had gone to Alipurduar to institute fresh litigation.


Stomach was upset.  After bath had chat with Baba, went to Haribandhu and had breakfast of milk and mudi.  Returned.  All worried.  No money and no ration in the Ashram.  At 2 P.M. some arrangement was made and then grain purchased from the market.  At 4 P.M. got meal of Khichari made of boiled rice.  At 11 A.M. aerated and loosened soil of Baba’s roses in his barricaded premise.

In the early evening I was sauntering in garden.  Message came that Baba called me.  When I reached he was busy in taking the Sunrays of the setting Sun.  I did not disturb him.  Returned and went to Haribandhu where ate ‘roti’ of maize.  Again message came there that I was wanted by Baba.  It was dark.  Baba and me, we were two alone sitting inside.  I lit a candle and readout the note dictated at Okhimath.  Baba made some corrections in it.  General chat followed.

Baba augured, “Suresh, China is going to attack India.  They are breathing time due to internal conflict.”  Baba then told me to secure from Rajat his statement made when Pandit Nehru died.  He suggested sending it to different anti Congress Newspapers.  It should be signed in his name.  I should give my name as a translator of its Marathi version.  I suggested conducting a press conference.  He said let him think over it.  Then said, “I will have to tell Niharendu to take press conference but he is prejudiced and he will put anti Nehru spices in it.”

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